tagNonHumanLittle Bad Wolf Ch. 06

Little Bad Wolf Ch. 06


"So? What do you think?" Scarlett takes me by the shoulders and turns me to face the mirror.

"It's... why do I need a collar, exactly?" I fiddle with the dark red strip of leather she's fastened around my neck.

"Pets are really supposed to wear them, state ordinance and all. I don't want us to get in trouble," she smiles at me through the mirror, "Besides, I think it looks really cute on you. It's not too tight, is it?"

"No, I think it's okay," I reply, as she begins to adjust it without really paying attention to my response.

"Why doesn't Sophie wear one, then?" I ask, as she admittedly does adjust it to be more comfortable.

"Ugh," she rolls her eyes, "Ever try to get a cat to wear a collar? I've gotten her several, but she refuses to wear them. Or rather, she wears them, and then they mysteriously disappear by the end of the day, and she won't tell me what happens to them."

"...So?" she reiterates.

"It's... it's okay, I guess. It's nice," I'm not really sure how to respond. I actually am quite pleased that it's the red leather, when, knowing Scarlett, it could have been something frilly or pink, or otherwise far more embarrassing.

"I wanted to get you a fancier one, but Flint shot that down. He says that 'cute' and 'girly' are not necessarily the same, and that some of the ones I was looking at wouldn't have been right for a boy," she immediately confirms all my fears. Once again, Flint proves to be my hero.

"You wouldn't have minded a fancier one, would you?" she fishes for confirmation.

"I... well, um. I'd have to see them, really," I try my best to avoid an honest answer, without lying to her.

"In any case, I think this one is quite nice, if a little plain," she concludes, then picks up her purse and what appears to be... a leash, "Ready to go, puppy?"

"Where were we going, exactly?" I ask. She hadn't elaborated a whole lot.

"Some errands to do, and I wanted to get some grooming done for you. Your nails are a mess, and you could use a haircut," she takes me by the hand and leads me to the door.

"Is... the leash necessary?" I ask, with a little trepidation.

"It's just another formality. There's leash laws. Most of the time, it doesn't matter, but it's good to have it on hand, in case we get stopped or something," she explains, "As a matter of fact, let's try it out."

She reaches out and clips it to my new collar. I feel quite a mix of emotions at this. One does not, generally speaking, leash a wolf. That just isn't done. At the same time, the way she looks at me when she takes charge like this makes me oddly tingly. Regardless of how I feel about it, there's still no saying no to her, for me. So I make no objections when she leads me out the door and puts me in the car with her.

"Oh, I also made a vet appointment for you," she says casually and quickly.


My eyes go wide and I go to open the car door before we get moving, only to find it immediately locked. And I can't seem to unlock it. Turns out, there is at least one 'no' in me, for her. She deliberately waited until I was leashed and in the car to tell me this.

"Uh-uh, puppy, you're going, this is not an argument," she states, with an air of finality.

I give her the sad puppy eyes as best I can, "Come on, Scarlett, I don't need to-"

"Mistress!" she corrects me, tugging on the leash.

"Mistress, please!" I whine, "I'm perfectly healthy, I don't need a vet."

"It's just a checkup, puppy. It's nothing to worry about," she starts the engine, "We need to get you checked out so we can have you properly licensed. If you're going to be difficult, I'll go get Flint. Do I need to do that?"

I fold my arms in a huff, "No."

She clears her throat.

"No, Mistress," I clarify.

"Excellent," she says, her voice becoming cheery again, as she pulls out of the driveway.

The ride is mostly silent. I'm still a little upset at the deception. But I decide, if I'm getting dragged to the vet anyways, I might as well come clean.

"Sca... um, Mistress?" I finally pipe up.

"Yes, puppy?" she reaches over and scratches my ear.

I bite my lip, "The other day, in the woods..."

Her jaw sets a little as I bring it up, "Ugh, horrible creatures bullying my puppy. We really should hunt those things down."

"Actually, it's not about that," I twiddle my thumbs a little, "Before that... um, see, I saw this thing. Or rather, I didn't see it," I sigh at how stupid that sounds, but go on to explain the strange blind spot.

The car seems to slow a little as she looks over, "Where was this?"

Not quite the response I expected. She seems to be in quite a lot of thought about it.

"Straight out back from the house, near where the stream is," I reply, "You don't think there's anything wrong with me, do you?"

