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This is one of my early very short fiction stories which was written two years ago. I wrote it with aim for simplicity and conversational style. I am sorry about grammatical mistakes.

I am 40 years old. I have a pleasant wife and a 13 year old son. It's not that I don't love my wife, I love her, and fuck her as much as she wants, but sometimes I just need to fuck someone else, if you see what I mean.

Well, when this happened, it wasn't done on purpose or anything. It just happened. My wife, son and I live an apartment, but we also own a house not far from where we live. No one lives in that house, but we use it a storage space for various stuff. I also run a small store in the city. I am always busy and I can't be the salesperson in that store. I am not crazy to stand there all day and sell candybars. So, I needed to hire someone to be the salesperson. I thought it had to be a woman, because customers are always more likely to buy more produce if the there is a lady there.

I knew just the right person to do the job. She was my old class mate. She wasn't my girlfriend or anything, I just knew her from school. Now she was thirty something, very sexy and attractive. I hired her and she was selling produce in my store for about a month. We had to have regular meetings when she would give me the money, an account of what's been sold, what customers said, and what was going on in the store in general.

Our next meeting was agreed to be set at the house I described earlier. It was a hot and sunny Wednesday, and my son said he wanted to go too. I thought he would just play in the yard of the house while I get things done. We came to the house, and she was already waiting there. She was holding a white purse and wearing a short white skirt with some green flowers. It wasn't short like whore-wear that some girls have on the street, it was just above her knees.

By the way, her name was Jessica. She was laughing as usual. She had short red hair, and was very tan. I know it sounds unusual for a red haired person to be tan, but that's how she was. I don't know what was going on through her mind, but she acted as if I wasn't looking at her legs. I opened the door in the house. As usual my son slipped in first and ran to play in the yard, he had some toys there. Jessica walked in second, and I followed her. Her ass looked very firm and juicy, if you know what I mean. I couldn't move my eyes from her. We walked into a room where we would do the accounting. There was a square table and two chairs as well as shelves with things on the wall. She sat half way across, and I sat near her on another chair.

We closed the door because my son was very nosy and would always run around. She immediately crossed her legs and we started to discuss the store, the customers, and how much money was earned. But throughout our discussion I could not move my eyes from her tanned sexy legs she crossed in front of me. Of course, she's smart, and noticed it right away. (I forgot to mention, she didn't have a husband because she was divorced.)

She asked me "like my legs eh?"

I looked at her, didn't say anything, just stretched my hand to touch her knee. I thought, what the hell, it's not like my wife in going find out, right? Why not use this opportunity to fuck some redhead pussy? I am a man and I want variety. I saw that Jessica was flirting and would go for it. She was very playful and was smiling.

She asked me: "what? are you just gonna fuck me here, when your son is playing back there?" and laughed.

I said "it's ok, since he's too young. Door is closed and he wont know anything".

I was stroking her leg and moving my hand lower under her skirt. I started to touch the hairy bush above her pussy. It was wet as it usually is with women who are about to get some cock. She unbuttoned her white blouse and I saw her big breasts covered by a bra. I gripped her panties from under her legs and pulled them hard and quick. They came off very nicely.

I told her to get on her knees because I wanted her to suck my cock. She readily complied as I took off my pants and my briefs and my prick was in her mouth. Her mouth was full of saliva, and it felt really nice. As she licked it and worked on it with her tongue I slowly spit on my cock and let our spit mix together around my growing penis. I was moving it back and forth as she sucked it in. I made sure my pubic hairs touched her face. It felt very good. It's like your dick is covered by a woman's saliva, a simply indescribable feeling. So I was fucking her mouth for a while as she moaned.

Then I heard my son screaming through the door: "daaad!! are we going home soon!? I want to play more! Can I go to the neighbor's house?"

to which I replied "yeah yeah, sure, you can go"

Then I looked at Jessica's face as she could hardly hold from laughing. Then she burst in laughter when she couldn’t hold it anymore loosening the grip around my cock and splattering the the spit. I smiled and stroked her red hair.

Then when she heard my son's footsteps in the distance she laughed and told me I was a big liar to lie to my son.

I looked at her and replied: " I want to fuck your pussy, lie on your back babe" I ordered her. She did.

I put a condom on my big dick, just before inserting it into her wet vagina, I made her lick it so it would be wet and lubricated. It was an amazing pleasure I felt when I allowed the tip of my dick slide into her vagina. Oh man, I thought what if my wife and son saw this.

But this felt so good. She started to moan like a whore. I moved my cock into her pussy up until the hairs of my balls touched her ass. Then I started to fuck her faster and faster. You could hear the slapping sound of her my cock pounding her pussy as it filled the room with lust. I fucked and fucked as hard as I could. Her legs were on my shoulders and her breasts were moving like jello back and forth with her dress still around her waist line. Her breasts looked nice too. Very firm, just the right size.

She wanted to tease me and began asking me how dirty I felt knowing that my wife is at home watching TV as I fuck her redhead pussy.

I said " It feels good babe" and continued to fuck.

Then my strength was going away, and I felt I had to cum. Just at that moment, she screamed like I've never heard anyone scream before, it was a scream of pleasure! And bent her back as her muscles contracted. I knew she had an orgasm. I took my dick out of her pussy. I told her I was going to ejaculate on her pretty face and took the condom of my dick. She took it into her mouth once again but it didn't last for long as I gave her a load of cum like she's never seen before! She almost started to cough after I gave her three nice shots and the white life-force was dripping from her mouth.

"oh shit,you're so fucking great!" I praised her.

She just laughed and kissed my dick again. We quickly dressed up. We came out of the room and I told my son it was time to go. I asked him if he had a good time at the neighbors house, he said he did, but I thought, "no one could have had a better time than I did tonight" We went home and Jessica went to her home.

I thought "I want to fuck this bitch again sometime."

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