tagIncest/TabooLife's a Beach

Life's a Beach


"Why don't we go away this weekend?" I asked Trish as I muted the advertisement on the television. "You could take Friday off, maybe Monday, we could drive up the coast or something!"

My wife looked up from her laptop and grimaced. "It's a bit short notice. It's going to be hot this weekend isn't it? You know I don't like the heat."

"Well yeah, that's the idea of going to the beach." I encouraged. "Come on, we haven't gone anywhere in ages. You could do with a break."

Again she looked not overly enthused. "We're really busy at work right now!"

"I know, that's why you need a break. They're running you ragged." I reached out and placed a hand on hers and caressed. "Come on, what do you say?"

The intimacy seemed to sway her and she smiled, turning back to her laptop. "Alright. Find us a place to stay and I'll put in for the leave."

"Awesome!" I jumped up and before heading for the computer leaned over and tilted her head up from her screen. Her strawberry blond hair tied up, her dark eyes smiling back at me through her black rimmed glasses. I kissed her on the lips and her eyes closed momentarily. "I love you."

Again she smiled. "I love you too Calvin. Now let me get some work done or we won't be going anywhere!"

* * * * *

I was pretty happy with myself. It's true we hadn't had a getaway as a couple for a long while and I think our love life had suffered for it. A romantic weekend at the beach sounded like the perfect tonic. I narrowed down my search to two potential destinations and later in the evening presented Trish with the options. Both on the coast, one was in a resort hotel, classy, yet with limited rooms remaining, looked to be pretty crowded. The other, and certainly the more expensive option was an air b'n'b house with beach frontage. I was more than ecstatic when she chose the latter.

The house was one of only a handful of private homes at the end of a strip of coastline. The public access to the beach was far to the south and looking at Google maps, it would seem we'd have the beach pretty much to ourselves. The house itself was modest, the website showed ample photos both inside and out. Two bedrooms, a large open plan kitchen and living room, a balcony that ran the entire perimeter of the building and an outdoor hot tub that looked more than inviting and almost screamed possibilities.

I booked the house for three nights. All going well, we'd leave Friday morning, drive the two or so hours up there and come back on Monday, refreshed and and our relationship renewed. I repeat, all going well.

* * * * *

During the week Trish seemed to be going out of her way to let me know how busy she was at work. As an Industrial Engineer she was paid well for her time and being a woman in a male dominated field, she worked doubly hard for the respect she deserved. I was a private builder at the time and with only a couple of minor jobs on the go, enjoyed a relatively stress free working week. I was sympathetic to her to a degree but had to admit she brought it on herself. Always saying yes to other people. Going further than was necessary. Accepting more and more work than was healthy. I wanted her to take time out for herself, for us. As far as I was concerned, the weekend couldn't come soon enough.

Wednesday, on a trip to stock up on our liquor supplies for the weekend I walked past a swimwear store. I stopped and doubled back when I thought of how long it had been since I'd seen my wife in her bathing suit. The sales girl was helpful, blonde and ridiculously attractive, no more than twenty she introduced herself as Katie and showed the uncomfortable middle aged man to the bikini section and recommended a few styles. She seemed to be eager for me to consider a string bikini for Trish, no more than dental floss, I was pretty sure my wife would never have gone along with it. Eventually I did settle on a white bikini that came with two bottoms, (a thong and full back brief). I even picked up a pair of black Speedos for myself at the salesgirls suggestion, when she flattered my ego by hinting I'd look great in them. I left the store feeling even more expectant of a great weekend and picked up beer and expensive champagne to help oil the wheels of romance. As I said, I was pretty happy with myself.

* * * * *

Walking through the front door I nodded to Trish on the phone with her mother. I hid her new swimsuit in the bedroom and upon returning from a second trip out to the car to retrieve the alcohol she accosted me in the kitchen with an overly warm embrace.

"How many rooms does this house have?" She asked after kissing me on the lips.

"Why?" I queried, pulling back slightly.

"It's just that I had a great idea when I was talking to Mom!"

My stomach turned as I presumed the news she was about to break. "Baby. What have you done?"

