tagChain StoriesLaresa's World Ch. 01: Adam

Laresa's World Ch. 01: Adam


Somewhere at sea. . .1687 A.D.

The clouds rolled thick over the darkening skies. Jonathan Wright studied them. His blue eyes taking in the size as well as the menacing color. It would be a strong storm, one that would take down several ships. Many were at sea this night and many would perish. He was not going to be one of them. He touched the amber stone on his right hand, twirling the ring counter-clockwise until it warmed under his command. A soft wave of heat ran through from his ring finger to his palm. Staring in awe, he watched the haze of glimmering gray appear. The tendrils formed into Laresa, the woman that had made him who he was.

She turned to face him and he was lost in her beauty. The pale violet eyes glimmered and he saw she was happy to see him. He'd not visited her since the trip began, worried that another would see her beauty and discover their secret. "You've called, Master."

"There is a storm, Laresa," Jonathan stated solemnly. He looked out the small slit that served as a window for his private cabin. "This ship must see its way through it."

"Yes, Sir," Laresa said, her voice gave Jonathan no worry that his desire would not be met. "Laresa, when it is safe, come to me."

"Sir?" she asked. He could tell she was questioning him, something he had given her free reign to do.

"It is time Laresa. You have served me for several years now." Jonathan lay down on his bed and waved her toward the window. "Calm the storm and then come to me. My life is ending and it is with you I wish to please, before I go."

He watched her gaze shift from his old, frail body to the ocean that pounded at the ship. He felt the wind settle and the rolling cease and knew the waters were calm and the clouds no longer gray and black. He felt the bed shift and opened his eyes to gaze at the beautiful woman that was crawling toward him.

He pushed his fingers into her long silvery tresses. "Will you do something for me?"

"Sir, you're not gone yet. You've only to ask," she told him.

"I know. You have saved me many times, but I am ready. You know my Rebecca, remember her from the painting?" Jonathan asked.

"Yes," Laresa said. Once he asked her she became his Rebecca. Her features became those of a young woman, just reaching twenty years and he whispered for her to take him back. Jonathan watched in wonder as his hand, now free of age spots, stroked the raven locks of his long dead wife.

"Thank you, Laresa."

Jonathan passed that night, with the name of his wife on his lips. His aged body was found the next morning by a young cabin boy, named Seth. Seth sighed and muttered that it was about time the strange man passed away. He'd been caught talking to himself several times and it was apparent to many that he was sick in the head. As the young lad, turned away, intent on telling the Captain of their passenger's death, his eyes spotted the ring worn on the frail finger. He smiled, and walked over to the stiffened corpse. "What have we here," he whispered.

His fingers gripped the hardened hand and he pulled the ring off the dead man. "This will fetch a fine price." He tucked the ring into his breast pocket and left the room, in search of the Captain. Seth found him, delivered the news and then gathered up the supplies to wrap and secure the man's body in linen. It took no time at all for the ship to drop their passenger into the water, a prayer was offered up and Jonathan Wright, slipped into his dark watery grave. Seth whistled a tune and began his duties.

When the Shadowy Dog sailed into the Port of Royal, it was with a new lease on life, one he could only thank to the beautiful woman in his pocket. He thought of Laresa and how he'd discovered her. He'd taken the ring from his pocket the same night the old man had dropped into the sea. He felt the weight of it all day, so slipping it onto his dirty finger was bound to happen, but when he made move to take it off, fearful of being caught with the trinket, he found it stuck. He'd twisted it left, than right, several times, but stopped when it started to warm his palm. Fear shot through him as smoke lifted from the stone and took shape into a woman.

Seth dropped to the ground and muttered prayers to the Saints, hoping that the witch would make his death swift and easy. The voice of an angel came forth and her words changed the young Cabin Boy's life. "Good evening Master, how may I serve you?" the melodious sounding vision spoke quietly to the trembling boy.

His eyes grew wide and he looked around, fully expecting to see the Captain of the ship barreling down on him. When nothing happened Seth looked up and studied the woman. Her hair, a silvery shade, hung down her back in curls that flowed like a waterfall. Seth stared at her gown, one of sheer blue, and then green, then pink. It changed as the wind pushed it over her trim figure and full breasts. Her eyes were the color of the deepest ocean he'd traveled upon, then they shimmered to another color, one of the brightest grasses he'd played on as a child. "Master?" he whispered, not sure who or what would hear him.

