tagIncest/TabooLickety Split Ch. 03

Lickety Split Ch. 03


My cousin Jake and I were watching a baseball game on TV when the stereo started blaring in my little sister Heidi's bedroom. Immediately I started getting furious. We'd just spent two weeks with Jake and his sister Julie and the two girls had had the stereo cranked up almost the whole time. Since we were visiting I'd felt that it was Jake's place to tell his sister to turn the music down but he never did. I just couldn't believe it. Ever since she hit her teens my spoiled-brat of a little sister pissed me off countless times every day but Jake never seemed to be bothered by anything that Julie did. And if anything Julie had to be ten times as worse as Heidi.

I turned the volume up on the TV and tried to ignore the noise, I didn't want to look like I couldn't control myself in front of Jake. But I just couldn't do it. I kept picturing those silly girls up there in my sister's room. They were probably trying on clothes or putting on make-up or dancing around to the music. They were so spoiled and they weren't thinking twice about how the music might be bothering other people. I finally couldn't take it anymore. I went upstairs and pounded on Heidi's door and shouted at her to turn the volume down. After a few seconds I heard her shouting at me to go away.

I stood there for a few minutes totally pissed off. I tried her door but it was locked. I weighed my options but the only thing I could really do would be to keep pounding on her door. I was about to give her door a strong kick and then go get Jake and head to the park to shoot some hoops when I heard a noise from inside Heidi's bedroom.

It was some kind of cry and the first thing that went through my head was that someone was hurt. I knew that Heidi was in there with her best friend, Lynn, and our cousin, Julie. They were probably dancing around and someone fell down or something. I was about to knock and see if everyone was okay when I heard the noise again.

I stopped dead. I recognized the sound, it was the sound a girl makes when she's being fucked. I stood there for a few more seconds in disbelief, then I heard the sound again. Only louder.

I pictured them in there. My beautiful little sister with her white-blonde hair and green eyes, my cousin who was almost identical to my sister and my sister's friend, Lynn, a hot little redhead with nice big tits. The three little sluts must be in there masturbating together, or even better, they could be eating each other out and finger-fucking. My cock was getting hard fast as the moans continued and all that I could think about was getting into that room.

I ran back downstairs to the living room. "Hey, Jake," I said, "it looks like our little sisters are taking a page out of our book."

"What?" he asked.

"They're up there getting off together."

"Shit!" he exclaimed and stood up from the couch.

"Yeah, the door's locked but I bet we can pick the lock," I said.

After listening at the bedroom door for a few minutes, we got a hairpin out of the bathroom and started trying to pick the lock but it wouldn't work. The hairpin wasn't strong enough and our hands were just too shaky from listening to the sounds coming out of that room and picturing what was going on inside the bedroom.

Finally Jake said, "shit, I can't take this anymore" and pulled his hard cock out of his shorts. He started pulling hard on his dick and I gave up on the lock and went to work on my own cock. Jake can get off faster than anyone I've ever known, in no time he was shooting a thick load of cum all over the door to my little sister's bedroom. When he was finished he turned his attention to me. He pushed my hands away from my cock and popped it into his hot mouth.

We'd started jacking off together almost as soon as we started getting hardons, within a year we were giving each other handjobs and blowjobs. Jake knew exactly how to make me cum hard, his expert mouth coupled with the thoughts and sounds of the three girls in the bedroom was enough to give me a huge orgasm. Jake popped my cock out of his mouth just before I came. As I shot cum all over Heidi's bedroom door someone, it sounded like it was probably Lynn, started screaming in orgasm.

I shoved my cock back into my shorts and Jake said, "Fuck, we have got to get in there. I am going to shove my cock into whoever is screaming like that."

I agreed and we went searching for a better tool to pick the lock with, rummaging through the house. It seemed like it took forever but we finally found a paperclip and bent it straight. The paperclip worked. I opened the door and we stepped into the room. All three girls were on the bed. My little sister had her head between Julie's legs and Lynn was sitting next to them, she looked like she was about to grab a handful of Julie's little tittie. Lynn noticed us right away and just stared in shock. Julie noticed us next and the little slut smiled and started moaning even louder, putting on a show for us. I looked over at Jake, he was going to get it easy.

