Leanna Ch. 05


Note to reader: This chapter diverges somewhat from the main story and can be read out of order, or skipped entirely, without too much loss.


Rain poured down on the darkened city. It was late. Few were up at this hour and even fewer were out braving the inclement weather. A normally busy street was almost completely deserted save for a pale light coming from a small restaurant just off the main road. Inside two women sat across from each other.

"I believe this is what you've been searching for."

One of the women passed a brown folder across the table. The other woman, a police officer, pulled out and examined the documents inside. She smiled.

"Excellent. I assume I don't want to know how you got this."

"As always, I have my ways," the first woman agreed. "The less you know the better. Plausible deniability and all that."

"So the girl is completely under your control?" The officer asked.

"More or less." The muscular Latina woman agreed. "She still occasionally shows some signs of resistance, but that should soon pass. I don't expect the mother to be any more difficult either."

"We have a deal than. I get a crack at her first, and then you can have her and her daughter without any interference from me."

"Sounds good," the large woman relaxed back into her chair. "If you don't mind my asking, what is it about this lady you have such a problem with?"

Pausing for a moment to think, the policewoman replied.

"We go back a long way, I just have some unfinished business with her that I need to tie up."

"Well, as long as she's not too damaged when I get her."

"Don't worry Rosa; she'll be left for you tomorrow evening in fine condition." She looked down at her empty glass reconsidering her statement. "Well, for the most part anyway."

With that, she got up and left the restaurant with the folder in hand.

Rosa took a sip of wine as she watched the officer walk out.

"Fair enough," she quietly spoke to herself.

The next morning, Jennifer Price woke up and got dressed in a hurry. She wanted to get to her office early that day. There was a lot paper work that needed to be done on a case she was working on. She had people who worked for her that could help, but she didn't trust them not to mess it up.

The 40-year-old woman was at a high point in her career as a lawyer. She had made junior partner at her firm, and she had high ambitions which included a possible move into politics. She had been feeling unstoppable. She knew she could achieve her goals. Sure, she might have to make some of her employees and colleagues unhappy along the way, but that was their problem.

Just as she was about to grab her briefcase, the doorbell rang downstairs. Jennifer had been living alone in her large house for a few months now. Her daughter, Leanna, had recently graduated high school and had moved out to attend college. It was actually a relief not to have her under foot anymore. Now, she could operate on her own schedule without having to think about the coming and going of an 18-year-old. It meant, for one thing, that she could bring dates home at night without fear of interruption.

Jennifer was briefly married when she had her daughter. She and her husband were only 22 at the time and he didn't want to deal with a kid. He took off one night and she never saw him again. Fortunately for Jennifer she had inherited quite a lot of money and could afford various housekeepers and nannies to do most of the work while she pursued her career.

"What the hell is this?" Jennifer thought to herself as she saw through the window a police car parked outside. "If Leanna has gotten herself in to trouble again, I swear I'll cut her off financially and she can fend for herself."

Opening the door, she was confronted by a female police officer.

"Can I help you?" Jennifer asked in a curt manner.

"As a matter of fact, Jennifer, you can," the officer replied.

"Have we met?" Jennifer asked, surprised that she knew her name.

"It's Loren. Loren Pacheco. We went to high school together."

Jennifer scanned her memory but couldn't recall. It was years ago and she knew a lot of people back then.

"I'm not surprised you're having some trouble remembering me," Loren replied. "We weren't exactly friends, and as I recall you were pretty bitchy to everyone else."

"Excuse me?" Jennifer was taken aback.

She knew it was probably true. She had always treated people pretty badly. But still, what right did this woman have to say that sort of thing.

"Doesn't matter anyway," the officer replied. "There are more important things for you to remember right now."

Jennifer was handed a folder.

"I've recently come into position of something you should see."

"What is it?" Jennifer asked in bewilderment.

"Have a look inside."

Jennifer opened the folder. Suddenly, her mind snapped to attention. Some months ago, before she had moved out, Leanna got herself arrested for underage drinking and drug use. She spent the night in jail. Of course, this would have been a scandal for Jennifer. Not wanting to jeopardize her plans of running for office, she used some connections she had to cover the situation up. She was able to have the police report and any evidence of the incident destroyed. This was done through a third party so she never knew that it was actually Loren who made the arrest. She never bothered to find out. Whoever it was, if they said anything, it would be their word against hers. Without the police report, there would be no proof.