"Yes, Master, what is it you wish of me. I am here to please you."

The vision did talk and this gave Seth a shiver that ran down the length of his spine. "Please me? What foolishness is this? What witchcraft do you practice?" Seth stood up on shaky legs and looked down on the ring he still wore. The stone was cold, as was the band and Seth saw the brightness of the jewel was now dull, its color stale.

"I am not a witch, but a genie. My name is Laresa and I am yours to command." The woman smiled warmly. Her gaze focused on the young man at her feet. She lowered herself and allowed her feet to touch the ships deck.

"You were in here?" Seth asked, pointing to the ring.

"Ah, yes. That is my home. I have lived thousands of years in that ring and have traveled to many places because of it. Is there a place you'd like to travel?" she asked, her eyes flickered between green and gold.

Seth laughed. "Well we be on a ship in the middle of the ocean. I don't think where I wish to travel is much of an option."

"It can be, if it is your desire," Laresa told him. She studied him and he felt her eyes taking in his small, lean frame, before turning her attentions to the ship. "This is the same ship that my last Master was on, is it not?"

"If you mean the old man, than yes, it is. He passed away and gave me your ring." Seth saw her eyes flash and he knew he'd been caught in a lie.

The vision disappeared as fast as she had appeared, leaving Seth blaming his ration of rum for the vision of youth and beauty that stirred his thoughts and made him dream.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wild, Wild West - 1832

Laresa had felt herself drawn back into the ring. The boys lie forcing her back to her prison. Once inside the amber jewel she waited in silence. Her mind drifting back and forth over time and space, as memories of her past Masters and Mistresses filled her. She would miss Jonathan, but was glad to have made his last moments on this world called Earth, pleasant. He'd never mistreated her, lied to her, used her as a way to gain his sexual pleasures, not until the end. She was glad to become his wife for him. His love for the sweet Rebecca had kept him from acting on man's natural instinct.

Now she found herself curious who would find her next. Where would she be? Where would the curse take her? What land? Time? World? When the warmth of the jewel began to wash over her, she felt the tug to leave her home and serve the one that called her. "You have called Master, how may I serve you?" she whispered into the shocked face of a man that looked to be thirty or thirty-five Earth years.

"Damn, I drank too much last night," her new Master muttered. Laresa breathed in the aroma of whiskey and fought the urge to agree with him.

"Master. You called. May I serve you?" she asked again. As he recovered from the shock of seeing her, she appraised her new surroundings. "Ahh. I've not been in this time, in quite a while. It was always a colorful era."

Adam Steller looked through blurry eyes at the woman in front of him. He had been busy congratulating himself on the final win at the tables and was busy playing with the bauble that the young lad had tossed in as a bet. Adam figured it was stolen, but he didn't care. The young kid had tried to cheat and no one, no matter how drunk Adam was, cheated at cards when he was playing. The fact he now owned some patch of land and a ring that the kid had deemed worthy enough to bet, but not worthy enough to wear, didn't matter to Adam. He just wanted to take the lad for every cent. He wasn't expecting some woman, barely clad, to jump out of the ring and ask to serve him.

"Serve me, huh? A purty filly like you could service me all ya like. How about we find a place to cuddle?" Adam said, followed by a large belch.

Laresa shuddered, but did as she'd been commanded. She couldn't believe she'd gone from one old man, with a sense of decorum, into the hands of another full of drink. She shouldn't have been surprised; she'd been living this life for so long. Yet, there was always that hope, deep inside that her life would be more than another command. She lifted her right palm and a small glow of light appeared, then a soft breeze. The shimmering light grew brighter as the wind grew stronger. When Laresa settled the light and calmed the breeze she and her Master were in a room, above the alley where Adam had summoned her.

Adam's eyes grew wide and he instantly sobered. "How the hell did we get up here?" He looked around, recognizing Miss Sally's private bedroom.

"How did you know I wanted to come here?" he asked, eyeing the beautiful woman in front of him. A different kind of drunk began to wash over him. One that was anything but dulling to the senses.

