tagGay MaleLife is Just the In-Betweens

Life is Just the In-Betweens


I had met him at Sterling cinema on Sunday last. I had gone to watch Sherlock Holmes morning show. The cinema hall was not crowded, and I thought probably Sunday morning is not the time most people in their right senses would trudge towards a local theatre to watch a movie. Though I had been an ardent follower of Arthur Conan Doyle's fiction novels and short stories I found the latest movie a tragic representation of the world's best detective ever. But I sat through the first half of the emotional interludes exposed by the actors with absolute disdain. I was even feeling a little depressed by the time it was recess. During the break I went to the loo first and then sat at the foyer near the stall that was selling popcorn. Caramel popcorn is my favourite but my day was spoilt by the movie. When the movie resumed I did not enter the cinema hall. I ordered for the popcorn and sat there munching it, wondering what to do till afternoon when my parents will be back home. My mood was so foul I didn't even feel like going to any friend's house.

A short while later I saw a young man who must be in his early 20s come out of the cinema hall and walk towards the food stalls at a leisurely pace. He didn't seem to be in a hurry to go back to the movie. I immediately knew from his disposition that he was not interested in the movie and was going through the paces only because he had paid a stiff price for the ticket. I looked at him till he reached the stall. He well knew that I was watching him as there was no one else in the expansive foyer area but he chose not to notice me. I deliberately kept an indifferent look on my face as if I was lost in my own thoughts. After he bought the large bucket of cheese popcorn he came to sit close to me with his legs brushing against mine. I did not move but just kept that expression of being lost in thoughts.

"What a lousy film", he said looking into my bucket of caramel popcorn.

I pretended to suddenly come back to this world. I gave him a sharp look. He slowly raised his head to look at me.

"Excuse me," I said looking at him with pretentious confusion. He was least unnerved by my pretense or otherwise. He extended his hand to me. I shook his hand impulsively.

"My name is Akash Gore. You seem to be as disgusted with the film as I do. I have been reading Sherlock Holmes since my school days and I have seen almost all the TV series on him".

"Oh, is it? That makes two of us," I said not knowing how to continue an uninvited chat.

"I couldn't attend the special class on book keeping in my college as I was late," he continued. "So I thought of spending some time watching this movie before I could catch up with my friends or go for another movie. Sunday is always a lazy day."

His easy familiarity was a little unnerving to me. My brain started to crackle to come up with some interesting story to tell this young boy. To tell him that I drove from Ambernath on a Sunday morning to south Mumbai to watch my favourite detective film was too banal. I was struggling to think but he continued his easy conversation while looking sharp into my eyes. He seemed to be sizing me. So I did the same to him. He was fair, smoothly rounded at corners, with a puffy and oily face, and a cute smile that never left his face. There was also an equally attractive dimple on his left cheek. Even a 80-old could be turned on with that dimple. He was wearing a somewhat tight three-fourth and equally tight T-shirt made of thin muslin. That could be the day's fashion for all I cared. The three-fourth was emphasising on his package between his legs just as his well-developed thighs. The red colour of the nearly transparent T-shirt and his fair skin beneath blended strangely. I could almost see his brown nipples through the transparent shirt. I quickly shifted my gaze lest he would suspect my sexual overtures.

"Are you a student?" he asked with some expectation in his voice.

"No, I am a banker. I work with SBI. I have done a two year MBA course after my graduation. Are you staying around CST? Where do you study?" I asked in quick succession. I was getting nervous with this overly confident young man who was at least five years younger than me.

"Oh, no, sir. I stay in Kalina. I study at Siddharth college. Where do you stay? I would graduate this year" Akash said.

"I stay quite far away. I am put up in a private township at Ambernath. I stay with my parents."

"Are you going back home now?"

That was a loaded question to ask me. Actually I had no other plans. So I told him so.

"Then hop into my car. I will drop you at Ghatkopar station. It is a saving grace to meet someone useful when a Sunday morning has been spoilt badly. I wanted to learn about the prospects in PE fund industry for myself. I am more of a marketing guy."

He almost got up. I didn't show any sign of leaving for home. I just sat back, spread my legs wide and and sunk further into the couch. I took my time to respond.

