byTaboo Junky©

[Disclaimer: All persons depicted in this story are eighteen (18) years of age or older.]

The phone rang at 8:50pm. It was the principal of my daughters' school. Apparently my oldest had been caught drinking beer at her spring dance. I was surprised since that was very uncharacteristic of Kathryn. She was a senior in highschool and a shortstop on the varsity softball team. She had always gotten decent grades and had never gotten into any trouble.

Upon arrival at the principal's office I saw two of Kathryn's good friends sitting next to her. The principal informed me that her drinking on school grounds was a serious infraction. It was punishable by a trip to the police station, a one week suspension, and no more after school sports or activities. However since it was her first infraction during her entire four years at highschool, she would only receive a one week suspension from school and sports.

I had been secretly fantasizing about my daughter's, Kathryn and Denise, since they first started puberty. I never told anyone or acted upon my unfatherly feelings for them before.

I noticed a wobble in Kathryn's walk as we left the school. While she was in a drunken state, I took the opportunity to get a really good look at her. Kathryn was eighteen and the older of my two daughters. She had the long beautiful blond hair and blue eyes of her mother. Her 5-foot 4-inch 135-pound perfectly proportioned body came from my side of the family, along with her 36C/D breasts. She was wearing a pair of tight dark blue low rise jeans, a short tight white T-shirt with a noticeable black lace bra underneath, and she had it all capped off with a pair of sexy black leather high-heeled boots. The outfit showed off her big tits and round meaty ass, while exposing her soft yet flat tummy and the small of her back. She looked sexy and maybe a little slutty, but it was a sharp contrast to the tiny skirts and butt cheek shorts her little sister liked to wear. Besides, it turned me on to see other men staring at my daughters.

When we walked through the parking lot, Kathryn began her plea with a slight slur in her voice.

"Daddy it was my first time ever drinking. Are you mad at me?"

"No honey, not at all."

"Where's mom?"

"At aunt Helen's house."

"Are you gunna tell her?"


"Please don't! Daddy she's gunna kill me!"

"How do you know?"

"Because I know her and so do you, she's not cool about this kinda stuff like you are."

"Kathryn, she's my wife. I can't hide it from her."

"C'mon pleeeeease!"

Kathryn continued to beg and pout after we got into my old jaguar. She knew I would give in eventually.

"Alright, I wont say anything about it to mom. But you better not let your sister find out, because you know she'll snitch on you, and then we will both be in trouble."

She reached over and hugged me. I savored the feeling of her tits pressed tightly against my chest.

"Thank you daddy! Denise was drinking too, but she just didn't get caught, so she won't say anything."

I started the ten minute drive home and Kathryn excitedly told me about the events of her night thus far. Halfway home she had to pee 'really bad', and she begged me to stop the car. I pulled into the dark empty parking lot of a local park. I realized that she was more drunk than I had originally thought, since she didn't bother to close the door or step away from my view. When she undid her jeans I noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties. As much as I didn't want to, I turned my view away from her. I could hear her struggling to pull down her tight jeans, nearly falling over in the process. I asked her if she needed help, but either she ignored me or she didn't fully hear me, because I didn't get an answer. Finally I heard the stream of urine splashing against the pavement and a soft groan of relief. Curiosity got the best of me at that moment. I looked over at her and noticed she was looking down at the ground. She was in a half squat right next to the car. Her right hand holding onto the door and her left on the side of the car. It was the first time I had seen her pussy since she was a toddler. It was shaven clean with the exception of a small trapezoidal patch above her slit. My voyeurism made my heart race and my cock chubby. The stream between her smooth shapely thighs was clear thick and powerful. Typical of drinking a lot of beer. I glanced back up to see that she was looking right at my face.

"Shit! Sorry", I muttered as I turned away from her in embarrassment.

"What? I don't care."

I became fidgety and when I glanced back at her. She was still looking at me and I quickly turned away. I felt my face go flush. I was confused and unsure of what to do. I had always dreamed of a moment like this and when it finally happened I almost ruined it.

My mind was racing with questions. Did she realize why I had looked at her? Why didn't she care? Does she want me to look at her? Why didn't she step out of my view? Is she too drunk to realize what she's doing? If so, should I take advantage? I gained some composure and held my view away from her direction.

