tagIncest/TabooLiving with My Nieces

Living with My Nieces

byCharles Petersunn©

This is a story of incestuous relationships between an adult male and his three adult nieces. If such stories would be offensive to you, you are strongly urged to avoid it. My appreciation to a Japanese film, "Living with my cousins," for the inspiration for this story. All of the characters are at least eighteen years old. It's a bit long but it can readily be read in three separate sections\.

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Paul's nieces were coming for a visit, a sustained visit. Paul lived in the big city. The Bodine girls (Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo, and Billie Jo) were from Pixley, West Virginia, and they had been offered a summer fellowship at the Five Star Beauticians School. The girls had just started their own salon in Pixley and were ecstatic over the opportunity to learn the latest in nail technology and laser treatment.

However, the girls couldn't really afford big city lodging. One month's rent in the city would cover the down payment on a home in Pixley! Well, perhaps that was a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.

The girls therefore contacted their uncle, Paul Henderson, to see if he could put them up for the month. It could be asking a lot. He hadn't seen his nieces since they were in their young teens. He had been in his young twenties when they were little girls. But ever since his last visit there had developed a significant falling out among the elders over the inheritance left by Grandpa Henderson. Papa Bodine had been left out cold, while Paul's father received quite a substantial sum, with which he done gone got yankee rich, multiplying it handsomely during the dot.com stock explosion.

The girls, however, held no animosity themselves. They didn't mind being poor country folk. Heck, they didn't even see it that way. As far as they were concerned, they were dirt rich, only dollar poor. Frankly, they much preferred the relaxed, down-home, friendly life of Pixley, West Virginia, over the hustle and bustle, the crowds, the expense and, frankly, the cold rudeness of the big city. Paul would at times agree, although he did enjoy the restaurants, the theater, the museums, the galleries, the ballparks, the bars, and everything else that the big city offered. Pixley might be a nice place to relax for the weekend, but much longer than that he would get bored.

In any case, he was happy to have the girls stay with him. But, it wasn't like he had a lot of room. He warned them that he only had one guest room. It had a king sized bed, but that could hardly hold three young ladies, could it?

The girls though didn't mind at all. They had shared the same bed in the Bodine home throughout their lives and now they at times found it bit uncomfortable and lonely living on their own, sleeping in an empty bed. It would be just like old times to once again share a bed with their sisters, and even better to finally see their dear Uncle Paul after so many years.

Paul was actually a bit nervous about the visit. Three young women in his condo? It really wasn't that big. Not only would the girls have to share their bedroom, all four of them would have to share the one bathroom. He moved a lot of his stuff out of the bathroom to provide the girls with more space. Fortunately, his bathroom did have a lot of counter space, at least so he felt, and he understood that girls needed quite a bit of room to lay out their make-up and stuff. Plus, he had a cleaning service come in to prepare for their visit. He was a rather typical bachelor and had not spent much of his time vacuuming, dusting, cleaning out the refrigerator, or washing bathtubs.

Paul was also nervous about just meeting his nieces. What would they be like? He wasn't entirely sure when was the last time he saw them. He didn't even have any photos from that period of time. He was now in his forties and it had been so long ago.

The more he thought about it the more apprehensive he became. A whole month? They were going to stay a whole month? What if it was glaringly obvious the moment they arrived that this was a big mistake! Imagine how difficult it would be to put up with their presence for thirty days.

He knew that they would probably want to do all sorts of tourist things. He wouldn't mind taking them to a museum or a gallery. He liked to do that anyway. But, he wouldn't be surprised if they had no interest in that, being from such a small rural town. Plus, he did fear that they might in fact embarrass him, being unsophisticated country girls and all. He sighed deeply at the thought of how really troubling and difficult this could be. But, he also felt a bit guilty over having such thoughts. They were, after all, family, and one shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed about the members of one's own family.

He also felt a bit guilty over the fact that the Bodines had been left out of the Henderson will. He was not himself privy to the reasons for the family rift, and he had enjoyed the girls when they were little. He did recall with some fondness fishing, swimming and even frog gigging with them. It had been an awful lot of fun. One of them even had a bit of a crush on him. That was rather cute, as she was the youngest of the three.

His pulsed raced as he strode toward the door to his condo, the ringing bell announcing the arrival of the girls.