"I used the image you seemed to want the most. This is satisfactory; isn't it?" she asked.

"Oh yes, but . . .awww hell, forget it. I've had to much to drink. You said you'd service me so let's see how well you can do that." Adam began to pull his boots off and had them both tossed to the side when he glanced up at the woman. "Go lock the door, so we aren't interrupted, then I want you naked. I haven't had a good ride since I came into town. The saloon girls are occupied tonight with some rancher and his boys. But it looks like I got the best gal of the bunch."

Laresa walked over and studied the door. She touched the brass knob and felt it lock beneath her fingers. She then turned and faced her Master. "Do you wish to know the rules?" she asked.

"Rules? There are no rules, you said you would serve me and I'm your Master, so get on with it." Adam already had pulled his dusty shirt off and was pulling his pants down. His sex jutting out and waiting to be used.

Laresa stared at the dirty man, and felt herself wanting to balk, but a stronger pull forced her to remove her clothing. When she was naked, as her Master had told her to be, she walked over to him and stood, waiting for his instructions.

"Damn, are you a new whore?" Adam muttered and grabbed her arm. "You offered so now I expect you to deliver."

"What is it you wish?" Laresa asked, the biting grip, dug into her arm.

"Whatever I want, huh. On your knees then and suck me off," he growled, grabbed her hair and pushed her down.

Laresa felt the sting in her scalp and knew that this Master was not going to be an easy one to please. She hoped her time with him would be short. Sadly, she knew it was not going to be anytime soon. She opened her mouth and lifted her hands to guide his thick rod into her warmth. Her tongue moved over the head, then down the front of his shaft. The scent of the unwashed Texan filled her nostrils and she pushed it away as she took him deeper. Her fingers moved down the base of his cock, stroking, and twisting as she maneuvered her head so her jaw was dropping deeper with each plunge.

Adam watched her blanket him. His hips moved in time with her sucking and his hands curled into her thick sliver locks. "Yeah, like that. Take it all, you're good whore," he moaned.

Laresa blanched at the degrading word, and let her teeth graze harder than she knew she should have, she felt the stab of pain from defying her Master and knew he had tugged harder because of her will. "Don't do that again, bitch."

She didn't.

With closed eyes she began to concentrate on the tool in her mouth. Her muscles worked to milk the blood through the veins and she felt the hot liquid slide and course its way through his member. One hand teased his balls, the other reached up the length of his hairy torso. When she felt his nipple, she tweaked it and brought a moan of pleasure from her Master's lips.

Adam continued to hold her head to his cock, ramming her with several thrusts and cursing as he felt his blood boil. "Harder. . .oh yeah. . .like that. . .don't stop," he grunted as the first rope of seed shot through his cock and splashed against the back of her throat. He held her to him, forcing her to breathe out of her nose and take three loads of hot milk. When he was finished he pulled her off his dick and picked her up.

"Damn, how much are you?" he muttered and climbed onto the bed.

"I am here to serve you Master, I do not require payment," Laresa answered back.

The cowboy laughed and grabbed her legs, spreading them wide. He stared down at her soft, white curls and noted their beauty. "I gotta taste that," he groaned and dropped down to bury his face between the woman's creamy thighs.

Laresa was a genie, but she was also a woman. She accepted her fate long ago and in time learned there were things she could do to make her life pleasurable too. What the cowboy was doing now was one of the things she enjoyed most. She closed her eyes and felt the whiskers biting against her skin. The hot tongue swept over her clit, before her Master tugged on the strip of flesh, that brought her hips up and thrashing madly. Her fingers curled into the sheets as the warmth of his lungs covered her sex and slipped over her flesh.

"So good, damn good whore," Adam muttered. He wasn't sure how he came to be so lucky to get one of Sally's new girls, but he wasn't going to question it. He dipped his tongue in and sucked on the sweetest honey he'd ever had. His finger searched out more and he dragged his nail across the sides of her pussy. More fluids flowed and he lapped them up, with more greed than he had the bills and coins on the card table.

"Mmm... Master," a whimpered voice reached Adam and he chuckled.

"That's right. Master. I'm your Master." He inserted a second finger and plundered her sex with both digits. He watched the pink petals grow thicker with desire and he massaged them with his lips as he screwed his digits to the left and then the right. "You are one tight, slut."

