tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 01

Katherine Ch. 01


This is the first in a series. I hope you enjoy it and the rest.


Katherine entered my house and sat herself down comfortably on the couch. I lit the fireplace and looked up at her. She was a very beautiful woman with dark sensual eyes. Her long, dark hair was pulled back in a thick ponytail and she was dressed as I'd always seen her; in a black leotard with a long skirt with black knit warm-up leggings and cloth shoes. The black color accentuated her skin and her dark eyes. I drank in her beauty.

I moved beside her and kicked off my shoes. I leaned back into the corner of the sofa and wrapped my arm around her shoulder pulling her close to me. I held her for a moment and then leaned over and kissed her cheek. I pressed my lips to hers and she responded warmly. Katherine liked being kissed and did so passionately.

I'd met her in class and we'd traded some notes and a few barbs. She was quick witted and we both enjoyed the banter. She was a bit put-off by some of my opinions and she thought that I was a chauvinist. Which I am to a degree. She was taken aback when I told her that I wasn't interested in her as a potential lover since she was too liberated. She'd never met a man who told her he wasn't interested in her. She was upset and challenged.

As I walked her to her car that night after the class, I leaned against her car door and putting my arms around her, kissed her deeply. She responded with surprising passion, her tongue pressing into my mouth and then sucking my tongue into her own mouth.

"I wondered what kind of kisser you'd be." she quipped.

"How did I do?" I returned. She pressed her mouth to mine and thrust her tongue deep into my mouth once again. I hugged her to me and caressed her back with my hands.

She pulled away and said, "I've got to go."

I laughed and released her.

I called Katherine for a date and we went out several times together. Each date was a good time with a lot of banter but also a lot of kissing and hugging but she was very resistant to any fondling or caressing of her lovely body. She also kept bringing up my attitude problem.

Now she'd invited herself over to my house and sat in front of a roaring fire on a rainy afternoon. As we kissed, I slid down and lay across the sofa with her body in front of me. We continued to kiss and I rolled over on top of her. She began to resist and I tickled her. We began to wrestle on the couch until I wedged one of her arms under my side and holding her other arm tightly, I gently stroked her breast through her sheer leotard. We struggled and teased until I eased the collar of her leotard off of her shoulder and I slid my hand into the top of her lacy bra and trapped her hard nipple between my fingers.

Katherine fought hard and squirmed out from under me, dropping onto the plush carpet. She pulled her leotard back up and scrambled to her feet. As she broke for the door I caught her wrist and spun her around to face me. As I pulled on her arm, I bent over and as she fell forward over my shoulder I lifted her body into the air in a fireman's carry.

It happened so fast, the young beauty could not react in time. I held her wrist tight as I ran my hand across the back of her thigh. She started to thrash about as I carried her into my bedroom.

Once inside, I threw her body down onto the huge bed. Katherine was stunned as she looked up at me towering over her. She'd never been treated quite this way before. Before she could react, I reached for the sash of my robe on the footboard and climbed on top of her. Panic filled her face as I took hold of her wrists and tied them together with the soft cloth of the sash. Once secured, I pulled her arms over her head and tied her wrists to the rail of the headboard.

"Just what the hell do you thing you're doing?" she demanded.

I sat back as I looked down at her. "I'm about to satisfy your curiosity." I said.

"Oh?" she asked sarcastically.

"Yes. I'm about to satisfy your curiosity about what kind of lover I am." I taunted her.

Katherine blushed deeply.

"You know all your cock-teasing these past weeks has a clinical term. It's called approach avoidance. Well, now that you've been kind enough to approach, I've taken away your ability to avoid."

I could see that Katherine was angry. More with herself I think, than with me. She'd been pegged and she didn't like being that emotionally vulnerable, especially when she was also so very physically and sexually vulnerable.

"This has gone just far enough." she weakly threatened. "Let me go now and I won't say anything to anyone about this." she said trying to be tough and to sit up. She failed at both.

"You're even wondering how long it will take for me to make you cum and how many times I can do it." I teased.

Katherine's mind was racing. I had read her very thoughts and it made her uneasy. The day was still young and she knew that I could keep her here for hours without anyone wondering about where she was. This frightened her but also filled her with excitement.

I looked down at my beautiful captive. Undressing her did not look too easy given what she was wearing. First I removed her slippers and then unzipped the side of her skirt. Taking hold of the waistband I pulled her skirt over her hips and then down her legs. Katherine thrashed about on the bed but her movements only made my task easier.

She lay before me in only her leotard and tights. I placed my hand on her thigh and could feel the warmth of her body. I smiled at her as I teased the top of her thigh. She started to kick but it was hopeless.