She commented as she turned to get her jeans off the ground, "What a relief!"

I looked back at her when she had turned around. She bent down to pick up her jeans and I received a gorgeous view of her ass and pussy. The manner in which she bent over (keeping her knees and back straight) was distinctly flirtatious. Again I was confused and questions flooded my brain. Is she doing it on purpose? Is she trying to seduce me? Should I try to make a move on her? I rationalized, thinking that she was just drunk for the first time and didn't have a care in the world.

Kathryn stood up with her back still facing me and said, "Aw Fuck!"

"What's wrong?"

"My pee got all over my pants."

She dropped her pants back on the pavement and turned around. She caught me staring at her again, except this time I didn't act so guilty and I didn't turn away. Using the seat of the car she zipped her sexy boots back on. Every couple of seconds she would look up at me, but I just kept on staring at her. When I made the decision to stare at her, regardless of her seeing me, my nervousness had changed to an adrenaline rush. I got a funny feeling that she was enjoying the attention and I could feel my cock growing in my pants. Then she bent over to get her jeans in the same manner as before, except this time she glanced back to see if I was looking. When we made eye contact, she quickly turned her attention back to her soiled pants. Finally she did her best to run in the high heels, making her way to a garbage can which was brightly lit by the headlights of my car. Her ass jiggled the whole way, and after she deposited the pants, her tits bounced on the way back. She hopped in the car and pulled the door closed, simultaneously switching off the interior light. Despite my lustful stares, I tried to do the most fatherly thing I could think of.

I said as I opened my door, "Let me find you something to cover up with."

She grabbed my arm and said with a smile, "Dad, seriously, I don't mind if you look at me. Actually I kinda like it."

I asked with a curious smile, "What do you mean, 'you like it'?"

Coyly she responded, "I think you know exactly what I mean."

I was totally ecstatic and speechless.

She seductively asked, "Would you like it if I took the rest of my clothes off?"

I just nodded slowly, with a huge grin.

As she removed her shirt I asked, "When did you realize that you like it?"

When she finally removed her shirt she responded, "About five minutes ago when I caught you watching me pee."

After Kathryn unclasped and removed her sexy black lace bra, I closed my door. When I reached for the switch on the roof to turn the interior light back on, my hand bumped into Kathryn's since she was about to do the same thing. She giggled and coyly muttered 'Oops' as I flicked the switch. She fully moved back and reclined her seat in preparation to give me a show. I too moved my seat back, but I didn't recline it.

She looked beautiful against the plush Cabernet leather interior of my old jaguar. She was obviously very proud of her tits as she jiggled them from side to side with a huge grin on her face. They didn't pancake out as much as one might have expected, especially considering they were half way between a C and D cup. Her pink areola's were about 2-1/2 inches in diameter, perfectly positioned on the front of her tits, and perfectly symmetrical. Her erect reddish-pink nipples were like cherries at the top of a sundae.

I commented, "Good god, you are gorgeous!"

She coyly responded, "Thank you daddy."

By then my cock was throbbing against my pants straining to be released. She noticed the pulsating bulge and winked at me, but said nothing, as she seductively slid her hand down the center of her flat soft stomach toward her neatly trimmed blond bush. She ran her fingers through her short loosely curled pubes. Then pushed her pointer finger between the top of her glistening slit. She closed her eyes and moaned softly, 'Mmmmm', as she began to massage her clit.

Kathryn commanded meas if I should have already done it, "C'mon daddy, take your clothes off, I want to see you."

It was rather difficult to get my clothes off in the drivers seat, but it didn't put a damper on our mood. Especially since Kathryn kept masturbating during my struggle. I toss my clothes in the back seat with her shirt and bra. When I was fully naked I felt a little self-conscious. I hit the weights from time to time, but I was 40 years old, and looked nothing like some of the senior boys at Kathryn's school.

"My god daddy, I never realized how attractive you are, all rugged and stuff! And your dick so much bigger than any other I've seen before. Even though I've only seen one other dick."

Her comment seemed genuine and it boosted my confidence tremendously. I smiled and thanked her. I was surprised that she had only seen one other guy's cock, since she had about half a dozen boyfriends in the past. However as I further pondered the idea, I remembered that she only had one boyfriend where the relationship lasted more than a month or so.

