tagIncest/TabooKelly Teases Daddy-in-Law

Kelly Teases Daddy-in-Law


Characters: Kelly, 25, Blonde, large breasted, slim, Craig, her husband and Steve, Craig's father.

Kelly was just running the vacuum cleaner around the house, getting the household chores out of the way, so that she could relax and do other, more fun things for the rest of day. The radio was on and she was singing along loudly with the music. She almost didn't hear the door bell, over all the noise. In fact she wasn't certain she had heard it, until she shut the vacuum cleaner off and listened. There, it was the door bell that she'd heard.

She put down Hoover and walked out of the living room towards the front door. Though the frosted glass she could see a silhouette of a man and as she neared the door she quickly glanced in the mirror. Although she was wearing her scruffy house work clothes, she wanted to make she was presentable, even if was just the postman. She opened the door, and to her surprise it wasn't the postman at all but her father-in-law, Steve. Straight away she began to feel herself blushing and her hand rose involuntary to her hair.

Steve had arrived about 15 minutes ago, and been ringing the doorbell since. He knew somebody was in, because he could hear the music, the vacuum clearer, and the odd snatches of a female voice over the rest of the noise. So he stood there ringing the door bell, trying not to get annoyed, after all, his son had asked him to come around. Finally the noises stopped and a few minutes later a figure appeared by the door and then it opened. He sucked in is breath, even after five years, his daughter-in-law still took his breath away, even in a baggy top and jeans.

"Hiya, Steve, sorry I didn't hear the door, hope you weren't hanging around too long?"

"Hi Kelly, no problem, it's always a pleasure to be kept waiting for a beautiful women. I hope I am not interrupting anything, but Craig asked to call around and have a look at his bike?"

"Oh, yea, he said you would be popping around, come on in." Kelly stood aside a let Steve in. "Go on into the lounge, Coffee?" As Steve passed, Kelly let her eyes ran up and down. Hmmm she thought to herself, nice arse.

"Yea, please, so Craig out back?"

"No, he's had to work the weekend; they rang first thing this morning, something really big down at the plant, didn't he ring?"

"Well no," replied Steve, trying not to sound too annoyed.

"Well, now your here, we can have some quality daddy daughter time, go

Sit yourself down, sugar?"

"Errrhhhh, oh yea, one, please." Something in the way Kerry had said "daddy daughter time" had touched upon feeling that he'd done his best to suppress and which he only allowed out when alone and in private.

"Ok, won't be a moment." Kelly disappeared into the Kitchen. Steve was sure that as she went out, Kelly had wiggled her hips. Fuck she was one hot piece of arse. His thoughts went back to the pictures, the one's that guy he'd been chatting too online, had sent him. He'd been shocked and surprised at first, but then increasingly turned on when he realised who the women in the picture was. He could feel his cock getting hard.

After a few minutes Kelly came back into the living room holding two steaming cups.

"There you are Steve."

Steve snapped back to the preset and moved his leg to conceal the bulge in is pants as Kelly bent down and placed the steaming cup on the table.

"Just got to get some stuff together to put in the wash, and then I am all yours for the rest of the day."

"Ok hun, no hurry."

Steve looked around, and picked up and a magazine and began to flick through it.

Ten minutes had passed before Steve heard Kelly coming back down the stairs. When she entered the room carrying a basket full of clothes, Steve nearly choked on his coffee, because she had changed clothes and boy had she changed them. Gone were the jeans and the baggy sweat top, and in there place was a short pleated skirt, that flared outwards, dark red in colour. On top she was wearing a white halter top, partially concealed by the basket. And to finish it all off she was wearing those sexy knee high boots he admire on her before. Steve could feel his cock getting hard again, despite what his brain was trying to tell the old one eyed monster. He only had a few seconds before she disappeared into the Kitchen with the washing basket.

"How's the coffee Steve, do you need a top up?"

Lost in his own thoughts Steve failed to hear the question.


Steve jumped and came back to the present, Kelly was leaning against the door.

"Sorry hun, I was miles away, what was that again?"

"I said, how's the coffee and would you like a refill?"

"Yea it's great, and yea a top would be great."

Steve watch as Kelly slowly walked across to him, her hips swaying, he couldn't stop himself staring at those gorgeous tits, the white halter top barely covered her large ample breast, and the material was so thin, that her large nipple's, large and erect, were clearly visible. She bent down to pick up the cup, Steve eyes followed her clearage, staring right down between her tits.

