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Killgrave and Desires


A collection of footage put together from bystanders and news stations of "The Incident" plays through his phone while he leans over his fancy balcony looking over a sunny New York City skyline, while wearing his favorite purple suit. Footage of Captain America in action appears on the screen looking like he's dropping some heroic speech to the Avengers.

"I never really cared for him. Always...too much of a goody two shoes, the man's just so boring."

He continues watching the footage out of curiosity and fascination of seeing these superheroes band together fighting off the invasion.

"Oh, I think he's my favorite," he says, referring to the Hulk.

"I'd love to get into that big green head."

He watches closely in amazement of seeing a creature like the Hulk in action, his mind wanders imagining what he could do if he were in control with a powerful being like that.

"Hold on a sec."

He frames the video back, noticing a red-haired woman who unbeknownst to him was Black Widow. He catches a video clip that has a clear shot of her face and thick curves that show so well in her tight black suit. He studies her body closely, feeling an overwhelming lust for her.

"Stop!" He yells out.

He hits pause on his video and takes a few steps back, making his thick cock slither out of Jessica Jones's mouth. Her mouth stays wide open, as she slowly blinks and looks up at him while his johnson starts to bend down her bottom lip and slinks out of her. She sits there on her knees with her feet curved out to the side and her hands clasped together between her legs. She feels upset, like she's done something wrong and he's punishing her by taking away her favorite toy.

The beauty about Killgraves power was not only he can control people, but that he could get them to admit and act out their deepest desires. This was why he loved Jessica so much, because as reluctant as she used to act towards him, his power revealed her true feelings, where she confessed that she really craved him, and wanted to do be dominated and controlled. It was a part of her she was afraid and ashamed of, but it was still a part of her, a part that wanted to lose the responsibility of feeling fear, and guilt, and to just be told what to do. His power relieved her of admitting her secret, and her desire to do anything for him. She was his slave by choice.

Her lower privates and legs were exposed and cold from the breeze due to Killgrave for having her wear only a dark gray Nirvana Utero shirt she's had since high school, her leather jacket, and her black pair of boots that were living way past their expectancy. He gazes down at her face and puppy dog eyes, looking adorably sexy with a filmy string of her saliva and his semen connecting his soaked erection to her mouth that she pays no attention to noticing.

"Do you know who this is?" He asks while putting the phone in her face as she tries to recognize the woman.

She looks close and shakes her head, "No, I don't."

Killgrave pulls the phone away looking back at it and then her, cranking his head and giving her look like he thinks she's lying.

"You're not lying to me are you, love?"

The frightened expression on her face almost started to make him feel bad for teasing her. He knows the idea of him being hurt greatly makes her upset, especially when she's suspected of being the offender.

Her words start to stutter while she tries to answer him. "I-I'm not lying."

He laughs as he rubs her head, messing her hair up.

"Oh Jessica, I'm only kidding!" He bends down to her face to face, giving her a devilish grin "Of course you're not lying! I know you'd never lie to me."

She shakes her head in agreement and looks down. She looks at him like she's trying to force a smile, but her eyes give away how sad she is that he thought she lied to him.

He caresses his hand under her chin making her look up at him "I'm sorry, I was only teasing. Cheer up, love."

A moment passes between them where it almost looks like he genuinely cares for her when his sinister smile fades into a more loving and caring one that starts to warm her heart up, she smiles back him, her eyes even start to show she's genuinely happy this time, as he wipes her tears away with his thumb making her shoulders jump up from her soft giggle reacting to her being relieved that he isn't angry with her. The moment quickly drops when his smile fades into a look of disgusts and repulsiveness. "Now wipe the spunk off of your mouth, it's not very ladylike."

He lets go of her chin and stands up straight putting his hands on his hips and looking away through the gorgeous sunny and somewhat cloudy view again while she quickly wipes his cum off of her mouth with the sleeve of her jacket.

He sticks the phone in her face again showing her a picture of Black Widow "I want you to find out who she is, and how I can get to her."

Jessica quickly tries to jump to his command but is interrupted by him.

He puts his hand out immediately, signaling for her to stop before she walked away "Ah ta ta ta ta, hold on a second Jess." He slowly lowers his hand, telling her to sit back down.

