tagIncest/TabooLickety Split Ch. 04

Lickety Split Ch. 04


I was sitting watching a baseball game with my cousin Will in his living room one summer. It was the tradition for Will and his little sister Heidi to spend a couple of weeks at our house and then for us to spend two weeks at their house. It was our second day at Will's when we heard the stereo turn on in Heidi's room and someone crank it up full blast.

Will turned the tv up and we kept watching the baseball game but I could tell that the noise was really bothering him. He had a thing for his little sister and I couldn't blame him. She and my sister were almost identical. Medium height, very thin with small breasts, long white-blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes.

I've been wanting to fuck my sister for as long as I can remember, and I'd probably admit it to most people, but Will was ashamed of the fact that he wanted to fuck his own sister. He'd never admitted it to anyone, me included. He even mostly denied it to himself. But he saw his sexy sister all the time and all of that desire had to go somewhere. Generally it turned into anger, it never took him long to get totally pissed off at Heidi for being a regular teenage girl.

This time was no different. He finally tossed the remote control down and stormed off upstairs to confront his sister in a rage of sexual frustration. I waited around in the living room. He was gone for awhile and when he got back the stereo was still blaring.

"Hey, Jake," he said, "it looks like our little sisters are taking a page out of our book."

"What?" I asked, wondering what in the hell he was talking about.

"They're up there getting off together," he answered.

"Shit!" I said and jumped up off the couch. I couldn't believe that our little sisters were up there playing with their pussies together.

"Yeah," Will said, "the door's locked but I can hear them in there. I bet we can pick the lock."

I followed Will upstairs to Heidi's bedroom and we listened to their moans for awhile. Then we got a hairpin from the bathroom and went to pick the lock. It was a hopeless situation. The hairpin was too weak and we were just way too turned on to get anything done. Will was like an animal in a trap, chewing it's own leg off to escape. I knew that he was so intent on getting into that bedroom and getting at his little sister's young cunt that he wasn't thinking straight. He'd just keep trying to pick the lock when what he needed to do was shoot a load, calm down and think straight.

I took the situation into my own hands and said, "Shit, I can't take this anymore."

Will looked up and I pulled my hard cock out of my shorts. I started pounding my cock and I watched Will drop his shorts and start doing the same. The sight of Will's cock always turned me on. We'd been jacking off together since we started getting hardons and it didn't take us long to move on to handjobs and blowjobs. I'd gotten really good at getting my load off fast so that I would have time to finish up Will's cock for him.

Today was no different. I came hard and fast, shooting globs of white cum all over Heidi's bedroom door. I turned to Will and took his hot delicious cock into my mouth. He started moaning and I sucked as hard as I could, knowing that this was a special day for him.

I don't think Will knows that I'm bi. We've been getting each other off for so long Will has come to rationalize what we do. What's the difference between one mouth or another? One hand or another? I knew that he felt that we had started young, too young to realize that what we were doing was considered "gay". And since we had been doing it for so long and it felt so damned good, why stop? I knew that Will didn't find other guys attractive the way that he found girls attractive. But I'd also seen the way he looked at my hard cock, he liked the feel of it in his hand and the taste of it in his mouth. He may be straight but he certainly enjoyed cock, whether he admitted it to himself or not.

I could tell from experience that Will was about to cum and I took his cock out of my mouth so that he could shoot his load all over his sister's door just as I had done. I watched him looking at the cum stained door and smiling. He was marking his territory, claiming his little sister as his own, admitting to himself that he was going to go in there and fuck his own sister, whether she wanted it or not.

We listened as the moans in the bedroom turned to screams of passion. The sound went right through me, I wanted to ram my cock into the girl who was screaming like that and make her scream for me. I looked at Will and said, "Fuck, we have got to get in there. I am going to shove my cock into whoever is screaming like that."

Will felt the same and we went to look for something else to pick the lock with. We finally got a paperclip and succeeded in picking the lock. Will opened the bedroom door and we stepped inside. The scene was amazing. Three beautiful teenage girls lying naked on a bed. My sister Julie was lying on her back with our cousin Heidi's head between her legs. It looked like Heidi's friend Lynn was about to join in the fun.

Lynn noticed us first and just sat and stared, frozen. Then Julie saw us, the little slut actually smiled and started moaning even louder, working her pussy against Heidi's mouth. After a few moments she pushed Heidi away from her cunt. Heidi sat up, her face covered in my little sister's juices. She gave a surprised yelp and jumped into her friend's lap.

I turned around and locked the door and Will went to turn off the stereo. When I turned back to the bed Julie jumped off the bed to meet me, the little fuck-slut was ready for a fight. I'd always known that she was going to be a slut, even when she was a little girl. She had this way about her. She knew that she was beautiful and I could always tell that with every move she made she was aware of her pussy.

