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Kicking the Habit


My girlfriend and I had really been arguing a lot. Every night she was always giving me a hard time about how much beer I drank, and in general, she pursued every avenue in her arsenal to make my life miserable. Finally after a few months of this nonstop nonsense, things reached a head and I told her I would give up beer when she stopped smoking, (a habit that consumes two packs a day).

She laughed at me and said that she could quit anytime she wanted to, but that I was so weak and pitiful I would probably have to join AA in order to stop drinking. This comment infuriated me and I told her that if she thought she had so much more willpower than I, perhaps we should place a wager on the outcome. We agreed that if and when the other partner was caught with contraband (beer for me, cigarettes for her) that person would have to lose the rights to a piece of clothing for the duration of the bet. Since both of us were teachers and had the summer off, the bet was to last all summer long, a full 3 months! By that time, any person who went the duration should be totally free of their addiction. As an added bonus, or incentive, if a person was totally stripped, any further violations would result in other penalties the winner could choose. This "other penalties" idea was hers, and although I was a little leery of it, I was confident that it would be she that was to parade around the house naked for three months and not I.

The first week actually went better than I expected. Although I strongly craved beer, I was able to hold out. My girlfriend Shelia was the first to get caught with contraband, and now had to go barefoot for the summer. I particularly enjoyed teasing her about her naked tootsies, and said how much I was going to enjoy having the rest of her as bare as her feet. The weekend of the first week however, Shelia called me downstairs and told me to get the grill ready for a barbecue she was throwing for her girlfriends.

I was completely suspicious, and had a right to be when all of her friends showed up, each with a twelve pack in hand. As I stood out on the back deck grilling the steaks watching all these luscious babes down the brew, the back of my throat begin to develop that familiar strange metallic sensation. As I watched Sheila's extremely well endowed friend Lauren down a Michelob and signal for me to pour her another, I distinctly felt Sheila's eyes on me.

She knew I had a thing for Lauren as Lord knows we fought about it often enough, and it disturbed me to know that Sheila was so committed to winning this bet that she would use Lauren's feminine charms against me. All this I say in retrospect, because at the time lust and desire for hops were clouding my already foggy judgment.

Lauren looked up at me with her big brown beautiful eyes and asked why I wasn't having any as I was normally her "drinking buddy" at parties in the past. I confidently said I had given up the suds, to which she seemed somewhat put out. The fact that she was wearing an exceedingly revealing bikini which barely covered her moist, heaving large breasts which begged for motor boating did not help my confidence in keeping on the straight and narrow. When I noticed beads of sweat rolling down her neck and pooling into her ample cleavage I thought I would go insane! Without thinking she grabbed the cool bottle of beer from me and began to roll it over her face and chest and my hand was visibly trembling as she took the can from me. I don't know whether it was my lust for her tits or her Michelob, but I was completely transfixed by the vision. When I heard Sheila say she and the other girls were going inside to watch a movie I just nodded in a horny fog.

After Sheila and the others went inside, Lauren touched my leg and said "You don't want a poor girl to drink alone now do you?"

This was tooooo much, and Looking around very suspiciously, I whispered to Lauren that I had promised Sheila that I would give up the beer for the summer. Lauren just smirked and made the little whip cracking motion, indicating that I was pussy-whipped. This was it and after a few more faux cracks of her whip I said "All right, but for my sake, lets keep it between ourselves".

Lauren perked right up and grinned from ear to ear as she handed me a fresh cold bottle of beer and I chugged it right down in one long gulp. That beer tasted like heaven, quenching a fire that had been burning in my brain for a week.

Just as the commercial says "You can't have just one", so it was with this. Over the next hour Lauren and I finished that twelve pack off and were well on our way to putting some serious damage on another when Sheila burst through the door. I suppose the combination of going a week without beer, the hot weather and those damn huge breasts of Lauren's had made me temporarily forget about the bet. The sudden appearance of my glowering girlfriend brought me to reality very quickly and as I began to stammer some lame ass excuse, Sheila stopped


"I told you you were weak and pitiful!" she screamed. "And all it took was a little T&A, and all willpower was out the window!"

