tagLoving WivesJulie & Rob

Julie & Rob


It's Friday night and you are out with Rob on your first date.

Here is an erotic story I began writing back when he first asked permission to start seeing you.

I doubt very much that your evening will go anything like this, but then... hope springs eternal.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


One of my husband's buddies, Rob, has been flirting with me for years now, and has been trying to get me into bed for just about as long.

He has recently obtained permission from his own very beautiful wife to actually go ahead and try to seduce me... and that she has agreed to let things go all the way, or at least as far as I would allow things to go.

In retrospect, it's now obvious that he had something in mind those months ago when I started to notice his normally small, kind gestures... the quick smiles and glances, his gentle innocuous touches, had suddenly grown way more suggestive and were being delivered with way more self-confidence and panache than ever before.

Fairly vanilla comments such as 'you smell nice... your hair looks great and, have you lost weight?' Had slowly over time changed to 'wow your legs look amazing... I love your little tush in that skirt and, I really like the way your breasts look in that sweater.'

I was unsure of how, exactly, our fairly innocent relationship had morphed into what we now found ourselves playing at. A mildly erotic little 'affaire de coeur' ... yes, as delicious as the words the French so delightfully use to describe it. Naughty... innocent, but still just playing around the edges.

Or so I thought.

Thursday morning, around ten, Rob called and asked if I might come over to their house after work on Friday, the very next day. He and Camille had finally finished the renovations to their home office, and wanted to knock around some decorating ideas with me that evening.

We could have supper and a few drinks while discussing all this, and they would drive me home later that night.

Naturally I said yes, and I immediately phoned my husband, telling him the plans for the evening and that I would be home late Friday night after doing a little 'Suzy Homemaker' for our friends.

Rob picked me up the very next day at four sharp... downtown Ottawa, just outside work.

Now, on that particular Friday our quarterly Treasury Board submissions were being tabled, and as always, I had dressed for them in my absolute best attire.

I am in my forties, yes... but am still considered young enough and attractive enough to pull off 'The Look' that all female Government managers strive for. A polished, yet balanced mix of Confident, Capable and Female.

Today, this took the form of a severely cut business suit in charcoal pinstripe, the short pencil skirt just tight enough to show all my curves and still allow me to walk gracefully in the full 4 inch black leather pumps I had selected.

I had my best nylons on, which I knew set off my legs to good advantage... these were also black and back- seamed with a high gloss to them. Sharp, yes... and expensive, but well worth the cost, as they would whisper seductively when I walked across the podium giving my presentation, whispering directly to the high powered males in the audience, and demanding their attention.

A stiff, prudishly cut white nylon blouse was worn under the fitted jacket, yet was almost completely translucent, and revealed in maddening fits and starts my sheer white lace brassiere... demi-cut so that my cleavage was quite evident even when the blouse was completely buttoned up.

Sexy, without a doubt... but subdued, and just hot enough to ensure the rapt attention of any audience, male or female.

Thus dressed, I had to almost fold myself into Rob's car, my skirt hiking outrageously up my thighs until I could finally set my handbag and umbrella down, and straighten myself out.

Rob of course, didn't complain or say nary a word. He didn't have to, as I was well aware of his hot gaze spreading like liquid fire up my stockings, then lingering slowly between my legs.

He leaned over and suddenly kissed me fully, on the mouth. To say that I was more than a little surprised would be an understatement, especially when he slid his tongue into my mouth and bathed my tongue with his.

Shocked, actually, would be a better word for it.

We had never kissed like this before. Ever.

My stomach filled with butterflies and my mind raced... "Well now, THAT was different..."

That sort of kiss right here, right now... like... right in the middle of the city? Right here at work?

In the middle of the parking lot?

Only my husband kissed me like that, and even then... not here!

I have to explain that Rob is quite a bit younger than I am, and I do find him attractive, to be sure. I must also admit that I have, indeed, fantasized what having sex with him might be like... but as you may have well gathered, we've only ever played around on the edges of this... this... obviously mutual attraction.