"I thought you were restrained enough. But if you like I can tie your legs wide open." I said.

"You wouldn't dare!" she threatened. "I'll scream rape!"

"I can gag you also if you insist." I threatened as I glared down at her. "But I think your mouth can be put to better use." I taunted her. Katherine was a bit frightened but also quite excited.

"You've lost. You don't control the situation anymore and I know that that bothers you immensely. Why don't you just lie back and enjoy the next several hours. I'm only going to do what you've been wanting me to do since we first met." I said as I continued to stroke her thigh. Katherine blushed deeply because she knew that I was right. The thought of several hours of sex also appealed to her.

"I know that you want to be dominated - even abused a little." I told her and she blushed even deeper.

Quickly I changed the subject. "Are there snaps down there?" I asked glancing between her thighs.

"Yes." she answered caught off guard by my question.

I slid my hand across her warm thigh and reaching down between her legs and pressing my fingers against the sheer crotch of her leotard, hooked my fingers under the snaps and pulled them open. Katherine was startled by the suddenness of my actions as the front of her leotard snapped up and lay across her waist.

Reaching quickly for the waistband of her tights and with one sharp pull, I yanked them and her panties down her legs and off of her feet. She immediately crossed her legs as she gasped in surprise. That was okay with me since I wasn't interested in exploring her sweet vee just yet.

I stood up and removed all of my clothes and Katherine gasped as she saw the size of my cock. Sitting down next to her, I placed my fingers on her slender throat and leaning forward kissed her deeply. As I continued to kiss her, my hand slid down over her breasts and I could feel the hardness of her nipple as my palm gently kneaded her titflesh. I could also feel the trembling of fear and excitement in her breast.

Katherine was ready to explode as I caressed her breasts. They were not particularly large but they were full and firm and her nipples were very excited. My hand slid down to her waist and sliding my hand under her leotard, pulled it up over her breasts and then over her head and up her bound arms. Her bra was cream color and had snaps in the back.

I decided to add a measure of fear to her experience and reached over to the drawer of the nightstand. Picking up a knife, I held it in front of her face and pressed the button. A long silver blade snapped open. Katherine's eyes were riveted to the cold steel blade as I pressed it against the top of her breast. She could feel the coldness and the hardness of the blade as I pressed it against her firm breast and then drew the blunt side of the blade across her hardening nipple. Her face was etched with fear as I slid the long, sharp blade under the strap of her bra and with a quick flip of the wrist, slit the strap open. I then slit the other strap and laying the knife down across her firm stomach, proceeded to fondle her panting titflesh. I could feel her supple body tremble as my fingers closed around her taut nipple.

I picked up the knife and slit the rubber band holding her hair back in a ponytail and then slid it under the center of her bra and up through her cleavage. With a quick flip of the wrist her bra snapped open as she screamed softly and her last vestige of clothing and modesty disappeared. She bit her lip as she felt my fingers close once again on her bare nipple. Her nipples were rock hard. I lay the knife on the table and bending down sucked her tender nipple into my mouth.

Katherine moaned deeply as I teased her nipple with my tongue. I trapped her tender nub between my teeth and bit down ever so gently as my tongue teased the tip of her nub. I switched breasts and continued to excite my beautiful, young captive. A soft moan escaped her lips as her head rolled from side to side. I vigorously attended to Katherine's excited nipples, rolling and pinching them with my fingers and then bathing them with my tongue and lips.

As her body began to writhe, I bit her gently and chewed on her most sensitive nubs. Katherine had never remembered her nipples being this sensitive or this excited. Lifting my head, I blew a cool stream of air across her wet nipples and they somehow got even harder as the cool air raised a crop of goose bumps and she bit her lip.

Grasping her nipple tightly, I pressed my lips to hers and they parted as I thrust my tongue deep into her warm mouth. I squeezed her breast hard as I probed her hungry mouth. Then easing my grip slightly, I tickled her breast and ran my fingers up her extended arm and began to nibble on her neck. A chill ran through her body and as her back arched, she strained at her bindings.

I licked and kissed my way down to her chest and then descended across her firm abdomen. Katherine's body began to quiver as my lips brushed across the top of her mons. Her pubic thatch was silky soft and her firm thighs parted for me as my mouth began to caress the edges of her womanhood. First her legs lifted slightly and then her knees fell open, giving me unobstructed access to her drenched love hole. I could smell the sweet scent of her loins as I lowered my head between her open thighs.