"Hmmmm, enjoying the view, well it looks like you are" Kelly glanced downwards into Steve's lap. She stood up and turned and walked back the kitchen, her hips swaying from side to side. Steve swallowed hard, fuck what was this all about, shit, he was so hard it was hurting, damn he better stop this before he lost control. Yes, that's it, he told himself, he better leave. He stood up and went to the kitchen door.

"Actually Kelly, I've just........" he trialled off into stunned silence. Kelly was bent over the washing basket, sorting the washing; the hem of her short pleated skirt was up in the air. Her feet were apart, giving Steve an uninterrupted view of Kelly's bare naked arse. He could also clearly see her cunt.

Kelly, twisted her head around, while remaining bent over.

"What was that you said Steve?" Steve remained silent, his gaze fixed upon her bare arse and pussy.


"What....eeerrrrr...nothing, I was just wondering if I can have a drop more milk this time."

"Yes, course you can Steve, you can have what ever you fancy" she smiled and walked over to the cups, picking up the milk and topping up one of the cups. She picked it up and turned and passed it him.

"Are you ok there Steve you're looking a bit hot and uncomfortable?"

Steve took the coffee, "Yea fine, cheers."

"Just finish loading the washing, and I am all yours."

She stood over the washing basket, moved her feet apart, and then bent down, her skirt raising up to expose her naked arse and pussy again. She looked back and smiled, before turning back to the washing. She swayed her hips from side to side.

Steve could barely think straight he was so overwhelmed with lust and desire; it no longer even entered his mind that this was his son's wife that he was watching. His hand moved to the front of his jeans and began to caress and squeeze his hard and painful erection.

Again Kelly looked around, but this time she continued to look, smiling, watching Steve rubbing and caressing the massive bulge in his jeans. Again she swayed her hips, and then turned back to the washing.

Steve's hand moved to the zipper on his jeans, unthinking, he pulled it down and tugged at the belt and button, and advanced across the kitchen.

He pushed Kelly forward against the washing machine, she let out a small squeal; she barely had time to lift her arms to brace herself against the washing machine, and prevent her head from hitting the washing machine.

Without pausing for a second, Steve's right hand dropped down between Kelly's legs and pushed his fingers roughly into her pussy.

Kelly let out a loud gasp, and another as Steve forced three fingers into her wet, but tight pussy, pumping them back and forth.

"That's what you fucking want bitch, erhh? You cock teasing bitch, well this is what happens to sluts like you." He pumped his hand back and forth, each forward thrust going hard and deep, lifting Kelly up.

"Fuck, no, Steve, not like that, your hurting me." Kelly tried to stand up but Steve used his other hand to push and hold her down, while he continued to fuck his fingers into her cunt. This time his movements were slower and less brutal, and after a few minutes he could tell that Kelly was enjoying it. He realised that he was being led on, and this made him even angrier as well as horny. He pulled his hand out, and Kelly whimpered in disappointment, and began to stand.

"I'm not finished yet bitch; now push your arse up and back."

Kelly hesitated for a moment, and Steve slapped her arse to reinforce the command.

"That's it, yea. So you like to tease bitch?"

Kelly remained silent, so Steve slapped her again, "I asked you a question slut."


"Yes what whore?" Steve hand was sliding over her round arse cheeks and down to her pussy again, and he pushed two fingers back into her cunt, not as hard, but still firm enough to make Kelly gasp out aloud.

"Yes, I like to tease."

"And what do you want?"

"I want your cock." Kelly let out a small groan of pleasure, as Steve continued to finger fuck his daughter in-law.

"Please..." she begged.

"Please what?"

"Oh Godddd...please, fuck meeeee....with your cock, Daddy Steve."

Steve removed his hand, and stood behind Kelly, his hands grabbed her hips and he positioned his cock just so that tip of the head was resting against her pussy lips. He stood there for a few seconds.

Then he moved his hips back and forth very slightly, pushing his thick cock a little way into her cunt, and pulling back, he did this for a few minutes, and then suddenly he gripped Kelly's hips and with a loud grunt thrust hard into her, forcing his thick cock deep into her tight sweet cunt, she cried out. He pulled back until only the tip of his cock was inside of her, again he made several short sharp thrust, before he pushed it in hard. Again, slow hard thrust, each time he fuck his cock into her, she cried out. She braced herself against the washing machine and pushed against each inward thrust.

