tagIncest/TabooLactating Lesbians: 2 Sisters +1

Lactating Lesbians: 2 Sisters +1


The two young sisters had draped their nubile little bodies across the bed, and Chelsea drank in the sight as she walked in. She let the door click shut behind her and stopped, entranced by their girlish, leggy bodies, intertwined so seductively. Teen sisters Melly & Filippa giggled under her attention and lazily started to untangle their long limbs, flipping their dark, waist-length manes as they propped themselves up to greet her. Chelsea smiled a cocky, flirty smile as she slowly made her way toward the girls' shared king-size bed. God they're hot together, she thought, devouring brief glimpses of flat little tummies stretching, tight teenage asses wiggling in little shorts, long, toned legs and sexy little tanned feet. She felt a delicious, familiar tug between her thighs as she watched the young girls push themselves onto their knees in anticipation, their long legs spread wide beneath them.

Eighteen year old Melly sunk low on her spread knees and placed her hands on the bed between her thighs, leaning forward and squeezing her arms together so her pillowy, over-sized breasts bulged in her thin cotton tank top. Nineteen year old Filippa (who her sister called Pippa) jumped off the bed and grabbed Chelsea's hands, slowly backing up as she pulled the 20 year old toward the bed. Pippa bit her lip as she studied the incredibly sexy girl: her big, milk-chocolate brown eyes behind thick, dark lashes, the sheer dusting of bronzed freckles over a little upturned nose, the way she had her cropped, goldish, brown-blonde hair pulled into little pigtails. She couldn't help but think of teen reality show star Kristin Cavallari, with that fit, tanned little body, the lean, toned legs and firm, perky C cups. The thought of taking a hot little Kristin Cavallari lookalike with her horny sister made Pippa's panties even more humid and hot then they already were.

Pippa turned to look over her shoulder, smiling sexily at her little sissy, and Chelsea watched them, noting the undeniable sexual chemistry between them. With their dark brown hair in long, thick waves, dark brown doe eyes and full, dark-pink pouting lips, the girls could almost be twins. That is, until you took in their bodies. Melly was taller than her older sister, about 5'7, with the sexiest long, tanned legs and a tasty little Volleyball Ass (high & tight, a little meaty, exclusively seen on hot, fit teen girls, best displayed in little spandex shorts). Her lean, trim hips lead into a flat little tummy, her long, lean waist giving way to disproportionately huge, soft tits. Whereas Filippa was a little shorter, about 5'5, and her womanly curves and teeny, nipped waist gave her a devastatingly sexy hourglass figure, with sculpted, wide-set hips and that sexy gap between her toned, shapely thighs. Her stomach, while tight and firm, had a delicious softness below the bellybutton, and Melly loved to spend hours tickling and caressing her there, kissing and burying her face in the feminine softness above her sissy's perfect mound. Pippa's tits were usually the same over-sized globes as her little sister's, but lately Melly's were getting even bigger and fuller. They continued to grow with arousal under Pippa's attention, who fondled and worshiped the girl's luscious jugs at every opportunity.

Pippa slowly, seductively ran her hands under Chelsea's tank-top, barely brushing the soft, sensitive skin of her belly before peeling her shirt off over her head. The sisters smirked at each other sexily as Chelsea stood before them, her tight body almost exposed in a little gray jersey bra clinging to the form of her sweet, perky tits, her ass and trim, muscled thighs overtly displayed in tiny, tight little jean shorts. Her shorts were folded once at the hem so they tucked right up into her crotch, settling in between her tight, meaty ass cheeks. The thin, clingy stretch fabric of her bra showed off her sweet little nipples, already hardened into deliciously stiff, sexy pebbles.

Pippa pulled off her own tee shirt, exposing her big, full D cups in a very low-cut, front clasp balconette bra, which not only displayed a deep valley of cleavage, but allowed the entire tops of both breasts to spill over in full, rounded globes. Those smooth, mounded hills were left to jiggle & bounce with every movement, much to the delight of the other two girls in the room. Pippa turned to face her sister on the bed, her back to Chelsea, and bent forward to pull off her boxers, pressing her yellow-panty-clad ass into Chelsea's hips. Pippa wiggled & bounced her hips against Chelsea seductively as she slid her hands up Melly's thighs. She began crawling on her knees onto the bed, making sure she pushed her hips in Chelsea's face as she crawled toward her sister, waving her cute little ass in the air for the girl to admire.

