tagRomanceLast Chance for Redemption

Last Chance for Redemption


Well, it's the big day of the prom, and almost no one that is attending the prom is attending school today. So, it's pretty much a free day to cut class, go out to lunch, or whatever people do when they have a free moment to screw around.

Today, I was one of the unlucky suckers that made it to school. I was not going to the prom, for I did not make many friends at this school. I'm not a really social person, and that, I guess, kept me from being someone.

I could have done some of the other activities there, but I had another school to attend. It was a private school, with a pretty low budget. No school teams, and only 180 students TOTAL (K-12). I was pretty cool at my other school, but the girls were pretty ugly and seriously weren't to my liking.

Anyway, back to today. I came in late as it was, thirty minutes late. I ate breakfast on the way there at some fast-food joint- a sausage biscuit with cheese and strawberry jam. Not the best breakfast, but where else could I go? Anyway, I managed, somehow, to trudge through the next two classes, the next one being gym. I don't particularly care for that class, so I decided to skip it. I decided to take one of the side exits, and go to the community library.

On the way to the library, I happened to run into a person that I've seen before, but never actually met. She was quite pretty-looking facially, and had midrange height for a girl (about 5' 7"). I've seen her a few times walking the halls during school, and we occasionally waved to each other. The weird part is, we didn't even know each other's names!

As I was kind of feeling lucky for once in my illusion of a life, I attempted to begin a chat with this nice young lady. I asked her where she was headed, and she said that she was going to the mall. I guessed that she was probably heading there to pick up her prom dress, but she answered differently. She was going there just to get away from her boyfriend. She went on to tell me that she was afraid that he had a tendency to drink, and he had a very volatile personality when he doesn't get what he wants.

She asked me if I was going to the prom, and I told her no. I told her my reasons, and she gave me the impression that she knew exactly where I was coming from.

After a few more minutes of discussion, she raised my eyebrows when she gave me permission to call her during that afternoon when I got home that day. I guess that she needed some consoling from a sensitive guy, namely myself ; ). She ends the conversation by saying that her name was Mina, a Korean name. She looked like an average Korean-American, except for a few features. I put the number into my pocket, and the only thing on my mind for the next six hours was the face and body of that girl. I couldn't help but look at her while she was walking away. Her legs seemed well-shaped, and they seemed to have a good deal of muscle on them too. I felt myself getting a little stiff, but it only lasted for seven seconds, and she didn't look back either.

At 4:00 that day, I made the call. She answered after two rings, and with a smooth, midrange female voice. She promptly recognized my voice, and sounded pleased with my decision to call her. She addressed her problem to me again, and I suggested that she tell her boyfriend that she still go to the prom, and calmly, but sternly, explain to him that he should not drink. I told her that she had an influential personality.

Still sounding afraid, she asked if I was sure, and I told her that I'm very positive. She squealed in delight in thanking me for the kind advice. She told me that she wanted to thank me for this, and wanted me to meet her where we met yesterday so she can do so. I could only wonder what she had in store....

* * * * *

Alas, it's a Friday. The day after the prom, and the school was practically like a country club. There were all types of people roaming the halls, and who could blame them- it's too friggin' hot to be sitting inside a stinking, non-ventilated classroom!

Anyway, the sun was out in full blaze without a cloud in sight. I was not even thinking about going to gym class today. Besides, my newfound friend Mina said she wanted to thank me, although it escaped me how she's gonna do it.

As I sauntered out of the schoolhouse, my eyes happened to lock-in on a girl in a very racy outfit. She winked at me and waved. At first, I had no idea who this person was, but as I walked in closer, I momentarily realized that it was none other than the girl that I consoled yesterday afternoon- the very adorable Mina.

I was in awe as I observed her attire: a black Chinese-style V-neck blouse with a deep cut that revealed a lot of her cleavage (from the view that I had, I was guessing that her bust size was 34DD), a short blue skirt with an unusually long slit, a pair of honey-colored pantyhose, and was sporting a pair of black leather, thick-heeled designer shoes. Her burnt red hair was untangled and pretty straight, though short; but it only added to the fatal attraction that was Mina.

"Going to the mall again?" I cheekily asked.

"Not today," Mina answered me, "I've got other plans..."

