tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLauren's Predicament Ch. 01

Lauren's Predicament Ch. 01


"Lauren Hice, report to the principal's office immediately." Mr. Landen's voice boomed over the intercom.

Lauren's eyes shot wide open. Mr. Landen only called people into his office when it was something serious, and bad. She looked at her geography teacher, who simply nodded, before she picked up her laptop and bookbag and walked briskly out of the room. She had no idea why she could possibly be in trouble. She was a good kid. She was in band, she was on the varsity track team, and she was president of the school's chapter of the National Honors Society. The most trouble she had ever gotten into was when she skipped school to coach a youth basketball team at the Y. And that was when she was sixteen, more than two years ago. Now, she was a senior, set to graduate Salutatorian with honors, and had already accepted admission to the University of Chicago. Why would she ever mess that up by getting in trouble?

In a school of barely 500 kids, it wasn't a long walk to the office, much too quick for the senior girl to get her thoughts straight. She spoke briefly with the secretary, who sounded very annoyed but nevertheless paged the principal to let him know he had a guest. The principal, without responding, immediately opened the solid wood door to his office and gestured for Lauren to come inside.

Her sneakers went from squeaking on the cold tile floors of the reception area, to a soft padding sound on the industrial grey carpeting of the office, as the door closed quietly behind her. In fact, it was so quiet once the door was shut that Lauren could almost hear a faint ringing in her ears, and it made her even more uneasy. Mr. Landen leaned on his desk but didn't quite sit down, and Lauren made no motion to sit, either.

"Mrs. Hice. I assume you know why you are in here today." A voice spoke from across the room, making the student jump. She had not noticed that there was a cop standing in the corner behind the desk. His gold name badge read Officer Ingstrup, and embroidered in yellow against his solid black uniform read "Westlake Valley SRO."

"Uh, no, I don't, sorry." She stuttered, failing to find the strength that normally came so easily for her. The cop raised one eyebrow, and stepped forward a few paces.

"We have information that you've been illegally distributing drugs at school. Very reliable information." Mr. Landen interjected, keeping his voice level. Lauren took an instinctual step backwards, her jaw nearly dropping to the floor.

"No I haven't!" She almost shouted. She couldn't believe this. Someone had started a rumor that she was dealing drugs? She had never even done drugs! Okay, so there was the pot out at Jimmy's that one time, but it was one time, and she didn't even like it!

"Mrs. Hice, please, calm down." Officer Ingstrup said, his deep voice resonating despite the fact that he did not say it very loudly.

"Look, Lauren." The principal stood up fully. "I know that, before now, you have been a model student. A model teenager, really. But we have a zero tolerance policy at this school, you know that. We cannot let something like this go without investigating." He paused, and something that Lauren couldn't quite catch flashed in his eyes. "Set your bookbag in the chair, and remove your shirt, shorts, shoes, and socks." An involuntary gasp came out of Lauren's mouth. She started to protest, but before she could, the principal spoke again. "We're not saying you did anything. But it is our job to make sure, one way or the other, what is going on. I hope you understand. The more you cooperate, the easier this will be for everyone."

Lauren, still in shock, only nodded. She stepped forward and set her bag down, which the officer immediately began searching through. Then, almost not believing her own hands, she bent over, and began removing her shoes and socks. Then, her hands went up to her hips, and she unbuttoned her shorts, before stepping out of them and setting them, folded, on top of the desk. "And the shirt." The officer reminded her as she paused for a moment. She shot him a look that was almost a glare, but still pulled her t-shirt over her head, and folded it, too.

She stood there, nearly naked, as the officer and the principal went through her clothes, muttering things between themselves that she couldn't quite hear. When they were done, Mr. Landen turned back to face Lauren, his face unreadable. "We haven't found anything yet, so you're in the clear so far. But Officer Ingstrup is going to have to perform a cavity check." She was sure she heard a hint of excitement in his tone that time.

"No, you can't do that I ha-" She started to argue, but the imposing officer stepped forward quickly.

"You can either submit to a cavity search, or I can arrest you for obstruction of justice. Now take off your underwear and bra, before I do it for you." He threatened.

Lauren, rightfully intimidated, nodded again. She took a deep breath, and with shaking hands, slid her panties down her legs and onto the floor, where the principal snatched them up. Then, she reached around her back and unhooked the band on her bra, slid it down her shoulders, and handed it over too. She shivered as she exposed her breasts, perky C-cups topped by puffy pink nipples. Officer Ingstrup stared for just a little longer than she felt appropriate, and then squeezed each of them in turn, and lifted them, as though she could be hiding something underneath. He pinched her nipples as he pulled his hands off, making the girl yelp slightly.