Chelsea stood, wanting to watch for a while as Filippa joined her sister on the bed. The sight of the two sexy teens was something she wanted to savor slowly, letting her involvement in their play build gradually as their arousal did. Pippa scooted to face her sister, settling between her knees, gripping her tight little hips as they pressed into each other, their big, young jugs bulging between them. Pippa hiked Melly's tank top up, exposing her flat little tummy. She slowly traced the backs of her fingernails up & down the sides of the girl's tiny waist & ribcage, eliciting delicious shivers and moans as she let her nails brush further & further up, over the protruding silhouette of her tiny sister's massive, already unbra'd tits.

"Doesn't my sissy have fantastic tits, Chelsea?" Pippa cooed as she filled her hands with Melly's breasts, cupping those big, luscious orbs together in her shirt, the dark, chubby nubs of her nipples straining through her tight tank-stop.

"Fuck yeah, they're fucking incredible. They look absolutely... delicious" Chelsea was nearly panting as she stared hungrily at the little girl's two massive jugs bulging against the thin white cotton.

Melly giggled and moaned, loving the attention. She rolled her head back in pleasure as her sister fondled her, her long brown hair dangling almost to the sexy little dimples in the small of her back, leaving a few inches of soft, tanned skin exposed above her little black panties. Melly flipped her hair and abruptly pushed Pippa backwards so she was on her back. She undid the front-clasp on her sister's bra, allowing her full, soft tits to bounce firmly into place. Melly took a moment to revel in the sight of her big sissy's gorgeous pink nipples, so alluringly fat and puffy. She shook herself out of the haze of arousal Pippa always elicited in her, and climbed so she was straddling the older girl. She winked at Chelsea before she pulled her own tank-top off over her head, exposing two massive, creamy jugs.

Chelsea was shocked at just how truly perfect the teen's breasts really were. She'd always had a thing for firm, over sized jugs. She certainly had a fetish (one of many) for women with so-called "big naturals". She especially loved to see fit, tight bodied young girls with disproportionally large, pillowy-soft titties with equally big nipples, preferably dark, chocolatey pink. She often watched porn based around "breast worship" like Japanese sucking and milking videos. But the twenty year old had never seen anything like Melly's creamy, succulent pair of big naturals. They were firm and full and perfectly massive, at least 32Es she thought, maybe larger. They were thickest at the base, bulbous & torpedo-like, puffy with huge, chocolate-pink areolas, and thick, round,suckable little nubs.

Melly arched her back, running her hands through her hair, her impossibly huge orbs hanging heavily over her sister's face. Pippa ran her hands all over the girl's long, sexy back and ass, then reached up to cup her tits, pushing them up & in, so they bounced and swelled against each other. She jiggled them, her hands pushing into the soft flesh of both tits together at once, her fingertips gripping those puffy nipples. The sight of Melly's pillowy tits engulfing Pippa's little hands was a sight both adorable and arousing for Chelsea. Pippa grabbed a breast in each hand, squeezing at the base and causing them to puff up taut, even more alluring & torpedo-like. Melly moaned at the delicious relief of dull pressure squeezing on her full, aching tits. She pouted sexily, loving the feeling of Chelsea's eyes on her as she watched the hot little show the teen sisters were putting on for her.

As she watched Pippa fondle Melly's tits, every muscle in Chelsea's little pussy clenched when she noticed one perfect, white droplet forming at the tip of Melly's chubby nipple. Her mouth watered, and she involuntarily reached up to squeeze her own tight little breasts. She circled her hard nipples with her fingertips and tweaked them through the thin jersey of her bra, never taking her eye off that one milky drop, which was getting bigger and closer to streaming down the little girl's enormous titties. Melly she could see how into it the girl was, and it made her so fucking hot.

"Chelsea, would you like to watch my sissy milk my big, swollen jugs?" she cooed sweetly, sounding deceptively innocent, shaking her tits in Pippa's face as she watched Chelsea's jaw drop "it's just that I get so horny sharing a bed with Pippa, I mean look at her, and my tits were already so huge, it's like the more turned on I got for her, and the more she teased me, the bigger and fuller they got. Then one day she was playing with them, and I got so fucking turned on they just started milking"

"It makes you hot just thinking about it, doesn't it, Chelsea?" Pippa whispered "It made me hot too, I couldn't believe how sexy it was to have my little teen sissy's big, full jugs dripping and creaming in my face. I slipped my tongue out and licked all the way up the underside of one of her massive, creamy globes to catch every little drop"

At this Chelsea couldn't take anymore. She shoved her hand into her panties and began furiously working her clit. With her free hand she pulled her perfect little tits out of her bra, squeezing the small handfuls and tweaking her hard little caramel nipples.