"Other that surprising your boyfriend with that sexy outfit that you have on?" I humored.

"Thank you," she said as she blushed, "I just like wearing it a lot. It's one of my favorite dresses." She then walked towards me and reached my shoulders with her arms. "I just wanna tell you thanks for helping me out last night."

Snapping out of the trance that I was in, I answered, "You are?"

"Of course I am, silly," she said, with the same calm voice, "I want to know you a little better as well."

"Cool," I said, "well, my name is Ty. Your name's Mina, right?"

"Uh-huh. I'm from San Francisco originally, but I moved over here when my father went to t he Gulf War."

We continued talking for the next fifteen minutes, finding ourselves enjoying each other's past. I was slowly falling farther and farther in love with her the more we talked. 'She's so gifted, physically and literally,' I thought to myself. I wasn't sure if she felt the same way, though.

After a little longer, Mina then asked me for a special favor.... "Hey Ty," she asked concerningly, "Do you have any plans for tonight?"

"No, I don't think so," I answered, "I'll probably be chatting on the Net, but that's it."

"I guess that's your only source of friends," she said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked, taking it the wrong way. "No! I didn't mean it like that. It's hard for me to make friends up here too. I may be choosy, but I just can't get along well enough with most of the people around here."

"You know, that's exactly how I feel sometimes. I get that same feeling."

"And that's why I wanted to know if you were free tonight. I was wondering if you could... go out with me tonight...."

I was aghast after that request. I have never been given such an honor since eighth grade! And being it coming from a person that I've practically only known for over a day now. My mouth hung open, and I felt a tear escape from my eye. Acting quickly, I wiped the tear away, and regained my composure.

"It would be an honor to date such a divine young woman like yourself," I answered, not believing the words that just came out of my mouth. Mina just smiled an adorable smile, and said: "Thank you so much."

She gave me a hug, bringing her chest up to mine. The embrace lasted of about thirty-two seconds, a record hug for me. "So, should I call you today when I get home from school?" "Yes.." she said almost passionately, "We can set up a time and place then." "Yes.." I said, mocking her, "I'll talk to you then."

With that, the bouncy, beautiful brunette skipped off to wherever else she had to go. As she trailed off, I decided to take another look at those well-built legs. The pantyhose accented the muscle definitions on them nicely, making her lower body that much more irresistible. Her thighs were pretty firm-looking was well. I was also able, albeit briefly, to see a panty shot. 'Nice caboose, too,' I noted to myself.

For the rest of the day, I could not think of much more than the angelic figure that I was going to date. 'Now this is the way a Senior year should end,' I commented inaudibly.

Shortly after the conversation that I had with her, it suddenly occurred to me that she already had a boyfriend. But from the look that she gave me when she scampered off, gave me the impression that she will rightly deal with him. But even if she didn't, it would be well worth one magical night with Mina.

* * * * *

It's three-thirty in the afternoon, and I was just stepping off the bus that took me home from my other school. It was 85 degrees outside, and all the children in the neighborhood were outside playing games and having fun.

I, on the other hand, was psyched for tonight. I would be going out on a date with a very fine young lady.

I spent a little time figuring out what to wear for this evening. I'm usually not so choosy when it came to selecting an outfit, but this was a very important occasion. I continued to scrimmage through my wardrobe until I found something desirable. Three minutes later, I decided on wearing my best blue jean outfit for tonight. Now, that was one thing squared away. Now to contact my date....

"Hello?" said a smooth, sleek voice. Obviously, Mina knows it's me. "Hey Mina," I said enthusiastically, "Is the date still on for tonight?"

"You bet, Ty," Mina answered just with the same enthusiasm, "What's up?"

"I just pulled out something for me to wear tonight."

"Cool. I'd tell you what I'll be wearing, but I wanna wait until you can actually see it..." "I can be patient..."

We decided to go to dinner at the Applebee's nearest our homes. She gave directions and I agreed to pick her up at 7:00.

She didn't live too far away, less than ten miles from my home. She lived just off a main road. Her house was pretty nice looking. Three stories above ground, nice, well-kept exterior, and the front lawn was groomed.

I blew the horn on my Honda Coupe and waited for Mina to appear. Fourty-five seconds later, she did appear...

