Little Sister Ch. 2


"Shut up!" Don barked at me. "I haven't even started!" And he began to push forward, inch by inch. I bit my teeth and closed my eyes as he slowly fed that huge thing deeper into me. I have never experienced anything like it. His gigantic cock was spreading my cunt wider and wider! My pussy walls actually expanded to a width I couldn't imagine. His whole head was now buried inside me and I suddenly burst out with a moan of pleasure as he slowly wormed his cock deeper into me. I have never been stimulated like this before. Three inches: four! Don just kept on pushing! I opened my eyes and stared with shock at his huge cock sticking out of me like a bat----and there was still a considerable length to go!

Don grabbed me around the waist and began to push harder. I cried out with pain as he forcibly pushed another inch into me with one, solid shove. He now had half of his immense cock inside me! He drew back a bit, then rocked forward again, sliding in even deeper. My body ached and my entire pussy was on fire. He continued this pumping motion, slowly jackhammering deeper and deeper into me with every agonizing push. Each hard, push resulted in his tremendous cock sliding in just a little deeper. I shrieked and flung my body up and down as his head slammed against the deepest part of my pussy. The bed rocked and my body shock as he thrust himself deeper into me. And then he was up against my cervix. I was simply lying there, grunting and groaning as he wormed his cock into me. Don had his beefy hands clenched tightly around my waist, the fat fingers curled around the silk garter belt. Sweat was poring out from his forehead and the muscles on his huge for arms were bulging. I cried out with the sudden sharp pain as his huge head ground against my cervix with another heavy thrust. I flung my legs up and down, jackknifing my body so much that the plush slippers fell off my feet. "Agh! Agh!"

"Yeah, bitch!" Don growled as he continued pushing into me. I couldn't believe it. He had at least nine inches deep inside me and there was still a good portion to go. "Take it! Take it!"

He wouldn't stop his forward thrusts. I cried out as the huge and bulbous head of his cock was spreading the cervical sphincter apart. He was actually widening it! An odd sensation, a mixture of pain and pleasure, swept through me. I was being stimulated in places I didn't even know could be stimulated! And then he was through. With one, wicked, forward heave, he sank his fourteen-inch cock deep into me, his large balls slamming against my groin. His head ground against the depth of my womb and I cried out with sudden ecstasy. What a feeling! I have never been touched there before and every nerve ending was sending off incredible signals. My body was on fire!

"Oh yeah, baby" Don growled. He wrapped his huge hands around me, lifted me slightly up off the bed so that I lay loosely cradled in his arms. And then he began to earnestly fuck me! He didn't' do any pushing----no----he drew my body up and down along three-quarters of his immense length! My body flopped and my head banged against the headboard with every push. He was madly guiding my body up and down his huge shaft with such speed that my firm breasts had actually begun to flop back and forth! The head of his huge cock was grinding past my sore cervix with every thrust, spreading me wider and wider, and stimulating me so that suddenly a torrent of sticky pussy juice was being swept out of me to stain the bed sheet. He was making me cum! I was indeed shrieking like a pig now---loud yelping sounds echoed through the room. "Aiee! Aiee! Aiee! Aiee!"

I have never been fucked like this before. It was incredible. The agonizing pain of his thick and long cock slamming and out of me was immediately replaced by such a delirious sensation, a sensation I had never experienced. It was almost virginal----I couldn't explain it. I had never been brought to such heights before. I could hardly breathe!

And then I came. I let out a long and crescendo-like wail, tore at the handcuffs, arched my body out of his arms and orgasmed like I've never did before. It lasted for an eternity! Wave after wave of pleasure swept through me. I couldn't see; I couldn't think; I couldn't feel. I just screamed and screamed as his huge cock slid in and out of me.

And then I felt his cock swell and stiffen. "Oh shit!" I heard him exclaim with a deep-throated grunt. A hot blast thudded repeatedly against the soft wall of my womb. Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! It just wouldn't stop. With a loud groan Don emptied his balls deep into my womb. Those huge balls had an endless supply and the continuous thudding of his hot sperm against my sensitive womb was driving me insane. Each ejaculation stung me as if fired from a pistol, and it sent me over the edge completely. I was mentally kaput!