She stays in eye contact with him as her palms slide down her thighs, following the motion of his hand until she feels the cold ground under her pale legs again, and the heel of her boots are pressed up against her bottom, slightly pulling her cheeks and lips apart.

"Let me try that again Jessica. I want you to go out and find her, tomorrow. Got it?" She nods with enthusiasm to show him she's loyal and will do anything. "Good girl, I knew I can count on you. And besides you still need to finish your other job."

He nods down to his semi hard member, she looks back at it, getting a good view of its length as it hangs out of his pants. The head is still shining from her saliva. She knows better not to touch herself unless he says so, but the temptation was more difficult when he's half hard. She's taken a liking to feeling his juicy meat in her mouth and giving her more control to wrap her tongue around to suck it in more. Killgrave feels her warm breath becoming heavier on him, like a panting dog staring at their owner eat a steak. He notices her fingers twitching, wanting to barely just touch her clit.

"Ah ah ah!" He says, sounding like he was yelling at a child. Her hands hastily move away from her area, and back onto her thigh hoping he didn't notice. "You should know better, Jessica." He crosses his arms and looks down on her with disappointment.

Killgrave can see she's embarrassed after her face went from the beautiful pale skin, to beat red."

"I'm sorry," she whispers, struggling to look him in the eye.

"Oh, don't beat yourself up Jessica, I don't blame you for wanting to pleasure yourself, after all it is pretty nice isn't it" He flicks his eyebrows up and leans his waist forward letting her have a nice view of his shaft. She looks at it biting her lip and resisting the urge to take him down her throat, and get taste every last bit of his cum. Killgrave looks back at his phone looking at Black Widow "Maybe Red here will do a better job at listening, and she can replace you."

Jessica grabs his leg in a state of panic, almost starting to cry again. "No, wait, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't, I won't do it again I promise." Killgrave looks at her, feeling so surprised and satisfied just how much she wants him without having to be under a trance. He conjures up a punishment to play around with her loyalty.

"Ok then, how about this, slap yourself in the face for me, to show how sorry you are."

She doesn't even hesitate, the sound of the slap clapped so loud it could be heard from inside the apartment and was hard enough to even make Killgrave wince. Killgrave grins and becomes more turned on.

"Good girl" He says, while brushing her hair out of her face and to give himself a look at the red mark on her.

"Now say ahh," he says, while tilting his head back.

She opens her mouth wide, following his request. He looks back at his phone and moves himself forward again until he feels the familiar wet warmth of her mouth and hears the pitch of her saying "Ah" go higher the further he moves in until he hits the back of her throat, making an unpleasant gagging noise. The screenshot of Black Widow stares back him while he imagines the fun he would have with her and the thrill of a powerful woman admitting her darkest secrets. He zooms into her picture, listening to Jessica slurping underneath him. He gazes upon Black Widows beautiful face and imagining what she looks like under that tight outfit. The thoughts cause him to lose control of himself, now being overcome with the urge to get off, he puts the phone on the balcony as his body starts to tense up, he grips onto a handful of Jessica's hair with both of his hands, thrusting faster and harder in her throat, from the sounds of her gagging and slurping one would think she couldn't have been enjoying it, but the truth was that she couldn't get enough of it. At this point Killgrave is practically just masturbating with her mouth while he imagines it being Black Widows. Jessica can no longer look up at him due to him being pushed so far into her. Her eyes close so tightly that tears start to leak out and leave a streak of her black eyeliner. She grabs onto the top sides of the corner balcony for support while he plows her face.

The real owners of the apartment, a husband and wife, watch from inside the apartment after Killgrave told them to stay still and watch. They both watch in shock, seeing only the back of Killgrave, and Jessica's arms stretched out holding herself up, and her white naked legs bent down to the sides in a squatting position. The husband feels a stiffy in his pants watching the domination, he looked closely between Killgraves legs to try and get a good look at Jessica's snatch. To his delight he caught a glimpse of her lightly trimmed dark bush between her milky thighs. The wife watched, being just as turned on, she could the area between her legs warming up, and start to moisten.