He became simply speechless when he opened the door. The girls had really grown up, and grown out. Standing before him were perhaps the three most attractive young ladies he had ever seen, at least in one group, all grinning widely, so very happy to see him. "Uncle Paul!" "Hey there!" "Hey y'all!" "Great to see yuh!" They all greeted him so gaily.

He was momentarily stupefied.

"Well, you gonna' invite us in to set a spell or are we just gonna' have to mosey on back to Pixley?" Billie Jo teased.

"Oh, yes! Sorry! Sorry! Please come in, please do." He stepped aside so that the girls could march by, and it was a nice little parade indeed. They were so endearingly charming. Each one smiled with a big friendly grin as she walked by, breasts thrust out with either exceptional pride or exceptionally good posture, which was rather impressive given how laden down they were with bags and bundles. It took considerable effort on Paul's part not to let his eyes linger on their prominently jutting breasts. He did at least have a solid glance at the three displays of feminine pulchritude, although also feeling a bit guilty in doing so. After all, these were his nieces. They were family. You don't ogle the boobs of your relatives, and especially the younger ones, even if they were just nieces.

The thought entered his mind that perhaps the country life, with all that good home cooking and fresh air, contributed to the growth of such large healthy breasts. It really couldn't be true, but he did have to at least wonder. It was, of course, probably entirely genetic and, as he thought about it, Mrs. Bodine, their mother, did have rather large breasts herself.

Paul's roving eyes were noticed by Billie Jo, but she didn't mind. She rather enjoyed men enjoying the sight of her. She had always been the more flirtatious one of the three sisters. Mrs. Bodine even described her as "boy hungry." It was no coincidence that the top few buttons of her plaid country shirt were undone, revealing quite a bit of very deep and lovely cleavage.

The girls dropped their bags in the center of Paul's living room and gushed over how large and impressive the place was, but then as quickly turned to him to reiterate their greetings, this time more personably, prancing over to him to give him a big group hug.

They all exclaimed with sincere and joyful enthusiasm, "We h'aint seen you for ages!" "It's been so long!" "Have you missed us?" "It's just so sweet of you to have us here!" They jointly squeezed and hugged him from almost every angle of his body.

Paul just smiled, awkwardly responding "Yeah!" "Sure!" "Same here!" "You bet." He was not a particularly touchy-feely sort of guy, and these girls were being very touchy-feely, their hands squeezing him here, caressing him there, and their big full breasts all pressing against him. Six wonderfully large soft boobs. He felt like he was some big tipper at a gentleman's club who got rushed as soon as he had entered, but he again realized that it really wasn't appropriate to think of your nieces as strippers, trying to seduce you by rubbing your body with their soft, full boobs.

"Which room is our'n?" Betty Jo finally asked.

"Betty Jo," Billie Jo admonished her, "don't be so rude. Uncle Paul will show you where to put yer things all in good time."

"Sorry," Betty Jo replied.

"No no no, please," Paul replied,"certainly, let me show you girls to your room." As he led the young ladies to the bedroom he again apologized, "Now, you know, I just have the one room for you girls."

"It'll be hunkey dorey, I'm sure," Billie Jo reassured him as the girls followed their uncle to the guest room.

It was indeed no bother to the girls. In fact, Betty Jo was impressed. "Look how big the bed is!" she exclaimed and dashed by Paul to climb onto it, jumping up and down. "It's so bouncy!"

Paul noticed that they certainly were. They were bouncing like crazy. Plus Betty Jo's short plaid skirt was flying up and down, providing brief but very pleasing glimpses of colorful panties: polka dots he believed, but he wasn't entirely sure. They did though cling nicely to a very sweet little cunnie mound.

"Betty Jo!" Billie Jo again admonished her.

Betty Jo had been such a tomboy as a young girl. Paul wondered if she still was.

Betty Jo gave one last big jump and then landed on the bed flat on her butt, her skirt flying all the way up, resting on her tummy, opening to view a lovely little polka dotted honeypot mound.

"Betty Jo, my gracious! You raised in a barn?!"

She sort of was, but Betty Jo didn't point that out. She just looked defiantly at her older sister, who was scowling back at her.