"Oh," she shakes her head, "I don't think so. But we'll ask the vet about it."

I get the vague feeling that she's not telling me something. But the whole incident seems to upset her, so I decide it's not worth pressing the issue.


The vet's office itself is filled with the two legged kind of animals, rather than four. So that's at least a little comforting to know it's geared towards those of us that walk and talk, not those that... don't. I'm not sure if there's better terminology for this. I do know that I'm the only wolf in here. Plenty of dogs, some that might even pass as a wolf to humans, but not to other wolves. The humans can't seem to notice the difference with me, either, and Scarlett quietly tells me to keep that to myself. Fine enough, I don't really want to do anything that would make this more complicated than it is.

A little embarrassing that I have to be kept on the leash while in the waiting room. As if I'm going to start chasing some cat or something. Besides, if I did, it's because that one little catgirl that keeps running past me is asking for it. I stay seated, but Scarlett still keeps tugging on the leash when the cat runs by. I'm actually a little relieved when we're finally called in to one of the rooms.

Scarlett finally lets me off the leash, and a young woman in scrubs takes down my height, weight, and a few other things. She insists on measuring everything, despite that I can tell her how tall I am. There's something wrong with their measuring tape, because it reports me being shorter than I already assured her I am.

Despite my preferred judgement, my tail starts wagging when the doctor finally comes in. I can't help it, she's beautiful. I mean, maybe not as beautiful as the red hooded goddess, but still. I have to remind myself that she's still a vet, and therefore the enemy.

"I don't... see anything unusually," the vet says, nearly blinding me with that little eye-flashlight of hers, responding to Scarlett's explanation of my encounter in the woods, "It could be just his imagination, or maybe he was confused by a trick of the light? I can confirm that he's fully grown, and won't get bigger than this, but he's still young. Sometimes those hunting instincts go in overdrive, and they mistake what they see."

Won't get any larger, she says! Nonsense, I'll get larger if I want.

She pokes around in my eyes and ears with that light for a bit, looks at my teeth, and listens to my heart, "Okay, Acorn, go ahead and get undressed."

I look back and forth between the doctor and Scarlett, and they both just sort of stare at me, expectantly. I sigh and hang my head down, and start pulling my clothes off. I'm used to Scarlett seeing me naked, but this new woman, and both of them, in this weird place. My cheeks flush, but I do as I'm told.

The doctor's hands are cold, but actually rather gentle. Still, the poking and prodding makes me uncomfortable. I clench my hands a little as she pushes my body down forward by the neck and spreads my rear, and I nearly jump when something cold, um... presses in there.

Scarlett ends up having to hold me still, "Shh, puppy, just a thermometer."

I thought they usually put those in the mouth, but I don't argue, I just want this over with. The doctor pats on the table and I hop up a little faster than my wolf nature would like to admit. The examinations continue, culminating with her pressing her fingers around my cock and balls. Speaking of growing larger.

I try to push her hands away and cover my erection, which they both laugh at. Which I think was unnecessary.

"It's okay, Acorn, I'm just taking a look to make sure you're in good shape. Everything's working fine, from the looks of it!" the doctor jokes, then looks at Scarlett, "Any intentions on breeding this one?"

"I don't know about that," Scarlett says, as if she's forgotten that she's supposed to become my woman, "We hadn't planned anything. There wouldn't be a problem, would there?"

"Oh, no. But we would probably want to talk about how this is a wolf, and not a dog," the doctor says, standing and taking her gloves off."

"You, uh, noticed that," Scarlett chuckles nervously and averts her eyes. It's actually very cute.

"Don't worry, it's not like I'm going to report you or anything. He's in good shape and well behaved," she ruffles my hair, "But just be sure not to run afoul of local laws, since you're technically keeping a wild animal, and they tend to frown on that."

The vet makes a few final notes on her chart, then turns to the door, "I'll just go get his vaccinations, and you'll be all set."

"Vacci...? What's...?" I turn to Scarlett as the doctor leaves.

She's uncharacteristically avoidant, not looking me in the eye, "Well..."

It clicks, "Those are needles!" I shout, and jump for the door, forgetting my nudity.

"Acorn, stop!" she shouts back, practically tackling me, holding me back.

