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Letting My Wife Cut Loose


I have always wondered why a woman would give in to blackmail for sex rather than just refuse. But the look in my wife's eyes changed my outlook on that subject. It started a few months ago, while we were on vacation in Seattle. We had left the kids with family and took a long weekend for ourselves down in the big city. We decided that we hadn't let loose in a long time and we wanted to have some fun. My wife Beth has kept her body in fit form, even after having 2 kids. Her 115 pound petite body sports some very nice 36B breasts and a tight ass. Her flat stomach has always been one of her most attractive assets as well. However she is very timid and pretty conservative when it comes to sex. So I was a bit surprised that night in Seattle when she dressed up in a sexy short skirt and low cut top. After dinner, she asked if we could hit some clubs downtown. This too was a bit out of her element because she doesn't usually like to drink or go to bars. But she said she knew I did and wanted to just have some fun and let loose. She told me that the long cold winters in Alaska where we live just make her feel like she is a prisoner, and now she was free to do anything.

I wasn't about to tell her no. I love it when she dresses sexy and gets wild; it's just that she very seldom does it. So I made sure that I kept my drinks to a minimum to keep a good buzz but that was it. I let her drink as much as she wanted too, which wasn't much but what she drank was effective. She was dancing like a wild woman; I was so excited to see her acting like that.

"I love that you are acting so wild and free." I yelled into her ear as we danced on the dance floor. She gave me a big smile and continued to let loose. The drinks I had earlier were taking their effect on me and I needed to use the restroom.

"I have to hit the bathroom; I'll get us some more drinks on the way back." I told her as I started to leave the dance floor.

"Well who am I supposed to dance with then?" She yelled back to me and grabbed my hand. She had that pouty look in her eyes. I could tell she wanted to keep dancing. So I let her.

"Just pick a guy; I'm sure there are a few here that would just love to dance with you." I told her as I stepped up and kissed her.

"What about you?" She asked.

"I'll be okay, I could use a break. Feel free to keep dancing and letting loose with any of the guys here." I said with a smirk.

"You a bad boy, ya know that?" she said pointing her finger at me. "You'll be jealous in a matter of minutes."

"I doubt that. I don't mind if you live it up with some of the locals. We don't let loose enough back home and I want you to have fun. So don't worry about me or about how you are dancing with them. Just have fun. In fact, I dare you to try and make me jealous." I said to her half joking. I didn't figure she would do much with any of the guys around here other dance at a distance.

"Your on buddy." she said as she turned away and went back to dancing in the crowd. I left the dance floor and hit the bathroom. While I was in there I decided to have some fun with Beth. There were several good-looking guys in the bathroom while I was in there.

"Hey you guys want to have some fun? I made a bet with my friend that she wouldn't dance nasty with any guys tonight. She is pretty timid, but she took the bet. She is out there right now waiting for guys to dance with her." I told 3 guys in the bathroom what she was wearing and what she looked like. They all agreed that they would play the innocent part and dance with her. I told them that I would buy them a drink if each one of them groped her while they danced with her. Of course they all accepted, who wouldn't take a drink just for groping a hot chick while dancing.

As I left the bathroom I went back to the bar and started looking for Beth. She was dancing with a couple over in the corner. They seemed to be having some sort of conversation while they danced. Then on queue one of the guys asked her to dance. He led her out onto the dance floor and started up close right off the bat. I could tell it affected her. She was much more reserved when dancing with this guy. She didn't know what to do when he came in close and put his arms around her like I do. But she kept up her dancing and even let him put his hands on her ass while they were finishing up the dance.

I sat at the bar and decided that this could be a cool thing to watch. I mentioned it to the guy sitting next to me as the next guy asked her to dance. This guy, not wanting to miss his change to grope her, started right in. He had his hands on her ass right away. She continued to dance with him and even put her hands on his shoulders and neck from time to time. He kept at least one hand either on her ass or hips the whole time.

"So you are okay with this dude?" the guy sitting next to me at the bar asked. "You don't mind the guy feeling up your wife while you watch?"

"It's okay, they are only dancing and I know she is faithful. I don't ever get jealous of her. Besides that is what the bet was, to make me jealous. But I don't get jealous, so it's a win-win." I told him as I continued to watch the dancing couple.

"Well, I'm just saying. What if she starts to like the attention?" He said.

"Well, the attention I don't mind, she could use it. She is really timid and shy; she doesn't usually act like this. That's why I'm letting her do this, because she won't do this back home. This is kind of like a 'what happens on vacation stays on vacation' thing." I told him as I took another sip of my beer.

"So you saying that she is free to do whatever?" he asked.

"Well, within reason. But she is so timid that what we are seeing is pretty much pushing her limits. So I doubt anything else will happen." I said as I waved to her on the dance floor. The guy dancing with her was laying it on thick. He had even tried to slide his hand under her mini-skirt, but she made him raise his hand back up to her hip.

"See I told you she won't let much happen here, not even letting the guy goes under the skirt." I commented to man at the bar.

"But you would be okay if she had let him? What would make you jealous man?" He asked, surprised that I was letting another man feel up my wife. "Well, as long as it was done in front of me so I can watch it all happens; then I don't care what she does. I just want her to be happy. She never acts like this back home in Alaska, so I figure I might as well let her go for broke here." I said explaining to him that I still love my wife more than anything in the world. But that I want her to be happy, whatever it takes sometimes.

"Wow dude. That is something else. So if I were to walk up to here and tell her that she was totally hot and that I would love to take her home; you would be okay as long as you could watch?" He asked, insinuating that he was going to have her.