Mina must had really enjoyed her Asian culture, because along with her shiny candyapple halter top, she was wearing a black leather Chinese-style dress. She was wearing brown sugar-colored pantyhose, and black, chunky-heeled leather designer shoes. Her burnt red hair was ravishing, and her face had dark makeup around the eyes. She stood just outside her front door, posing with her right hand on her hip, smiling maliciously with her cherry lips. She was dressed like a femme fatale!

As totally shocked as I was, I tried to hide the lump that was slowly rising up from my pants as she sauntered up to my car. I tried my hardest to keep my excitement hidden from her, but you know about girls....

"Hey Ty," Mina said sofly and innocently, "I guess you're pretty happy to see me." "No questioning that," I answered, "Hungry?" "Definitely. Let's roll!"

At her command, we strolled over to the nearest Applebee's, which was but ten minutes away. There were a few parking spaces available for us. We ordered (I forgot exactly what we ordered, BTW) and waited for the food. We talked a little more, about school and our future plans. She was planning to go into the Navy, following in her father's footsteps. I told her that I was planning to study for being a computer engineer.

Anyway, we enjoyed our meal, and we both ordered a slice of strawberry cheesecake. (Now here's when it becomes blatantly obvious where this story's gonna end up..) I'm a sucker for anything related to strawberries, so I planned on inhaling his dish. However, the girl opposite me had differnet ideas. Looking at me with her hazel eyes, she slowly ate the cheesecake, very slowly. And when she finished eating it, she picked up the crumbs and left-behind pieces of cake from off her plate with her pointer finger, and licked it softly. I found it annoying at first, but I started to like it, and she knew it...

We split the bill and paid our 15% tip. I checked my watch- it was 9:03- not too late to stay out a little longer, so I took the scenic route to her house. During the ride, Mina slowly put a hand on the thigh of my leg. It got my attention quickly, and then she said, "Do you like my dress?" I felt like an idiot after she asked me that. That should had been the first thing that came out of my mouth when I picked her up. Well, at least she's giving me a chance to redeem myself. "Your dress is magnificent," I said, scoping out her outfit once again. That earned me a rub on the cheek by her slender left hand. If I was any less prepared, I might had lost control of myself.

For the rest of the car ride, we let the music from the radio take over until we reached her home. I opened the car door on her side from the outside, which this time, earned me a kiss on the cheek. I proceeded to walk to her door, ready to tell her how much of a good time I had. However, Mina didn't want the night to end this soon...

"Ty," she asked with a deadly sexy voice,"come in for a while." "Are you sure?" I asked. "Of course," she said happily, "...there's something... I want you to see..."

She opened the door and turned on the hallway light. The hallway was lit well. You could see your way to any other room in the house.

"You sure have a nice interior," I said. "I never get tired of of myself," she added, "but that's not what I wanted to show you..." She led me to the bottom of the stairwell. "Up here..." she said softly.

We traveled up the steps, me behind her, until she stopped me by raising a hand to my face.

"We're getting closer..."

Soon enough, we reached the second floor. She led me to the rightmost room, dark at the moment. But she then flicked her wrist, nd the room was dimly lit with a violet hue. It set off the room quite nicely.

"As you've already noticed, this is my room," she said sweetly. She gave me the okay to step into her bedroom and observe her bed. It had some Oriental design on its sheets, more proof of her being proud of her culture. The front and rear bedposts were made out of cherry oak wood, andd the bed was completely made. She invited me to sit down on her bed and make myself at home.

"You've showed me your room," I said, "I'm impressed." "If you're impressed now," Mina said passionately, "You'll be in awe when you see what's next...."

The stage had been set, and I was the one-man audience.

She stood straight, facing me, with her hands by her sides, and her legs under her shoulders. She took off the white sash that held her skimpy dress up. It slid to the ground, exposing her cherry red panties through her pantyhose. I was dazed at the sight of all of her lower body. I stared her legs down, enjoying the beauty of those works of art. Next, she kneeled down and began to take off her shoes, one-by-one. After that, she put her hands on her thighs, (which sent me over the edge and made me start to masterbate), and rolled down her brown sugar pantyhose down her sexy legs. She lifted each leg up to get the stockings from off her feet, and stopped to observe my open fly, with my hand inside the opening. A seductive smile appeared on her face.

