tagIncest/TabooKneeling for Daddy

Kneeling for Daddy


How long he had been standing there? When Mum had left in the afternoon, she had said she was going shopping then meeting up with my stepdad for dinner and a movie. Now that I was 18, they often did that and I always took advantage of it.

I thought I'd be alone for the evening. I spent the afternoon dressing up, getting a little stoned, playing at being the lady of luxury, bathing, adding some makeup and a new outfit as if I was going out dancing. Between my mum, my older sister who'd gone all "college conservative" and left most of her sexier clothes at home and a few raids on my aunt and neighbour's give away boxes, I had a nice assortment of pretty and sexy clothes to wear. The black fishnets and flared miniskirt were my sisters, the spike heels together with red and black corset style top came out of my aunt's cast offs, the red lacy edged thong was my mums and the wide black collar used to be our neighbour's dog's the bangels and clip on ear-rings were thrown out by the neighbour too. The lotions and perfume and makeup and hair products were all my mums.

Once I was all dressed and made up, I checked myself out in mum's full length mirror and Wow, I looked hot, really hot, not much sign of the boy that had started the day. I used my best imitation of a catwalk walk down the hallway to my stepdad's den which would be "the Club" for my imaginary evening out. Stepping into this very masculine room, I felt a hundred imaginary eyes on me and drank in the appreciation of their stares. I took the arms of two tall handsome imaginary strangers and let them lead me to the bar where a very slutty looking imaginary barmaid served me a very real whiskey and soda from my Stepdad's Bar, thank you very much! I downed it in one and she served me another which I sipped slower but greedily as my two imaginary friends fondled and caressed me. The imaginary DJ, shirtless and leering, played loud dance music over the very real stereo and the live show began on the stage in the form of a porno from my stepdad's collection on his big screen tv. We watched gorgeous girls in sexy latex being fucked by big oiled up beefy tanned guys whilst my two imaginary men and slutty barmaid caressed me and plied me with drink telling me they wanted me drunk and slutty when it was my turn. I drank as their hands caressed me, making me hard inside my panties, teasing my aching cock close to orgasm but denying me release over and over until they pushed me onto the stage shouting "dance for us, dance for us, then we'll let you cum as we fuck you."

I danced as the crowd cheered and whistled. I was the caged girl on the podium, caressing herself, offering herself to them as she gyrated to the loud music. Horny, high on lust. Spinning and bucking and writhing in a hot sexual trance. My skirt flared as I danced and caressed myself and I writhed, turning, letting their eyes devour every inch of me, lifting my skirt so no part of me was hidden from them, the hot red thong framing my ass and encasing my enraged cock.

And that's when I noticed him, leaning against the doorframe, a big grin on his face and his phone in his hand. Oh Fuck! I stopped dead, cold fear gripping my heart and stomach and brain. Oh, Fuck! He just stayed there, grinning. Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! I wanted to run, I wanted to scream and cry, I wanted to die.

"Don't stop on my behalf, I was enjoying the show!" He said mockingly, loudly, over the dance music.

I moved to turn off the music.

"Don't!" He commanded. "I like it."

I turned, back to him, he was moving towards me. Oh Please, I wanted to say, please let me go to my room, please let us both forget all of this ever happened. I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry. But all that came out was "Please!"

He came up close and looked down at me, even in the pike heels he was several inches taller than me. "You are such a dirty little tart!" his words slapped me and his vicious smile made it sting all the more.

"Please!" I whinned, wanting this to all stop.

"You look like a whore, a slutty whore! Is that what you want, to be a whore?"

"Please! Please!" The words came out in a breathless pleading for him to stop.

"Dance for me, whore, don't stop. You were turning me on!"

I couldn't move. I tried, but fear was gripping me so tightly, I couldn't do it under his demanding gaze.

"Oh, Please, no!" I begged.


I tried but my legs were weak and I fell on my knees in front of him.

"Please! I begged, the words coming to me now, "Please, Stephen, please..."

"Call me "Daddy,"" He commanded, cutting me off in a mocking overtone of the of the past conversations when he had wanted me to call him dad.

"Please, Daddy, I'm so..."

"Please, Daddy!" I like that, he cut me off again. He was barking out his words over the loud music. He put his finger on my lips. I don't want to hear anything more. Just "Please, Daddy!" nothing else!" His voice, so loud, so commanding was chilling. I was silent. Frightened to speak.

"Well, if my little whore isn't going to dance for me, I think she had better take care of this!" He stroked his crotch where a long thick buldge stretched the front of his pants. My eyes grew wide as he unzipped unbuckled and eased his cock from his boxers.