My train of thought was broken when my daughter asked, "So, is this like... Incest?"

Hinting at the direction that I wanted things to go I responded, "Well you are my daughter, but we haven't touched each other yet."

She stopped fondling her clit and asked another question which almost ruined the mood, "What about mom?"

"What she doesn't know wont hurt her."

She smiled cunningly and said, "You're bad!"

I asked, "Do you like that?"

She nodded with a more sadistic smile that I had never seen before. Then she boldly reached over and wrapped her soft right hand around my solid cock. The musty smell of her sex had already begun to permeate the air and further enhance my arousal.

I groaned and she said with the same smile, "I guess now it's officially incest."

I asked again already knowing the answer, "Do you like that?"

She seductively stated, "Yes."

She gawked at my cock as she slowly stroked it up and down. I reached over and gently brushed my fingertips from her knee up her smooth inner thigh. She instinctively opened her legs slightly as I got closer to her puffy pussy lips. I ran my middle finger up the out side of her slippery slit and over her soft mound of hair. Then upon returning back down with my finger I slipped it in between her lips. I found her soaking wet hole and poked the tip of my finger in. It was tight even around one finger. I briefly imagined how it would feel around my cock.

We were both breathing much heavier as my daughter said, "Daddy I've never felt this turned on before."

I said nothing as I nimbly and quickly climbed over the center console to mount my daughter. She eagerly spread her legs wide and those sexy high heeled boots came into view as she dangled one out the car window and the other over the center console.

As I positioned myself for entry she said, "I never did it without a condom."

In a brief moment of clarity I questioned, "Do you not want to?"

She sounded eager, "No, I do! I want to! Just go easy on me."

I nodded and placed the head of my cock on her slit. I applied some pressure and was surprised with how easily I slipped in despite how ultra tight she was. I let out a loud moan as I fell into her tight velvety sheath. Kathryn winced in a bit of pain as my cock head explored depths she had not yet experienced. That look of mild pain on her face disappeared, never to return again. It was the best thing that I had ever sunk my cock into during my entire life and I nearly blew off immediately. I held still at full depth to allow both of us to get used to the intense sensation. I reached down and squeezed her tits and rolled her nipples between my fingers.

Then she softly asked between her heavy ragged breaths, "Are you gunna finish inside me?"

I followed with another question, "Do you want me to?"

She blushed slightly when she answered, "Yeah... I mean... As long as you want to."

I responded, "I would love to!"

Kathryn smiled brightly from my answer. She knew as well as I did that we were about to take a huge risk. However the idea behind that risk was a huge turn on for me and obviously for her too. I then grabbed the backs of her knees and pressed them to either side of her with my weight. Her knees were bent and the heels of her boots were rubbing on my arms. I began to slowly pump the full length of my cock in and out. She put her right hand down between her legs and draped her left around my neck. I felt her massaging her clit with her fingers. We were gazing into one another's eyes the whole time. Her moans were high pitched and broken from her heavy breathing. We were both lost in a pleasurable trance of erotic sin.

My daughter must have sensed that I was close when she asked, "Let me know when, ok?"

I nodded in response. My balls were beginning to tighten in preparation of my impending orgasm. Again I held still at full depth to try and stop from cumming so soon, but the warmth of her young tight pleasure nest was too much for me.

As I started to glide in and out of her velvet glove again, I said just above a whisper, "I'm about to cum."

I felt her fingers quicken their pace on her clit and her eyes widened with intense excitement. I groaned as my body built up to its climax.

Kathryn commanded me in a whiny moan with intense incestuous lust, "Yeah daddy do it! Shoot it as deep as you can!"

I followed her wishes as maintained deep short strokes.

'Oh Yeah', I exclaimed, as the first gush of semen splashed against her cervix with powerful force. I continued to moan loudly with each wave of intense orgasmic pleasure.

Kathryn had begun to rub her clit with more ferocity as she said, "Oh yeah daddy, I can feel it."

