tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKrysta's Graduation Surprise

Krysta's Graduation Surprise


"Wow, I'm done," Krysta thought as she hung up her cap and gown. She looked down at the latest picture she had received from her mother. "I did it, Mom. I finished high school." At 18 years of age, she was a knock out. Her long black hair reached down to her waist. Her eyes were a dark gray, and she had a nice round figure. Though she wasn't as small as many girls in her class, she was still very curvy and gorgeous. "I wonder where Dad is?" she thought aloud as she realized he still hadn't made it home. He had, however, left a box out on her bed for her. There was a small card attached that said, "Wear this tonight, Baby Girl. I know you will look amazing in it. Be ready by 7 P.M. for your chariot to take to you to an evening you will never forget."

Inside the box was a bright red formal gown. It had a string that tied around her neck, and stretched down to the plunging neckline. The rest of the dress was satin and looked as though it would hug her every curve. The dress would match the heels she had bought last night perfectly. Because of her dark tan, she wouldn't have to wear any pantyhose with it.

She looked at the clock and realized she only had 2 hours to get ready, so she jumped in the shower and washed her hair. Preparing for the special evening, she washed with her scented soap, which left a light, lingering, floral scent on her skin.

When she got out, of the shower, she watched herself as she dried off her long legs. She was only 5'7" tall, but most of that was leg. "Damn, I'm going to look sexy tonight," she thought to herself. She added a touch of eyeliner, mascara, and lip-gloss to her face, then wrapped her robe around her and walked to her bedroom. She noticed on the short trip that her dad still wasn't in.

Before she began to get dressed, she sat on her bed and thought over the last few years of her life. Just before she began her freshman year in high school, her mom and dad had divorced because her mom wanted to travel Europe and couldn't do that with a husband and child. From then on it had just been her, Dad, and Mary, her dad's girlfriend.

Once a month her mom would write and send pictures, but that was it. Because she was the only child, her father had gotten very strict when her mother left. Even though she could date at 16, she had never really been serious with anyone. The only person who had ever paid her much attention was the newest lawyer at her dad's firm. He was cute. His name was Keith, and he stood about 6'4" tall. He was originally from the Caribbean, and had very dark features including strong cheekbones, dark brown eyes, and jet-black hair, which he kept cut very close to his head. He was always dressed in a suit when they had met. He was 29 years old, though, so other than fantasizing about him, Krysta had never thought anything would ever happen.

"Oh my gosh," she thought as she drifted from her reverie and looked at the clock, which read 6:15. She hurriedly put on red thong panties, and slid the dress down her body. When she looked in the mirror she realized the panties had to go. "Icky, even thongs leave panty lines. Oh well." She slid them down her long legs, and picked them up from the floor so she could put them away. When she looked back in the mirror, she was pleased with her reflection, and began to put on her accessories. She started with diamond stud earrings, and matching tennis bracelet. Then she added a white gold choker with diamond accents. Finally she was ready to go.

She walked down the double staircase to the foyer, where she saw a limo sitting in the front driveway. Then, as she grabbed her bag, the doorbell rang.

When she opened the door, the limo driver was standing there. "Miss Worthington, are you ready?" She nodded, locked the front door, and followed the driver to the vehicle, where he opened the door for her. When she climbed in the limousine, she noticed Keith was sitting inside.

"Wow!" he exclaimed. "You do look wonderful."

"Thanks. Where's my dad?" she asked.

"Oh, he had to fly to LA for that murder trial and asked me to accompany you on your celebratory dinner."

'Oh, okay." She settled into her seat, as the limo began to pull out of the driveway. She and Keith made small talk on the way to the restaurant. It was one she and her dad had frequented regularly he. He always met with business partners there, and she always came along to entertain any women the partners might bring.

She and Keith enjoyed a long leisurely dinner filled with decadent delights. Then they returned to the limo, which took them to the Four Seasons hotel.

"What are we doing here? Krysta asked.

"This is your surprise." Keith led her up to the 16th floor, where the largest suites were. Once inside, she saw several more boxes in the bedroom with her name on them. Inside each one was a dress or a piece of lingerie.

"Who are these from?" she asked. As a lawyer's daughter, she had learned to ask a lot of questions.

"Those my beautiful, are from me."

"Keith, thank you, but really, isn't it inappropriate for you to be getting me gifts like this? What about the pen sets and stuff everyone else got me to take to college?"

"Well, I thought that would be a little impersonal after tonight." He smiled seductively. "After all, what kind of gift is a pen set or briefcase between lovers?" He walked over and wrapped his arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides in the process.

"Keith, we aren't lovers. We are even dating...we aren't anything more than friends." She began to wiggle trying to get away from him. This only caused him to tighten his grip on her.

"My dear Krysta. The only way I become a partner of your father's firm is if I marry you. Your father told me that you are still a virgin and that you refused to have sex with anyone you weren't going to marry, so I figured I'd aid my chances tonight."

The realization of what was happening dawned on her. Her father had used the fact that Keith wasn't a partner to keep him from getting some wonderful cases. Krysta knew that Keith didn't have what it would take to be a partner. Her father knew her personal rule, and must have slipped and told Keith. Then this plan would keep Keith from ever being a partner. She began to struggle more.

"Krysta, your writhing in my arms is only aiding in my arousal, my dear. This is gonna happen, it is up to you how hard it is on you." She stopped moving for a moment while she thought about this. "And don't even think about trying to escape. I have 2 guards outside that will stop you if you even try." She felt some of her will drain from her. No chance of escape. He took one hand and released the tie behind her neck, and allowed her dress to fall to the floor, leaving her nude and in his arms. "I'm going to let go, if you run, scream, or do anything that I haven't told you to do, I will let the guards outside have you when I am done."

