tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 03

Katherine Ch. 03


This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.

Chapter 3: Katherine thrives on being helpless

It was over an hour before I returned and Katherine had gotten used to her position, though it was not particularly comfortable. With the time, her thigh muscles had stretched and relaxed some and she leaned forward bracing the brass railing under her swelling tits.

I entered the house and began putting away various items I'd bought. Those that were for Katherine I wrapped as presents. Katherine's mind was reeling - waiting for me to enter the bedroom and her body. She couldn't figure out what was taking me so long.

She was about to call out to me when she realized that it was she who was captive and there to serve my pleasure and not the other way around. She thought it better to remain silent. Instead she began to fantasize again about our coming session and what it would feel like to be taken at someone's leisure without benefit of any foreplay. She'd never been in that position. Even her masturbating with a vibrator had involved some caressing before inserting the plastic prick and she'd never had a man take her quickly - she'd not have allowed it.

Suddenly I appeared in the doorway and Katherine was startled from her thoughts. In the mirror she could see that I was naked and my shaft was fully at attention. She bit her lip as I approached her. Looking again in the mirror, she realized just how vulnerable and how accessible her sweet love hole was.

As I neared her body I placed my hands on the brass rail on either side of her slender waist and just in from where her knees were bent over the railing. I made sure not to touch her skin in any way. As she stared into the mirror, her eyes were riveted on my cock as it stood straight up, pointing directly towards the entrance to her tight and very open pussy.

I bent my knees and eased under her spread thighs and then slowly stood up straight, easing my ramrod between her swollen pussy lips and up into her tight pussy. Katherine gasped loudly at the full penetration of her womanflesh as I flexed my cock, balls deep in her quivering pussy.

Her body was excited and her love muscles clasped at my cock. I brought my hands up to her hanging tits and began to stroke in and out of her hot, little love hole. She may not have been as wet as before but she was still wet enough to slide comfortably up and down my shaft.

As I began to pound into her soft body, Katherine gasped with each thrust as she tried to lift her body and drop onto my impaling cock with each stroke. I stopped thrusting and slid my hands down between Katherine's open thighs and started to tease her clit. She continued to raise and lower her loins onto my cock but with some difficulty. My hands came down to her hips and I began to pump her bound body up and down on my impaling cock. She felt wonderful and I could hear her moans and gasps as I fucked her open pussy. Then abruptly I withdrew from her sweet tightness.

"NO!" she gasped as she felt the void between her legs.

Taking a large bolster from the sofa, I lay it across the bed in front of her. Katherine saw it and understood what I had in mind. I helped her lift her body back up onto the rail of the footboard and then back to a kneeling position on the mattress. With her legs still tied to the outer edges of the bed, she fell forward over the bolster. Her arms reached out in front of her as her body landed, so that the bolster lay under her hips and her beautiful, smooth ass was raised seductively - her thighs spread wide apart for me.

I climbed between her outstretched thighs and slid my cock back into her tight pussy. She was considerably wetter than she had been when I first entered her body several minutes ago. Katherine bit her lip as I slid in to the hilt.

"Now let's fuck!" I said as I began to thrust deep into her body. Katherine's legs shook with lust as I pounded into her most intimate flesh. I decided not to cum in her sweet pussy this time. I had another place in mind.

Pumping hard, I leaned forward kissing the nape of her neck, sending a chill through her entire body. I even felt it as her love muscles clenched around my invading shaft. She flooded my cock with hot cum. I pushed back until I was upright on my knees and holding her hips continued to thrust deep into her tight pussy. Katherine pressed her hips back to meet every thrust.

"You refused me before - you will never do that again." I said as I stood motionless in her lovely pussy. "You will now be punished for resisting me."

Katherine felt my palm slap hard against her asscheek. The pain was not great but it did cause her to contract her muscles and give my cock pleasure. She did not scream or cry out. Again I slapped her ass and another red area appeared. Each slap caused her ass to redden a bit more and also caused her inner muscles to squeeze hard around my shaft. I only stopped when I thought her love muscles were going to make me cum. Her ass was red and tender.

Gently I raked my fingernails across her tender asscheeks and she realized just how sensitive to touch they had become. Pulling out of her body I leaned forward and kissed her asscheek. Katherine's body shook. Her ass was so tender, that as I continued to lick and kiss her ass, her body spasmed uncontrollably.