The situation changed in an instant. The document in the folder was what appeared to be the very report that was supposed to have disappeared.

"What is this?" Jennifer asked with a hint of fear.

"That piece of paper you're holding," replied Loren, "is the original report I filed when I busted your daughter."

"You?" Jennifer was again stunned.

"That's right. I was the one who arrested Leanna. Imagine my surprise when I learned a few days later that the report I filed had seemingly been erased from existence."

"This can't be real," Jennifer said still completely stunned.

"It's real. Signed, dated and authenticated. It took me quite a while to retrieve it. Most people wouldn't have bothered. Unfortunately for you, I have a special interest."

Loren grabbed the folder from her hands.

"Your planning on blackmailing me, is that it?" Jennifer responded, composing herself somewhat. "Well as a lawyer let me tell you, underage drinking isn't a big enough of a crime to make it worth it for you."

"But, it's not the actual crime, is it?" Loren replied. "The fact that you covered it up is the real issue. I think that's a jailable offense. Even if you're somehow able to use your fancy lawyer tricks to wriggle out of it, the appearance of a scandal alone would be pretty damaging to you career, wouldn't it?"

"Why do you care? Just because, we were acquaintances from high school?"

"We weren't acquaintances Jennifer. You made life miserable for me."

"Oh come on," Jennifer dismissed the thought.

"It's true. The way you demeaned and humiliated me at every opportunity. You and your friends thought you were so much better than the rest of us just because you were from a rich family who could afford to send you to that school without having to sacrifice anything. And then, your daughter is just carrying on the tradition, isn't she?"

Jennifer just stood there. At first, she was startled at this outburst, but quickly tried to calm her down.

"Look, whatever problems you and I had, can't we settle them like adults?"

"You know what the worst part was?" Loren slowly advanced on Jennifer, completely ignoring her pleas. "Despite all the harassment, I adored you. I would have given anything to hang out with you."

Jennifer stepped back nervously as Loren moved closer.

"I used to think I envied you, but I eventually came to realize something," Loren spoke as she approached even closer.

Jennifer tried to take another step back but bumped into the wall behind her.

"I didn't actually want to hang out with you, I just wanted you."

With that Loren quickly put her arm around the smaller woman's neck and pulled her face in for a deep kiss on the lips. Jennifer's eyes shot wide open with shock.


Jennifer tried to push away. After a moment, Loren released her.

"What are you doing?" Jennifer cried out, trying to catch her breath.

Loren smiled.

"You used to call me a dyke, remember? Well, I didn't really realize it at the time, but it turned out you were right. I did like girls. And, all these years later, I still fantasize about you. I fantasize about sexually humiliating you."

Jennifer was completely stunned.

"Don't act like you didn't have a thing for me," Loren said, noticing the look on her face. "All those times you talked about the size of my breasts, that time you stole my clothes from my gym locker. You had the hots for me, big time, back then."

"Th-that's not true," Jennifer protested timidly. "I don't like girls."

"Oh, come on. You've never experimented before? You've never even considered it?"

Jennifer shook her head.

Loren gently brushed a strand of blond hair from the woman's flushed face.

"You're telling me that, in all these years, you've haven't once thought of me like that?" Loren softly whispered.

"I haven't thought of you at all," Jennifer responded.

Angry, Loren pushed Jennifer back against the wall and took a step back.

"Fine," the incensed woman spoke. "I guess this will be a new experience for you then."

"Please, just calm down and we can talk about this," Jennifer begged.

She desperately wanted to get the folder and end this.

"No, I'm going to talk and you're going to do exactly what I say. If you want this folder, you're going to follow my orders precisely."

"Alright, fine," Jennifer relented. "What did you want?"

Loren's mood suddenly seemed to lighten.

"First of all, before we do anything else, I need to see that body. I've been dreaming about for the last twenty years. Lose the clothes."

Jennifer was again shocked.

