tagIncest/TabooKimmie's Spanking Ch. 02

Kimmie's Spanking Ch. 02


At the request of my readers, I have decided to tell you a bit more about Kimmie, Jay and me. This is being listed under the "Incest/Taboo" category, but it really is more BDSM. Since it is a continuation of a story that was originally listed as "Incest/Taboo", it was submitted in the same category.


Just to recap: I was 18 and my best friend Kimmie and I were "caught" lying to her uncle. I received a call from Kimmie at about midnight requesting that I meet her in her uncle's backyard. After a series of events that took place between Kimmie and me, Jay burst into her room and found me rubbing lotion on her nude, sore, and battered bottom (that he had earlier spanked to this lovely shade of red!). Okay, scene set. Let me fill you in on the rest. Things got way out of hand and it started me down the road of obsession. I am NOT proud of this.

Jay threatened to call my dad and fill him in on what Kimmie and I had been up to all day, but I had just gotten out of being grounded by my father (he had been pretty sick at the time. Honestly, maybe the fact that my dad was sick factored into all of this...or maybe I am just making excuses for the most intense sexual experience of my life!).

Anyway, I must not have a poker face. When he noticed my reaction, Jay said that he'd be happy to "take care of this" himself and punish me as he had Kimmie. I decided to take the punishment.

I was shocked by the amount of arousal I felt at the prospect of getting the same treatment that my best friend Kimmie received. Jay had asked Kimmie if she wanted to watch me be punished, but she begged to be excused. She was acting a bit strange now that my spanking was imminent. As for my 18 year old somewhat sheltered self, I was still in shock that this was happening and wondered idly if it could be a dream. It wasn't a dream, but all too real, I realized as Jay led me across the hall into another room.

I found myself in his beautiful bedroom ~ the one he shares with his wife (she is a nurse and works overnight shifts all the time). The room was lavishly appointed with a huge king size bed in the center. It had a matching flower print pattern on the drapes and bedspread and dark hunter green walls. He was a very wealthy attorney and his wife had obviously capitalized on his seemingly endless bank account when she decorated this room. There were no overhead lights on, but the soft lights situated throughout accentuated the most amazing bedroom I had ever seen.

My parents had some bucks, so I knew luxury items when I saw them, but this was insane! The paintings on the walls were erotic in nature (mostly nudes of women and men engaged in sexual activity) and each one was signed by a well-known artist. I admit to being impressed by all of this within the first few seconds. I soon became much too distracted to notice anything else in the room!

Jay sat on a high-backed chair (that had been stategically place in the center of the room) and told me to sit on his lap. I knew it was wrong and it felt very sexual. I also knew a "nice girl" would just take the punishment from her dad. Don't ask me why I stayed. He would have let me leave at any time. I know I am a terrible person for allowing this, but I have to get it all out, so please bare with me and try not to judge too harshly.

Jay was wearing a dark blue silk robe and it opened up as I sat on his lap. I was dressed for bed when Kimmie called me, so I was wearing only my thin, short t-shirt with a pair of pink (now VERY wet) panties. I thought it would be a quick trip next door through the backyard, so I didn't take the time to change. Wearing next to nothing had probably been a huge mistake, I realized in hindsight.

I felt something long, hard and very thick as soon as I sat on his lap. Now, I wasn't totally innocent, although I was still a virgin at this point. I had fooled around with a few boys, but never went all the way. I knew what a hard-on was and had felt a few of them through the tight jeans of my boyfriends. I wasn't a slut, but I did get wet when I felt Jay's massive hard cock throbbing on my butt. This thing was truly huge and not at all what I was used to. So, I admit that I got very, very wet immediately.

As Jay reprimanded me for my behavior, I squirmed in his lap. I had never been spanked, but, so far, was enjoying this experience ~ maybe a bit too much! He got harder and harder and I just responded by getting wetter and wetter as he spoke, "Vanessa, only a very slutty girl would visit a man's house at this hour wearing that outfit. I know what you want and you will find it here."

As I attempted to explain my attire, he grabbed my long, dark ponytail and pulled it back toward him, whispering in my ear, "You will get your turn to speak, when and IF I decide to allow it. I am in total control now and you are going to do exactly as I command. Is that clear? You may speak NOW! And, remember, slut, you always call me 'sir' when you address me."

Instinctively, I knew that the correct answer was simply, "Yes, sir!" I also knew enough not to answer a question I wasn't asked, so I shut up for once in my life. I was starting to get this and it was fun. This began my descent into a life of being Jay's submissive slut. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

He then spoke in a rather harsh whisper, "Vanessa, do you know why you are being punished?"

"Yes, I do, sir!"

"Why are you in this predicament, slut?"

"Sir, it is because I snuck into your house late at night and I was touching Kimmie's bare bottom."

"Correct answer. Let's not forget your slutty attire!" he whispered in my ear.

I was shivering both from the air conditioning, and a strange mixture of fear and excitement. I had never felt more alive or aroused in my life! My best friend's married and very hot uncle had me in his bedroom and he was going to punish me! I could not control myself at this point, and neither could this hot older man who apparently loved young girls. He was stroking my bare thighs as he whispered in my ear and I felt my body shivering beyond control. His long, skilled fingers played with the edge of my panties, almost absently, as he spoke.

"Vanessa, I am going to have to spank you. If you agree to this, you are going by my little whore for as long as I say. By following my command tonight, you agree to be my submissive. There will be no more boys for you, Vanessa. You will now only do as I wish and you will only let yourself be touched by another at my direction. You will do exactly as I order without delay. If you delay, you will be punished much more severely."