"Well remember we were talking about what to get her for Mother's day? So I brought up with Mom that we were going up the coast and it just came to me that we could bring her along! Like a family holiday."

I'd presumed correctly. "Jesus Trish are you serious? It was meant to be for us to get away. Just us. Next you'll say we should bring my Mom as well."

"Well yeah, that's the idea! We invite them both. It kills two birds with one stone."

Not only the birds I thought. That stone had seriously killed my potentially amorous weekend as well. "I wanted it to be romantic!" I managed, whilst slumping in her arms.

"Oh I'm sure it'll still be romantic. The photos look lovely, we can walk along the beach and all that. It should be fun. Should I call your mother and tell her the good news or do you want to?" Trish asked.

I looked over at the small amount of alcohol I'd picked up and decided another trip to the liquor store was in order to get me through the weekend. To get us all through. "Oh you call, I've got to back down the street."

* * * * *

Friday morning and I'd pepped up as I excitedly packed away Trish's new bikini in my clothing bag. I thought of only taking the thong but I knew my wife too well and packed the full brief also. I was a little disheartened when I saw what Trish had decided to wear for our first day away. Denim shorts, and not the kind you may be thinking. These were unflattering and almost knee length, reminding me of something Marcy, the neighbor from Married with Children would have worn back in the late 1980's.

My mother arrived at our house punctually at ten a.m. Trish complimented her on her appearance and even I had to admit she did look nice. She'd come from her weekly appointment at the hairdressers and with a new color in her hair and having had it straightened, she looked refreshingly youthful. Mom would turn sixty in a years time and I greeted her with my regular "you don't look a day over fifty nine" jibe. She took it well and hugged us both, thanking us for the 'mother's day getaway'.

"Where did you get that dress Heather? It's beautiful." Trish asked her as we loaded her bag into our car. It forced me to look at my mother as well and I picked up a detail I hadn't noticed on our initial greeting. The dress she wore was a green wraparound that ended just above the knee. Tight around the torso, it highlighted something I wouldn't normally have taken any interest in. My mother wasn't wearing a bra. With no sign of straps from the back, my occasional glances from the front confirmed it when the cool morning breeze had her nipples proudly erect through the thin material. I found my eyes strangely drawn to her ample breasts over the next few minutes and had to remind myself not to stare. I neglected to hear her answer to Trish's question, my mind more concerned with why I'd become so fascinated with my mother's boobs all of a sudden.

* * * * *

We pulled up outside Trish's mother's at ten thirty. Mom and I stayed in the car and waited while Trish went inside her apartment block to fetch her. I busied myself on checking the weather on my phone in the time available and only looked up when I heard my mother speak from the back seat.

"Oh good lord. What's she come as?"

"Huh?" I looked at Mom in the rearview and then in the direction she was staring. Trish and her mother were walking down the long drive towards the car. Seeming to have over-packed, my mother-in-law was dragging a mid-size suitcase on wheels behind her and Trish held another bag slung over her shoulder. It wasn't the luggage my mother was referring to however, nor was it that caught my eye. It was what she was wearing.

The saying 'like mother like daughter,' obviously didn't apply to Trish and Faye when it came to clothing. The denim shorts her mother wore were the complete antithesis of Trish's and more of what I'd hoped to see my wife wearing. To say they were 'short' was an understatement, to say they were 'tight' was doing the word an injustice. I hadn't seen smaller daisy dukes outside of a men's mag. She complimented her ensemble with a tight purple tank top, a black bra, clearly visible and brown wedges on her feet. "My goodness. How old does she think she is?" Mom remarked from the backseat.

"Go easy Mom." I replied.

"She looks like a cheap whore!" My mother exclaimed.

"Mom! Enough." I chided her before exiting the car to help with the bags.

"Faye, good to see you. We're glad you could come." We kissed on the cheek and I took her bag.

"I wouldn't have missed it sugar. I'm chomping at the bit to get to the beach."

My mother exited the car to greet Faye. "Champing. It's 'champing at the bit' Faye."

"Champing? Well that don't sound right." Faye challenged and looked to Trish and I for support. Finding none she turned back to my mother. "Heather! Now don't you just look fine. No bra for you I see!"