Killgrave picks up the phone wanting to look closer at Black Widow again, he tries to make the feeling last longer by attempting to hold in his orgasm, but his cum was reaching to a tipping point, and making his body twitch and causing him to accidently hit the play button and resume the video. His aggravation from hitting play and his cum getting ready to blow out of him pushed him to the point of saying fuck it, and slams the phone back down, he pulls her head in as deep as he could to get one last feeling of it and prepared to unload himself.

"Okay this is it Jessica, are you ready" he says, arching his head out forward and pulling her head in until all 8 inches of him is in her and her lips are pushed up against his lower abdominal.

She barely gets an answer out since her mouth was stuffed and her lips and nose pressed up against his body, she had difficulty breathing, let alone talking, but she attempted to answer. "Nnnguha" is the best she can answer followed by a loud gag that sounded like she was close to puking.

"Then get into the position bitch" he demanded. He quickly pushes her head off, nearly knocking her down. Jessica instinctively obeys to the command knowing what to do after being told to hundreds of times before. She rotates herself facing away from him, and plants her face on the ground and looking off to the side, seeing the bottom of the patio furniture, and the two apartment owners watching. Her smooth pale ass perks up and her pussy lips beautifully spread apart as she opens up her cheeks for Killgrave to drain his cum. He takes in the amazing view of Jessica Jones's, (former superhero's) asshole and was pleased to see the wetness from her pussy was creating a pink shine through her pubes from the suns reflection. The view was enough to finally push him over as he aggressively strokes his cock above her. Jessica's face lays on the cold white stone tile, barely able to see Killgrave while she looks up at him in the corner of her eye, waiting for him to pour his load onto her anus.

She knows it's coming when she hears him moan loudly in ecstasy. Her ass perks up higher the second she feels his warm juice trickle down between her cheeks, oozing past her hole and down her slit. She's becomes turned on to the point that she moves her bottom in an air humping motion from wanting his dick in her so bad and knowing it wouldn't take much at this point to have her reach climax.

"You can rub all it in now, Jess, if you want to." He said.

She couldn't have had her hands move there any faster after his command. Her middle and index finger ran through the inside of her cheeks, and down through her slit. Her fingers brush around basting her cunt with his cum and pushing it inside of her. Killgrave slowly strokes while watching Jessica please herself in his cum.

"What about your asshole, Darling?" He asks.

Her fingers glide up from inside her pussy, dragging up a wad of his hot goo and her juice. She turns her head a bit more giving Killgrave her bedroom eyes, and seductive smile, the look on her face alone hardened up his member again. Her eyes closed and her smile got bigger when she let out a soft moan as she slid her two fingers into her asshole. Killgrave could see the cum pumping in and out of her as she fingered her anus, and her once black painted fingernails were being coated in his sperm. Her body was reaching such ecstasy that her legs started to buck and making her boots manage to get even dirtier when her legs curled up underneath her, resulting in having the cum drip off her and onto her boots.

She started to finger her asshole more aggressively to try and reach her orgasm, she looked at the apartment owners behind her to turn herself on more by feeling like a slut for being watched. Her view of them became blocked when a brown leather shoe and purple suit pants stepped in front of her face. She looked right at his shoe still while hearing his voice above her.

"Here you go Jessie, a little extra in the tank for you."

She jumps a bit when she feels warm drops of his sperm splat on her face. She lets out a gasp and begins to breathe heavily, as she pumps her asshole, and trying to reach her tongue to the cum dripping down her face. Killgrave begins to feel like himself again, he lets Jessica continue to finger fuck her ass while he goes inside.

He goes to the wife and orders her to make him a drink, her eyes look terrified but she still obeys right away. He scans his eyes towards the husband, noticing an erection and precum stain in his pants, Killgrave smiles and laughs looking back at Jessica going to town on herself still. "You liked that didn't you? " Killgrave asks.

The husband nodded yes. Killgrave smiles and shakes his head, "Shame on you."

The wife hands Killgrave a brown alcoholic beverage. "Don't you realize you have a beautiful wife right here."