I was terrified, I wanted so much to not be there. Yes, my fantasy had been all about those hot guys and what they would do to me, but this was reality and I ached to not be there.

"Please, Daddy!" was all that came out in a pathetic whimper almost too quiet to hear above the music.

"Kiss it! Kiss my cock!" He ordered, pressing the head to my lips.

"Please, Daddy!" I whimpered but my lips were caressing his cock as I moved them to speak.

"Oh fuck, you look so sexy with my cock on your slutty lips!"

"Please, Daddy!" I moaned desperately.

"Suck it for me, darling!" He commanded "Suck your daddy's big cock until he cums in your pretty little mouth and then I'll go and let you get on with your little private party!" He said in a sinister tone.

Oh Fuck! I really didn't want this, I really wanted to run to my room. But now he had my head in his hands as he stroked his cock across my lips.

"Please, Daddy!" in a final desperate hope that he would relent, that he was just joking or trying to frighten me.

"Make it good, sweetie! Make Daddy know how much you love me, how much you want this to be our little secret. Mummy doesn't need to know how much you love Daddy's cock does she?"

He was running his cock over my lips, it was hard, rock hard, he was getting off on my humiliation, his domination, something. I was desperate but I saw a glimmer of hope. He said this could be a secret and he said he would leave one it was done. I wanted him to leave, I wanted to be alone again, and I wanted no-one to know about this, about me dressing up.

"Open up sweetie, you know you want to, you want to know what it feels like to suck a real cock. Make Daddy cum so he can go and have dinner with mummy."

Hesitantly I did, I wanted the nightmare to be over and this seemed the only way. I did, I parted my lips and let the head of his big gorgeous cock into my mouth and then there was no turning back. With his hands in my hair, holding my head, even lightly, I had no retreat from his hot hard dick. He held it there between my lips my mouth open to receive him.

I don't know what I expected, revulsion perhaps, but it didn't come, it felt big, hard, but silky soft at the same time, smelled musky, tasted salty but none of it in a bad way. I thought he'd begin to fuck my face or move my head but he just stayed there.

"Oh yeah, slut, that's it. Not so bad is it really, your lips look good around my cock!" He rocked his hips a little and it moved in my mouth only an inch or so. I looked up at him scared that he would ram it all the way in. "He grinned down at me: "Close your eyes, sweetheart and make love to Daddy's cock. You know you want to, let your inner slut out!" He cooed.

I did what he said, I closed my eyes and tried to forget the reality of what i was doing. His hips continued to slowly rock, the head of his cock gently slipping between my lips. There was something quite sexy about that steady rocking, soothing almost, the warm fleshy rod slick and somehow less threatening with my eyes closed. Slowly his rocking came to a standstill and he rested his cock just inside my mouth, I could feel his pulse throbbing against my lips where the head joined the shaft. Without knowing it I began to rock my head in rythm, taking over from his movement and I heard him moan: "Good girl" somewhere far above me. I was drunk and a little dizzy and i felt as if I was swimming in the depths far below him and with that thought part of my brain locked him out and I became the slut who was dancing five minutes earlier, the slut who wanted all the guys cocks. I swirled my tongue around the thick hot head and moaned as I took him deeper, loving the thrill of debasing myself on his engorged shaft. Delighting in the way it grew bigger and harder as I got bolder, a little thrill of pleasure in knowing that it mas me making his big cock even bigger and harder.

I stroked the head of his cock with my tongue, felt the solid pulpy head and the firm shaft between my lips. I slipped it in deeper by pushing my head further forward. As it moved inside my mouth, I became used to it, accommodating it, enjoying it. The slut in me triumphed as I felt myself slurping over it, greedily tongueing it, cramming it into my mouth over and over then pulling it out to lick and kiss it before filling myself with it again. Taking it as deep as I could, cramming it against the back of my throat till I gagged. His cock was gorgeous, it was salty and his precum flavoured it more, it was greasy with precum and saliva and I couldn't get enough of it. I moaned as I sucked on it, nerves in my mouth thrilling at all of the delicious new sensations. My hands came up and I played with the shaft, gripping it and stroking it hard, in time to my greedy lips slurping and devouring it. I could hear him groaning above me and that just turned me on more, it was like music to my slutty ears, the pleasure call of my horny master. I was taking all I could, the lust for pleasure rampant in me, the image of a slutty partygirl on her knees infront of her big strong dominant man consuming me as I feasted on him.

"Look at me! Look at me!" He commanded. And when I complied, opening my eyes for the first time and looking up at his lust filled face he groaned.