"Let me help you... relax...."

She does a sexy walk over to where I sat, and took my hand out from the opening in my pants, and put her own hands into the "forbidden land". As she began to massage my bulge, I reached with both my hands to her back, fiddling with the straps of her halter top. It took me a while, but I got that piece of clothing loosened, and was immediately greeted with her bouncy chest. It was a sight to behold, indeed. I began to touch and squeeze them, and I got a moan from Mina in response. Then, I took the pleasure of licking her mounds with as much technique as I could muster. But from her affirmitive moans, I must have done something right.

Down below, Mina was still giving my little friend a good rub-down, making me feel heavenly all over. It made me want to keep those hands on her breasts and keep teasing them. I wanted another taste of those breasts, so I went back to licking them. This scored me more of Mina's sensual moaning. I kept on doing this until she raised her free hand, and put it on one of my hands.

"My turn..."

Taking both hands of hers, she began to rub my chest gently and swiftly, causing me to become more and more excited. In a matter of seconds, I brought one of my hands back down below, but brought the other one down to her crotch area. As if it were a button on a remote control, I slightly pushed inside of her with my pointer finger, rocking back and forth, making her moan again. This encouraged her to increase the quality of the work that she was doing on my chest. Sure enough, she improved her techniques and had me moaning this time. My little friend had grown stiff and out of control, making her ever so pleased. Not that I wasn't pleased, too- I was hard as a rock!

As I kept fingering her, I noticed that her panties were becoming soaked, meaning it's time to move to the next step....

Before we could start up our next adventure though, Mina interrupted the silence. "Before we move on, I need to tell you something, Ty.." "What's that?" I asked, very concerned. "Well, it's just.. that I've had a crush on you since the beginning of this year. I was hoping that we would get a chance to talk to each other more, and... and.. I just wanted to tell you... that..."

I wasn't liking this. It seemed like this wonderful evening would take a sharp turn...

"I know that I have a boyfriend, but I only dated him because I thought that I never have the chance to meet you. Now that I have, I have more feelings for you... than I've ever had for him..."

She looked up at me, with her eyes ready to shed tears, and spoke very softly.

"I... love... you, Ty... I love... you...."

When she uttered those words, all my worries and fears were destroyed on impact. I stood up slowly, making her a little uncomfortable. Then, I began trudging at her, seeing the fear in her eyes. Finally, I reached out my arms and put them on her back, and began to kiss her passionately. No longer afraid, Mina responded well. We were soon on her bed, rolling around, trying to outkiss each other, with her hands on my neck and my hands on her back. My hands rolled up and down on her back, and her hands soon did the same thing on my neck. After a few minutes of just some oral action, we stopped and stared at one another. Her hazel eyes were filled with the same kind of passion as mine were, but I swear that she carried more passion in her eyes...

"If you don't wanna do it, I won't hold it against you..." Mina said emphatically, but I was more than willing. "I'm ready if you are," I responded.

With that, she proceeded to strip off the cherry-colored panties that she was wearing, leaving her fully in the buff. As for me, I had to take off my jean jacket, finish pulling down my pants, take off my socks, remove my shirt, and throw off my underwear. And unlike Mina, I did it in a frantic pace.

Mina laid on the bed suggestively, with that timeless smile of hers. I could see from here that her neatly-trimmed crotch area was dripping with her bodily juices. She put a finger inside the hole in the crotch and dug it in for a second, took it out, and licked it. All the while, she stared straight at me with her eyes.

"Come and get some..." she said, coyly.

I thought that she was crazy at first, but I went over to her to have some of her punami. It wasn't the best-smelling place, but it's the taste that matters.

I stuck my finger inside of her, giving her a little pleasure, making more of her cum be released. I took the finger to my mouth, and took a taste. It was pretty good, and I wanted more. I licked inside her most intimate spot to get more of it. She began moaning again, enjoying me trying to eat her out. She's running out, and she tells me to lick a little more so she can orgasm, and let it all flow out. I tickle her womanhood more and more, and she moaned louder and louder, encouraging my actions. Finally, Mina warned me about her upcoming orgasm, and I stood prepared, mouth wide open. In seconds, my mouth is flooded with her cum, and I swallow quickly and hard so that I can get all of it down.

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