I'd seen her bald little pussy many times when we were growing up. Our mother bathed us together when we were small, we'd play doctor and 'you show me yours' and one summer after our mother started working and we had the house to ourselves all day long we started taking baths together again. We called it 'swimming' but we always did it nude and spent a lot of time staring at each others private parts. I loved the look she got in her eyes when she stared at my dick and I could tell that she loved me me looking at her naked body. Then one day we washed each other. I can still remember the feel of Julie's smooth young skin under my soapy hand. I spent a lot of time washing her bald little cunt, feeling her lips and her clit and her hole. I remember the sounds of her soft sighs and moans as I touched her most sensitive places. She did the same to me, I loved the feel of her small hands on my cock, it made me so hard I was in pain.

That was the last time that we bathed together. That night I jacked off at the memory of it and came for the first time. I didn't want Julie to see me cum so when she asked if we could take a bath together again I refused. I know that it really hurt her and pissed her off, she asked me again and again and I just kept saying no. I'm sure that that's when she started masturbating, she'd liked the feel of my hands on her pussy so she tried it for herself. I sensed a change in her soon, she was more mature and more comfortable with her body. It made my cock so hard to know that she was getting herself off, to watch her body developing. I'd sneak into her room and go through her laundry hamper, looking for cum soaked panties to jack off with, I was rarely disappointed.

I knew that she was a slut, even though she was a virgin. I knew that she had a hot pussy that needed a cock in it but I kept telling myself that I didn't want to start something like that. But after hearing that she was getting off with other girls, the thought of it was just too much, I was going to have that naughty pussy. I stood close to her and looked down into her beautiful green eyes. "What are you doing, Julie?" I asked, reaching my hands out and rubbing my fingers over her nipples. Her eyes closed a little and I could see the pleasure rippling through her. "Teaching bad habits to little girls?"

She knocked my hands away and glared up at me challengingly. "What do you mean, Jake? Bad habits? Isn't it the same thing that you do with Will?"

That really shocked me, I had no idea that she knew about Will and I. "If you knew about that then you should have joined us, Julie. I'm sure we would have appreciated your sweet little pussy."

"Oh really? Well I wasn't so sure of that. I thought you were only interested in cocks," she said. I could see that she was trying to make me angry, but under that I could see that she was still hurt because I had stopped taking baths with her, I'd rejected her and since she knew about Will and I maybe she thought I was rejecting her entire sex too.

"Oh no, Julie," I stepped closer, pressing against her naked body and putting my hand between her legs. I fingered her soft wet pussy lips, I could feel our bodies heating up where they came into contact. "I find pussies interesting, especially yours. I've found your pussy interesting since you were just a little girl. I can't tell you all the things I've dreamed about doing to your pussy."

She gave a little moan and pressed her pussy into my fingers for a moment, but then she stepped back angrily and said, "What makes you think I'm going to give it to you? You wouldn't know what to do with a pussy. All of your experience is with cocks."

My blood started racing faster and my cock got harder. The little slut wanted more of a fight. She wanted me to take it from her. I smiled at her and moved forward, grabbing her and pressing her close, rubbing the bulge of my cock into her stomach. "Oh, I've got experience with pussies too, Little Sister. More experience than any of these little girls. I don't think your pussy is going to be disappointed."

I pulled away from her a little so that I could slip my hand between us and get another handful of that sweet wet cunt, but she started fighting me, pushing and slapping my hands away from her beautiful body. I went after her and after a brief struggle I forced her arms behind her back and held them together with one hand around her wrists. I pulled her close to me again and whispered in her ear, "You can stop fighting me right now, Julie. I've been waiting for you for too long. You've been walking around with your sexy body just begging for someone to fuck the shit out of you and now I'm gonna do it. Big Brother is gonna take out his big cock and ram it up your sweet box and there isn't anything that you can do about. So you might as well lie back and enjoy it."

I put my other hand behind her and rubbed it over her firm round ass. She struggled a little and I gave her ass a few hard slaps. She looked up at me in shock. I could tell that she was shocked by the fact that I'd slapped her, but she was also shocked by the fact that she'd enjoyed it. It must have sent streaks of fire shooting straight to her little cunt, making her hot and wet. I looked into her big green eyes and chuckled, knowing exactly what my touch was doing to her, what was happening to her young body.

She was still and quiet for a moment, taking in what my look and my laugh had meant. She realized that I was the one in control, even if she was the one who asked for the fight. Even if she had wanted the fight, even if she wanted the fuck, I was still the one in control. I saw the anger rising in her eyes as her plan backfired and she started struggling for real. I held her squirming body tightly against me and gave her ass a few more hard slaps. I wouldn't be able to hold her wrists with just one hand for long. I looked around my cousin's bedroom and saw a pink scarf draped over a lampshade. I pushed my sister backwards, grabbed the scarf and started tying her hands together behind her with it.

"You fucking cock-sucker," she hissed. "Is this the only way that you can get pussy? Tying girls up and taking it?"