I took a vow, right there in his bedroom, to be his slut and to allow him total control over my body. I know it's insane, but I had no choice. My body was screaming for more! He returned to the punishment at hand. "First, you are going to be spanked over your panties for sneaking in to my home at night. Next, you are going to be spanked on the bare for being a little slut and exciting me. You know I'm excited, don't you, slut?"

"Yes, sir. I can feel it under my bottom," I replied.

"Feel what, my slut?" he asked.

"Your thing, sir. It is hard and I can feel it pressing into my bottom."

"Vanessa, you need to start speaking like an adult if you are going to be my slave. Dirty words are exciting. The dirtier you talk to me, the more generous I will be in allowing you to have your orgasms. Now, say 'your hard cock is pressing into my ass," he whispered in a very commanding and exciting voice.

"Your hard cock is pressing into my ass, sir," I whispered.

Just then, I noticed that he had left the door ajar and I saw Kimmie was staring at us in the darkened hallway. I didn't know if he saw her watching us, but this excited me even more. It turned me on that I had him hard and that Kimmie was now merely a spectator to the action. I guess I had been feeling a bit jealous that she had this hot uncle who cared enough to spank her when she was bad. My dad was just plain boring and he never spanked me ~ just took away my car and grounded me. I felt that Kimmie's life was much more exciting by comparison! She got to dress up and was spanked. If she got all this attention for being bad, no wonder she was always in trouble!

"Good girl. Now, I am going to give you instructions and I want them followed to the letter. If not, your punishment is going to be much worse, slut. Understand?" he continued to speak in his commanding voice.

"Yes, sir," I replied.

"You know, Vanessa, I think you and I are going to have some fun. You have a submissive nature and you are fucking HOT, little girl! Before I spanked my pretty little niece this afternoon, I jerked my cock to images of you in that bikini. I had a nice hard cum thinking of you, slut. Yes, you and I are going to have fun. I am so glad you decided to join my Kimmie and me in our little game of discipline. You know, Vanessa, only a man who truly cares about you would do this for you. You will be so much better off for this, I promise," he said.

He then told me to stand up and pull my panties down to one inch below my knees. I was then to position myself directly over his cock, after making sure his robe was open enough for me to feel his erection when he spanked me. My hands were to be placed on the floor at least ten inches apart. I was then to say, 'I am ready for whatever punishment you think is necessary, sir. I am open to your orders and your command. I am ready to be your slut and do whatever you desire.'

With shaking hands, I pulled my panties down and followed his orders very carefully. I felt strangely pleased with myself when he told me I had done an excellent job. He was proud of me! He proceeded to stroke my backside with his hands and made little circles over the pink globes of flesh as I lay draped over his lap. I began to shake even harder in anticipation and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I recall every single second of this first time with Jay (there were many others, too!).

He played with me and stroked my bare butt for a long time and then, suddenly........

Smack! His hand reigned down over my backside. I was shocked at how much it hurt. I had never been spanked before and my ass was very tender and sensitive.

Smack, smack, smack. His huge hands came down on my bottom, first one side and then the other. I felt a stinging on my ass, but, even more strongly, I felt a tingling in my pussy that was like nothing I had ever experienced before...not even when I was getting myself off in bed alone late at night. This was intense!

Smack, smack, smack.

"Ouch, that hurts! And didn't you say it would be over my panties first, Jay?" I protested.

The moment the words were out of my mouth, I knew I had made a huge mistake! I had forgotten to address him in the correct manner! And, I wasn't supposed to correct him or give him advice. I was just supposed to take this like a little slave girl and I knew that! Oh, no. What now?

"Oh, it seems my little slut is the boss now. Is that the case, Vanessa?"

"No, sir, I am sorry." Where was this coming from and how did I know how to respond? And, more importantly, why did I forget for a minute?

"Don't worry, slut, you will get plenty of chances to get this right. You are new to it and I will forgive you. Now, how shall we proceed?" he asked.

I knew it was a test, so I answered, "However you decide, sir. I am your slut to do with as you see fit."

That pleased Jay so he commenced with the spanking and it stung. He then rubbed a finger over my bare slit and noticed how wet I had become. I had forgotten all about Kimmie until she entered the room. "Uncle Jay, are you guys done yet?" she asked, a bit more meekly than I'd ever heard.

"Kimmie, did I give you permission to enter my room?"

"No, sir, you didn't. It's just that....."

"Kimmie, return to your room at once. You had your chance to join us and you refused. I was kind enough to offer and you turned me down. Now I am with Vanessa and plan to give her my full attention. Your aunt is staying for an extra shift and I am going to be with Vanessa for a long time. Go to bed and DON'T touch your pussy. I will know if you do," Jay nearly shouted.

Kimmie scurried off to her own room, with her head down. From the way she had been looking at me, I could tell she was majorly jealous and wished she hadn't started the whole thing.

At the back of my mind, I wondered if Kimmie was only spanked by Jay. Maybe they slept together when her aunt worked nights. I wondered what it was like for Kimmie to be taken by her hot uncle. It only turned me on more to imagine them together!

Jay began to play with my pussy more insistently. Between the stinging in my ass and the tingling in my pussy, I had the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Truthfully, I was turned on by the spanking, this hot older guy and the fact that Kimmie was jealous. My pussy trembled for several minutes and I was breathing really hard when Jay said, "On the bed now, slut! I don't recall giving you permission to cum. You have so much to learn, you dirty little girl. You will never come without my permission. Now I have to teach you a lesson!"

I am not sure I want to go any further, but I felt I should, at least, describe this intense and HOT spanking! It was a highlight for me and it changed my life!

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