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Lessons Learned


I listened intently to each voice as it lightly echoed in my ears. My hands slid up the straps, which were taunt around my wrists. My eyes were closed only because they had been covered, entering me into a word of darkness. Each breath felt heavy in my chest, as I fought to remain calm. Every nerve stood on end, my body chilled for a moment, though the room was warm. I shivered for a moment, not from the temperature but because of uncertainty.

My lips were so dry, so parched, and I parted them instinctively and briefly touched my tongue over. I tried to will the sound of my breathing out of my mind as I listened carefully to the conversation that surrounded me. No words had been spoken that mentioned my existence, though I felt as if eyes periodically glanced my way at this macabre spectacle. There was no recognition in the sounds I heard, no association from voices I have known. I could easily discern the masculine voices from the quiet feminine sounds.

My owner, without explanation had placed me in this chair before the room came alive with people. He has placed my gently down into a chair that he had set to the side of the room. The thought had entered my mind for the briefest of moments that it seemed as if it was set up on its own podium, other furniture removed in stark contrast to the rest of the room. I did not now what to expect, and he saw no reason to tell me. He lovingly bound my wrists, the straps tightening around as my eyes lifted and studies his features.

My body was bare as usual, his pleasure, to keep me ready for his every whim. A soft silk binding enveloped me in darkness as he carefully covered my eyes. His lips pressed to my forehead, in a quick kiss, a lingering print left behind. I always trembled, a stirring in my thighs when he did, it for some reason made me feel but a child and the color filled my cheeks. My world was darkness now, relying only on my senses of sound and touch, as the gentle stirrings of night engulfed me.

His fingertips knowingly slid between the warm of my thighs, as he lightly traced over swollen wet flesh, dragging his large fingers over the throbbing bud. I lifted and arched from the chair, crying out, my body straining in ecstasy. His hand slid over my taunt belly and pushed me back to the rough surface of the chair.

He leaned close, his breath lightly caressing my neck and whispered, "Not yet, my pretty."

I sensed a smile etched on his face, his words light and tender. I had wondered many times how this man could bring my body so alive, without control, total abandonment. I always felt smaller around him, so feminine. Every nerve and fiber was sensitized to my surroundings.

My body easily slid back against the chair, though my hips continued to lift and lower instinctively, juices moistening the soft flesh of my inner thighs. His thumb lightly dragged over my parted lips as he coated them with my warm juices. Like a dream, he disappeared while I whimpered pathetically in my misery. My body ached for his touch, the sensations racing through my flesh as I tried to control the quivering of my thighs.

I listen to the quiet monotones of the clock, each tick marking off a new second. I don’t think it was long before the first knock came at the door, though I may be wrong. I was so lost in my agony as it knotted my belly that time was no longer something I could grasp. I felt my cheeks redden; my head dropped forward slightly as the embarrassment slowly crept up. With each knock to the door, my body unintentionally jumped to the sound, the heat again rising in my cheeks as I again tried to calm my breathing.

I felt so bare, so vulnerable, totally at my owner’s mercy. The moistness on my thighs increased as the warmth trickled down. The throbbing intensified as I felt myself swell and become engorged. The aching was now at an uncontrollable level as I squirmed helplessly.

I startled as I heard my Master’s laughter, sensing him drawing closer, my breath caught in my throat. I mouthed the words silently over and over, heard to no ones ears but my own, "Please."

I cried out as his hand slipped around the small of my back, the warmth almost burning through my flesh as he pulled my arms over my head, him helping me lift to my feet. I had to concentrate; afraid my knees would no longer hold me, my body weak with need. I no longer cared who was in the room; I no longer had any pride, my emotions raw and stripped, bare for all to see.

I lifted and lowered on my toes methodically, by body swaying slightly as the bindings pulled at my wrists. I knew the leather was wearing against my skin, but I didn’t care, I just ached for a touch, to release me from this burning need that raged through me.

Again no recognition of me was made, the time slipping by as I tried to concentrate on the conversations to no avail. My stomach was tense and knotted as I tried to endlessly fight back the surges that ran through my body. I did not speak as I had not been permitted, the voiceless cries within reverberating in my mind.

My eyes blinked furiously as I sensed someone draw near. My body tensed and stopped its pitiful motion. Without any warning I felt something slide deep within my folds, my muscles clamping and spasming around it, juices easily flowing down my thighs. The motion of my body would not stop, moving with wild abandon. Cries flew from my mouth as my body danced to its song of need. I felt a large hand press down on my shoulder, trying to stop this macabre scene. My owner’s rumbling voice cut into my heart as he ordered, "Stop."

My body tensed, my breath ripped from my lungs as the motion stopped and internally I agonized as I fought the urges my body wished to move to. My hands wrapped tightly around the bindings as I pulled myself to my toes, lifting and straining, flexing every muscle to will myself not to move.

I know I was shaking as I felt him slowly wrap a strap around my slim waist, pulling what I assumed was a large dildo deeper within me. My muscles again clamped down on it hard as I fought to still any motion. His fingertips lightly traced over my hips, a feathery touch that left invisible prints on me, ingrained into my flesh as he moved away.

I needed him so badly; I didn’t care how many people saw. I no longer cared what anyone thought about me, my whole being screaming for his touch. I mouthed the silent words endlessly, hoping that he would show mercy on me, on his property, on what was his, "Please."

The only movement from my body was my muscles clamping around what was inserted into my warmth, clenching with each whispered word. The voices no longer rang in my ears, as I blocked them out, my attention centered on the trickling of my juices as the slowly flowed from me.

My body started to ache, as I continually tensed each muscle, turning my wrists ever so slightly in the restraints. The leather continued to bite into my skin, and briefly I would feel rawness, but the agony I felt elsewhere quickly obliterated the pain.

The tears lightly coursed down my cheeks, my breath almost in gasps now as I felt a hand push me back to the chair, crying out as I was impaled deeper. The binding holding my arms almost magically came free. As quickly as I felt myself lowered, my wrists quickly bound to the arms of the chair as I sat, totally open, totally vulnerable for any eyes that may wish to see.

I tried not to cry, but I could not will it to stop. I sensed the room quieted, my shoulder hunching forward as my head dropped, shaking with each sob.

I caught my breath over and over as words rang in my ears, "Tell me girl, who owns you?"

The words came out barely between breathes, "You, Master."

Again his voice echoed in my ears, " Tell me girl, do I allow my property any inhibitions?"

I was motionless; my eyes darting back and forth under their covering, trying to understand words almost to quiet to hear came from my mouth, "No Master."

The words clearly came from him, "Next time I tell you to be bare under your clothes, don’t question me."

The words cut through me, sharper than any blade; with distinct clarity I now understood why I was bound and naked.

I felt a mouth quickly press to the throbbing bud between my thighs, milking it slowly into the warmth, as I screamed and arched from the chair, crying out with such intensity, my throat ached.

His words came to me with such relief, "Cum for me, my little slut."

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