Mild flirtation, surely... but always managing to keep a lot of "safe" ground between us.

But now THIS kiss was different... completely different , and totally distinct from any of those little kisses we used to steal from each other down at the beach or at all those neighborhood barbeques.

... and THIS time we were alone.

He finally broke the kiss and looked quickly out the window, as if checking traffic, and then turned to face me again, this time glancing down sheepishly before gracing me with that dear little-boy grin of his... and of course, all of a sudden, things were alright again.

Still, I was staggered as it dawned on me... I had just been seriously hit on by this gorgeous, young, married man... a family friend!

I was, to be sure, a little unsteady with the intensity of that kiss, and very aware of the absolute passion I had felt inside of it.

He quickly put the car into gear, and we started the short drive back to their house, both of us unusually quiet during the trip.

Sparse, neutral commentary was exchanged on a variety of everyday subjects... safe subjects. All of this quite uncharacteristic of our usual banter... each of us lost in our own thoughts, I suppose.

Certainly for me... as I was still quite busy trying to figure out what the fuck, exactly, had just happened.

We finally pulled into the driveway and I pretty much squirmed out of his car... scalded by guilt and yet not without a certain licentious pleasure that had somehow found a new home between my legs.

I dared not look directly at Rob at all.

Embarrassed? No, not quite that. Uncomfortable might be a better word for it.

But then, not exactly that either. (Shame )

That was it... shame.

Yes... shame and a nice little helping of guilt.

Somehow, my thoughts had crossed some invisible line in the aftermath of that kiss... and I was now staring Adultery right in the face.

I had just fantasized of cheating on my husband, and had thought nothing of it!

We got to the front porch and Rob opened the door.

I knew something was up when we walked into the house and his wife was not home... he played out some lame excuse that she had to step out to pick the kids up or something, but I was onto him by then. I should have left right then and there, but...


I might as well admit it. I was delighted and now totally turned-on that my attractive, intelligent and sexy young friend was making a play for me, that he had obviously planned this entire affair quite deliberately... and that he very obviously wanted something more than decorating tips for his home office.

We went through the motions of discussing the decorating thing, but by now it was clear to both of us that whatever happened that evening, our final destination would be somewhere far, far removed from where we were right now. Somewhere out there, where neither of us had ventured before.

Rob swept away the awkwardness of the moment by excusing himself to get us a drink, returning a few minutes later with a very nice Merlot and we made our way down to the office area.

They had, I have to admit, done a fantastic job of it, and the entire place looked like something out of an old Bogart movie... rattan furniture, ceiling fans and a confusion of leafy greens and ferns. Art Deco prints.

I walked slowly around the office for a minute or so before I became aware of the complete lack of conversation.

I paused... and the air suddenly became electric, as if a superheated plasma had somehow fried the oxygen in that tiny room, making it taste... and smell... almost, crisp.

My nerves thrummed like taut guy wires beating high strung in this tempest of sensual discordance that had suddenly formed around us, holding us both enthralled and totally immersed in a halo of venal anticipation.

I became aware that something else had entered the room along with us. And that it had hunger...

And it had teeth.

Rob sat immobile at his desk, his attention locked to my legs and tight skirt.

Complete and utter silence.

My high heels clicked along the hardwood floor.

I studied a large stuffed casual chair in the far corner, and finally sat in it. I crossed my legs, not unaware of the effect this would have on him.

He stammered a bit and looked down at the desktop. He tried speak again but stopped short once more.

A few incoherent sounds, then almost absentmindedly he started to fiddle around with something he suddenly found most fascinating.

The most interesting pen in the world, I thought to myself ... perhaps a paperclip.

Then... a deep breath, and in a shaky voice, "Why don't you come over here, sit on my desk? I really can't take this anymore, Julie. I have to see you up here. I have to see those gorgeous legs up close and on display. Could you please, just do that for me?" The last came tumbling out... anxious, and on edge.

