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Let's Have A Little Fun


We meet at the Harry Potter movie primer in London. Sean was just as hot in person as he is on screen. I had never gone all the way before, but something about him drove me mad, I needed him I wanted him. I introduced myself to Sean by walking up to him kind of shaking my hips in my ass tight jeans. You could tell by the look in his eyes that he wanted me too. Wanted my huge tits between his lips, wanted my pussy on his dick. I slipped my number into his hand when he reached out to shake mine and said, "give me a call if you want to have some fun."

The next day he called my and said in his sexy Scottish accent "so you up for that fun we talked about."

I said, "hell yea sexy, I thought you would never ask." So he gave me the address to his hotel and asked me to be there as soon as possible. I got dressed in my leather skirt that covers six inches of my forty-two inches long legs, a light blue tank top that could barley hold my boobs in, and my leather trench coat. When I got to his hotel room there were candles light all over the place and a note that said "the bedroom is the first door to your right, go in there and wait for me." I did what it said.

About ten minutes later I heard the front door open and heard him walk in. He called out my name "Erin" I answered back "In here sexy like you told me to be." As he reached the bedroom door I through my coat off and stood so he could see more of my legs. "You're one to talk. I did not know girls could be so damn fine." I smirked at him as he said this. I slowly walked over to him and he put his hand on my thigh and kissed my long and deep. I gently guided his had up my thigh to my waiting pussy and let him feel exactly how much I wanted him. He gently pushed me on to the bed and took off his pants. I could see through his underwear that he was ready. But I didn't get undressed, I wanted to make him work for it. He pulled off his shirt and underwear and got on the bed inches above me. He started by kissing my neck and slipping the straps of my tank top of my shoulders but I took his hands and placed them back on my thighs I liked them there. He had a longing look in his eyes as he glanced down at my swelling chest so I slipped my tank top down past my breasts.

He started playing with my tits immediately. I laid there on his bed for five minutes in ecstasy as he licked and bit at my tits, but I was getting so damn wet I needed him in me. I pulled up my skirt and guided his cock into my hole, he got the signal and started thrusting slow and deep, God was he hung. In, in, in he thrust God he was good he knew just when to thrust and when to hold it in. Sean would pull all the way out and then let the tip of his cock rest just barely touching the swollen lips of my pussy he would stay like that for ten or twenty seconds then trust in again. I let out such a loud pleasure-filled scream when I climaxed that the people in the next room called over to make sure no one was hurt (I still think they just wanted to know if someone was getting laid). We spent three days in his hotel room before I had to go home to America, but those stories will have to wait for some other time.

We lay together for a while after our first encounter, but I still felt like making Sean work for it. I slowly got up off the bed and glided my shirt over my head and my skirt off my thighs. He looked at me and I noticed his cock getting hard again, but I ignored it and walked out of the room. He called after me "Where are you going?" I just ignored him, walked into the bathroom, and turned on the tub. I could hear him stirring in the bedroom, but I knew I wanted him in the tub. I had come close to having sex with this guy in the water once and just the pre-sex stuff made me climax. He called out again "What are you doing?" When the tub was full I got in and answered back "Why don't you come in here and find out." I could hear him almost fall of the bed as he hurried out of the room and into the hall. I had just tucked my hair up as he walked into the room his cock still hard.

"Well don't you look like you want something." I said and motioned him towards the tub. He got into the tub and I wrapped my legs around him. The tub was huge it probably could have fit four people but we only needed it to fit two. I place my hands on his cock and slowly stroked it from the head to the base and back again. It drove him mad, he kissed my neck with his perfect lips and I moaned (like I said this water thing drove me wild). I positioned myself over his cock and slid it into my swollen pussy. I slowly lowered myself down his shaft, with every thrust of my body water spilled out of the tub and onto the floor. He shoat his load into me and I moaned again louder then before. He didn't go soft for a second but grasped my hips and started guiding me up and down faster and faster. He never wanted anything slow I could tell. He pumped me up and down, faster and faster till we climaxed together.

"God your good, Erin." He said to me as I got out of the bathtub. "You know when you gave me your phone number I though you were just some grope or something, but I am so glad I was horny enough this morning to call."

"Thanks sexy" I said back. "You're not bad yourself and I'm glad that I gave you my number, but I should be getting back to my hotel." I teased him; I didn't really have to go any were for three whole days. He got out of the tub, grabbed me from behind, and whispered in my ear "Don't go, I'll go crazy if I don't have your curves near me." He caressed my thighs "You can't give me something so good and expect me to let it just walk out the door." He placed his right had on my tits and let his left hand slid down to my clit and started to gently stroked the lips of my pussy with his finger tips. "Ooohhh" I moaned. He was good. "I guess I could stay a bit longer."

That was all he needed to hear he guided me down on to the bathroom floor and started fingering my pussy while kissing at my huge breasts. "Ooohh – sexy were did you learn to do this. God you know exactly what to do."

"Well I didn't learn from anyone. I guess I'm learning as we go." He was starting to get hard again so I guided his body up higher so he could get in my hole. He started thrusting me so hard, I could tell he wanted it bad. I let him have it the way he wanted it. Fast and Hard. The bathroom echoed with our tandem moans. I could not have asked for anything better in my life. This gorgeous man spreading pleasure all through me. The heat from our body caused even the tiles on the ceiling to steam up.

What happened after that? Well that will have to wait for later.

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