tagSci-Fi & FantasyKaylee's journey Ch. 01

Kaylee's journey Ch. 01


Kaylee is an elf girl, young, sexy, dignified, and elegant. She is roaming around her land, Elftopia, flirting with other elves, just like normal days. However, today, she feels somewhat bored, and dreams about some cocks. At the same night, Kaylee falls asleep, noticing the big yellow portal. With curiosity, Kaylee enters the portal, strong wind resisting her, as she is entering the Futaland, foreign land for Kaylee. Unfortunately, Kaylee does not know that what'll happen to her, just by entering the Futaland. As she arrives in the Futaland, Kaylee looks around very confused, seeing lots of cock girls out.

"W...where the hell am I at...?" Kaylee asks herself, as one futa girl named Charlotte approaches towards her, quite angrily.

"Just what do you think you're doing here! You know that foreign creatures are forbidden here!?" Charlotte ties poor Kaylee's hands, leading Kaylee to her dungeon, as Kaylee resists very hard.

"Stop it, you cock girl! What have I done! I am just an innocent "ELF" visitor!"

As soon as Charlotte hears the word "Elf", she is deeply infuriated, as she now drags Kaylee to her house.

"You know, foreign creatures could be put into death, right when we see you! Now, since you are so beautiful, I am gonna have you be my little sex whore!"

Kaylee laughs for a moment, flipping Charlotte off.

"You do know that us elves can use the magic, right?" However, as she tries to use her magic, she failed to activate her magic. "What the fuck!? Why isn't my magic working!?"

Charlotte laughs at Kaylee, showing who is in charge.

"You elf bitches are all the same. Always acting as if you guys were superior!" Charlotte starts ripping Kaylee's sexy green wool dress, as Kaylee rudely interrupts Charlotte.

"Ha, of course, us elves are superior than you cock bitches! I got a dignified name, you cock bitch! My name is Kaylee! Prove me wrong, cock bitch!"

Charlotte slaps Kaylee, showing her massive futa cock, at least 12 inches.

"Your name will be "Elf-Slut" from now on! I don't give a fuck about your dignity, whatever the fuck you were! You are just a piece of fuck meat, who wants my cock!"

Charlotte rubs Kaylee's pussy, noticing that she is already getting wet, doubting as she sees Charlotte's massive futa cock.

"W...what the fuck...! T...that is fucking big!! I...it's not gonna fit my pussy...! Hey, my name is Kaylee, not "Elf-Slut!"

Kaylee yells at Charlotte again, thinking about Charlotte's cock ramming her tight elven pussy, getting so horny and wet. She is resisting gently, as she is tied up. Charlotte yells at Kaylee even louder.

"Take it all in, Elf-Slut!"

Charlotte starts to pump Kaylee's tight pussy with her massive 15 inch futa cock, as the bulge appears inside Kaylee's stomach.

"Fuck...! I...it's huge...! Fuck..! I...it's gonna destroy my wet pussy...!"

Charlotte spanks Kaylee's perky elf ass, shouting "I am in charge slut!"

Charlotte notices Kaylee getting wet, yelling at her.

"You like my cock, don't you? What's your name?"

She teasingly asks Kaylee's name, checking if she'll answer it correctly.

"My name is Kay...- My name is Elf-Slut! A filthy Elf-Slut! I am just a horny Elf-Slut! I am a tight slut..!"

Kaylee is getting so fucking wet, and cums without Charlotte's permission. Noticing Kaylee cumming, Charlotte spanks Kaylee's ass, putting her on pilory.

"You filthy slut! You don't deserve my cock! I am going to punish you!!"

As Kaylee is tied up, she resits hard, squirming with pleasure, getting wetter and wetter. Kaylee cums more and more without Charlotte's permission.

"You get to cum when I tell you to cum!"

Noticing Kaylee cum, Charlotte spanks Kaylee 10 times.

"You filthy whore! How dare you!"

Charlotte puts the ball gag and blindfold on Kaylee, as Kaylee is becoming obedient to Charlotte now. Charlotte starts to touch her pussy, second cock coming out, as long as the first cock.

"W...what the fuck...? 2nd cock...!? T...that's gonna absolutely destroy my pussy!"

"Mmm...You will love this, elf slut...! I am gonna cum inside you a lot! You are gonna be my cum slut from now on! Got it, Elf slut?"

Kaylee nods her head, as she reaches orgasm, and cumming more and more. Charlotte just laughs at Kaylee, watching her becoming her slut. Now, Kaylee begs Charlotte to cum inside her.

"Mistress...C...could you please cum inside my slutty elf pussy...! I...I am just a slutty elf girl..I was never innocent at all...P...please...I want your thick Futa-cum!"

She begs to Charlotte, as she smiles.

"You like to cum, don't you?"

Charlotte shoots her load inside Kaylee's pussy, Kaylee absolutely loving it. Meanwhile, Charlotte notices her servants capturing two more elf girls.

"Mmm! Friends of yours, elf slut?"


Thank you for reading my story. This is my first time writing an erotic story, so it could be not as good as other writers. I have couple more parts of this story, so stay tuned!

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