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Laundry Service


I haven't seen you in a long, long time, so I decide to surprise you one day. I wait until I can see you from your bedroom window - it's Sunday and you're getting together some laundry to wash for the coming week. I notice you are wearing a tight white tank top and thin white shorts, and I can see your bra easily through your shirt; in fact, your shirt is low enough that you can make out the edges of your nipples peeking over the neckline. I stare at your curves and I begin to get very hard. Through the window, as you bend forward facing it to pick some clothes up off the floor, your chest spills forward in the shirt, driving my eyes and my body wild.

I stare into such deep cleavage and I want it all to be mine to play with. I watch as your perky breasts, firm, round balls of skin jiggle in your shirt as it struggles to keep them contained. The amount of your deep cleavage is amazing, and I watch you bounce around in your shirt temptingly as you pick up the last of the clothes. You take the basket and leave through your bedroom door, I know there's no one else home, and that I could probably sneak by the laundry room undetected, so I decide that's what I want to do.

I wait a second, then go to your back door and let myself in. I sneak my way through your home as I've done so many times before, to the door of the laundry room where you're separating your whites and darks. Not noticing me standing in the shadows, you begin to peel off your shirt slowly. I watch the skin reveal itself, until you're pulling your shirt above your head, with your arms raised high above you, your chest lifting and your breasts falling into one another, creating tight cleavage that I wish my tongue could explore. Your bra is showing off an evil amount of skin just as you throw the shirt into the wash. The bra is black and a little small for your size, it cuts into your chest at the top, your skin slipping over the edge of the material and bouncing with even the slightest movement you make. It looks to me as though you're going to pop out of it at times as you sort - one strap falling off your shoulder temptingly before you replace it to its position.

I'm standing in your hallway, and now my cock is *very* hard and I can't help but continue staring, I want nothing more than to make my presence known, but I'm still in hiding a bit - wanting to watch you longer. You finish sorting your laundry and start the washer. I didn't think it was possible, but this is when I got even harder - with your back toward me, you undo your bra and slip it off, throwing it in with the rest of the dark clothes. Topless but not facing me, I watch you pick up a long white nightgown from on top of the machine and slip into it; I can picture the soft material sliding down your nipples as it covers your breasts in a translucent way. You turn toward me as you start to button the first button, showing off your toned belly and tanned skin; you're showing so much skin that my cock is starting to ache in my pants. I watch you continue to button it up some more, but before you can reach the last button and turn around to leave the room, I've already snuck up to your room and ducked into your closet.

A few seconds later you enter the room, only a few buttons on your nightgown are buttoned, and I still have a great view of your cleavage as you sit down on your bed. As I stare from out of the closet, I realize why you haven't done the entire gown up - you're going to shower. Waiting to make my move, you pick up a towel from off the bed and leave the room. I sneak out of the closet as I hear you turn on the water; I move behind your bedroom door and wait for you to come back into the room. When you're done, you come back into the room empty handed and brush the door closed a bit, not looking behind it as you walk in the room. You go across the bedroom and pick up elastic to tie your hair up, and I start to make my move.

As you lift your arms above your head and start putting your hair up in a pony tail, I sneak up behind you and slip my hands up under your arms and latch on to your breasts gently gripping them and starting to stroke your nipples immediately. Your body jumps - obviously startled, your body tenses, you whimper in fear quietly. You're scared, but then you look in the mirror and see me, and with your body still a bit jumpy, your back arches and you start accepting my hands. You whimper under your breath softly again, but more welcoming - wanting this time. I feel you up through your gown, feeling your nipples get rock hard. The feeling in my pants is similar and I realize that they're getting tighter. With your soft hair brushing against my face, it makes me hornier. I continue to feel you up, squeezing and lifting, slipping the smooth material of your shirt back and forth so it slides over your nipples. I kiss your neck softly as you lean back into me, almost to the point where I'm holding you up against my body by your chest as I move my hands in circles. You feel my cock pressed hard against the back of your leg...