He withdrew his long cock and fell on top of me with a low moan. He buried his face in my shoulder and sank his teeth into my neck. "Oh shit!" I just lay there gasping and panting, my mind in a whirl. He fondled my hair as he kissed and licked at my neck and throat. He lay like that for awhile, stroking me and kissing me. His lips found mine and we were suddenly embraced like lovers. His hands were in my hair and his tongue was deep down my throat. After awhile he eased off and rose up on his elbows. He slipped a little lower and began to feed on my sore breasts again, toying and teasing the swollen nipples with tongue and teeth. His hands caressed them again, fondling and squeezing them. He wasn't done with me yet? How much more could I take?

He rolled me over onto my side and lay down behind me, his face in the nape of my neck. The headboard creaked as the handcuffs slid along the bar. I groaned as he lifted my left leg into the air, holding the stockinged thigh in his strong arm. I moaned in protest as he positioned his huge cock against me again and groaned deeply as I felt the fat head slip past my pussy lips. "Nice and slow now, mom," he breathed into my ear. He slipped half of his cock into me with one push and began to rock his hips back and forth. Oh, I moaned with pleasure at the sensation of his huge cock rubbing against my pussy walls. We fucked like that for nearly fifteen minutes during which I must have experienced at least three orgasms. His gentle strokes plus his continuous nibbling at my neck and ear were driving me mad! His huge cock was now sliding in and out of me with considerable ease. Loud squishy and slapping sounds echoed through the room as he drove about nine inches of his fourteen-inch long cock repeatedly in and out of me with short, gentle strokes.

Don suddenly withdrew from me and rolled away. He rose to his knees, grabbed my thighs and forced me onto all fours. With a shriek I grabbed hold of the headboard, the cuffs on my wrists clanging along the bar. He spread my legs apart, flung the long peignoir over my back and mounted me from behind. Before I knew it he had slid his gigantic cock into me, pushing it slowly forward until his balls thudded against my groin. It lasted all about three seconds until he was all the way in, but those three seconds were a thrill of a lifetime! Every single pore of my entire vagina was being stimulated as his thick and massive cock slowly pushed through me. I groaned deeply. Don began to fuck me again, this time riding his entire length in and out of me with long and slow strokes. I moaned and groaned with pleasure---it was unbelievable. And then Don suddenly lunged forward, burying his cock deep inside me with a vicious thrust. In and out he slammed it, ramming himself in and out of me with the speed of a piston.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" he hollered as he jackhammered his tremendous cock in and out of me with such force and speed that my head collided with the headboard with every push. I flung my head about and wailed as the fat head repeatedly thudded past my cervical ring. Another tremendous orgasm was building itself up inside of me and I grunted like an animal. And then he came again, depositing another voluminous load of sperm deep inside me. Shot after shot of hot sperm thudded against the back of my womb. I already had half a gallon sloshing around in there and now I felt positively bloated. My orgasm was cut short by a horrible gagging feeling----how much sperm was in there. Although I was past my forties I was still having my periods. I still had a full, safe week to go. But he had deposited his sperm so deeply, right in front of my ovaries that pregnancy was almost certain. The thought was suddenly so horrific that I actually dribbled bile onto the pillow.

Don rose and stumbled onto the floor. Cum was dripping of his huge penis and the sweat was poring down his back. "Don't bother trying to hunt me down, mom," he said as he drew on his bathrobe. "That wouldn't be wise. Dad is too stupid to realize what a little tart you are. Only I know about your illustrious affairs. Imagine what he'd do to you if he were to find out. Dad would just love that little stint you had with Uncle Morris, eh? I've got it all on tape! I've got quite a video collection of you and your little pals, too. If Dad got his hands on those he'd certainly throw you out on your ass! But you love this lifestyle, don't you? It's all his money, eh? Be smart----don't say a word. Good-bye, mom. You and Cindy were loads of fun."

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