"Hmmm... marketing has gained a lot of importance these days in the banking sector simply because of the competition from private and foreign players. It's no more the same. You will certainly have a great future in this sector."

Akash was tentative. And the confidence in his voice sounded laboured.

"Then come on, my car is parked just behind this building in the lane near Excelsior." He got up without checking if I was agreeable to his proposition.

I got up and joined him. His personality had some magnetism, and his attire added to that appeal. I watched him closely from behind. He was walking unusually slow. His shoulder and the backbone were well etched and clearly visible through his red netted shirt. At that age everyone's body looks the best, I thought. His arse was so well rounded and well distinguished by the tight shorts he wore. I was sure it was his underwear which was helping him get that perfect shape. Once when my foot hit his from behind he started to walk faster. He was tall and his pace was much faster than mine. He had an athletic built, probably from playing football. I could not place the mild deodorant that he was wearing, but it was really good. I was getting charged up for no reason. Though I was only four or five years older to him the fact that he was still a student brought a huge generational difference between us.

Within about five minutes we reached the backside of Excelsior building. There was no one around. The desolation seen in entire south Mumbai on a Sunday morning makes one aware of the other extreme of this metropolis. The century-old buildings which witness world's most hectic commercial activities right through the week, suddenly on the weekend become completely abandoned. We reached his red car which was the only one parked on the empty street. I waited for Akash to go round the driver's side. I stood at the passenger side of the car with a wall behind me. He took out the car keys from his pocket and instead of pointing it at the car he walked around towards the passenger side. He was still looking at the car keys when he reached my side. He pushed me against the car and held both my hands against the car almost impaling me.

And instead of getting alarmed at the assault I stood there without reacting. His face came near mine and slowly our lips locked. His thick lips were sweet. My mouth was already running dry. His lips and tongue started to explore my inner gums. Our tongues met and I could taste his saliva. We must have kissed for almost 20 minutes with our eyes closed and body leaning hard on each other. His left hand pressed my crotch and my easily detected erection was fighting his squeeze. I then opened my eyes to look at him when he separated from me. His whole body was wet in his own sweat just like me. The sun was still not fierce but I could feel sweat running down my torso and legs. Sexual feelings are really strange, I thought.

"Let's now go," he said and went around to the driver's side, wiped his lips with his backhand, opened the car and unlocked the other doors.

I opened the passenger door beside him and sat in. The car was warm from the morning sun. Akash turned on the ignition and the AC, and slowly rolled out. The Hyundai Eon slithered through the empty streets. He was driving towards south but I did not say anything. I was actually quite embarrassed. I couldn't even look in his eyes. I just looked away. Then he spoke slowly but tentatively, which was not like him any more.

"Sir, I am sorry if I have violated you. I don't know what overcame me. I am really sorry." He sounded very apologetic. I still didn't look at him. I had never had such an encounter before. Then after long moments of awkward silence I gathered the courage to turn to him.

"Akash, you have to turn around. You are going to Colaba". I slowly put on a smile. He looked at me trying to search for any offense in my disposition.

"Don't worry about that. Even I was not prepared. It all just happened. But it was absolutely good. I have never felt this way before." I said hoping not to sound like a sexual novice.

Akash turned the full circle at Regal cinema to turn toward CST. Again we didn't speak till we reached CST. When we started to mount the JJ flyover Akash spoke with an emotion-ladened voice.

"I want to have sex with you today. Sir, is it possible to come to my house tonight?"

I was taken aback by his straight and non-nonsense approach after all the apology. But he continued without waiting for my response.

"Sir, what is your name?"

I took time to reply.

"I am Ravi Menon."

"Okay, Ravi. Let's meet tonight at my place. Come over and stay at my place. I will tell my parents that you are going to teach me taxation, because I am bad at that subject. We will sleep together tonight."

Akash's desperation was getting clear. I even suspected his hormone levels were abnormal to show such desperation to a stranger whose name he did not know till now. Or probably it's that age when anything goes!

"Let's see," I said without any commitment.

"No, sir. Please. I promise you I will be your sex slave tonight. I will do anything you say when we are in bed."