Betty Jo started giggling as Uncle Paul's eyes seemed to be bugging out, but she acted like the innocent scamp. "What's wrong?" Before Billie Jo could answer the younger sister pulled her skirt back down and asserted, "I got dibs on the right side."

Billie Jo turned to Paul. "You'll have to excuse Betty Jo. She's pretty as a speckled pup but sometimes she seems to forget that she's now a young lady. You know she was quite the rambunctious one when she was a young'un and," turning back to Betty Jo she added, "seems like nothin' has changed."

Well, Paul would have to say that quite a bit has changed. He could feel some swelling in his pants as he contemplated the brief sight of Betty Jo's sweet little polka dotted mound, but he also realized how wrong it was to be ogling his niece's vaginal area and having such a reaction. Living with one's nieces might indeed turn out to be quite difficult, but for a reason that he had not anticipated.

"And," Billie Jo added, "You will sleep in the middle. I'll be on the right. Bobbie Jo on the left."

"That's just not fair," Betty Jo complained.

"Now don't you get ornery. You're the youngest, the smallest, so y'all sleep in the middle."

Betty Jo scowled at her older sister but she knew there was no point in arguing.

Billie Jo turned to Paul. "Could y'all get the rest of our things, Uncle Paul? It's an awful lot for us young ladies to tote." She gave him her most grateful, and flirtatious, smile. It did always have a useful effect on guys when she needed things done for her.

"Oh, yeah, sure. Um, of course. Why don't you girls get settled in and I'll bring the rest of it up." He was kind of surprised there was more to bring up, as they appeared to have already hauled in a great deal. "The um, the, bathroom is right there. I'm afraid we'll be sharing that. My room is on the other side."

"Oh that's so sweet of you," Billie Jo cooed, giving him another hug, pressing those very wonderful boobs into his chest.

Paul wondered if these girls hug you every time you do something nice. "Which car is yours?"

"Oh, yes," Billie Jo answered, "We've got Uncle Carson's pick-up, the one parked a piece down the rode. Mercy me, we couldn't fit everythin' in a little ole' car, and he was so nice to loan us the truck."

"Yeah, right, sure," Paul responded, wondering just how much stuff these girls had brought.

When he got down to the truck he just stood there awhile, shaking his head. He couldn't believe how many layers of boxes, suitcases, and bags these girls had stuffed into the back of the truck. They would need all of this for just a few weeks? It seemed like they weren't ever intending on wearing anything twice.

He lost count of how many trips he had to make back and forth, from his condo to the truck and back again, as the girls unpacked, unpacked, and unpacked some more. There was even a really heavy box, which he discovered were Bobbie Jo's books. She had always been the bookworm of the three. Well, it wasn't like he couldn't use the exercise, and it did give the girls time to settle in.

When he was done he really did need to take a shower, only to discover that virtually every inch of any possible counter space in the bathroom was now covered by some sort of beauty product. The girls had even built a couple of cheap makeshift cardboard portable shelves, as apparently he didn't have enough counter space.

He studied the array with some wonder. It was like a warehouse of make-up and beauty products: skin care creams, foundation (liquid, cream, and mousse), lotions, powders, rouge blush, perfumes (clearly much more than just one per girl), lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liner, limp plumper (what the heck was that?), lip balm, nail polish (fingernail and toe nail), mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, eye putty (another one he didn't understand), eyebrow pencils, eyebrow creams, eyebrow waxes, eyebrow gels, hair sprays, and deodorants. The lipstick, eye liner, and nail polish, of course, all came in seemingly countless different colors (but much of it looking the same to Paul). They even bought their own soaps and shampoos, which kind of surprised Paul as he did feel he had plenty of that, but apparently they had their own preferences, which were quite extensive in choice (all of which was really much too perfumed for him). Plus, of course, some bubble baths, bath oils, and bath salts. It took Paul quite some time to find his lone deodorant, along with his razor and toothbrush, the only three things of his own he had left on the counter.

The first week took a bit of getting used to. It turned out that the girls took to washing some of their clothes in the bathroom, particular nylons, brassieres, and panties, which they proceeded to hang on every and any available hook or rod. It was a little titillating, he had to admit. With the bathroom door locked he spent a bit of time trying to match up each girl to her undergarment, getting rather erect as he closely studied each flimsy, lacy underthing, imagining each respective niece within each lacy lingerie. If these weren't his nieces he might have snatched a couple of pairs of panties for his own use at night, but even the thought of that made him feel guilty. It was a rather perverse thing to do, wasn't it?