The retort took my mother by surprise and seemed to genuinely embarrass her, a red flush appearing across her chest. She immediately looked towards Trish and I as if to apologize where one wasn't needed. "I didn't.. ah the dress didn't suit one."

Faye quickly interjected. "Oh honey it looks good. Hell I don't even need one, these things aren't going anywhere!" She clutched at her own large breast implants and lifted. "The beauty of going plastic."

The self depreciating comment seemed to break the potential ice between them and they embraced smiling. I somehow managed to tear my eyes away from Faye's magnificent ass and the cut off shorts covering only half of each cheek to see Trish's look of relief, feuding mothers wouldn't have been the ideal opening to the getaway.

"You two buckled up back there?" I asked over their chatting in the backseat before getting away.

"Yes Daddy." Faye replied, catching my eyes in the rearview mirror. Something about a sixty one year old women calling a man twenty years her junior, 'daddy' caused a stirring inside me. I liked it.

* * * * *

We stopped for lunch in a roadhouse and sitting across from Trish in a booth I was disappointed to see her pull out her laptop. "I thought you were on leave baby!?"

"Well I am but I want to use their wi-fi to check something at work. I'll only be a minute." Trish explained and I let it go when I felt her foot caress my leg beneath the table. My mother sitting beside me followed Faye's lead and ordered a burger and fries. They seemed to be getting on swimmingly, enjoying catching up after not seeing each other for a couple of years. The passing of both their husbands in recent years had them essentially in the same boat and Trish had hoped they could be friends to each other. It looked like that was now a potential.

At one point a trucker walked past our table and out of the blue quipped I was a lucky boy. The ladies giggled and I reflected on my situation from another man's perspective. There I was dining with an out and out cougar in my mother-in-law, an attractive almost school teacher looking woman in my mother; and my wife, although hiding her sex appeal under a bushel, equally as attractive. Trish had lied and spent the entire lunch working away on her laptop but in keeping up her manipulation under the table she'd coaxed an erection from me so I wasn't going to say anything disparaging.

I finished my meal first and sat back satisfied. It was only then I realized just how close I was sitting beside my mother. A sideways glance and there was her cleavage, it wasn't intentional but my eyes sought out her nipples to see if they were still hard. Finding no joy I quickly looked to Trish to make sure she wasn't watching me then back to my mother. I lowered my gaze to her midriff, a roll of love-handle through her dress, (not unattractive) and her thighs. Sitting cross-legged, the split in her skirt exposed a large piece of flesh and I unexpectedly found myself wondering the color of her underwear.

I figuratively slapped myself across the face for thinking it and looked to Faye for a distraction. It didn't help. She hadn't changed much in the twenty years since she'd first introduced me to her daughter. The breast implants were a relatively new addition but her tanned skin, her 'come fuck me eyes,' her smile, were all the same Faye. It was the smile she fixed me with then as she caught me glancing at her breasts. I quickly looked away embarrassed and talked to Trish about going to pay the bill.

Upon returning to the table the ladies were ready to leave. Mom passed me her handbag as she slid across the seat to exit the booth. In doing so my question as to the color of her underwear was answered as her legs parted and the split in her dress rode up along her leg. I was presented with an unobstructed view of the yellow panties covering my mother's pussy bulge. My eyes, as if on rails, slowly rose up her body to her ample cleavage and then to her face, her own eyes looking into mine. I felt like a naughty schoolboy caught looking up his teachers skirt but mom didn't seem to be fazed. "What do we owe you for lunch?" My mother asked as she stood before me and I handed back her handbag.

"I think you just repaid him Heather!" Faye laughed, having seen the entire event exiting the booth herself. I was mortified at her for making the remark and felt myself redden further. Faye bypassed me still amused with herself and took my mother by the arm, walking out together ahead of us. I watched with delight as their asses swayed with their movement through the diner and out across the car park. The denim tight over Faye's cheeks and cinched in her crack and my mother's slightly larger bottom, the faint line of her panties across each mound. I still maintained an erection and I wondered if it was from my wife's caresses or the beautiful sight before me.