I was halfway through my orgasm when, Kathryn's mouth gaped open, her head lifted off the seat, and her eye lids shuddered violently. A low volume high-pitched squeak came from her mouth. I felt her pussy squeeze even tighter around my shaft forcing some of our thick mixed fluids out around the base of my cock. Her cervix spasmed against my cock head, sucking my baby making juice up into her womb. I was throughly amazed at how she timed her orgasm. It was the first time I had ever cum at just about the same time as the woman I was making love to. My daughter's orgasm seemed to intensify as mine had begun to fade away. Her body twitched uncontrollably. Her high-pitched squeak changed to a mix of various grunts and moans, which audibly described every individual sensation she was experiencing. She continued to experience intense orgasmic pleasure long after I had stopped cumming. I became a little jealous as I wished I could cum for what seemed like several minutes straight. My daughter eventually came back to the same world as me. My cock was still hard as stone and I continued to slowly stroke the full length in and out of her. No words were spoken for a couple of minutes. Kathryn had a huge grin plastered on her pretty face, as did I. She had both arms wrapped around my neck and I was still holding my weight on the back for her knees. She would still twitch and squeak on occasion with the ultra sensitivity of post coital bliss. Eventually my cock was too limp to continue so stopped and leaned in for a kiss. She accecpted me willingly as our lips touched. Her soft lips opened and our tongues gently slow danced as they glided over each other.

When the kiss broke, Kathryn was the first to speak, "Oh... My... God!!! That was sooo intense!"

I said, "That was the best I ever experienced honey, thank you so much! I just wish I could have lasted longer."

"Daddy, are you kidding me? I'm proud that I made you cum so fast."

"Good then, you feel good about yourself."

I felt weak as I slowly grabbed my clothes from the back and made my way out of the passenger side door. I stood next to the car and put my clothes on. As I walked around the front of the car to the drivers side, I realized that I had left the engine running and the lights on the whole time. I glanced around and luckily no one else showed up at the park that night. I hopped back into the drivers seat and noticed Kathryn curiously playing with the gooey fluids oozing out of her. She was making a sticky mess of her self and the passenger seat. I watched her for a few seconds as she hooked a thick glob with her finger, inspected closely, then popped it into her mouth.

Smiling, I asked, "How is it?"

She shrugged her shoulders and said smiling, "Not so great, but its cool knowing that I ate it. Know what mean?"

"Yeah," I said calmly as I looked at the time. It was 10:00pm and I feared my wife might be home. I shut off the interior light and started on my way. Kathryn continued to play around with herself during the quiet ride home. My mind had questions for her, but I was unable to ask them. Mainly I wanted to know if she would ever do it again, and if she knew how important it was to keep it secret. As I pulled closer to home, I was happy to see that my wife wasn't back from her sister's place yet. However we both noticed Denise's bedroom light was on.

I stated, "Looks like Denise is home."

Kathryn said nothing as she was in full masturbation mode.

I chuckled and said, "Wow, you are one horny girl!"

She responded slightly out of breath, "I just can't believe what we did."

I shut off my head lights before I pulled into the driveway with the hope that Denise wouldn't notice I was home. I pulled straight into the garage which I had left open. I told Kathryn to wait in the car while I go in to see if the coast was clear. I quickly and quietly made my way up to Denise's bedroom. Her door was closed and I could hear the distinct sounds of sex through the door. It sounded like she had two or more guys in the room with her. Under any other circumstance I would have stayed and listened, but I had more important things to deal with.

As I started back down to the garage, I whispered to myself, "She's such a slut. I love it."

I found Kathryn standing in the kitchen with a passionate look on her face. I put my finger to my lips, shushing her. She smiled and called me closer with her finger. When I got there she dropped to her knees and undid my pants very quickly. She whipped out my soft slimy cock and slurped it into her mouth. I did nothing to stop her despite my fear of getting caught. Denise was right up stairs and I knew my wife would be home any minute. However the risk of getting caught quickly became an aphrodisiac for both of us. My daughter sucked on my cock and rolled her tongue around the head. She cradled my balls in one hand and held the base of my cock with the other. She seemed to have a lot more experience at blow jobs than with sex. I was stone solid again in less than five minutes. Kathryn stood up and bent herself over the kitchen table. I felt her slimy sticky bald pussy lips with my hand then I squatted behind her. The scent was strong, a combination of her pussy, my semen and her ass. Her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs were also glimmering with semi-dried sex fluids. I probed my tongue between my daughters pussy lips and quickly found her hard clitoris. I tasted our mixed nectar as I pleasured her orally by rolling the tip of my tongue in soft slow circles on her love pearl.

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