The door opens again, mid-struggle, with the doctor standing there. And the whole lobby behind her, who can clearly see me trying to make a getaway in the nude. That catgirl that was taunting me, before, gives an unkind laugh. Defeated by my own embarrassment, I slink back down, and submit to the needling, no longer possessing the strength to resist.


The ensuing car trip is even more silent. I rub my arm and keep my eyes focused out the window, avoiding eye contact. I wouldn't say I'm angry at her, only because I have trouble being angry at her. But I certainly don't want her to realize that.

"I'm sorry, puppy," she says, seemingly sincerely, "But it was really for your own good. There's lots of things you could catch, and we want to make sure you're okay. But the good news is they said everything else is fine. And you won't need any more injections for a long while."

I don't say anything, I just cross my arms and look out the window. I'm going to be mad about this.

"Tell you what, we have a little time before your groomer's appointment," she says, "Why don't we do something special for you?"

I don't respond. She can't buy me like that.

"Wanna go to the park? Maybe get some ice cream?" she asks. That sounds nice, but it's not like I'm going to just give in like that.

There's a long pause, where I can almost feel the wheels turning in her head, before she finally speaks, "You wanna touch them?"

My ears perk and my tail starts wagging in my seat. I try to stop them. That's jumping to conclusions. I don't know that that's what she meant. But it's no use, the tails moving on it's own, and she's noticed.

I slowly turn my head to find her looking over, off an on, between focusing on the road. Her eyes catch mine, then dart downward for a second before she smiles. Yep, that's what she meant.

I don't actually answer. But I don't need to, my body language has already betrayed me, it seems. Scarlett takes the next turn off the main road, finding a secluded spot surrounded by trees, and pulls over. There's no hiding that I've gotten hard in my shorts, but I guess that doesn't matter right now.

She puts the car into park and unbuckles her seatbelt, pulling her seat back a little and turning to face me. She doesn't say anything, just looks down at her protruding chest and starts to slowly unbutton her blouse. She gives me a little smile as she pulls the fabric back, then unclips her bra from the front, letting her breasts spill free. They jiggle hypnotically.

"Well, puppy?" she asks, after what I realize is a fairly long moment of me just staring. I've seen them before, I've been in contact with them, on bare skin, no less, and I've even used them as pillows. But I've never been invited to just reach out and feel them.

And I do just that, fingers reaching out and gently touching that magically soft flesh. I practically shiver in delight as I feel her firm little nipples between my fingers. My eyes shift up at her, as if asking if it's really all right.

"It's okay, puppy. It's not like it's a trick," she giggles.

With her reassurance, I finally just dive in, shoving my face between them, squeezing down with both hands. I think she's laughing at my sudden enthusiasm, hard to tell with my face submerged in in a sea of tits. She even scratches my ears while I rub my face between them, and push them closer against me with my hands. I even get a little whimper of enjoyment from her.

"That's a good puppy. That feels nice," she coos, stroking my hair, "Reminds me of when I get Flint off by rubbing between them."

I swallow hard at the thought of Flint's thick cock rubbing between these soft pillows. It must feel amazing. Thrusting up between them while she presses them on either, until finally spraying hot cum all over her. I become almost uncomfortably hard at the thought. I also get a little uncomfortable when I realize I'm imagining Flint's cock, and not my own. But a tiny drop of discomfort is nothing compared to how amazingly cosy I am right now.

"Feeling better, puppy?" she asks, and I nod as I fondle her breasts.

"Not upset anymore?" she asks, and I shake my head as I kiss along the soft skin.

"Ready to do whatever I want, again?" she asks, and I murmur a yes as I suck on one of her nipples. I don't quite process what I agreed to there, but I'm a little occupied.

After awhile, I get a tap on the head, followed by a tug on the back of the collar when I don't respond. I reluctantly allow her to pull me back from her chest.

"That's enough for now, puppy," she tells me, "We've got to get going, okay?"

I whimper, and give her the puppy dog eyes, but it's to no avail. Just a kiss on the forehead and the reconcealment of her breasts. I silently promise them that I'll see them again, soon.


The trip to the groomer's goes better than I expected. I didn't expect it to be unpleasant, necessarily, like with the vet, but this sort of civilized dog business doesn't generally fit with wolves. I suppose I have to admit that I'm a bit of a kept wolf, at this point, so maybe I shouldn't make a fuss about it too much.