I was completely speechless. I was caught, and due to the circumstances of my capture, I knew begging for mercy would be pointless. "Thanks for your assistance Lauren." Sheila winked.

That bitch! I thought, I had been setup. I now nervously surveyed the crowd of Sheila's friends that had begun to assemble on the porch. Annette, another one of the conspirators, asked Sheila "So, are you going to make him pay up? You did promise us a show."

This caused a collective release of giggles among the gathered women. "Oh yes, he will DEFINITELY PAY!" Sheila growled as she grabbed me by my hair and jerked me to my feet.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked as she began to count my empty beer bottles. "Lets see, that's one, two hmmmm fifteen beers you had." she continued as she eyed me up and down. "I think we may be into a serious penalty phase here." she said gloatingly.

"You can't be serious." I begged. "I mean, there are all these other women around" I whispered in her ear.

"I am serious!" she said matter-of-factly. "Now STRIP!!"

For a minute or two I hesitated as Sheila and her eight friends began to hum the Stripper tune and whistled and hooted at my downfall. When I looked at Lauren she just made a kissy face at me, which only humiliated me further. Slowly I removed my shoes, socks, shirt and pants, hoping against hope that Sheila would not force me to bare all. When I was down to my briefs I stopped.

"You are not done Stud!" Lauren cackled, and when I looked at Sheila I saw a very determined look in her eye. With much resignation and trying to shield my manhood as much as possible I dropped my drawers. This caused much giggling and laughter from the crowd as I stood there with my hands in front of my crotch as my face glowed in shame and I now stood before them completely starkers, only my palms shielding my goods.

This was the most humiliating event of my entire life. Here I was, defeated, drunken and stripped in front of my girlfriend and eight of her gorgeous friends. As I stood there for their display I heard Lauren say "Sheila, is it true he has to stay this way ALL SUMMER!" and I gulped as I had forgotten about that condition of the bet. My face grew redder as I realized I wouldn't be dressed again until September!

"Yes" she replied "And since he had 8 beers more than he had clothes, he has to pay a penalty as well!"

This was getting worse and worse I thought. I guess the fact that she caught me lusting after Lauren really pissed off Sheila, so she was cutting me no slack.

"Time for your first penalty!" she announced as she instructed me to put my hands on top of my head. Up until this moment I had, although somewhat unsuccessfully, been able to maintain some modesty. Now I was to be completely and totally exposed and as my hands gripped my scalp I was too humiliated to open my eyes. When I felt a hand touch my penis, I immediately opened them and I couldn't believe what she was doing. She was oiling my dick up right in front of everyone!

"First penalty - Jack off!"

"WHAT!!" I screamed to the obvious amusement of the attendees.

"You heard me" she replied "Jack off until I say stop."

Closing my eyes again as if to make myself invisible, I began to stroke the old one eyed wonder worm. The laughter and gasps of the women, although humiliating, also was arousing and I was harder than I had ever been. Right when I began to feel the surge of sperm rising to the top of my hose she instructed me to stop and as I did as I was told I teetered back and forth on my heels as I was just a couple of strokes away from a real cumplosion.

"Now, put your hands behind your back." she commanded. Again I did as instructed and was startled by the distinct clicking sound of handcuffs being placed on my wrists.

"OK beer boy, here is the deal. For the next week you will be kept perpetually on the edge of cumming, but you will be also perpetually denied release. My girlfriends are here and have agreed to help me help you by working in shifts twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week for your penalty. For the duration of this phase you will not be allowed the use of your arms until this part of penalty is over."

For a minute I thought I was going to faint. One week of perpetual unsatisfied arousal, MY GOD! Sheila saw the look of horror on my face and the evil grin on hers assured me she would not relent. Grabbing me by my erect dick, she pulled me over to Lauren, and as you would a piece of meat, handed my genitalia to her.

"Lauren, as compensation for helping me in my plan, you said you wanted the first 8 hour shift, so here you go." Sheila explained.

Completely demoralized I scanned Lauren's face for any sign of pity but there was none to be had.

Cupping my balls in her left hand as she began stroking me with her right she leaned in close to my face. "I am going to love milking you to the point of no return over and over and over!" she whispered evily in my ear as she dragged me by my balls inside the house.

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