"That's insane. I'm not going to strip for you. You can't make me." "No, what would be insane is for you not to do exactly what I say," Loren said firmly. "Now, if you don't get undressed right here in front of me, well, you know what'll happen."

Loren waved the folder in her hand.

Jennifer did know what would happen. She would be fired, humiliated in front of her peers; no firm would ever hire her again. Her career would be over and that's assuming she wouldn't go to jail in the first place. No, she couldn't let that happen. She couldn't let her life be ruined by this. Loren may have seemed crazy, but indulging her twisted demands would be far better than the alternative.

"Ok, fine," Jennifer conceded.

She hesitated for a moment, as if not sure how to proceed.

"Go on," Loren demanded.

Jennifer sighed and removed the blazer of her black pant suit. She looked at Loren. Seeing no way out, she slowly began unbuttoning her white dress shirt. Once removed, she held it in her hand with her arms crossed across her brazier covered chest. Loren's eyes widened.

"Let me see," she said in a commanding voice.

Jennifer reluctantly lowered her arms. She had an impressive body. She worked hard at keeping herself in great shape. She would spend hours at the gym, and not just to pick up men. Her tan skin contrasted nicely with the white silk around her large breasts.

"Very nice," Loren spoke with satisfaction. "Now the other half."

Jennifer dropped the shirt and undid her pants. She kicked off her heels and slid the fabric down her toned legs. Stepping out of them, she nervously stood in her underwear, arms at her sides as Loren glared with delight.

"There, can we stop now?" Jennifer asked, though she knew full well what the response would be.

"Not yet," Loren said as she walked towards Jennifer.

She reached around her waist, pulling her in close. Their lips nearly touched, but instead of kissing her again, Loren undid the bra in the back. She let it spring open freeing Jennifer's bust. As she stepped back, she pulled the laced silk off the woman's shoulders.

Tossing the bra away, Loren knelt down and carefully pulled down the panties. Jennifer didn't resist. She looked straight ahead, trying not to think about what was happening.

"Now let's have a look."

Loren stepped back to examine Jennifer in full.

"Spectacular," she proclaimed.

Loren turned and took a seat on the couch. Arms spread out and legs crossed she relaxed into the soft cushions.

"Come have a seat," she patted the couch next to where she was sitting.

Jennifer just stared for a moment but then came over and took a seat next to Loren. With her hands on her knees, she nervously sat, her back straight as a board. Loren reached her arm around the shoulder of the awkward feeling woman next to her.

"I bet back in high school when you were knocking books out of my hand in front of the lockers you never thought you'd one day be sitting next to me, naked and helpless."

Loren slid her hand down Jennifer's chest and gently cupped one of her breasts. Jennifer squirmed and tried to scoot away but was held close. Loren reached over with her other hand and started massaging her breasts and gently pinching her nipples. Jennifer winced.

"Stop," Jennifer meekly pleaded. She was feeling a bit light headed by this point.

"We haven't even begun."

Loren smiled mischievously and gave Jennifer a quick kiss on the lips. With a push, she stood up.

"Get up and collect your clothes."

Jennifer did as she was told.

"Time for you to get dressed."

"Finally," Jennifer thought to herself.

"But, not in those," Loren continued. "I have another idea."

"Please," Jennifer begged. "I have to get to work. They'll wonder where I am."

"Aren't you the boss? I'm sure they won't mind."

At this point, Jennifer's bewilderment was beginning to change into annoyance.

"That's enough," she said regaining some courage. "I did what you wanted, I feel gross and disgusting, now we're done. Leave the folder and go."

"We're not done until I say so," Loren spoke firmly. "Yeah, fondling you in your living room is fun. The problem is, I think you enjoyed it a little too much yourself."

"I didn't," Jennifer protested.

"Either way, I told you I wanted to humiliate you. That hasn't happened yet."

"What more could you want?" Jennifer pleaded.

"Oh, I have plans for the entire day," responded Loren.

Jennifer's heart sank but she remained defiant.

"Why don't you just do whatever you're going to do to me and get it over with, right here and now?"

"You're impatient," said Loren. "I remember you were like that in high school. Always had to get your way. Well, how about this? You follow my instructions for the rest of the day, then I'll give you the folder and you'll never see me again. Deal?"