I finished tying her wrists tightly together. I grabbed her pretty little face with my hand and forced her to look into my eyes. "There are quite a few ways to get pussy, Little Sister. I'm just giving you the one that you begged for." I gave her ass three extra-hard slaps. "Now you shut your fucking mouth before I slap your face instead of your ass. I don't like hearing dirty words like cock-sucker coming out of my pretty little sister's mouth. You shut your mouth and take what I give you. You shut your mouth and take everything that you've been begging for."

I held her away from me with one hand on her shoulder and reached out a hand to her little white titties. I ran my hand all over her soft skin, pinching and pulling at her pink nipples. "Oh yeah, Julie. You have beautiful little titties and your nipples are so responsive. Look how hard they are already. You must want it bad, don't you, Little Sister? Your pussy must be so hot and wet, aching for my big cock."

I leaned down and took one of her tits into my mouth. The softness of her skin, the hardness of her nipple, she was delicious. I started sucking her hard and reached my hands around to cup and knead her asscheeks. She was moaning in no time, bucking her pussy blindly towards me, wanting it to be sucked and fucked.

I pushed her down so that she was lying on the floor, her bound hands beneath her. I pushed her knees up and spread her legs wide open for my inspection. I looked at her pussy. It was covered with a sparse blonde bush. Her lips and clit were red and swollen and drenched with glistening wetness, just begging to be licked and fucked. Below her pussy her little rosebud asshole waited quietly, she had probably never thought of paying it any attention.

I trailed my fingers through the wet lips of her pussy and brought them to my lips to suck off her sweet juices. "Your pussy is delicious, Julie dear." I said and reached down to coat my fingers in her fuck juices again. I brought my hand to her mouth and watched as her tongue lapped my sticky fingers and she tasted her own cunt.

It was more than I could stand. I buried my face in her perfect pussy, licking and sucking up all of her juices, tongueing her asshole and sucking hard on her clit until her pussy gushed more juices as it orgasmed under my mouth and tongue. She lay gasping on the floor and I sat up and looked around.

I saw a hairbrush on the nightstand and I grabbed it and shoved the handle up her quivering cunt. The handle was long, the kind that's covered with rubber and little nubs for extra grip. I started fucking it in and out of her pussy and diddling her clit with my other hand. Her hips bucked and she kept moaning and fucked the hell out of that hairbrush. I watched her face and her pussy as she had another orgasm.

When her orgasm was over I pulled the hairbrush out of her pussy and licked her cum off of it. She lay on the floor looking up at me in a sexual daze, watching me licking that hairbrush like a popsicle. "Oh God, Jake," she moaned. "I want you to fuck me with your cock. Please fuck my pussy with your cock."

I dropped the hairbrush and stood up to remove my clothes. When I was naked, standing there with my cock hard as hell and slapping up against my stomach, I looked down at my beautiful little sister. She was all sexy and relaxed from her two orgasms. Her legs were spread, just waiting for me to shove my cock in her and fuck her to another orgasm. She was staring at my cock in wonder and I could see her stomach and pussy muscles flexing as she imagined it deep inside of her.

I knelt down beside of her and sat her up to remove the scarf. Then I lay down on the floor. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"I've done enough of the work for today," I said. "If you want my cock your going to have to climb on, ram your hot pussy down on it and fuck it yourself."

She looked at my cock for a few moments and then went to straddle me. Her little hands hesitantly gripped my cock and guided it to her pussy. I moaned as her hot velvet wetness slid down over my raging cock. I held her hips to steady her as she moved experimentally over my cock. It wasn't long before she'd gotten the hang of things and started working my cock with her cunt. I lay back and enjoyed, playing with her little titties and squeezing her pink nipples.

After a few minutes she called Heidi's friend Lynn to come and sit on my face. I'd completely forgotten about the others on the bed. Lynn's face peeked over the side of the bed, I could see the frustration on her face.

"Come on down here, Lynn," I invited and she got off the bed and sat on my face. She must have just been a spectator up on the bed with Will and Heidi because her pussy was ready to pop. She was so hot she started orgasming almost immediately, grinding her softness into my mouth, juices streaming out of her pulsating hole.

With a beautiful redhead riding my mouth and my little sister's virgin pussy riding my cock it wasn't long before I shot my load up into my sister's hot box. Julie slowed down as my cock softened, she slid off of me and lay beside of me, slowly stroking her hand over my stomach and thighs. Lynn's hot pussy finally got enough of riding my face and she lay on the floor next to Julie.

I lay there for awhile just taking in the loveliness of those two young teenage bodies. Then I moved over and put a hand on Lynn's pussy, there was still one virgin who had not been deflowered. Lynn looked down at my hand stroking her pussy and then up into my eyes. "Oh yes..." she sighed. "But don't...don't go all the way. I want to save my cherry for my brother."

"Yeah, no problem, Lynn," I said and buried my face in that sweet pussy. As I sucked on Lynn's clit, I watched my sister's small hands playing with Lynn's big titties. I knew that soon those hands would be wrapped around my cock, soon my cock would be in her mouth. I moaned with pleasure into Lynn's delicious cunt and imagined the pleasant surprise that her older brother was going to get from his own little sister.

To Be Continued...

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