Finally my tongue reached into her asscrack and probed her tight asshole. As I licked around her pink sphincter, her body began to buck. I pointed my tongue and pressed it into her tight hole. Katherine was out of control as her body bucked sharply. As I had done earlier, I wrapped my arms over her thighs and dove back into her sweet, young ass. I needed to loosen her up a bit before I could give her ass the thorough fucking it deserved. After several minutes of oral caresses and my fingers teasing and prodding her tight sphincter, I decided she was ready. I buried my thumb all the way into her open asshole as I gazed down at my prize.

I raised myself up and lay my ramrod into the crack of the young beauty's ass. She was shaking. I slid back and then eased my tool into her seething quim. She had never had both of her holes filled at the same time and her powerful muscles clamped tightly around both invaders as I took several deep strokes into her gushing quim, coating my shaft with her sweet flow. Pulling both my cock and thumb out of her loins, with an audible pop, I aimed the tip of my cock at her barely open asshole. Her body bucked when she felt the head wedge between her taut cheeks. Placing my palms on either side of her waist, I raised my body and arched over her beautifully raised ass. Katherine could feel the change of position and the added pressure against her sculptured ass. I could see her fingers grasp at the sheets as she clenched her fists.

I bounced slightly on the bed and the pressure increased against her puckered asshole. I lowered my body and felt the tip of my ramrod gently press into Katherine's tight asshole. I could see her bite her lip as she lifted her head, turning it from one side to the other. I eased back a bit and she relaxed. She realized that her punishment had been the slaps and that this assfucking was for our mutual enjoyment. When she realized I wasn't going to savage her tender ass, she relaxed even more.

Again I eased forward, feeling her tight muscles relaxing slightly. Katherine's asshole was stretched enough to accommodate my cockhead as she tried to relax. Slowly I eased forward and a bit more of my shaft entered her magnificent ass. I waited for her muscles to stretch a bit more before proceeding.

"OK." she whispered and very gently I eased my body down as my shaft slowly filled her magnificent, young ass. She was unbelievably tight. Tighter than I could have imagined. I slid in until my hips rested on her still tender asscheeks. I kissed the nape of her neck again as her long hair cascaded off of her shoulders onto the mattress and ran my hands under her body to caress her aroused and tender nipples. Each nibble on her neck produced a shiver in her body that I could feel deep in her ass.

Finally, I felt her love muscles clasp at my cock and I knew she was ready to fuck. Slowly I ground my hips against her raised ass and then began to slowly thrust in and out of her tight asshole. I could feel her push back with her hips to meet my thrusts. It was going to take awhile for me to cum - she was just too tight to ravage her ass without it being painful for both of us.

As I thrust into her bowels, I could feel her body go rigid from time to time as orgasms overtook her. I increased the rhythm of my thrusts and shifted the angle slightly. Katherine began to moan loudly as her ass squeezed at my invading shaft. I felt my cum building and I began to really ravage her sweet ass. Katherine was squealing with pleasure as she put everything she had into this fucking. Feeling my cum about to explode, I grasped her hips and thrust deep into her bowels, spewing hot cum deep into her quivering ass as she clenched her fists into the sheets and with a howl, cut loose with her most powerful orgasm of the day, if not her entire life.

I wrapped my arms around her panting body and kissed her neck as I fondled her breasts. After several minutes, I pulled back to a kneeling position against the footboard pulling Katherine with me. She sat across my thighs as I reached over and unhooked her ankle bindings. Then reaching around her body, I released the sash holding her wrists. One hand slid up to her panting breast and caressed her very hard nipple as the other slid down between her open thighs and caressed her dripping pussy. In a moment, my hands joined hers, one on her breast and the other between her thighs. Katherine moved her hand lower as I caressed her oozing quim and she began to massage my balls.

Katherine reached forward and pushed the bolster off the bed and onto the floor. She then lifted her body off my cock and leaning forward turned her body and fell onto the bed. I helped her untwist her long legs and then lowered my body into her sweet saddle, kissing her deeply as her arms wrapped around me.

The passion of her kisses were most powerful as she thrust her tongue deep into my mouth and sucked my tongue back into hers. Holding her tightly, I rolled us over, laying her head on my chest as I stroked the back of her neck, her arms and ran my fingers through that thick hair. We drifted off to sleep.

To be continued…

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