Jennifer sighed. What choice did she have?

"Fine," she replied.

"Good. Here's what's going to happen. As long as we're reminiscing about high school, we're going to take a trip back in time," Loren spoke in a cheery voice. "I want you to change into your school clothes."

"School clothes, what are you talking about?" Jennifer asked with complete confusion.

"You know, the school uniform you used to wear. God all the guys loved seeing you in that. The rest of us were so jealous. I used to stand by my locker and watch you from behind. The way that skirt bounced on your ass as you walked, it drove me nuts."

"You can't be serious? Why would you think that I'd even have my old uniform? That was years ago."

"Maybe you don't," Loren responded with a slight smile. "But, I bet you still have your daughter's around here somewhere."

It was true, Leanna's Creekview uniform was still hanging in the closet of her old room. After all, it hadn't even been a year since she graduated.

"There is no way on earth that I'm going to wear my daughter's clothes. That's crazy."

"No, once again, what would be crazy is for you not to do what I say," Loren replied. "Now, we had a deal. Go upstairs and change right now."

"Alright," Jennifer eventually agreed. "I don't know what kind of sick thrill you'll get out of this, but I'll play along with your deranged game."

"Good girl. You've got ten minutes. I'll be waiting."

Begrudgingly, Jennifer departed up the stairs. Leanna's old room was mostly empty except for a few boxes and pieces of bare furniture. Jennifer hadn't ever gotten around to cleaning the place out. In her closet were just some old clothes that Leanna didn't bother to take with her when she moved out. Sure enough, among them was the Creekview Academy uniform she wore during her high school days. Examining it Jennifer couldn't help but be reminded of her own years at the private school. The uniform really hadn't changed much since her day. It still consisted of a blue skirt and a white short sleeved blouse. She didn't see the tie anywhere, but whatever. Loren would just have to live with what she had.

Jennifer changed quickly. She just wanted to get this whole thing over with as soon as she could. The uniform didn't fit perfectly. She was a little bigger than Leanna. About the same height, but not quite as thin. Her breasts were a bit larger as well. Since Leanna always wore her uniform small to begin with, it didn't leave much room.

As she started to leave, she noticed herself in a long mirror hanging on the wall. She was a little surprised. It had been some time since she wore anything like this. She couldn't help but be a bit proud at how sexy she looked, even after all this time. She also couldn't help but feel a little ashamed at the fact that she looked quite a bit like her daughter. If Leanna had worn something that was as revealing on her, she would have never let her out of the house.

"God I'm glad she's not here for any of this," she thought to herself.

Jennifer hastily fixed her hair as best she could and squeezed into Leanna's black high heeled Mary Janes.

"Am I really doing this?" she thought as she continued to examine herself in the mirror. "How did I end up in a situation like this? That woman is crazy, but I have to do what she says."

As she went back downstairs she reassured herself that this would all be over soon.

Loren was relaxing on an armchair in the living room. She had some sort of object hanging from her hand. The folder was in the other. When she saw Jennifer standing in the entryway she immediately sat up.

"Holly shit," she proclaimed excitedly. "You might look even better than you did in high school."

Jennifer blushed as Loren examined her. She couldn't believe how embarrassed she was. A grown woman standing in her own living room dressed in such a humiliating way. As Loren glared at her, she all of a sudden felt extremely self-conscious.

"Spin around," ordered Loren.

Jennifer did as she was told.

"Sexy as hell," said Loren.

"Great," said Jennifer sarcastically. "Can I get changed and go to work now?"

"You can go to work, but you're not changing."

"Wait, you mean..." Jennifer stammered.

"That's right. You're going to show everyone at your office what you used to look like."

"No. I can't..." Jennifer started to beg. "It's not allowed. I look like a slut in this."

"That's true, but I doubt you'll get fired for one dress code violation. On the other hand, you will get fired if you don't do what I want."

Loren tapped on the folder as a reminder.

"It's really not a choice," Loren said with a smile.

"Please. I'll be humiliated."

"What do you think the goal here is?" Loren scolded. "Now before you go, come over here for a sec."

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