He pulled my head back, his cock slipping from my lips. My surprise and perhaps disappointment must have showed because he moaned: "Oh yeah! Oh, fuck Yeah! Say it! Say it!"

"Please, Daddy!"

"Oh Yeah, Oh, fuck yeah!" He pushed back in. I moaned and fell on his delicious cock with a lust energized by the look of pleasure and desire on his face, pleasure and desire I was kindling in him. Delightedly, I felt his cock pulse and swell and he began to buck between my lips as my mouth began to fill with thick salty creamy cum. His eyes locked on mine as I greedily sucked and slurped on his thick cock swallowing jet after jet of his hot spicy cum, delighting in the abandon.

He left his cock in my mouth, gasping as I continued to suckle, cleaning him with my tongue, caressing him gently with my lips as the final pulses and throbs died out.

He slipped his hands out of my hair and I let his cock leave my mouth, feeling horny, sluttish and a little proud of myself. But when I looked up at him, something in his delighted face was still a worrying sight.

"Fantastic blowjob, sweetheart! You have a right to feel proud of yourself!" He said, lifting my chin, stroking a thumb across my cheek. "But you messed your makeup and your hair. Go and tidy up your pretty face, no need to change, don't take long because I need to get going and I want a kiss goodbye before I go!"

Nervously I stood, he gently helped me when I wobbled a bit on my heels, then patted my ass as I walked off. "Damn, girl, you are a hot piece of ass!" he said, almost too quiet to be heard over the dance music and the orgasmic throws of the girls in the porno. Loud enough that I caught it and it put a little wiggle in my step which made him laugh. It gave me hope as I sashayed along the hallway to their bedroom to raid mum's lipstick again.

It didn't take me long to put myself back in order, I could hear my stepdad crashing around doing something as I did it, and thought how easy it was to please a man. Five minutes on my knees and he was back into Man mode. I checked myself out in the mirror. Mmmmm - I'd fuck me! Fuck! I'd just sucked a cock! Made a guy cum! Swallowed his cum! All firsts, and it was pretty cool, no, it was really hot! Really really hot. But now what? This was not any guy, this was my stepdad. He wasn't going to disappear like the fantasy men.

Nervously I turned and headed back to say goodbye. As I walked down the hall to his den, my heels clicking sexily on the hardwood floor, he came out of the doorway and took a photo of me with his phone again. I blanched, nervous of his intent

"Look at you, Damn! You really are a sexy girl Give Daddy a kiss now, then you can go back to your party!"

I leaned up to his face, not knowing what kind of kiss he was expecting. He offered me his cheek, and relieved that was all he wanted, I kissed him warmly. He slipped an arm around my back, such a simple act but it made me feel small and feminine and cared for all at the same time. He ushered me into his den where the music and porno were still playing, but a little quieter now.

"A change of plans, Darling," he said ushering me over to the far side of the sofa. I stopped, at least I tried to stop, but he kept pushing me forward and down. One hand on my back, the other now gripping the collar around my neck.

"Please, Daddy!" I pleaded, fear in my voice.

Beside the sofa sat the big dog cage he used to transport his two big hunting dogs. The door was open and the comforter and pillows from my bed lay inside.

"In you go, Sweetie!" he cooed, pushing me in.

"Nooo, please, Daddy!' I cried, but he had momentum on his side and with the spike heels on I couldn't grip to stop myself. I fell forward and into the cage, by the time I had turned to clamber out he had the door closed and was putting a lock on it.

"I want you just like this when I get home, just in case mummy isn't horny tonight. I don't want you running off or doing anything rash as a result of this evening. This is as much for your good as mine!"

"Please, Daddy, Please!" I sobbed, "Please don't do this, Please!"

I got no response from him and I went wild, I thrashed around trying to break out then just lashing out in fury, it was a full blown temper tantrum.

He just watched coolly as the flame of my anger heated up then slowly burned out.

"Please let me out ,Daddy," I whimpered, I looked up into his face. I was about to say more but I saw the look, nothing I said would change his mind.

"Listen!" He said in a conciliatory tone. "This isn't a punishment. This is a precaution, I need to know that you are safe. You are drunk, and you have just had a life changing experience. You've runa way before. If you run off now, drunk and dressed like this, trouble will find you! This is a cool down time. If your mum wasn't waiting for me, I'd stay here with you. When I get back, well... We'll see...".

My head dropped, I listened to him rattling around the room, putting a few things away and then heading out of the door. I looked up and saw his back as the door closed and I listened to the key turn and his footsteps receding down the hall.

"Thank you, Daddy!" I whispered.

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