The little boy is lost !! I remember thinking to myself. He's lost, and he knows he's in way over his head!!

I felt unsure for a brief second, but that was immediately replaced with some long-ago, almost forgotten emotion that had just surfaced most unexpectedly. Swimming up from the distant past, from a different age. A feeling that now began to surround me like...

... like liquid Angora, I thought ... all thick and heavy. And with it came a confidence, if you will, that began to flow through me like a river of smoking hot coals and shimmering ember.

I realized right then and there that it was now me. It was me who was in complete control of all of this... this venture of his.

And although the brave and audacious Rob had indeed sallied forth with the first 'parry and thrust' in this little game... some playful Pan had teasingly snatched control from him, and had delivered such unto me!

At that instant I also realized that he was now MINE. Mine to do with completely as I liked. That the tables had somehow turned, and that I now owned him outright, utterly, and without compromise.

Sweet Jesus, I thought ... he so desperately wants me to fuck for him. And yet, he wants ME to make it happen!

I snapped back from these thoughts, aware now that Rob was looking directly into my eyes.

( Almost pleading!) Our gazes locked, and he glanced down to the floor, then back up to me... nervously, offering me one of those sweet, playful grins again.

And that was the exact moment that I made my decision. I would spread my legs for him.

I buried a lifetime of entrenched, parochial reservations, got up, and slowly walked across the room to his desk, a large oak antique from some long-gone Victorian boardroom.

I perched myself on the edge, crossing my legs deliberately, forcing my short skirt to ride up and reveal the small tease of lace on my nylons, and my heart raced.

His eyes traced the line of my stocking tops.

"Oh Jesus, Julie... open your legs for me, you must know by now what I really want?" his voice weaker, and rasping.

I flushed, paused for a moment, then uncrossed them, opening them wide and straddling him in the process.

I felt exposed... he was now seated between them, the sheer lace of my panties hiding nothing, and as I gave him his first look of my firm, tight little pussy, my lust began to soar.

"Good god... Jeeesus" the voice was choked, almost strangled.

My legs opened even more as my heels slid between his hips and the arms of the large executive chair.

His hands reached out and he began slowly stroking my calves, slowly moving them upwards to the back of my knees.

"I love your legs, I've wanted to do this forever" his voice now ragged, like sandpaper.

We were now staring intensely into each other eyes, and he continued to play with my smooth silky legs, his hands sliding along the taut nylons... delicate whispering sounds filling the rarefied air.

Intoxicating . Sensual.

I squirmed around a bit, slightly annoyed that my pussy was already starting to throb and leak through my panties like an errant little schoolgirl.

Christ, I thought... surely a mature, fully grown woman can do a better job of controlling her overheated little slit! You have to get a grip, Julie!

His hands higher now, opening my blouse and slowly rubbing his palms over the thin material of my lacy bra. He cupped my breasts and moaned softly, unsure of what to do next, yet his fingers instinctively found the tiny clasp that held me in... and suddenly, the cups fell open and my firm, hot tits spilled out into his trembling hands.

My nipples stiffened immediately, and he continued to massage my breasts slowly and firmly, deliberately teasing the tight, pink nipples into delicious little candies that screamed out to be licked.

And so he did... lowering his hot, furnace-like mouth over each one of my breasts, and in turn... sucking each of them entirely into his mouth, his teeth scrapping along my tender, stiff flesh and scruffing across the tight, hard nipples... bathing my hot tits with molten lava.

My pussy lips splayed open, and I creamed in my panties.

"Jeeeesus, Rob... pleeease... we shouldn't...." this lurched out suddenly... trying in vain to somehow recant my previous conviction... only to fail miserably.

"But you're not resisting me, Julie! You aren't getting up to leave! You must be okay with this, aren't you?"

"Yes" I finally moaned... my voice sounded a hundred miles away.

Moving his hands unsteadily down to the backs of my knees, he slowly stood up, lifting my legs in the process and I lay back across the desk.

