tagIncest/TabooLifetime Tenure Ch. 02

Lifetime Tenure Ch. 02


Writer's Note: This is part two of a multi-part story, a companion piece to "Bonding Time." While it can be read as a stand-alone tale, it is the story of two individuals who play a pivotal role in "Bonding Time." My editor and I felt that these two people deserved more attention than could be included in the larger canvas of the "Bonding Time" and "Mandy and Me" stories.

The story begins in 1941, in northern Florida. It is written using the speech patterns common in the southern tier of the United States.

As always, a huge thanks to you readers, for your support and votes, and a special thanks to Ciguardian, for insisting we tell this story. It would never have happened, without his inspiration and guidance.

The Standard Declarations always apply – First - All sexual activity is between persons over age eighteen, Second – This is NOT an immature two page white-knuckle fluffer, and Third – The vast majority of Americans smoked, in 1941 and the years that followed, and nobody thought it was wrong. This story reflects that aspect of history. If any of this bothers you, don't torture yourself. Hit the 'back' button, now, and go elsewhere.

FYI – "Loughridge" is pronounced, "Lock-ridge" – if you're curious.

Chapter Two – "Road Trip Revels – and Revelations"

14 June, 1941


The drive, that first day, was a long and tedious one. The four-lane superhighways that would eventually cross the nation wouldn't come into existence for many years. The two-lane highways we had available, back then, were fraught with stop signs, traffic lights, and constant slow-downs as the roads passed through town after tiny little town – with the extra traffic of such places, and the reduced speed limits. A drive that we could now – in the late 1960's – make in a day took double that length of time, in 1941, and usually entailed an overnight stop along the way, because almost no gas station or restaurant along the roads operated twenty-four hours a day.

That would change – in only a handful of months – as the nation became embroiled in a war fought on two fronts, and factories and transportation shifted over to a 'round-the-clock' operation mode, in order to produce and move war materiel at a breakneck pace. These, however, were still the halcyon days – the calm before the storm.

Eventually, the sun sank lower in the west, and we were both tired from taking our turns behind the wheel for hours on end. We drove on for perhaps half an hour more, before we spied a motor hotel off to the side of the road, with its 'Vacancy' sign brightly lighted. The place looked clean and tidy, from the outside, and there was a diner and a gas station located only a short few steps away from the office and the row of little 'cottages'. I stayed with the car, while Dad walked into the office and took care of renting us a cottage for the night. It cost us a whole dollar – which was a fair amount of money, in those days – for the room, but we'd have a soft bed for the night, and an available shower for washing away the day's road dust.

Dad returned to the car with the key to the cottage, but we were starving by then, so we drove over to the diner, first. An hour later, having feasted on some rather tasty cheeseburgers, French fries, and milk shakes, and having topped off our gas tank at the service station, we drove back to our little cottage and parked beneath its attached carport. Grabbing our suitcases from the trunk of the car, we headed inside.

Dad was dismayed (though I was secretly elated) when we discovered that, instead of the usual pair of twin beds, the room held only one large double bed. I looked at Dad and he looked at me, shrugging his shoulders.

"This was the only cottage they had, that was vacant," he sighed.

"We'll make do, Dad," I smiled coyly at him. "I promise I won't bite. Unless, o' course, you ask me to."

He gave me a strange look, but I grinned and let him think that I was merely joking with him. He had no idea what I had planned, for before he finally got to drift off to sleep for the night – or the note from Mama that I had, tucked inside my purse, that not only gave him permission to go along with my intended activities, but plainly instructed him to cooperate fully and let his darling daughter have her wicked way with him.

I offered Dad first dibs on the bathroom, but he deferred, "Ladies, first," and so I dug my light summer bathrobe and a few other things out of my suitcase and headed into the cramped bath area.


When Dad had announced the coming trip, and had agreed to take me along so that I could do a little poking around at Georgetown and look for housing, Mama had contrived – the following Monday morning – to send Stu into town with a grocery list to fill.

"Why don't you n' me have us a little chat, Baby?" she suggested, as we heard the sound of her car – with Stu at the wheel – driving off down our lane.

We poured fresh cups of coffee and took seats across the kitchen table, lighting cigarettes and getting settled in. Mama gazed off into space for a moment, looking lost in thought, then took a puff and got to what was on her mind.