"Open." Officer Ingstrup said as he pulled her jaw down. He shined a flashlight into her mouth, and then without warning began probing with his fingers, going into her throat and making her gag. She coughed as he pulled them out and wiped them on his pants. "Go bend over the desk, hands above your head, legs spread." He ordered. Lauren did wordlessly as she was told, pressing her breasts against the cold wood top of the desk. A zip tie was fastened around her wrist and tightened. "Standard procedure." was all the officer said.

A second later, she felt something pressing against her slit, and instinctively jumped. A hand appeared on her back, holding her still, and she felt two fingers press inside her. It was uncomfortable, for sure, but Lauren was not a virgin. And she knew that the electric feeling in her belly could not possibly be happening. She was not getting turned on by being violated by an SRO. But as the fingers probed, pulling in and out and twisting around, she knew that she was getting wet. She stifled a sound, refusing to let herself enjoy the procedure. More fingers were added and they spread her wide, and she could feel warm breath over her bald mound.

Before she could come, the fingers were gone, and something very cold was being dripped over her ass hole. She started to struggle, but Mr. Landen's mouth was suddenly very close to her ear. "The less you resist, the easier this will be." He coaxed, as Lauren felt fingers spreading the lubricant and pushing gently at her back entrance. She pushed back against the intruders, still telling herself that she was definitely not into this. They slipped past her sphincter, and began twisting and pumping, and Lauren heard a moan slip past her lips.

"Got it." Officer Ingstrup said, abruptly pulling his hand out.

"What, got what?" Lauren said, a mix of panic and frustration in her voice. "There was nothing to find!" Her body was pulled forcefully off of the desk and shoved down, her knees spread and her pussy pressing on the carpet.

"Then what do you call this?" The officer asked, holding up a bag of pot. "Because to me, it looks like pot. And I think you know what that would mean." He said, a smile playing on his lips. Lauren did know, but Mr. Landen seemed all to eager to spell it out for her.

"It means you'd be in Alternative School for the rest of the year. You would not be allowed to walk at graduation. You would be kicked off of NHS, the band, and the soccer team. You'd lose all credibility, and I'm willing to bet that UofC would rescind your admission." He ran his fingers through her hair, and suddenly Lauren got a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Of course, if you want to cooperate, all of this can go away."

Those bastards, Lauren thought. This was their plan all along. Drag a pretty girl in, get her on a bogus charge, and blackmail her into submission. "No, I'm not going to do... whatever you want," she stuttered, finding her voice as Mr. Landen's crotch came uncomfortably close to her face. "I'll get a lawyer and... and do something!"

"Do what, exactly?" The principal smirked. "Its our word against yours. And I did just see Officer Ingstrup pull a bag of marijuana from your rectum." He reached down and ran a finger along her crack for emphasis.

"But he didn't!" Lauren shouted.

Principal Landen laughed. "This room is soundproof, Ms. Hice. And a judge isn't going to trust a teenager that's been dealing drugs. Now, if you want to do what we say, we can just forget this ever happened. But if you want to walk out of here, lawyer up, and try to convince the world that you aren't just another good girl spoiled into drugs by too much pressure, I won't stop you. It's your future, Lauren."

She knew he was right. She had no other option. She couldn't have anything go wrong, especially nothing like this. Drugs would automatically bar her from every worthwhile institution in the country, and most of the ones abroad. She swallowed, looking between her still-naked thighs and at the grey carpet where there was a small wet spot underneath her crotch. "What do you want me to do?" She asked.

"You." Officer Ingstrup spoke this time. "You will do what we tell you do, when and where we tell you to do it. If we tell you not to wear a bra to school, you don't wear a bra. If we tell you to suck off the soccer coach after practice, you give him the best blow job you can." He explained. "You will be our fucktoy for the remainder of the school year. And after that, you're done. You're off scot-free. You can go to UofC in the fall and pretend nothing ever happened."

Lauren nodded. "I-I'll do it." She almost whispered.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" The principal asked, grabbing her hair and wrapping his hand around her throat. "I couldn't hear you."

"Ah! I said I'll do it! I'll be your fucktoy!" Lauren gasped. In front of her face, Officer Ingstrup unbuttoned his trousers and slid the zipper down.

"I'm so glad you agree, Ms. Hice."

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