Julie pushed Heidi's face out of her pussy and my little sister sat up, her lips and face glistening with our cousin's sweet juices. As soon as she saw us she gave a little yell and jumped back, landing in Lynn's lap. It was time to get things started.

Jake locked the door and went after his little sister. Julie jumped off the bed to confront Jake, it looked like she wanted a good old-fashioned fight before she was going to submit.

I went and turned the stereo off and then went over to the bed. I looked at the two girls who were still sitting on the bed. They were beautiful half-lying there naked on my little sister's baby-pink and white checked blanket. Heidi's long white-blonde hair was tousled around her perfect face. Her green eyes were sparkling with fear, nervousness and defiance. I took in her little titties with their pretty pink nipples, her long legs and the little bit of blonde bush showing at the juncture of her thighs. She was sitting in her best friend Lynn's lap, I looked at Lynn's big titties, they had huge nipples that were just begging to be sucked. Lynn's long red hair cascaded around her face and her hazel eyes looked mesmerized with shock and embarrassment. My cock was hard again and ready to plow into both of them.

"Well, well, well," I said. "Look what we have here. Three little sluts all snug in a bed."

Heidi scrunched up her adorable little face and shouted, "Will, get out of here!"

"Oh, I don't think so, Little Sister. I have some questions to ask first," I said, sitting next to the two naked little sluts. "You see, I've been very worried about you. I heard strange noises in here. Moans and cries, even screaming... I thought that someone was sick or hurt. But you aren't hurt, are you, Heidi? No, you're far from hurt."

I started rubbing Heidi's lower leg but she jerked it away from me. I just smiled at her and slowly took the leg back. I knew what I wanted. I'd wanted to bury my cock in my own little sister since she hit puberty and after this little scene there was no way that I was going to let her get away. She was a hot little slut who obviously needed it bad and there was no one who could give it to her better than big brother.

I started rubbing her inner thigh, it was all I could do not to dive into that gorgeous cunt but I wanted to tease her first. "So tell me, Sis," I said. "How does it feel to eat your own cousin's pussy? How does it taste? Does Julie have a sweet cunt? The kind you just can't get enough of? Do you just love to eat your cousin's pussy?"

She didn't answer of course, she just started whimpering. Shaking and whimpering. I didn't let it bother me. I took the opportunity to take another look at my little sister lying naked on the bed in front of me. Her soft white skin, her little titties with their pink nipples, she was so perfect. I grabbed her knees and forced her legs open to get a good look at her lovely little cunt.

"Oh yeah, Baby Sister," I said, "you've got the prettiest little pussy I've ever seen. Your little clit is just begging me to bite it and I know your pussy must be begging for a real fuck from a real cock. Isn't that right, Heidi? Tell Big Brother what you want. Tell Big Brother you want a good fuck with his great big cock."

I finally reached out and touched her perfect little pussy, running my fingers through its crisp blonde hair. It was a dream come true. I'd been watching my little sister's body maturing for a few years. Watching her titties grow and her hips start to curve. I'd jacked off a million times thinking about seeing her pussy and now I was seeing it and touching it and soon I'd be tasting it and fucking it. I slipped my fingers between the soft, hot lips of her pussy, feeling her heat and wetness. I explored every centimeter of her pussy with my fingers. I'd never touched a pussy so hot and soft.

She started crying and said, "No, Will. Please don't do this. Please stop." I looked up at her and watched as Lynn put her arms around her. I had two beautiful teenage sluts lying naked on a bed in front of me, there was no way in hell I was going to stop.

"Oh no, Heidi baby. I'm not going to stop. If you wanted so much to taste your cousin's pussy them I'm sure you'd just love to taste your brother's big cock and Jake's too." I kept playing with her hot little pussy, I couldn't get enough of the soft, slick feel of it against my fingers. "Isn't that right you spoiled little bitch? Don't you want my cock in your pussy? Don't you want to know what it feels like to be fucked by a guy instead of a girl? Don't you want the real thing?"