"So, how're things goin', 'tween you an' Stu, Baby?" she asked me, venting her exhale toward the screen door. "Still good?"

"Real good, Mama," I chuckled. "Real good."

"Are the two o' you just carryin' on, or are you takin' the time t' teach him how t' pleasure a woman?" she asked me.

"Mama, what kind o' girl d' you think I am?" I snorted, laughing. "It surely is a different kind o' teachin' than I studied for, in college, but I'm showin' 'im the ropes as we go along. He's pickin' it up, pretty darn good, too!"

"That's good t' hear, Baby," she smiled. "Sound like you're enjoyin' it."

"Of course I am, Mama," I laughed again. "Like I said, it's a whole different kind o' 'teachin'' than what I studied for, but I still get the same good feelin' from watchin' him learn things."

"I figure that ain't the only 'good feelin' you're gettin', Baby," she giggled.

"Well, there is that good feelin', too, Mama," I laughed, "but – you, bein' a teacher, yourself – you know what a satisfyin' thing it is, t' see someone that you've been teachin' take a bit o' knowledge an' make it their own. In the case o' me an' Stu, put that together with the pleasure o' bein' with him, an' it's real good. Does kind o' make me wish my first time had been like his, though."

"What d'you mean, Baby?" she asked me.

"Well," I blushed, "I hope you won't fault me, for this, but – back when I was about Stu's age, or maybe a tad younger – I had the worst crush on Daddy..."

"Baby, I think all girls go through a phase, like that," she giggled. "I know I sure as hell did."

"Well," I paused to puff at my smoke, "I'd hear the two o' you, makin' love, some nights, an' get real jealous, wishin' it was me that he was lovin' on, an' showin' all those pleasures to."

"Again, you ain't done nothin' that most girls ain't done, Baby," she shrugged her shoulders, smiling. "Anythin' more'n that?"

"Yeah, I guess there is," I told her. "My first time was with Jeff Randall, an' he didn't know any more'n I did, about makin' love, which is t' say that we were both pretty damn ignorant on the subject, an' neither one o' us got much out o' the experience. Afterward, I found myself wishin' that Daddy had given me my first time, 'cause I figured at least he'd have known what he was doin', an' – since he loves me – he would have made my first time truly grand."

"He surely would have, Laurel," she nodded, smiling softly. "In fact, he an' I had talked, some, about that very thing – takin' you into our bed, an' then teachin' you all about makin' love with someone – but we wanted t' wait until you were eighteen, 'fore we did that, so you could make a grown woman's choice in the matter. We wanted you t' be able t' make the choice o' whether or not t' take us up on such an offer, just in case you had your heart set on waitin' 'til your weddin' night, for that."

"Why didn't you?"

"Baby, you didn't give us a chance!" she laughed. "You turned eighteen on a Wednesday, an' we were plannin' on invitin' you t' our room, come that Saturday night. Only, Saturday afternoon, you went out with Jeff an', when you got home, I could tell from the way you were walkin' – like you were a little sore, down there – that you an' he'd gone an' done it, with each other."

"I wish you'd've said somethin', 'tween Wednesday night an' Saturday, Mama," I sighed.

"I thought the same thing, an' so did your daddy, when I told him I figured you an' Jeff had done it, but it don't do no good t' latch the barn door after the horse has gotten loose. We'd thought o' givin' Stu the same sort o' choice, when he turned eighteen, but then that whole prom thing came up, an' Daddy an' I figured rightly that the two o' you'd wind up in bed, together. Knowin' that you've gained some experience, over the last six years, I figured you'd care enough for your brother t' make his first time a real special one – more so, considerin' what he'd gone through with that little bitch, Shelly Lambert, an' that it was his birthday an' a real special night, t' boot."

"I'm sorry, Mama," I apologized. "I had no idea you were thinkin' along them lines. Were you lookin' forward t' teachin' Stu?"

"Yeah, Baby, I was," she smiled wistfully. "I was wantin' t' make sure his first time was ssomethin' neither one o' us'd never forget. 'Course, like I said, I'm sure you took the time t' see t' that..."

"I did, Mama," I giggled. "I wanted his first time t' be a whole lot more pleasurable than mine was."

She took the last puff from her cigarette, stubbed it out, and immediately lit another, which told me that she was at least a little nervous about something, and so I figured there was more to the conversation that what we'd covered, up to that point. Sure enough, I was right.