As my back pressed against the hard wood, my legs parted, and I felt his hands, rougher now and still shaking, reach up, pausing slightly before he grasped the sides of my thong.

"Are you sure? Are you really sure?" he croaked.

My only response was to lift my ass slightly, and with one slight tug my panties slid down my stocking clad legs, over my high, slutty pumps ... and then off.

I inched backwards across the desk and he spread my legs. They parted so damned easily!

My heart pounded as I realized that my quivering little pussy was now free from that soaking wet little sheath... and now lay completely on display, lewdly spread open to Rob's gaze, a bleating, sacrificial lamb offered up to some erotic, pagan god.

This was so wrong, I thought... and those thoughts brought me back to this morning and my deliberate clothing choices... that subconsciously I had wanted this all along... and yet here, now... with my exposed slit, wet and glistening under the soft lights I had a moment of clarity.

What was I doing?? My husband!! Camille!!

"Ohhhhhchrisssst!!" I was snapped back to reality by wet, obscene kisses running the length of my tender and aching slit.

His mouth and tongue were now exploring my inflamed, engorged pussy lips... I was caught completely unawares and my first orgasm shot through me like an airstrike.

My previous thoughts were forgotten and... Jeesus this feels soooo goddamn good... a moment later, any inhibitions that may have been keeping guard over me suddenly fell away like a flimsy gauze, and my pussy gushed in whorish delight as I lost it.

I lost it completely.

I rubbed his stiff prick through the front of his trousers, surprised by the slick wet stain of pre-cum that had leaked out of his beautiful swollen cock. I did this!

Without any feelings of guilt or shame , I unbuttoned his pants, and slid my trembling hand into his soaking underwear. I grasped his slick, wet penis in my hand, jacking him slowly and deliberately.

I felt the engorged shaft throb in my hand and I pumped him like an old, seasoned whore... my pride and reserve vanishing completely, along with any dignity I might have held onto up to that point.

My wedding band was slick with semen, and I felt it slide lewdly along his rigid erection, teasing the thick veins underneath. I thrilled as I felt his pubic hair scruff between my fingers and the palm of my hand. I was filled with lust... knowing that he was feeling all of these sensations too, and I creamed again when I realized we had just committed ourselves to the oldest of carnal sins.

I jerked his stiff gorgeous penis in my hand... the sensation of feeling another man's cock had me literally panting in heat.

I flushed, and started to shake all over as sperm coated my entire hand, the lurid squishing sound of the handjob now loud and sloppy, filling the small room.

The air was heavy with that thick, animal smell... the smell of the male in rut.

Rob began to moan.

" I'm... jesus, no I'm going no, christ no.."

I stopped masturbating him... and when I looked up he had changed into someone who was vaguely familiar, yet completely different from what he had been just moments ago.

Rob had regressed, somehow... had become, almost... primate. His face was glazed with lust, his mouth open, slack jawed and teeth bared... close to, but not quite drooling.

His breath was shallow and hitched... catching in ragged, short jerks, hoarse and uneven.

A muscled, heavily-worked farm animal.

I leered up at him, my grin wicked and full of sin. Here, I thought... Here is exactly where I want you!

My little boy! My fucking little slave!

I squeezed his prick hard... very hard, making him wince and clamp his teeth down sharply.

He actually whimpered.

I kept my grip on him as hard as I could... knowing that to release him now would let him spray his seed... neither of us wanting for that to happen just yet.

I jerked him once more... a quick, sharp motion that brought his eyes up into their sockets, senselessly staring into some vast nothingness.

I was mesmerized by this sudden transformation.... a bit taken aback in the power I held over him, and fascinated that in the course of a few minutes at best, this smart, articulate and seemingly sophisticated young man had been reduced to this... beast.

This animal.

I was awestruck, and realized that there was absolutely no rational intelligence left in him at all... None!

Instead now, a sweaty brutish savage... his loins trembling with lust.... ready and waiting to breed with the maddening Slut-queen who had somehow, incredible as it might seem, manage to have him quite literally in the palm of her hand.

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