You pick up my hands, turn around, and place them on your back; them kiss me deeply and run your hands through my hair. You kiss around my neck and slowly pull off my shirt, revealing my tight stomach and pecks, throwing it across the room. You stare into my eyes and lick your full lips sensuously - I love it when you do that because I know you’re up to something naughty. I get harder in my pants, to the point where it's almost uncomfortable now. You start to kiss down my body, slipping through my arms on your quest to your knees - turning me on so much that I feel the need to take you right there but I know there are better things to come. I feel your fingers fiddle with my belt and my pants are agonizingly tight, you unzip my pants and then stick your tongue through the opening under the button, wrapping your tongue around the button and pulling it into your mouth, sucking on it and then it comes undone.

Making it to your knees, you reach up to the waste line and pull down both my pants and boxers, my hard cock springing out and positioned very close to your face. It rubs against the side of your cheek as you push my pants all the way off. I feel you explore with the very tip of my tongue, my cock is as hard as ever as you grip it with your hands: stroking it, licking around my balls, then up the sensitive base of the shaft... gently but with a strong tongue, scraping, and pulling at the skin, kissing around the shaft, and grazing it with your lips. I throb, and you grab the base and start licking the head like a lollipop: over and over while staring deep into my eyes until I have to tilt my head back and close them. My shaft is red throbbing and swollen and slippery from saliva and pre-cum, you reach up underneath and grab my balls, feeling them gently and softly. You know that I want to cum, but you don't let me. I know you are teasing, tormenting, wanting me to want more and more. Though we haven't spoken a word, you're making me so very horny, darling'. Just when you feel me want to explode, you ease off, and then get an idea in your head. You say "c'mon" then grab my hand and parade me naked through your house, leading me to the bathroom where your shower is still running.

Without hesitation, you step into the shower and pull me in with you too. I'm lucky enough to be able to watch the water seep into your white shirt as it sprays down harder and harder, you lean your chest into the spray, and I watch the material become transparent and cling perfectly to your luscious curves. You pull me closer and kiss me deeply, your wet clothes clinging to me too. My very swollen cock pressed against your wet shorts and I start reach up undo your wet gown buttons, one by one, until I have only one left. You stop me, turn around in my arms, and with my cock pressed against your ass you guide my hands upward, your body getting tense in my arms as you push my hands into you. I realize that you like it when I grope you, and feeling that the shirt is very tight on you, the button straining to stay fastened as your chest heaves in my hands, I massage your tits and the thin wet material, the water beating down on you like a thousand soft fingers touching you. You reach down and undo your shorts and start to finger yourself, breathing heavily. I flex my fingers and rotate my wrists, pinching your nipples harder as I feel your back arch, your body tense up again. You push your chest outward, and the poor, lone button pops open...

You pull me closer - kissing me and grabbing at my ass. Pulling my hard on against your shorts, I kiss you and grope you as you reach down and push off your shorts. It's then that the tip of my very, very hard cock brushes against you. I know that you want it bad when you reach down and grab it with a strong grip that makes me throb in your hand, and guide me into you. You shove the tip just into your hot, wet opening. I tease you by only sliding it in part way, but you don't want any of that teasing right now. You moan loudly as you grab my ass and pull yourself all the way over me, your body tensing, your back arching in my arms. Your hips start moving quickly back and forth and my hips respond and start to copy yours. I thrust harder and harder, hearing you moan more and more. Seconds turning into minutes, you making me more and more horny because I like it when a girl is a vocal and tells me she wants it hard. It's that soft, under your breath moan that isn't quite screaming but isn't quite a whisper either, you have it down to perfection. Your moaning more and more as my thick, rigid shaft throbs and I thrust faster and faster.

I move in and out more and more, and you know I can't take much more... my hands on your torso as your hips push and pull me. You pussy grips me hard and with a sudden thrust forward, I lose control and cum, hard and deep. You pull your pussy away and quickly and wrap your lips around me again; the sudden change in sensation drives me even more overboard. I cum hard against your tonsils, emptying my balls, filling your mouth and it drips out of your lips and down your body, making a mess. You tear your lips away and the water tickles me... I mistakenly give off one more blast, and it bounces off your chin and lands on your chest. You rub my cock over your chest and then face the shower head. As I watch you rinse off, I get giddy at the thought of being able to fuck you again.

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