Mornings were difficult too, as the girls spent so, so much time in the bathroom. Fortunately his boss didn't seem to mind his late arrivals. He had a couple of daughters of his own and was quite sympathetic. He did though admonish Paul to get a bigger apartment. Paul agreed he should (once he got a sufficient raise to afford one, but he didn't say that out loud).

Mornings were also difficult in another way as he would get quite titillating peeks at the girls before they were dressed. Betty Jo apparently liked to have breakfast right after she showered, which made no sense to Paul but he was not about to argue with that. He just sat there, pretending to be reading his morning newspaper, enjoying his coffee and the sight of the very pretty girl wearing only a towel tightly wrapped around her body, revealing considerable cleavage with breasts that appeared to be straining to be released by that torturous bondage and, from behind, the towel was just barely making it past that delectable little behind. He so wished for a wardrobe accident. None occurred, although Betty Jo didn't seem to mind the towel occasionally slipping down to just above her nipples as she was enjoying her cereal, the top half of her rosy aureola coming into view. With just the tiniest bit of additional slip so would her nipple come into view. Those young breasts looked so, so sweet in the morning. He loved contemplating them as he sucked on a juicy melon.

Bobbie Jo and Billie Jo had breakfast before they showered, Bobbie Jo in her pajamas, which weren't anything especially sexy, but it was still nice to be hanging around with a young lady in her PJ's, particularly when it was so evident that she wasn't wearing a brassiere, and those rather monstrous boobs did jiggle and wiggle quite a bit as she was munching on some toast, her thoughts engrossed in some book she was reading. Paul was really quite impressed at how well they stood up without any apparent support, wondering to himself how they would appear beneath the PJ top.

But, Billie Jo put both sisters to shame, if the competition was which girl was most shameless. Billie Jo wore nighties to bed, and she didn't seem to mind wearing them in front of her uncle. Most of the time they were not terribly sheer but they were always terribly sexy. Paul almost spilled his coffee the first morning, wondering if Billie Jo had forgotten that she was visiting him. But, he was disavowed of that excuse as she engaged him nonchalantly in conversation, as if this was all quite natural and normal to be speaking to your uncle while you're wearing such a provocative and revealing ensemble. His eyes repeatedly glanced at those very lusciously full, wiggly breasts and the soft, sexy bikini panties, through at times her cunnie lips were rather clearly outlined. A couple of times the top was even diaphanous, and so he was treated to a very wonderful consideration of his niece's soft, smooth, wiggly white boobs, rosy aureolas, and perky stiff nips. It was quite amazing how boobs stand out so wonderfully off a woman's chest. It was like their only purpose was just to perch there to be admired, squeezed, and suckled.

Paul wondered if she was being intentionally provocative, or perhaps it was just a cultural difference. Are country girls just less inhibited about their bodies? Maybe it's because they all grew up in a small home where modesty was a luxury they couldn't afford? He considered asking her to put on a robe, or something, but it was important to respect alternative cultures, particularly when it concerns guests within your home.

The first morning Paul was wearing his pajamas, with no underwear. He didn't usually wear underwear beneath his pajama bottoms. He didn't make that mistake a second time, coming out thereafter wearing his only pair of tight jockey briefs, which were really quite necessary to hide his erection, which instantly sprang to life at the sight of Billie Jo.

If he didn't seem to be noticing them sufficiently enough, she seemed to go out of her way to make their presence quite prominently obvious, like the time she refreshed his glass of milk, her essentially naked milk jugs jiggling and jostling against his shoulder and face as she poured the milk into his glass, afterward absentmindedly pressing the cool carton against her breast, causing the nipple to stiffen. She would also scratch or caress a breast as she contemplated the entertainment section of the newspaper while munching on her cereal, apparently oblivious to Paul's eyes falling out of their sockets.

Paul was torn with guilt. If these were his daughters he should feel terribly, terribly shameful. Dads don't ever have any such thoughts about their daughters, do they? But, of course, these weren't his daughters. They were just his nieces. That's pretty different, isn't it? And, besides, they were all grown up now. They had indeed very clearly grown up.

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