I looked straight at him in the eye. He had lost his swag completely. I put my hand over thighs and moved it up to touch his crotch. I could feel his raging boner. I smiled and said, "okay, then let's go to my house in Ambernath. We could as well do all that in my bed."

Akash readily agreed. He nodded vigorously without even thinking for a moment. I started to feel bad about him and his sexual state. Even I love to have sex, I am crazy about sex but I am not so desperate to promise to be a sex slave to a stranger. I am not that stupid.

We took over one and half hours to reach Ambernath. But Akash didn't seem to have any second thoughts about the sexcapade.

"Where do we have lunch. I am thirsty and hungry," he said looking much brighter and fresh now.

"We will have lunch at my place. Do you mind having non-vegetarian food. My mother cooks good Chettinad chicken curry."

"Oh, great. Chicken would be great today, whatever kind. Do you feel the body suddenly asking for more when it is about to have sex. I have that strange feeling today."

I didn't say anything. I didn't want to spoil the chances of having good sex discussing his medical conditions. I was getting more and more certain of his hormonal imbalance.

We took the elevator up to the fifth floor where I stay. We were the only two in the elevator. He stood close to me and he clutched my dick and balls again with passion writ all over his eyes.

"It is great to clutch at your groin because you don't wear an underwear."

Again I didn't say anything. I stood there again trying to control my own erection. I wondered if his uncontrolled sexual propensity because of hormonal imbalance was a contagious disease. At the fifth floor I removed his hand from my groin as I got out first. He was following me close. I suddenly came to a halt when I saw my door locked from outside. I immediately checked my wallet for the keys. I did not have my keys. Akash did not say anything as he knew what was going on.

"Fuck, if you had the keys we could have had sex with absolute peace."

My disappointment and a mild rage at my own stupidity was clear in my voice when I spoke.

"I am sorry. I think my parents had told me that they would be going to Thane to my uncle's place today. Fuck, what an opportunity we missed."

Akash strangely did not show any disappointment almost as if he had a plan B. I waited for his explanation for his easy demeanour, but all he said was, "let's go and have lunch in some Maharashtrian restaurant. I love that as much as Chettinad chicken".

We both entered the same elevator which was still on the same floor. When we reached the ground floor we walked out into the blazing afternoon sun.

In the next two hours we had Konkani fish curry and rice which was incredibly relishing. We also had a beer before lunch when Akash suggested that we should go to his house in Kalina for the night. I did not have an issue with that idea as my parents would come back the next day and they wouldn't even know that I was having sex with a stranger. We left for Kalina after having another beer at about 5. I did not want Akash to get drunk as he had to drive.

We reached Kalina when it was almost 7. But the surprise was when we entered the large concourse to park his car. Akash was staying in a two-room chawl which was a 'transition home' because his building in the neighbourhood was being redeveloped.

"I am sorry our house is small because we have to stay like this for the next two years. We would get our 3BHK only in 2020. It is a good 1090 square feet house."

Akash house was really small. The sitting room was just about 10 by 10 feet, while the bedroom inside was also the same. The bedroom had an attached bath and a small kitchenette on the side. The sitting room only had a sofa-bed and a TV and nothing else. The space constraints were so obvious. I sat in the sofa which was new and comfortable. Akash's mom came to greet us. She was a nice lady, quite happy to see us both. The first question she asked her son was about having dinner. We both were feeling hungry after all the exciting activities in spite of the late lunch. Probably the beer was taking effect. She turned to me and told me to freshen up in the bath and then have dinner. She even bothered to ask me if I would have Goan chicken curry. I answered in the affirmative. I went into the bath for a wash. I actually had a shower. I came out wearing Akash's shorts and a thin short kurta. Akash seemed to have a fetish for thin linen.

When Akash came back after having a shower he was looking much more laid back. He actually appeared more sexy. He was wearing only a lungi. His skin texture was glowing as if it had been given a massage. I couldn't wait till we hit the bed. But bed time was late as Akash's dad came in later and we had a long chat over the current political situation. His father was expressing his disgust with all the political parties. It was 11.20 when I and Akash both turned in. We switched off the light. There was only an apology for a curtain hanging between the two rooms. It was also a thin muslin. Akash's parents were sleeping in the bedroom. Akash extended the sofa into a bed and I joined him under the thin cotton blanket. His parents did not suspect anything going between us. That's one advantage of gay relationships, I thought.