"So, tell me, Baby," she began, after a moment, "D'you still wonder what it'd be like, t' spend a night in your daddy's arms?"

As well as I thought I knew Mama, I hadn't seen that coming, and it took me totally by surprise.

"I guess so," I nodded, after considering her question for a few seconds. "Why?"

"Well, that mornin' – the mornin' after the prom – when your daddy came back t' the house after checkin' on the two o' you, he talked quite a bit about how pretty an' sexy you looked, lyin' there, naked. I could tell – by what he said, an' by the sparkle in his eyes – that he was really taken, with you. An' I know, for a fact, that he was a mite disappointed, all those years ago, when we didn't get t' teach you about makin' love t' someone. It was pretty easy t' see that he wouldn't at all mind a night o' knowin' your charms, Baby," she grinned.

Given what we'd been discussing, it didn't take much for me to see where Mama was headed, with this train of thought. Daddy and I had a fourteen day road-trip, coming up, where it would be just the two of us – leaving Mama home, alone, with Stu.

"An' you're a whole lot closer'n six years, t' wantin' a night in your son's arms, aren't you, Mama?" I chuckled. "Are you thinkin' o' suggestin' that you an' I trade off men when this trip t' Washington starts, in a couple weeks?"

"Well, in a way, we're already lookin' at that," she shrugged, cocking her head to one side. "You've been sharin' a bed with Stu, for the last couple weeks, an' now you're headed off t' Washington, with my man, an' leavin' him here. This might be the perfect time for you t' try temptin' your daddy with your charms..."

"An' you'd try temptin' Stu, with yours?" I giggled. "What've you got, in mind, Mama?"

"Well, you likely ain't taught him everythin' about lovemakin', yet, have you, Baby?" she asked, smiling mischievously.

"That's true enough," I admitted. "I've been figurin' I had a couple months, t' show him everythin' I've learned. I've been takin' it kind o' slow, givin' him time t' get one thing down, pretty good, 'fore I moved on t' the next."

"So you'd be interested, Baby?" she asked.

"'Course I would, Mama," I grinned. "Why wouldn't I?"

"Well, then, let's you an' me put our heads together – 'fore your brother gets home from the grocery store – an' figure out how we're goin' t' do this."


With an attempt at seducing my father in mind, I'd paid some extra attention to my personal grooming, the Friday night before our departure. More properly put, I'd dragged Stu into the bath area of the summerhouse, with me, and put him to work at shaving my legs and my labia until they were both as smooth as a baby's bottom, and then trimming and shaping the rest of my pubic hair into a soft triangle – an 'arrowhead' that would point to where I wanted Daddy's attention focused.

He'd done a magnificent – and most pleasurable – job of it, too. If I was ever lucky enough that Stu and I could figure out how pull off at least a quasi-legal marriage, so that we could spend the rest of our lives together, I would love having him at least periodically tend to shaving me as a prelude to a bedtime romp. If we couldn't manage that lifetime together – if I had to give him up to be taken by some other unbelievably lucky woman – I damn well intended to see to it that she would regard him as an absolute 'keeper'!

That first night on the road with Daddy, I didn't need to do anything more than a quick washing of my body, followed by applying a dab of my Tabú perfume in the right places. The scent had been created a few years back, and – so the story went – was crafted by its designer to define a scandalous woman. That was just what I wanted to be, for Daddy, that night – a truly scandalous woman. I wouldn't have to lure him into the bed with me, since there was only one bed in the room, but I fully intended to be the woman who would seduce him into coupling heatedly with me until we were both too weak from our exertions to move another muscle, other than to share an 'after-sex' cigarette as the echoes of our passion faded into soft, warm memories.

Donning my nightwear and then my robe, and taking my bag of toiletries with me, I went back into the sleeping area of the cottage.

"Your turn, Daddy," I said, coyly, as I rounded the bed to the other side.

I waited, then, watching as he rose and picked up his toilet kit and robe.

"And make sure you shave off that five o'clock shadow, Daddy," I giggled. "I don't want t' get whisker-burn, when you kiss me goodnight."

He looked at me, strangely, as I'd expected, but I flashed him a coy smile and turned to the night table to light a cigarette and pick up a magazine I'd brought along. Seconds later, I heard the quiet click as the door to the bath area latched, and then the start of water running in the shower.