I still do feel out of place, though. The place is full of people with their dog and cat folk. I can't help but remember what those jerks in the forest said about me. It does bother me, but then again, what if I want to be Scarlett and Flint's dog? What's wrong with that? If they don't like it, they can get reacquainted with Flint and his shotgun.

The actual grooming isn't too bad, either. They clean up and trim my finger and toenails, wash my hair and tail, and trim my hair. Nothing really necessary, but it seems to make Scarlett happy to clean me up, so I suppose that's enough. There's some weird talk about 'waxing' me, but Scarlett informs them that I have no body hair and that it isn't necessary. That isn't, strictly speaking, completely and totally true. I have a few hairs, and I'm annoyed by the implication that I don't. But I also don't want to get waxed, so I keep my mouth shut.

When everything is done, Scarlett remarks about how 'pretty' I look. I don't know that I appreciate the word choice, but praise is praise, and it makes my tail wag.

It's afternoon when we get home, and Flint has already returned ahead of us. Scarlett makes it a point to parade me out for him, to show how well groomed I am. I don't think I look much different, and Flint doesn't seem as enthused as Scarlett is, either. Girl stuff, I guess.

We seem to have interrupted something between him and Sophie, when we arrived. After Scarlett called for him, he came out buckling his pants, and Sophie followed, looking annoyed. Well, more annoyed than usual. This is another occassion where I feel like Scarlett is inadvertantly putting me on Sophie's bad side. This does get exacerbated when she doesn't allow Flint to go back to whatever he was doing with Sophie.

Scarlett decides that she wants to take me for a 'walk'. This is another dog sort of thing, but I'd be lying if I said it bothered me right now. Even if I wasn't hoping for another chance to feel her breasts, it would be nice to get out. She's been keeping me indoors since the incident in the woods.

She persuades Flint to go with us fairly easily. I'm not the only one with trouble saying no to her. Sophie doesn't, however, in typical cat fashion, and ignores her to go nap on the couch.

Couldn've done without the leash. For something she insisted was more of a formality, she seems to be getting a lot of use out of it. But again, it's not as if I was going to stray far from her and her magic chest pillows. We take the long way around, in a circuitous path, but wind up in the same place - the spot near the stream from the other day.

"This is where it was, puppy?" she asks, to which I nod.

She leans in and whispers to Flint, something that I can't quite make out, despite my superior hearing. He scratches his beard, and looks to be in thought, but says nothing that I can make out. After that, she hands off my leash to him, and wanders around the area, like she's looking for something, but returns with a shrug, to which he returns the same. Taking my leash back, we continue on. I wish they'd tell me what this was all about, but I'm also not sure I want to know.

We're most of the way back home, in a heavily wooded area, obstructing any clear view from practically anywhere. Scarlett stops by an old weather-worn bench by the side of the trail, and gets what I've come to know as a troublesome expression.

"What?" Flint asks, playfully, before I get a chance to ask, myself.

"I take it you and the kitty didn't get a chance to finish?" she asks, with the same playful tone.

"No, some demanding woman in a red hood insisted that I follow her into the woods," he shrugs.

She stands between him and the bench, and gives him a firm little push against his chest. Not enough to put him off-balance, but enough that he at least humors her, and steps back, sitting down. Not bothering with another word, she sinks to her knees before him, and unfastens his pants. She greedily pulls out his cock and puts his mouth around it, making him hard nearly immediately.

I try to avert my gaze. Try. Reminder that I'm still tethered to her wrist, and I can feel every little movement of her hand on my neck, as a result. It's also hard not to watch. She's so... enthusiastic about it.

"Puppy..." she says, in a sing-song fashion. She looks over at me and locks eyes as she drags her tongue up the length of Flint's, now extremely hard, cock.

"What...?" I ask, nervous about where this is going.

"Did you want to try?" she actually asks.

"N-No!" I stammer out, "I'm not into..." I trail off, watching her swirl her tongue around his cock's head.

"What's the big deal? It's not like you haven't had him between your lips before," she says.

"That was different," I say. Was it, Acorn?

"You sure? I think it would make Flint really happy. It would make me really happy," she gently kisses along his shaft, "Don't you want to join me?"

Flint moans a little at her touch, "Scarlett, don't try to pressure the poor boy."

"He doesn't have to," she says, tracing fingers over his balls, "But it would really, -really- please me if he did. And don't you want to kiss me, puppy? To press your lips to mine? Here they are..." she softly kisses the head of his cock.

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