"Why don't you fix a door between the two rooms?" I asked him.

He switched on the TV and a little too loud for the hour.

"This is a rented place, darling. We have to give it back as it came. We cannot even strike a nail on the wall".

I thought for a while before speaking further because it was a little sensitive.

"But a door in between can do a lot of good for both you and your parents in the night".

"Yeah that's true. I have brought friends home for the night and we have had threesome on this bed," he said. "But it is, I admit, dangerous," he added as an after-thought.

I was not surprised. In a small bed like this three people will obviously end up having sex. Then it was Akash's turn to push the envelope in conversation.

"I sometimes hear my parents having sex inside. I wake up in the night because my father moans a lot while thrusting. He has even brought girls here when mom is away. But it is a secret between us and that's why I don't care if he sees us having sex."

I almost fell off the bed when I heard what Akash said. His forthrightness was breathtaking. No one actually ever talks about their parents' sex life, as Clint Eastwood said in White Hunter, Black Heart.

The TV was blaring some silly Hindi song which was an embarrassment to listen to. And I slid my hand straight on Akash's crotch. He had already parted his lungi and his dick with precum came in my hand. He was really hard even when he was lying next me.

"I want to fuck you tonight", Akash said without mincing words. The light from the TV screen was playing on our bed-sheet.

I just turned around so as to face the other way. We were both now sleeping on our left side. Akash clutched me tight with both the hands around me. I realised he was good in anal sex because he did not thrust his dick straight away. He knew he won't be able to enter me if he did not arouse me adequately. His hands were all over me. He took off my kurta and lowered my shorts completely and I was laying naked next to him. I was not even aware if his parents were watching what was going on under our bed-sheet. I sincerely hoped they were also having sex.

Akash started to lick my ear pinna from behind. More than the licking and the saliva, the slurp and the swish made me that much more sexually desperate. He was salivating, almost drooling. I even suspected his saliva was dripping on to the bed. I turned my head towards him so that he could kiss me. He gave me a long and unrelenting kiss that left me breathless. If his saliva is so delicious what would be the taste of his cum, I thought! His hand was playing with my balls. It was hurting slightly, or rather my balls were aching when he would press them and play with them as if it were coins. But I did not stop him, as he was doing it lovingly with so much care. My body temperature had risen. He was now spitting in his hands and spreading the saliva on my dick and balls. He then proceeded to do the same to my arse hole. He was massaging it with two fingers. Akash was breathing heavy now and I knew he was preparing for something as he appeared to be brazing for it.

Then without much of a clue he held me tight with both his arms around me. He whispered into my ears above the TV noise but his voice appeared like a hound barking. He told me to put my right leg over his. I did that without saying anything. He was biting my neck in passionate rage. He was not human anymore. I could only partly see his face when I turned around to kiss him. His eyes were half closed almost as if in the grip of hypnotism. I have seen this in many of my friends when they fuck me. They become animal-like, far from their otherwise civilised self, uncontrollable. And my best reaction is to be docile - because when my balls are in someone's hands who looks intransigent, the best idea is to save your balls rather than your arse!

Akash's dick was soaking wet with his precum and saliva. He had applied a lot of his saliva on his dick and my buttocks were also wet with it. He poked his two fingers into my arse as if to clear the way for his dick that followed. The moment he removed his fingers from my arse hole his erect 6 inch penis slid in with absolute ease. I never knew someone could do that without hurting me. There was no pain just that feeling of thrust which was now getting in and out slowly. I had to lift my right leg in the air to make space for his thick penis to enter me even as his speed of thrust rose. He was heaving. The blanket fell on the floor when I lifted my leg. I thought he would ejaculate any moment. But he kept thrusting into me faster. He did that for more than five minutes and I had a feeling that his enlarged dick would probably tear my arse-crack if he did not slow down.

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