"Look buddy. It isn't gonna happen so don't go making a fool of yourself." I told him sternly as I took another drink of my beer.

"No YOU look buddy. You just confess to me that you don't care what the fuck your slutwife does as long as you can watch. So don't get mad at me if I convince her to do just that." He said very harshly to me, glaring me in the eyes. If he was trying to intimidate me, it worked. But I knew Beth would shoot him down, so I let his comments blow by.

"Whatever dude. She will shoot you down, so don't worry about it." I said as I finished my beer and asked for another from the bartender. As I turned from him, he grabbed my arm and came close to me.

"Wanna bet? I bet I can get her to leave with me tonight and not you." He said quietly in my ear and then walked off. I thought to myself that he was just a crazy guy about to get shot down by my wife. My wife who was currently dancing with the third guy I talked to in the bathroom. This guy was much more reserved than the previous. But he could really dance; he kept her moving all over the dance floor. I lost track of them when I grabbed my next beer. I walked down the bar to see if I could get a better look and find them again. I decided to walk to the other side of the club and see if I could see Beth and her dance buddy, but couldn't find them. I figured maybe she felt to go to the bathroom or maybe to find me. I hope the guy hadn't done something to piss her off, by trying to grab her breast or something.

I did find the guy that she was dancing with. I spotted him over in the corner off of the dance floor. He was a dark corner, none of the lights from the dance floor were on him and he was facing the wall. As I walked closer I could tell he was interacting with someone off to the side of the dance floor. As I got closer I could finally see everything. It was Beth. He was kissing her up against the wall of the club. I stood there for a minute until someone bumped into me and knocked me almost over to the ground. I stood back on my feet again and took another look. There was Beth, making out with this guy. I didn't know exactly what to do, so I just sat off to the side and watched. The two of them kept kissing until the end of the song. Then I could tell she said something to him and walked off. Damn did she look sexy walking off and leaving that poop guy alone. He must have thought he hit the jackpot. The guy from the bar then walked up to him and started to talk to him. They talked for at least 5 minutes before they both had smiles on their faces and walked away with a handshake.

"There you are honey!" Beth said as she came up next to me. "I thought you were going to get us some drinks, where is mine?" She asked, I just stood there not saying anything.

"You looked like you were pretty busy out there on the dance floor, didn't want you to have to stop having fun." I said as I looked around the room for the two guys.

"Well they were all pretty nice guys; did you see that one guy try to put his hand up my skirt? Geez what a perv huh." She said. She was baiting me, trying to see if I had seen her kissing that guy.

"Yeah I did, but you must have liked the next guy a lot more huh?" I said as I turned to walk with her to the bar.

"Ahhhh you did see that huh? Well let me explain, I didn't really expect him to do that. I was just so excited to be letting loose and having fun that I just walked with him when he said let's take a break."

"I don't really need to know the rundown sweetie. Actually I didn't really mind. It was a shock, I'll admit that. But surprisingly I wasn't upset when I saw you. I knew that you were letting loose tonight, and I know that you would never do anything that I didn't want you to. I gave you permission to have fun, and you did." I said. I raised my hand to the bartender as we approached the bar.

"You mean you're not mad at me? I don't understand. You did see us making out in the corner, right? I let the guy put his hands on me while he was kissing me. That didn't piss you off?" Beth said shocked that I wasn't more upset than I was. I was actually a little shocked that I wasn't more upset myself. But seeing her out there on the dance floor having such a good time just didn't seem to make me jealous.

"Look sweetie, I know that you love me. I also know that this is vacation and we never get the chance to unwind like this back home. So if you want to have fun and kiss a few guys, let them feel you up and sow some wild oats then I'm okay with that."

"Uhhhh sow my wild oats? You mean you don't care if I take things further?" She asked.

"I don't understand, what do you mean further?" I didn't quite understand what she meant by that.

"Well I didn't want to tell you but before my little kissing session with hunky boy over there I went to the restroom. I met this really hot guy on the way back who said that I was too sexy to be dancing these guys. He said he wanted to take me to another club down the street where the atmosphere is a lot better. I told him I was here with you, but after seeing me dancing with those guys I don't think he believed me."

I wasn't sure what Beth was really alluding to, but I had pretty much had my fill of this club and was good to leave for another one. The night was still pretty young and we had time.

"Well, if you want to hit another club that is cool. I just want to finish my drink and hit the can one more time." I said as I took a large drink from my glass of beer.

"Okay why don't you do that while I go find him and let him know that we are game. You want to meet us outside?" Beth asked as I finished my drink. I nodded and put my empty glass on the bar.

"Yeah that is cool. I'll meet you outside and we can find this place."

"He said its half a block north and it's called "The White Cave". I think it might be more of a private club." Beth told me as we walked across the club.

"Okay. I'll hit the bathroom and we can meet outside and go." I said as I kissed her and we walked our separate ways. While I was in the bathroom I started thinking about what she said about taking it further. What could she have meant? I started to think that maybe she wanted to experiment with other people while we are on this vacation. The thought of it had crossed my mind from time to time over the years. I always knew that I wouldn't mind anything that happens sexually between Beth and myself, as long as Beth is happy about it. I was pretty open to just about anything. I just never really though Beth was open to trying new things.

I came out of the bathroom and headed towards the door. As I walked across the club, I glanced around to see if I could spot Beth at all. But I got to the door and nothing. So I went outside to wait for her. 10 minutes pasted and I began to grow a little worried. I could see from where I was the sign for the "White Cave" down the street. I figured I might just head down that way.


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