My tongue began to explore the wet folds of her pussyflesh. I felt her body buck as my lips glided across her erect clit. I pressed my tongue deep between the folds of her labia and sucked out her sweet nectar. I felt her thighs close around my ears as I licked her love petals. She screamed as her first orgasm rippled through her lovely body.

With her thighs clamped around my ears, I wrapped my arms around her hips and thrust my tongue deep into her pussy. Katherine's body began to buck as orgasms ripped through her loins. Still trapped between her twitching thighs, I rolled her onto her side and grabbing handfuls of her firm asscheeks began to chew gently on her engorged love petals.

As I continued to probe her tight love channel, my fingers caressed and probed her beautiful ass. I nibbled my way down further between her soft thighs, until my tongue was able to flick across her tight sphincter. Katherine's body bucked violently as my tongue teased her pink asshole.

I rolled her over onto her back once again so that she lay flat on the mattress and then lifted my head from between her satiny thighs. Katherine's breathing was heavy and her nipples were even harder than they'd been before. I rolled over between her thighs wedging my body between her knees. I slid my arms under her raised thighs and began to nibble on the tender inner flesh of her open thighs. As I teased her sensitive skin with my lips and tongue, I could see her pink clit stand up as if begging for attention. That was exactly what it was going to get.

I ran my tongue deep into her seething pussy and then slid it along the length of her engorged labia. When I reached her rigid love button, I closed my lips around it as my beautiful captive gasped with pleasure. Gently I trapped her most sensitive nub between my teeth and my tongue. A small shift in pressure and her clit slid over my teeth and she exploded in yet another orgasm. I repeated this caress and Katherine's body convulsed in three more rapid orgasms.

"Enough! Stop!" she cried as her thighs once again clamped around my ears but this time in an effort to keep me away from her love hole.

I pulled up and Katherine released her grip. I raised my head and looked down at her. Her body was flushed and glistened. Her chest was panting and her mouth was open slightly. I placed my arms over her thighs and then lowered my face back into her pussy.

Again I went after her throbbing clit in the same way. I was able to wrack Katherine's body with orgasms at will. Her body and her clit, in particular, were so responsive, that the slightest pressure exerted on the tip, caused her body to convulse. Katherine bucked and thrashed as orgasm after orgasm rocked her beautiful, bound body. She tried to shake me off but with my arms over her thighs, she could not.

"Please. Please stop." she begged as yet another orgasm enveloped her. "I can't take anymore."

"But we're just getting started." I teased softly.

"Oh, no." she pleaded. "It's too much for me."

I nibbled on her clit again and her body convulsed. Again Katherine began to buck her hips. Her resistance only spurred me on as my mouth went after her clit once again. Finally she just let go and let the waves of orgasm and heat roll over her limp body. She almost passed out from exhaustion.

I licked her clit once more and then began to nibble my way back up her glistening body. I sucked her nipples into my mouth as the hardness of my cock pressed against the soft firmness of Katherine's inner thigh.

As I kissed the soft skin of her slender neck, my cockhead brushed against her swollen and very open labia. Slowly I slid my cock between her wet pussy lips and eased all the way into her warm and very wet quim. Katherine's love channel was filled with cum and the sensation was fantastic. She was tight but so very wet. As my cock slid easily into her drenched pussy Katherine felt the slick juices filling her pussy ooze out and trickle down between her open thighs and slide into the crack of her magnificent ass. I pressed my tongue between her soft lips as I flexed my cock deep inside her sweet, young pussy. She could taste her own cum on my lips as she sucked my tongue into her mouth.

Slowly I withdrew from her pussy until only my cockhead was wedged inside her bound and naked body. I thrust my cock back in to the hilt. Katherine gasped. Slowly I began to stroke into her lovely, young body and in spite of her exhaustion, I felt her inner muscles grasping at my invading manhood. Katherine raised her legs and wrapped them over mine as I kissed her deeply. My thrusts became more rapid and her love muscles milked my cock. Orgasms rippled over her body periodically as she screamed softly with each new one.

"Stop. Please, stop." she begged as her head rolled from side to side, but her legs spurred me on as her muscles grasped at my cock with each thrust. I increased the speed of my thrusts until I felt my load about to explode. Holding her arm tightly, I thrust deep into her loins with a loud grunt and felt my cum shoot deep into her quivering body. She screamed as a powerful orgasm wracked her bound body and her inner muscles went wild as they milked every drop of cum out of my ramrod.

I eased my grip on her arms and kissed her deeply. Katherine made no attempt to release my hips as her drenched quim spasmed over and over again. She felt wonderful as I lay in her sweet saddle.

We both drifted off to sleep as I felt her thighs release my hips. I wasn't going anywhere.

To be continued...

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