His cock was raging again and he wasn't wasting any more time on the free fuck this little number was giving him. He pulled his face from her crotch, grabbed his stiff tool and straddled her hips. In one great thrust, he impaled the sweet folds of glistening flesh. "Ohhh fuck yeah " he gasped out and began to drive in and out of the woman's sex.

Laresa felt his invasion and wrapped her legs around his waist. It would be over soon, and she'd not yet reached her orgasm. She kept her eyes closed and worked her body to accommodate the stiff rod that was invading her. Her memories of another Master came to her and she pictured him over her, pleasing her because he wanted too. When she felt Adam bite her nipple, it was this Master she felt on top of her.

"Hold me tight, girl." Adam thrust hard into her and felt his body grow taunt. He knew he was about to shower her with come; something told him she wouldn't care. She wasn't like the usual girl. She'd take his come and be happy about it. He pounded several more times into her and then felt his eyes start to roll back.

She knew he was close to coming and she tried to increase her own pleasure, but his needs overrode hers and she felt him start to fill her. Her legs remained wrapped around him, until he collapsed on her in a deep sleep. Rolling her eyes she pushed him off of her and slipped away.

The look of disappointment was wasted, because her new Master was passed out. Pushing her fingers through her hair, she lay down beside him and looked up at the ceiling above. She closed her eyes and let her mind travel to her surroundings. She was in a small Western town. The building her and her Master were in was a well known brothel and saloon. Her Master, addressing her like he did, finally made sense to Laresa. She took a deep breath and felt her body grow tired. Slowly it became a soft mist of gray smoke and slipped into the ring that her Master wore on his hand. Another bauble lost in a game of poker, she muttered silently just before sleep claimed her.

Adam awoke with a start and reached for the woman who had taken him to heaven and back again. She was gone. He sighed, and rubbed his face, trying to ease himself back into the dream he'd been enjoying. It was then that he heard the pounding on the bedroom door and knew that the woman had left it locked. "Just a minute," he groaned and grabbed his aching head. He plodded over to the door and opened it.

"Adam what are you doing in here?"

He stepped back and stared at the woman who glared at his naked body. "You didn't come up here and screw one of my girls in my room, did you?" she hollered and pushed him out of the way. "Where is she?" she demanded.

"Huh? I don't know I figured she left. Gave me a freebie and then took off." Adam grabbed his pants and began to dress. "She brought me here."

"Who? What girl brought you here and what girl gave you a freebie. There are no free fucks in my place." Sally walked around her room, making sure nothing had been taken. "You were in here getting yourself off weren't ya?"

"Nah, it was the new girl. The silver haired one." Adam pulled on his boots and adjusted his cock.

"I don't have no new girls. You drank to much again. Damn, smells like a dirty fuck with a dirty cowboy. Now, I've got to clean my bed." Sally cursed and began to strip the bed. "Go on get out, the sun's up and I just got back from Doc Wood's place and I'm beat."

Adam shook his head and regretted the action when the pain shot through him. "I'm going, but I'll be back tonight to see that silver-haired whore."

"I told you I don't got no silver-haired whore. You were just drunk. I heard you took young Tom's land. You go check out your new shack and if you come back here it better be sober and willing to pay for a fuck. And NOT in my room " She pushed him out the door and shut it behind him.

Adam pushed his hair back and felt his equilibrium falter when he spun around to move down the hall. Once outside he headed to the stables, where he knew his horse would still be, munching on a bucket of oats that were too expensive, but a necessity when one stayed in town. That thought brought him up short and he grinned. He did have a plot of land. He patted his shirt pocket and noticed the ring he wore. "I'll be," he muttered. He made a fist and watched the sunlight hit the jewel. With a chuckle he took off his hat and wiped his brow, the sun already starting to bring out a sweat.

Quickening his step he made a beeline for his horse, dropping off several bills to cover the tab of keeping his stallion over night. Adam saddled up and headed out to the small plot of land that he told the young kid to be off of come morning. He hoped the kid had listened, the idea of shooting someone they way his head was pounding wasn't resting easy on him. He ran his hand over his stomach and felt the need to grab a bite consume him. Silently he cursed for not having grabbed something to eat before he left town.

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