She started begging me to stop but I ignored her. "Too late, Heidi. You fucking deserve this. The way you walk around the house flaunting your body. You're begging for it. You're always begging for it and I should have given it to you long before this. I'll make up for it now. I'm going to fuck you so hard that you'll never forget it."

I stood up and took off my clothes. I watched the two beautiful naked virgins on the bed staring at my hard cock, probably the first they'd ever seen. Their eyes were wide with amazement and lust. I moved back to the bed and grabbed Heidi's ankles and yanked her to where she was lying on the bed but her head was still up against Lynn's stomach. I wanted to be able to look at both of them as I fucked her sweet cunt. I spread her legs open wide and looked at her perfect little pussy.

I rubbed my hands over the smooth skin of her legs and made my way up to her pussy. I opened up the lips of her pussy, getting a good look at the cunt that I was about to fuck for all that I was worth.

"No, Will, please..." I heard Heidi saying, but her voice was telling me a different story... Her voice was begging me to take her.

I knelt down between her legs and cupped her breasts, they were perfect and I told her so. "More beautiful than I ever imagined." I loved the feel of her soft skin in my hands. I'd had my hands up quite a few shirts by that time but I'd never been so pleased to feel nipples getting hard in my hands. I would have loved to spend a lifetime playing with those perfect titties but that sweet virgin pussy was too much to ignore. I had to have it, taste it, feel my cock in it, fuck it over and over again.

I spread her pussy open again, taking one last look at her virgin cunt before I plowed my cock into it. I was going to make her mine and after this it wouldn't matter who had her, she would always remember that I was her first and that I owned her pussy. She would be mine forever.

I set my face between those soft white thighs and began licking and tasting every inch of her pussy, from bottom to top, ending with a few well-placed strokes on her clit. She was getting hotter every second and the smell and taste of her was driving me crazy. I moved back down to her dripping hole, licking up her sweet juices and fucking her with my tongue.

Fucking her with my tongue drove me crazy, all that I wanted to do was replace my tongue with my cock and fill her with a huge load of cum. Heidi really liked the tongue-fucking, she was moaning and pushing that sweet pussy into my mouth, trying to get my tongue as deep inside of her as possible. I glanced up and noticed that her gorgeous friend Lynn had started playing with Heidi's little titties. Heidi was melting in my mouth and I knew that she would be coming soon, I drank up more of her hot juice and then moved back up to her clit. After stroking it a bit I began sucking on it, Heidi was moaning and squealing, she was going to explode any moment. I drew her delicate pink nubbin into my mouth and gently bit it with my teeth. Heidi went wild, she began shrieking and had a huge orgasm. I'd never felt so triumphant, I just kept thinking that she was mine now, all mine.

I was ready with my cock as soon as Heidi's orgasm was over. As much as I wanted to lose control and ram it up into her I knew that I had to go slowly. I eased my cock into the tight clasp of her hot wet pussy. I could tell that it was hurting her, she was tense and whimpering. When I was deep inside of her I stopped and gave her a few moments to get used to the feel of me inside of her. When I heard her whispering to Lynn that it felt good I began to fuck her with slow short strokes. It wasn't long until she was soft and pliant again beneath me. She began meeting my thrusts and wrapped her legs around my waist, pushing me as deeply inside of herself as possible.

I started fucking her fast and hard. Her tight hot pussy gripping my cock with each stroke. I loved the sound of her moaning. I looked down at her beautiful face, flushed and contorted with the pleasure that my cock was giving her. Lynn's hands were still between us, playing with Heidi's nipples and Lynn's own large titties were right above Heidi's head. Every hard stroke of my cock drove Heidi into Lynn's stomach and her titties would bounce and jiggle.

Heidi started orgasming, her pussy munching on my cock. It was more than any man could take. I shot my jism deep inside of her with one powerful thrust. I covered her with my body, lying on top of her, my soft cock still in her hot cunt which was still quivering with the aftershocks of her orgasm. She was mine all right, after this she would know where to come whenever she got an itching to be fucked and I would always be ready and waiting.

To Be Continued...

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