"Oh Goddd....Oh fuck....yesss....fuck...yes...please faster...."

But Steve maintained a steady slow pace, making long hard thrust, followed short shallow thrust and the hard long thrust, causing Kelly to grunt and gasp with each inward push and pant with each slow withdrawal. Steve was desperately trying to pace himself, he had already been close to popping his load before he'd even started fucking, and it had been a while since he'd had such tight pussy.

Kelly was struggling not to bang her head on the worktop above the washing machine, as each hard thrust pushed her forward, so she had to brace her arms against it, but god it was hard to think, it felt so bad yet so good, Craig's father was fucking his thick cock into her. This feeling was further enhanced knowing that he was near by, watching and probably beating his meat. Kelly could no longer focus, all she do was to keep pushing back to meet Steve's cock.

Steve was really struggling to hold back, and control his movements, he wanted this to last, but no, the pressure was building up, and he couldn't hold it any longer. Steve started to thrust his hips back and forth faster, becoming more frantic in his motions as he pounded his cock deep into Kelly who was now emitting a continuous groan. Steve himself was groaning loudly has he begun to pump his spunk into Kelly. He carried on pushing, pumping, his fingers digging into Kelly's hips as he pulled himself into her. Kelly shock with her own orgasm and was only able to remain standing because she was impaled upon Steve cock. Slowly Steve's thrusting slowed down and then he pulled out and let go of Kelly's hips. She collapsed onto the floor with a groan. Steve staggered back, feeling light headed, and he bumped into the dinner table and then collapsed into a chair and slumped forward, his head buried in arms.

Steve began to come back to his senses, oh God what have I done, I've rapped my son's wife. He stood up and looked down upon the slumped figure of his daughter-in-law.

"Kelly, I'm sorry, I am so sorry, I don't know what came over me, Kelly love, oh God what have I done."

Kelly looked, and to Steve surprise, she was smiling.

"God, that was the best fuck I've had in a while, you've got nothing to be sorry about Daddy Steve." Steve was unable to speak as confusion, lust and anger welled up inside of him.

Kelly lifted herself off the floor and turned around so that she was kneeing and facing Steve, then she lent back so she was sitting on her heels, with her back against the door of the cupboard.

She looked at Steve and said, "ooohhh did Daddy Steve like fucking his little girl with his big old cock?"

The effect was instantaneous; his cock became hard so quickly it almost hurt.

"So that's how it is?"

"How what is, Daddy Steve?" Kelly began to move her knees apart, allowing her skirt to ride up as her thighs spread. Her hand snaked down between her legs, and as Steve watched, she fingered herself. After a few pumps, she lifted her hand and extending her finger, slide it her mouth, and sucked it.

"Hmmmmm spunk and pussy juice, dose Daddy Steve has any more spunk for this naughty little girl?"

Without a word, Steve walked over to Kelly. She moved forward onto her knees and her hands ran up Steve's leg, and gripped his hard erection and looked up into Steve's eyes and tilted her head to one side.

"Oohhh, is this all for little me" and then she lent forward, and kissed the cock head. Maintaining eye contact she continued to kiss the head of his cock. With each kiss she slowly opened her lips a little more each time, until her lips were sliding over his cock head.

She began to bob her head her head back and forth, her lips sliding over Steve's cock head.

Steve gasped and raised his hands to Kelly's head, and made a small thrust forward with his hips pushing his cock deeper into Kelly's mouth.

The lust and desire welled up and combined with Steve anger, and he lost all control, he his hands grabbed Kelly behind her head and pushed his cock hard to her mouth. Kelly let out a muffled cry of surprise, as the thick cock slide deep into her mouth.

He pulled back and the pushed in, thrusting his cock into the slut whores mouth; she made a muffled noise as her head banged up against the cupboard. Steve continued to fuck his thick cock into his daughter-in-laws mouth, trying to force it in as deep as he could. He could feel Kelly struggling as he pushed it in deep, and she tried to push him back a little.

Kelly's obvious struggle and signs of discomfort made him pause for a second and gain some control. He pulled back until just the cock head was in Kelly's mouth, and then made short shallow thrust. Once Kelly had caught her breath, she began to respond, pushing her tongue against the cock as it came in. After a few of these Steve made several slower deeper thrust, allowing Kelly time to relax and enjoy the sensation. This went on for several minutes until Steve pulled out completely.