Melly continued, her eyes glued to Chelsea's fingers moving deftly in her little panties,

"Her mouth milking me felt so fucking good, pulling & pawing at my tits and suckling my nipples, I couldn't help myself, I knew I was gonna come. So I started riding her so I was rubbing my clit on her thigh and knee. I wanted to come so bad, and it was all so hot, desperately bouncing my titties in her face, practically suffocating her the way I was shoving them in her mouth, streaming milk all over her face and down her tits while I humped her."

And while she was talking, Melly started doing exactly that, slowly, barely rolling her tight hips on her sissy's thigh as Pippa bent her leg, pushing her knee forcefully between the girl's thighs, which made Melly ride her harder. Pippa moaned, pulling Melly's torso down on herself, burying her face in the girl's soft belly, kissing and licking all over her breasts. She slowly started sucking at her soft tits, teasing, pulling mouthfuls of flesh from the bottoms & sides of the massive globes before spreading her tongue flat to begin her assault on her sissy's nipples. She pushed her flattened tongue in circles around Melly's big, puffy areolas, then pointed the tip of her tongue to slip firmly over one of her hard nubs, and Melly cried out in pleasure.

"Fuck Pippa, if you don't quit teasing me and start sucking and milking me, I'm gonna have to do it myself"

Pippa was tempted, loving the idea of sitting back and watching as her sissy filled her mouth with her own luscious jugs. She imagined herself pushing them up into Melly's face as the girl sucked herself so the milk flowed uncontrollably, spilling out of her sweet mouth to cover her body with her own sweet cream. But Pippa wanted the delicious satisfaction of milking them herself, so she grabbed Melly by the waist, steadying her so her massive, leaking jugs hung directly over her face. Chelsea was moaning as she watched, rubbing her clit harder and harder, loving how Melly wiggled and writhed, her titties bouncing and jiggling, dripping white cream on Pippa's face as she waited anxiously, horny and engorged, ready to be milked.

Pippa pushed her full lips out, forming a perfect pink "O", and clamped her mouth around Melly's massive, swollen nipple, pawing at her other breast with her free hand. She pulled, sucking her cheeks in and creating a vacuum around the chubby nub. Melly gasped in pleasure, arching her back as she humped her sissy furiously. Within seconds of starting to milk her, Pippa was unable keep up with the flow of milk pumping freely into her mouth. A steady stream of the sweet white cream began spilling down her chin and over her mountainous cleavage, her nipples hard and soaked with Melly's milk. This part always pushed Pippa over the edge, the warm shower of her sister's cream pouring over her, and her hips bucked wildly under Melly's riding clit. Chelsea's fingers were soaked with her own wetness as she pumped her fingers steadily, slipping up & down between her thick, puffy pussy lips and over her clit, which was hardening in a delicious, almost unbearable way as she got closer and closer to coming.

The sisters watched Chelsea working her clit, her tight little titties pulled out of her bra, nipples rock hard and glistening with her spit and pussy juice. They knew she was getting close, getting off on watching them, slapping her clit with three fingers and squeezing her firm thighs together. They simultaneously upped their pace and intensity, with Melly riding faster and rougher, and Pippa hungrily pulling and sucking her nipples steadily. She squeezed and palmed the base of each milk-swollen breast as she sucked, pumping the sweat cream from her sissy's full, delicious young jugs. Melly was bent over on her hands & knees, straddling her sissy with her thighs spread wide, and if Chelsea leaned her head to the left, she was afforded the unbelievable view of the teen's tight, virgin asshole and fat, puffy pussy lips. Suddenly all Chelsea could think about was Melly's sweet, teen asshole. She wanted to come work her from behind while Pippa drained her titties, tonguing the girl's pink asshole.She would push her tongue against that tight rim as she slipped her fingers up and down between those fat pussy lips to prod at Melly's sweet clit. The thought pushed Chelsea almost to orgasm, but she held off, pleasurably torturing herself, confident that eighteen year old Melly was close, and wanting to wait and watch for the moment the girl's sweet young face betrayed the first signs of climax, before she allowed herself to come with her.

...To be continued.

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