tagGay MaleJunction Ch. 01

Junction Ch. 01


Being one of natures untidy people, I have to really try hard to look good if I'm going out. It never lasts long and like any pretense, it shows up soon enough. Also, I carry a lot of muscle from years of working out, not enough so my clothes don't fit but, well, noticeable. So the easiest way for me to attract a playmate is naked. Simple. I love to feel the sun on my body, it always makes me horny.

On warm days I pack my rucksack with a rug, towel, baby lotion, a snack, lots of water, wet wipes and insect repellent (I'm tasty that way too!), then I head on down to the best cruising ground I know. I call it the junction.

Wooded and rambling over neglected land, complicated boundaries whose ownership no-one seems to know and municipal ground by an intersection of major roads, it has been a joy spot of mine for many years and I can't count the times I've cum there in all winds and weathers, there's always someone to fuck.

The best time is in bright, warm, sunny weather and I can relax completely, take an interest when I want and sleep if I choose.

There's no stereotyping here, a lot of the men are not openly gay, many are married and a lot of first timers, a lot are very nervous even this far from the public eye, nervous of being caught, nervous of being assaulted.

Being well muscled is no protection from a gang but the danger is minimized because the great thing about the junction is that the area where the real action is lies way beyond the woodland near the road and picnic site and rest room that attracts people first. I like masculine men, big or small but he's got to be a man and the rougher and stronger the better. If a guy is bigger and stronger than me, I need to know I have a way out. I've made my own luck that way.

Close to the truck stop everything is hasty, furtive and risky, which can be great if your in a hurry, you're an exhibitionist or the risk of being arrested or beaten up is what drives you. Men walk around and sometimes lurk in shadowy places for a while, it can get very frustrating.

The best action takes place about half a mile away, off a public footpath and into some dense woodland with a south facing hill on the far side that traps the sun and is sheltered here and there with small bushes. First, if you're a homophobic thug, you've got to know its there, they're never going to work it out. Second, it's too far to bother to walk there if you're not really determined to get down and get off. Third, the police couldn't get a 4x4 down there to bring anyone back they arrested, they must know what goes on back at the truck stop but even there it is ignored. I like to go down there when the sun gets over the trees, unrolled my rug, strip put on the all important insect repellent and relax. The warmth and my nakedness is usually enough to sustain a partial stiffy and the sun on my muscular body is enough of an advert for most of the men who pass.

Nerves are still a problem down here but a guy sleeping naked is a sure sign for most of them that it's safe and although it happens sometimes, I rarely get a guy want to run away when a passer by sees him riding my cock or sucking my balls. They usually want to stand and jerk, sometimes they're bold enough to want to join in but I like to keep a careful control over that. It's my time and I like to choose who I interact with.

I have a favorite spot, by the junction of two paths, and I'm happy to wait there as everyone who makes it down that far and who is really looking for sex rather than just watching others, will pass me. I will pretend to sleep for all those whose features don't attract me, which accounts for most, I'm choosy. Sometimes I get pawed by an unwelcome stranger and as politely as possible so as not to frighten them, I let them know they are not what I want, I seldom have to speak. I certainly wake up for those with the right combination of rugged masculinity but they account for only a few of the men who come by. At around 11 to 11.30 am there may be 2 or 3 around but by midday every couple of minutes someone comes by. It calms down after 2 then after 4 until sunset there is a steady stream of men looking for sex. I think the most I've fucked, that is actually pushed my throbbing erect cock into the hot arses of, is seven in a day. Sometimes it's only a few, sometimes I forget to count so seven might not be right anymore but I always go for quality,

I never cum for a man unless he has cum first and even then I like to save it. For me, the real pleasure, the peak of pleasure, is to feel the sphincter of his arse tighten around my cock as he comes and the expressions on his face as I fuck him, the pleading, the joy, the ecstatic agony of orgasm. I can't get enough of that so even if a man wants it doggy style I try to flip him over before he's ready to blow so I can see him react.

My customers won't know if I'm a Trucker, a Builder, a Scaffolder, a Police Officer, a Priest, I can be whatever they would like me to be as long as what they want is for me to eat their arse and slide my fat cock into their guts. If we just get to 69 that's fine too but I find a lot of really big guys, the biggest, love to take it. My cock is beautiful but not so large as to frighten them off and I just love that moment when a great hulking man quivers with pleasure as I tongue fuck him with his massive hairy legs held high in the air, one reason for sustaining considerable physical strength myself but I guess it's mostly about balance, leverage and care. I care how much he is wanting me to suck his gonads, to eat his cock until he's crazy with lust and aching to blow his load and I care how slowly, gently and carefully I press the head of my penis through that hairy portal of lust that most men stupidly assume is an exit rather than an entrance. It matters to me the sounds he makes, the way he bites his lower lip and closes his eyes as his ring expands to let me in.

It matters to me that the rest of his body is loved as much as the place I have shoved my tool, so I let him down onto my rod, kneeling between his legs without fucking I will toy with his tits, I will kiss him deeply even though sometimes he is resistant and I will suck his tongue as I gently move my dick in and out through the gate that so recently opened for me (occasionally for the very first time). He whimpers through my suffocating kiss and holds on to me and feels the flared ridge of my cock head open and close his sphincter again and again slower and slower. He's aching to jerk but he can't reach his red hot meat, and pre-cum is slithering between our bellies as his quivering erection leaked to the rhythmic rubbing I have planned for his prostate. I will do that jerk when I'm ready for him to cum. I want him to wallow in the complete release of this pleasure in a totally open place, nature all around no privacy to speak of but the total relaxation of all reservation, a complete surrender to sex. When he cums it is a unique experience, a one off work of art and pleasure and the look of thanks in his eyes is absolutely sincere.

I tenderly allow my cock to slide out of him, I lap up his man juice and savor it before sharing it with him in a passionate kiss while he is still dazed and we might lie together for a while before he moves on. I never take numbers nor give mine, a pre arranged meeting would never have the same spontaneity, even here, although occasionally I see the same man another day and have often enjoyed a rerun with variations.

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