* * * * *

At two p.m we pulled up at the beach house, the sat nav having done a wonderful job of leading us through the back roads to get there. The house looked just as it did in the photos, the only difference the addition of a swing set on the large lawn. The keys were where the owners had said they were and after unpacking the car and jokes about whether Faye realized she was only away for three nights due to the amount of luggage she'd brought, settled into the house. Faye and Heather were more than happy with their room. The house was most likely designed for a family, parents and two kids with the second bedroom only holding two single beds but we all agreed it would work well for our needs.

After loading the fridge with the alcohol and food I'd brought we all walked the short distance from the house to the beach. Less than a hundred yards through dunes and we were looking out onto the pacific ocean. The beach stretched for miles in each direction with no one else within sight. Having looked on google maps, the public beach was way down to the south and cut off from us by an inlet. With only a couple of other houses nearby and it being the end of summer, I was pretty sure we had the entire beach to ourselves. It was idyllic.

* * * * *

Back at the house I opened a bottle of champagne to christen our vacation. Trish declined which I wondered about but Faye and my mother were more than eager to imbibe. Taking my wife by the hand and leading her into our bedroom we left behind the now best friends to their conversation. "What are we doing?" Trish asked when I swung the door closed behind us.

I could hardly control my excitement as I went to my bag to retrieve the swimsuit. "I bought something for you. I hope you like it." Taking the gift bagged bikini from it's hiding place I presented it to my wife.

Trish gingerly opened the bag, an unsure expression on her face. Taking out first the top she held it between two fingers Her other hand entered the bag and pulled out as luck would have it the thong and held it in the same manner.

"What's this?" She asked.

It wasn't the reaction I'd been hoping for but I persisted. "Well it's obvious isn't it? It's a bikini. There's another bottom if you don't like that one."

She looked at each of the items again and then down into the bag. "I don't wear bikinis."

"Well yeah, usually but I thought there's no one else around, well there wouldn't have been if our mom's weren't here, and they don't really count. I just thought you might try it out." It really wasn't working out well.

"Ah. O.k." As if saving her from even touching the bikini let alone trying it on we heard her phone ringing from the other room. Trish placed the swimsuit back in the bag and dropped it down onto the bed beside her before hurrying out to answer the call.

I followed her out deflated, watching as she grabbed her phone and walked out onto the lawn to gain better coverage. It was obviously work related as she enthusiastically began discussing 'implementations' and 'integration.' I tuned out and poured myself another drink. Faye and Heather it seemed had also moved onto their second and were amusing themselves sharing photos on each of their phones. About ten minutes passed before Trish re-entered the house and faced me. "Hey can we talk?" She asked before this time, leading me into the bedroom.

"You're going to hate me." She began.

"O.k, why?" I asked but I felt I knew what she was going to say. The knowledge didn't make the words hurt any less however.

"I have to go back!"

I was dumbfounded. "What do you mean? We only just got here!"

She touched my arm. "I know you were looking forward to this..."

I broke in. "We both were weren't we?"

"You knew I was busy at work!"

"So why didn't you cancel earlier? Why wait until we got here?" I questioned with I thought, reason.

"I didn't want to disappoint you. And our mom's. Look I didn't think I'd have to go back but somethings come up. I can probably drive back up tomorrow."

It provided me with some hope. "Well how about I drive home with you tonight and we can both come back up tomorrow. It'll work."

"No. It's just I might not be able to get away. I don't want us both to miss out on a weekend away."

"What, so I stay here and entertain our mom's and hope you come back? Sounds great!" I was on the verge of sulking and tried to refrain myself.

"Don't be like that. I will try and get away. I promise."

"Did you at least like the bikini?" I tried to salvage something from the situation.

Trish gazed down at the bag as if she'd forgotten of it's existence. Looking back at me she rolled her nose. "Yeah it's not really me though, is it?"

And that was it. I was fully deflated. Trish broke the news to Faye and Heather who offered to all go back home but she refused, saying us three could still enjoy ourselves. She promised to them as well that she'd return but to me it was a dead promise. Of course she had to return. She had the car. I wasn't too proud to admit that I fought back a tear when she left. More for myself than for her. She was going off to do what she loved, her phone already on speaker as she drove out of the property.

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