tagLetters & TranscriptsKim & Jack Pt. 06

Kim & Jack Pt. 06


To: Jack

From: Kim

RE: Another Shower.

As I wake up to my alarm I am disappointed that my dream has been interrupted. I was dreaming about you and the conversation we had the other day. As I roll over to get out of bed I realize that I am still very excited from my dream. I run a hand down my body and slide a finger into my pussy to find that I am very wet and very turned on. I don't have time to stop and play but since I have to take a shower before work I have an idea and grab my rabbit off the table next to my bed.

I throw on my favorite thick, fuzzy cow-print robe slide the rabbit into a pocket and pick up a towel and head upstairs to the bathroom. As I approach the stairs, I realize my roommate is moving around upstairs and might be in the bathroom. So, I yell up to her that I need to shower for work. She yells back down that she is done and it's OK to come up. I quickly check to make sure my toy is hidden so she can't see what I am bringing with me as I climb the stairs to the bathroom.

The bathroom is already warm and steamy and smelling lovely from my roommate's shower. I drop my robe and place the towel on a hook. I pull back part of the curtain and turn the water on, adjusting the temperature. While I am waiting for the water to warm I pull off my hair-band, letting my long curly hair drop down. I pick up a hairbrush and stand in front the mirror. I am not really seeing myself as I brush the knots out of my long wild blonde hair. My breasts moving as I brush. After the knots are out of my hair I go back to the tub. When the water is hot and steamy, I grab my toy and step inside.

I groan as the hot water hits the front of my body, it feels so good. I place the toy on a shelf for a moment. I stand under the water and get my whole body wet. I reach for my loofah sponge and my favorite bottle of soap. I pour some soap out onto the sponge and begin to scrub my body. With my sponge and my bare hair I carefully soap up my body thinking about you and wishing you were in the shower with me. I close my eyes and imagine that its your hands touching me. I hold up a breast and run the sponge over my nipple, causing me to moan. After giving my other breast the same attention I start washing the rest of my body. Our conversation plays in my mind this whole time, turning me on again.

Bending over to scrub my legs from the ankle up to my thighs. When I have washed both legs I hang the sponge back up and begin to wash my pussy. Very carefully with some soap on my hand making sure I am very clean enjoying the feeling as my fingers brush over my clit. I make sure to rinse off really well and take the shower-head and pulse my clit with the water making me moan. I pray my roommate doesn't hear me. I have waited long enough and my body is all clean. I reach for my rabbit and turn the vibe on running it over my nipples and down my body and hold it against my pussy with the vibe on my clit. I moan more and spread my leg apart a little more.

After sliding my toy along my pussy for a few moments I turn it around and slide the shaft into me. I have placed one foot on the side of the tub and bend forward a little, imagining that you are behind me and sliding your hard cock into me. One hand braced on the wall, I begin to slide my toy in and out of my pussy. Immediately the excitement builds. God, I wish this was you! I start to move the rabbit in and out faster, the vibe hitting my clit causing me more pleasure. I wonder if the shower is loud enough to muffle my moans.

I hear a sudden knock on the door and my body stiffens, scared that I am about to be caught. Was I loud? Did my roommate hear me? I yell out, "Come on in. The curtain is closed if you need to finish getting ready." I hear the door open and close but she doesn't talk to me. I am still half bent over one hand holding my toy deep in my pussy. I don't know what to do. I haven't cum and now I can't because she is in here. Thankfully I have managed to turn the vibe off. I start to straighten and take the vibe out. It is obvious that I can't finish here, when I hear the curtain being opened behind me. I try to cover myself and scream at my roommate, "What the fuck are you doing?"

I turn my head and see yours poking in from behind the shower curtain. Holding one hand to my heart, I breath again and yell at you for nearly giving me a heart attack. Then, I smile and ask what the hell you are doing here. You tell me that after last nights conversation you couldn't wait a few more days and had to surprise me.

You pull the curtain open more to reveal your naked body. I can see that you are already hard and your cock bounces a little as you step into the shower. You notice what's in my hand and ask me what I was doing. I blush, I really have been caught. I look at you with my face all red and tell you that I woke up thinking about you and had to play while I was in the shower. You take the toy from my hand and turn it on, then hand it back to me asking me to show you what I was doing. I am a little embarrassed. I have never done this in front of someone. I am excited and nervous. You see that I am nervous and pull me close to you, whispering into my ear that you found it very exciting that I was thinking about you and playing with myself and that you would really like to watch me. While you are holding me, you thrust your hard cock against me to let me feel how turned on you really are. "What about my roommate?" I say, still nervous. You tell me that she was leaving the house as you were about to knock and she let you in, no one is around to hear us.

I turn around and place my foot up on the side of the tub again and bend forward, you grab my hips and you run your hands over my hips and ass. I bend forward and brace myself with one hand and with the other I slide my toy back into my pussy. You watch me fuck myself for a few minutes before you stop me and take my toy in your own hands and thrust a few times making me come. You pull the toy out of me and turn it off, throwing it out of the tub. You tell me, "That was great to see but now it's my turn."

You bend me forward some more and get behind me, one hand on my hip and the other in my hair. You slam your cock into me, hard and deep. I scream out and push back onto you and beg you for more, "God... Jack... please fuck me!"

Your reach one hand around and pinch and finger my clit while you thrust your cock deep and hard into my pussy, over and over. I cum again soon, as I cum I squeeze you. You thrust a few more times and cum deep inside me. I can feel your hot cum deep in me and your cock throbbing. We stay like that for a few moments both panting, my clit is still throbbing and I can feel you pulse in me as I squeeze you a little more. I love how your cock feels deep inside my pussy. I wish I could stand like this longer but my knees are weak and shaking now from two orgasms.

You seem to notice that I am not steady so you slowly thrust a few more times and slowly pull out of me, causing me to moan at the sensation. You turn me around and pull me close, softly kissing my lips, hands slowly exploring. We keep kissing, getting wetter and hotter. Tongues meeting, lips being sucked and nibbled. I am getting turned on by your kisses and your hands roaming my body. I want more of you. I can feel you getting harder again and now its my turn.

I tell you that I want to wash your body now that you are standing here, soaking wet in the shower. I start to wash your body. Taking my time with each part. Starting with your shoulders and chest and belly then turn you around and wash your back down over your butt and down the backs of your legs. I have you turn around again and I clean up the front of your legs. I am on my knees at this point and your cock is hard and beautiful in front of me. I can't resist. I lean in and lick the underside of your cock. You moan and grab my hair. I carefully clean your cock softly touching you but not enough to make you come. This I want to do with your body laid out on my bed where I have room to tease, taste, and touch. As I clean your cock and balls I tell you in detail what I would like to do to you, with you and for you.

When I am done rinsing you off you grab me up, turn off the water and step out of the tub. Kissing and touching, you grab the towel and I grab my toy and we race down the steps, naked and dripping to my bedroom.

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