The husband starts to sweat while he wonders what Killgrave is going to do. He gets close to the wife, who was a curvy beautiful tan woman in her early forties, with green upturned eyes, curly dirty blonde hair, with a thick but healthy body for her age and large exquisite melons that looked like they were trying to pop out of her tight white sweater. He puts his arm around her and looking down at her breast "Maybe me and the Mrs. can give you the same show." He pulls her in, noticing the look of shock in her eyes, and the husband getting worried. He sips his drink and takes his arm off of her. "Fortunately for you, Ms. Jones tired me right out." Her loud moaning from hitting her orgasm is heard outside, making Killgrave turn to look, and see her fingering herself. He turns back and laughs, "Looks like she's tired herself out too."

He puts his arm on the bottom of the wife's back, "Besides I don't think your wife would be in the mood to for that sort've stuff, anyway" He smiles at the wife and looks back at the husband, "Unless of course..." The husband sees Killgrave move his hand down behind his wife, her whimper made it obvious to him that Killgraves hands were in her pants. Killgrave moves his hand down her big ass, his eyes widen when he notices that she's wearing a thong. He reaches her bottom and feels the heat coming off of her vagina. His eyebrows go up, "I'm going to ask you something, and be honest." He says, as he pushes his fingers through her thick, shaven, moist lips. She takes in a deep breath when he goes in, looking at her husband and feeling ashamed for liking it. Killgrave looks at the wife while she looks at her husband. "Do you like this?" he whispers into her ear. She looked at her husband trying to fight back her real answer, but just shot out of her like word vomit. "Yes," she screamed. The husband felt like his heart dropped but was more worried with how turned on he was. "Do you want me to do the same thing to you that I just did with Jessica?" He says as his finger circles inside of her. She looks at the husband, doing a bad job at holding back her tears. "God, yes please." Killgrave and the husband look at each other, Killgrave looking more happy and surprised. "Why that's just awful. What about your husband here. Surely you don't want that to happen do you." "I want it to happen" the husband quickly says in a whimper. Killgrave looks jokingly disgusted. "Well that's just awkward. I don't think any of us were expecting that." He takes another sip as he looks at the husband. He lets out a satisfied audible sigh after taking a swig of his drink and pulls his hand out of the wife. "Jeez seems like everyone just wants to be fucked" Killgrave says, looking around, and back at the husband. He has a slight worried look on his face like the husband was about to say he does too. "Don't answer that please."

The husband looks down, as Killgrave looks at the wife, sliding his finger out of her, to which her reaction showed great disappointment that he was done.

"Well maybe another time." He says as he wipes his wet fingers on the husband's shirt and slaps the wife's thick ass causing a deep loud clap in the air and making her jump. She adjusts her pants and underwear while looking away to hide how turned on she is, and how bad she wants to be fucked and controlled.

"Here take this," he says.

Killgrave reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet, to which he notices there's no cash in there. He raises his eyebrow looking up at the couple.

"Okay never mind." He says, as he puts the wallet back in his pocket and reaches in the husband's' pocket and pulls out his wallet and takes out a hundred-dollar bill.

"Here, go treat yourselves to dinner tonight" He hands the wife the money, and the couple look at each other in confusion, and then start to head to the door.

"Hey!" Killgrave yells, just as they reach the door.

"Make sure you're back by midnight or I'll skull fuck the both of you."

The husband and wife look at him very frighten.

Killgrave shakes his head and yells again, "Jesus Christ, it was a joke. Go, leave before I change my mind."

Killgrave swigs his drink around, looking back outside on the balcony. He sees Jessica just starting to stand up. He nods her over as he goes to relax on the couch and turn on the tv. Jessica scampers over to him, cuddling up under his arm and curling herself on him, leaning her feet over his lap. He pulls her in and kisses her head, and starts to rub her naked leg, and pushing her boots off to expose her bare feet. He looks at his phone and sees the Black Widow photo again, Jessica stares at it too, but in jealousy, and hoping he will forget about her. His attention is pulled away from the phone when Tony Stark appears on the television. The news anchors start to talk about how Stark will be making a public announcement tomorrow, addressing "The Incident." Killgrave sees another photo of Tony posted, but this time with Black Widow in the background. His interest begins to perk up when he starts to come up with another plan. He pushes Jessica's legs off and leans forward toward the television.

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