Rising from the bed, I draped my robe and nightwear over the chair that sat close by, put the magazine back on the night table, and stretched out naked on the turned-down sheets, dipping my hand into my pussy. Closing my eyes, I let the fantasy build – Daddy and me, on the bed, coupled and writhing in our unleashed passion. As I pictured the scene in my mind, I fingered my pussy and clit, letting myself get aroused so that my juices would start to flow. I wanted the little room to be redolent with the scent of an aroused woman, a fragrance impossible for Daddy not to notice.

I relaxed, then, for a few minutes, smoking a cigarette and waiting for the sound of the shower to cease, so that I could hear the click of the door latch as it opened. In time – though it took awhile – I heard it, and I quickly lit another cigarette, put the ashtray close by my side, and looked straight ahead through half-lowered eyelids, like I was seeing something in my mind's eye, as I began to rub my pussy once again and murmur softly.

"Oh, yeah, Daddy!" I said, murmuring just loudly enough to be heard. "That's it! Lick your little girl's pussy. Taste the sweetness, all those juices flowin', just for you. Oh, Daddy, I need you so very much! I want you so bad, Daddy! Please – please make love t' your baby girl!"

I paused, taking a long drag from my cigarette and doing that little trick with the smoke, then going back to my murmuring once again until I detected the scent of his Old Spice after shave coming from almost next to me. I opened my eyes, and there he was – standing by the bed and looking down at me, his fervent, aching desire written plainly on his face.

"What're you doin', Baby?" he asked me, and the sound of his voice was that of lust mixed with pure curiosity, not accusation.

"How long have you been watchin' me?" I asked him in return, taking a leisurely drag and playing with the smoke.

"A minute or so," he admitted.

"Then you likely know what I've been doin'," I smiled up at him, spreading my legs so that he could see how glisteningly wet my pussy lips were, and how flush they were with my arousal. "I've been lyin' here, thinkin' about you, an' about what I'd love for you t' do, t' me..."

"I heard, Darlin'," he said softly, nodding. "It was pretty hard t' confuse your words with anythin' else..."

Carefully, slowly, he sat down on the edge of the mattress, facing me. Reaching out, he took the cigarette from between my fingertips, took a drag, and handed it back.

"I didn't intend for it t' be confusin', Daddy," I told him bluntly. "I heard you come out o' the bath, an' that's when I started talkin' out loud. I guess I was just hopin' you'd take the invitation t' heart, an' just start in, with me."

"Is that – what you were talkin' about, in your daydream, just now – is that what you really want, o' me?" he asked.

"Yes, Daddy," I nodded, smiling softly at him. "I've wanted you for a long, long time. Since 'fore I went off t' college."

"You never said anythin'," he shook his head. "You never asked me..."

"How would I have done that, Daddy?" I asked him pointedly, cocking my head at a slight angle. "In the whole world, there's three men that law an' custom say I ain't supposed t' ever have, an' you're one of 'em. The other two are Stu an' Uncle Carl. With Stu, it just sort o' happened..."

"Really, Darlin?" he snorted, grinning. "An' you didn't egg him on, even the tiniest little bit?"

"Well, maybe," I shrugged, smiling up at him, "but it didn't take much. We were both so heated up, from all the kissin' we did, an' puttin' on that act for everyone at his prom, that our emotions ran away with us an' – I think – he was wantin' me, near as much as I wanted him. It boiled down t' me, askin' if he wanted to, an' him, sayin' yes.

"But how's a girl t' go about askin' a thing like that, o' her own father? I did think about askin' you, but I was afraid you'd turn me down or – worse, still – that you'd have been angry with me for darin' t' ask you for a thing."

"Princess," he sighed – and that was when I knew he was about to give in. That was the nickname he'd had, for me, all through my childhood. He'd always said that, if Mama was the queen of his life, then I must be his princess. I fought hard not to let my sense of triumph show, on my face.

"I don't know if I'd have given in, t' you, back then," he shrugged. "Your mama an' I talked about it, some – invitin' you into our bedroom, an' then Mama demonstratin' what t' do, so you could try it with me – but I was still of a mixed mind, on that. You were barely eighteen, an' you still had some growin' up, t' do, inside – in your mind, where growin' up truly counts.

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