Kelly looked up at Steve with a look of disappointment on her face.

But he wasn't finished.

"Get up onto the table"

Kelly stood up and moved table.

"On your back, and spread em wide" he instructed her, his voice thick with emotion.

Without a word, Kelly did as she was instructed, she turned and placed her bum onto the table and the let herself fall back on to it, and then lifted her knees and spread her thighs. She looked at Steve and waited.

"Spread them wider."

Kelly pulled her knees back.

"Now spread your cunt."

Kelly slipped her hand down over there thighs and over the arse. She was soaking wet, and the touch of her own fingers sent a shiver through her.

"Now finger yourself."

Kelly began to slip a finger into herself, and slowly it pumped back and forth. After a few minutes she slipped another finger in, while at the same time using her other hand to rub her clit.

This continued for about 10 minutes, Kelly wanking herself, while Steve watched, hands on hips. Suddenly he started to kick of his shoes, then his pants followed. He walked over to Kelly and stood in front of her, pausing again. Kelly wanted to beg him to fuck her, to stick his thick cock back into her, be she kept silent. Suddenly Steve moved away, towards the worktop and picked something up and then came back. Now she could see that he'd picked up the butter spread. She watched, puzzled has Steve scooped out a handful of spread, and then began applying it to his cock. For a moment, she thought he was just going wank his cock.

But then he grabbed her buy her hips and pulled her so that her arse was hanging over the table top, and then he pushed cock forward, she let out a gasp. Oh god she thought, as she realised where Steve was going put her cock. She loved anal, but usually after she had been well lubricated.

She felt his cock bumping up against her arse and tried to relax as she felt the pressure against her arsehole build up. Her head went back, and she cried out as, with a sharp stab of pain, Steve pushed his slippery cock into her tight butt whole. Her hands tried to push against Steve. He paused for a second, allowing her time to get use to it and once the pain subside it was't too bad.

Slowly Steve began to move his hips, almost making no movement at all, and then picking up the pace, taking his time. Kelly was beginning to warm to the feeling and one of her hands had returned to rubbing her clit. Steve was now moving back and forth an inch or two. He pulled back, removing his cock, so that he could apply some more butter spread to his cock. Then he inserted his cock back into Kelly's anal passage. At first he carried on with the little thrust, but then started making harder longer thrust, penetrating Kelly a little deeper and then returning to smaller thrust for a few turns, and then making another harder longer thrust. Each time Kelly, who was panting, let out a gasp.

This carried on until Steve balls were touching Kelly's arse cheeks, he rocked back and forth, picking up the pace a little, and in turn Kelly fingered her clit harder and in time with each inward thrust.

"OOOOhhhh that's good....." she gasped.

Steve pulled back further this time, almost falling out of her, and then he thrust back in hard.

"OOOhhhh God yes, fuck me, fuck harder, yea oh yea, God yes..." screamed Kelly. Steve was fucking hard, lost in his own feelings as the pressure built up in the pit of his stomach as he pumped his cock back and forth, pulling Kelly back to meet his cock. He tried to hold onto the feeling as a long as possible, crying out, louder with each thrust of his hips. Finally, with a final loud shout, is orgasm, like a wave of fire, exploded upon him, and he began to pump his spunk into Kelly again. At same Kelly was shacking has her own orgasm racked through her. She tried to concentrate, to carry on rubbing her clit, as wave upon wave washed over her. Steve continued to make slow, almost painful thrust into her, gasping and panting loudly, until he could stand it no longer, and pulled away.

Kelly remained locked into her own orgasms, her hand still pushing hard against her clit until slowly it began to subside and her body began to relax and she slipped into a semiconscious state. After a while the hardness of the table and the coolness of the room brought her back to her sense. She lifted her head, and look around the Kitchen. She was alone, Steve had gone. She pushed herself up off the table and stood up. She swayed a little and stood still for a few seconds before walking carefully to the sink and reaching for a glass and filled it with water. Ohhhh she thought, I going to be sore for days. She smiled, turning and leaning against the kitchen, she looked up and around. Hmmm I wonder how the new camera's worked, looking up straight up into the nearest of the three cameras, she smiled and then blew it a kiss.

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