He loosened his grip and stood back to admire her body. Her firm breasts were very tan from many days of tanning nude while she thought the house was empty. Her stomach looked soft and inviting, and below that, a cleanly shaved mound gave him a delightful view of what was to come. He picked up a pair of handcuffs from the table and handcuffed her hands in front of her. She began to struggle when he grabbed the cuffs, so he called for back up and a tall dark man she recognized as another lawyer at her fathers firm. "Oh my god," she thought. The black man picked her up and carried her to the bed, where they hooked the chain on the handcuffs to a restraint device the hand already placed on the bed.

Krysta lay there with her hands bound helplessly over her head. The two men surveyed her beautiful body, then Keith turned to the black man, "You want to watch, Derrick?" he asked. The black man nodded. "Okay." Keith was going to let the black man watch as he raped her. Keith motioned to something. Before she could figure out what he was saying, the two men quickly secured her ankles to either side of the bed so they had an unrestricted view of her lovely pussy. It was also tan, hiding moist pink layers beneath her silky soft folds of skin.

Keith began by removing all of his clothes, the climbing between her legs and burying his face into her pussy. He licked and teased her clit, then would slide down and tongue fuck her pussy a moment, before he began to tease her clit some more. Despite herself, Krysta began to get very turned on by all this. She had never had her pussy eaten by anyone other than her best friend, who had done it on a dare one night at an all girls slumber party. He slowly began to slide one, then two fingers into her pussy, and she could hear the wet sounds her pussy made as he slid his fingers in and out.

The then slid up her body and stuck the two fingers he had used in her pussy in her mouth for her to clean off. She did so obediently. He then licked and nibbled on her nipples, which mad her even wetter because her nipples were very sensitive. Then, he stood on his knees over her and slid his cock between her lips. He wasn't very large, so despite her inexperience, she had no problem taking all of him. After a few moments of sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, he decided he wanted some of her pussy. She slid back down her body, and positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy. With one smooth gesture, he had slid his entire cock into her pussy, but she was very tight, so within a matter of 5-6 strokes, he was ready to come. He pulled out of her pussy and told her to open her mouth. When she obeyed, he placed his cock at the opening of her beautiful lips and shot his load down her throat. He was spent, yet Krysta barely felt as if she had been fucked at all. The she remembered the black guy. She was now horny as hell, and wanted to really be fucked where she could feel it.

Derrick moved behind Keith, who was unsuspecting of anything, and grabbed his hands, tying them together with a robe tie. "I'm going to show you how a beautiful woman like that is supposed to me fucked." He pushed Keith over to the chair where he also bound his feet, and attached him quite securely to the chair, which was very heavy. Derrick then removed his clothes, revealing a long, lithe body. When he removed his pants, Krysta saw he was almost twice as long as Keith, and easily twice as thick. He climbed on top of her and asked if she was ready. She nodded. He released the ties on her ankles and hands, so that she could participate. He then slid his cock into her, little by little allowing her to adjust to his large size. Once he was all the way in, she felt wonderfully full. She didn't know how she was taking all of him, but she was.

He began to thrust in and out, and Krysta began to thrust to meet him, his cock bringing her more pleasure on each stroke than Keith had the whole time. Derrick then wrapped his arms around her and rolled so that she was on top of him. He placed his hands on her waist and moved her up and down on his cock, so that each time she came down he rubbed her G-spot and sent tingles of electricity through her body. After several minutes of thrusts up into her, Krysta began to cum very hard, as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. Once she had begun to relax, Derrick pulled her to his chest, and held her hips still so that he could thrust into her. The feeling of her silky pussy drove him wild with desire, and her orgasm had almost pushed him over the edge.

"I'm going to cum, Beautiful. Where do you want it?" he asked.

"Inside me.... please cum inside me," she said in whispers from being breathless. Just as she said that, she began to cum again, as she began to grab his cock, he began to cum, and put his cock as deep in her as he could, letting her pussy milk every drop of come from his dick. After they both completed their orgasms, she smiled at him. "Thank you." Then she slid down his body and licked his cock clean. The taste of them together was delicious.

"Now, Beautiful. Get dressed. I'm going to do the same, then I'm going to call your father, and we'll make sure this idiot doesn't become a partner." She nodded and kissed him fully on the lips. Once she and Derrick were both fully dressed, Derrick called her father. "Yes, Ben...That's right...Don't worry, she's safe...I promise...Okay...Yes, Sir.... We'll be waiting...Goodbye." He hung up the phone. "He's on the way and will be here in about ten minutes." The two began to talk while they waited.

When her father arrived, he looked at Keith, still naked and bound to the chair. "You are a disgrace Keith. You have 24 hours to get out of this state. I'll also make sure you are never a partner in this part of the country." The men released him, and threw him naked into the hall, then threw his clothes out with him. The Ben turned to Krysta, "I'm sorry, Sweetie. Are you okay?"

"Yes, Daddy. Derrick took very good care of me." She looked at Derrick and smiled, and he smiled back. "By the way Daddy, you remember saying you wanted me to marry a lawyer?" Her father nodded. She walked over and wrapped her arms around Derrick. "How's this?" He dad smiled.

"Much better than Keith, Baby. Just let me know when." He then turned to Derrick. "Welcome to the family son. I'll have your partner papers drawn up Monday morning." Derrick nodded, then the three walked out of the hotel room, leaving all Keith's 'gifts' on the bed for anyone that wanted them. And left.

Three months later, Derrick and Krysta were married, and their first son was born six months after that.

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