tagGay MaleJust Before the Leaves Leave

Just Before the Leaves Leave


I went down into the valley again last week. The valley runs right through my home town from the south border up to Lake Ontario. Since my childhood we have used it for hiking in, birdwatching, fishing, even swimming.

When I reached mid high school I became aware of another attraction. Over the course of a few decades various places in the valley have been used by men in the city to hook up with each other for sexual purposes. In high school and early university the action was right beside the downtown core. There was a garden there beside the local radio station which extended under the bridge that spans the valley and there were several spots with quite sheltered views where you could enjoy yourself without being seen or bothered.

Later the action has moved farther south where there are several paths down beside the river and the natural vegetation screens the participants from view. This is important because the area is used by many others not out looking for hookups. People walking their dogs, riding bikes, going for runs all move through. As I was there it was obvious that once again the leaves were falling from the trees pretty quickly now and as they dropped vision through the woods increased the point that it is probably the last time I'll use the area for this year.

Any way as I was walking around and just leaving the parking lot I saw a young guy riding his bike towards the down town area. Nothing unusual in that as I said there is a lot of activity in the valley in a lot of types. While I continued I went off the main trail and was walking down one of the side trails when I saw a guy ahead of me on the trail. He was probably about 40 yrs old and seemed to be in pretty good shape. He also seemed to be taking a piss in the woods, something I've done myself many times.

As I approached him he obviously saw me but instead of turning away and covering up he just remained in the same position. That looked like a nice situation and as we came together he still had a hand on his cock although he didn't seem to be playing with himself. When I said hello to him he nodded back and took his hand half off his cock letting me see a lot more of it. He wasn't huge but had a nice sized cut cock about half hard already.

He asked me what brought me down there and I said I walked down there fairly frequently just seeing what there might be of interest.

"Did you see anything interesting yet", he asked.

"Actually', I said, "I just did see something that looks very interesting."

At this he turned to face me directly and asked what I liked doing. I told him that most of the time now I just provided oral relief for others. He took a step towards me and I reached out putting his cock in my hand.

I stroked him several times and then bent over and licked the head of his cock. He stepped back against one of the trees there and letting his pants drop around his ankles leaned back against the trunk.

I took the invitation and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking and licking his cock. As we got into it I grabbed his hips in my hands and he held my head in both of his. He started thrusting slowly in and out of my mouth but not too aggressively. I concentrated on taking more and more of his cock into my mouth and used my tongue and lips to lubricate him.

Slowly I managed to get his entire cock into my mouth and could feel the head pushing against the back of my throat. I took a few deep breaths and then pushed down even harder on his cock and felt him slip past my throat and down my gullet. HE moaned at that and told me his wife had tried that often but had never been able to get it all in. I kept on sucking on his cock while it was buried in my throat and then after a minute or so had to back off to catch my breath.

I got down on my knees and went at him again taking his cock into my mouth in long smooth strokes. Every so often I would push right down on him till he was once again buried in my throat then letting up and licking and sucking the end of his cock. He started thrusting into my mouth fucking my face as his cock got harder and harder.

He suddenly stiffened and stopped moving and told me we had a spectator. I let go of his cock and looked around to see the bike rider I had seen before He was about 20 feet away and just standing astride his bike watching us. It was obvious he had seen exactly what was happening so there wasn't much point in stopping then. I asked the guy if he minded the audience and was told it was up to me. With that I opened my mouth and leaned forward again taking him back into my mouth.

Out of the corner of my eyes i could see the cyclist rubbing his crotch through his shorts as he continued watching what was happening. I could tell the guy in my mouth was getting more and more excited and he started fucking slowly in and out. Pulling his cock out till just the tip was in my mouth he would then slowly sink back into me and slide his cock into my throat. The cyclist stepped off his bike and walked closer to us watching all this.

He was about 20 yrs old and in what looked to be very good condition. He was also continuing to rub his crotch and the cycling shorts he had on were tenting up over what looked to be a very large dick. AS he reached us the guy I was sucking reached out his hand and slid it up under his shirt. With his other hand he held onto my head and his pace picked up sawing his slick cock in and out of my mouth. He grunted he was near cumming so I took him all the way down my throat again and then backed off so about half his cock was in my mouth. I used one hand to play with his balls and stroked the bottom half of his cock with the other. His breath was now coming in short gasps and then I felt the first spurt of his cum splash onto my young as he shuddered in orgasm. Spurt after spurt coated my tongue and as his cock started to soften I took him in all the way again.

I pulled back and faced the cyclist directly. He took the hint and pulled his shorts down below his knees disclosing a rock hard cock about 8 inches long. The end of it was already glistening with pre-cum and I licked his piss slit and the end of his cock. My first guy moved behind the cyclist and started playing with his chest while I kept working on his cock. He just stood there watching his cock going farther and farther into my mouth. His cock was rock hard in no time at all and I backed off and started licking his balls. I took one at a time into my mouth and sucked on it. Using my hand to stroke him it was obvious he was not going to last very long before he came. The first guy asked if I thought could deep throat him. In response I took a few deep breaths and then slowly pushed down on his cock. His legs were trembling as inch after inch disappeared into my mouth. I felt his cock wedging into the back of my throat and relaxing as I had learned to do over a few decades of this sort of thing I felt him slip into my throat and buried my nose in his pubic hair.

With him wedged inside my throat I flexed the muscles and was rewarded with a groan from the cyclist. With no warning I felt his cock swell and then start throbbing as he shot cum down my gullet. I didn't realize it at that second but the other guy had licked his finger and shoved it into his ass. I managed to swallow all his cum and then pulled back off his cock. I licked him clean until he pulled back saying his cock was too sensitive. I got up off my knees as the two of them rearranged their clothes. The cyclist thanked me and asked if we might get together again so I gave him my number. I haven't heard from him yet but with any luck I may have a regular play mate to deal with for a while.

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