tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLivi's New Leash Ch. 01

Livi's New Leash Ch. 01


The story is a work of fiction. No one was hurt during the writing of this story. All characters are fictional and any mention of characters is purely for fantasy purposes. Rape is a terrible crime and the author does not condone real rape.

This is going to be a multi-part story in which a young woman is kidnapped and forced into a life of depraved servitude. It's my first submission in this kind of thing, so please be gentle on the critiques!



"Fucking economy..." Livi muttered, slipping her jeans on under her almost-insultingly-short waitressing uniform. She shoved the roll of approximately $56 in small bills into her back pocket and began turning out lights in the restaurant as the last person working -- for the fourth night this week -- and locked the door behind her. Just as she stepped from beneath the awning to head for the bus stop, thunder crashed distantly and a slow, miserable drizzle of rain started, breaking up the sticky heat of the night. She stopped a moment and suppressed a screaming fit. It was 11pm and no cars were anywhere on the street. The traffic light in the distance had just gone from its standard operation to that annoying blinking thing it does when no one's manning the controls.

The summer air was still warm, despite the impending downpour. Sweat beaded on Livi's skin as she stood at the bus stop. Checking her phone, she was relieved that there were only 5 minutes until the next bus. Plenty of time to rethink her life.

At 25, she was afraid she had already peaked. Her expensive degree in architecture had been rendered useless by the failing economy and subsequent disintegration of the firm she'd worked for. Following a string of odd jobs and some freelancing that resulted in late rent payments and credit glitches, she finally landed a position through a friend of a friend where she made enough to pay her bills and not want to kill herself. Her tiny apartment and her cat were the only real obligations aside from the school loans and a cell phone bill. There were many nights, however, where she wished she'd started stripping. If she was going to be eyeballed by truckers, at least they wouldn't be able to grab her ample ass without paying for it or at least getting bounced by a large bearded guy.

10 Minutes now had passed with no sign of the bus. Another crash of thunder and almost instantly the downpour started. Within seconds, she was soaked to the skin, her uniform all but pasted to her and jeans weighing heavily on her legs. Cursing, she ran back to the door of the restaurant and decided she'd wait inside for a cab.

Looking off to the side of the restaurant, she spotted what looked like a black Suburban, parked oddly in the middle of the lot. She hadn't noticed it there before. There didn't seem to be anyone in it and she just assumed it was a drunken patron of the bar next door, so she left it alone and went fishing in her purse for the building's keys.

Just as she inserted the key into the lock, she was struck from behind and slammed up against the door. The key in the lock stabbed her beneath her ribs. She tried to cry out, but the large man shoving her into the door had one hand wound into her hair, pressing her face into the glass while looping her wrist through a slipknotted rope. Her other hand was pinned between her body and the door knob. Livi was still trying to push back, struggling against her attacker, but he pulled her head back by her hair and slammed it into the wooden part of the door, stunning her.

With Livi temporarily subdued, the man grabbed her other wrist and bound it behind her back as well. Livi stumbled backward as he took his weight from her. He hoisted her up over his shoulder. Her soaked jeans pulled down slightly as he carried her to the trunk of the Suburban. He unloaded Livi into the trunk while she was still disoriented. She began to kick when she felt him stripping off her jeans. "No! Please no!" She shouted, unable to clearly see her assailant through the hair matted to her face by the rain, sweat and blood of her head wound. She started to scream as he threw the jeans into a large garbage bag. He climbed into the bed of the truck, straddling his prey and placed a large hand around her throat, pressing down until she choked on her scream.

"Shut. Up." He said quietly but firmly. "Do you understand?"

Livi's breathing was heavy and frantic. She stared at him wide-eyed a moment, taking in the dark shadow of his face, making out fairly slender features. He had a short beard and smelled of cigar smoke and leather. She smelled the latex of the glove he wore to grip her throat. He wasn't drunk. This was planned. She nodded.

The man released her neck and reached into a small box beside her head, pulling out a syringe. Livi's eyes followed his hands. "What is that?" She asked, terrified. "Please don't do this. What are you doing?"

The man removed the cap of the syring silently, pinched the side of Livi's bicep and stuck her quickly. Livi began to cry. "What do you want?" She sobbed. She repeated the question as he climbed off of her and resumed binding her ankles. She kicked with some force, but it wasn't more than 30 seconds before the power left her legs and Livi's vision began to fade. Her head became too heavy to lift to watch him and she could no longer control her mouth to keep begging. She heard the trunk door slamming and the man's footsteps on the gravel lot returning to the restaurant door, presumably to grab the keys and any other possible evidence of Livi's having been there.

The sound of her heartbeat flooded her ears as she saw through squinted eyes the cabin light come on. The truck vibrated and there was a lurching motion as they began to move. Then all was quiet n dark.


Livi awoke groggily to faintly playing classical piano. She was in a dark, damp room with a wood floor. The only light being supplied by a small window through which she could see the edge of the moon and tips of distant trees. She was chilled, lying on a stack of pillows on the floor in just her blue panties and bra. She gasped and tried to bring her arms in to cover herself, but found that they were still bound behind her back. The movement made her shoulders ache. Her fingertips were cold from the loss of circulation. A breeze blew in through the open window, touching the sweat on her skin and prickling her flesh to goosebumps. Her nipples hardened against the interior of the bra. Her head hurt from the violent contact with the door earlier. It was heavy and hard to raise and she lifted herself into a sitting position. A cool, heavy chain dropped down her back, pulling at a broad leather collar around her neck, making it hard to swallow for a moment or two. She gathered her feet beneath her, but failed to stand. There was sound outside. Someone was there.

Unsure what to do, she called out, quietly at first, lest the man who put her here come running. "Hello?" She repeated, louder and louder each time. "Someone please help me." She said. With no response, she gathered whatever strength she could muster and stood on wobbly legs to walk over to the window. She had to stand on her toes to see out of it. She stretched her arms behind her but found that instead of the rope, her wrists were bound in thick leather cuffs; more comfortable, but harder to remove. There were two men beneath a tree, loading some things into a truck just beyond the range of a floodlight directly above her window.

"Hello?" She called out through the window. They stopped and looked over at her. She couldn't make out their faces, but they were looking at her. "Please." she choked. "My name is Livi Green. I've been kidnapped and I'm tied up in here..."

"Your name is 'Cunt' and they don't give a shit." A voice came from the doorway to her room and she gasped and stumbled backward, the surprise almost making her vomit. It was the man who had kidnapped her. He was tall, practically filling the doorway. He was not old. His brown hair was cut neatly as was his beard and he peered at her through steely gray eyes. He looked clean. Professional, even. Outside of this scene, one would even venture to say he was attractive. His voice sent chills throughout her body, almost making her legs collapse again. He stood with his hands at his side, a large ring on the left hand and a whip gripped in the right. As he walked toward her, she stepped backward, trying to disappear into the corner. A corner of his mouth lifted in a smirk. "You can't get away from me, Cunt."

"Why are you calling me that?" She asked quietly, still trying to shrink backward into something. He walked closer to her, knowing there was nowhere she could really go with that chain affixing her to the wall. Her back was pressed against the wall, finally and he closed in, raising his left hand to her chin, gently at first. Then she tried to jerk her head away, and the amusement in his eyes left and he gripped her jaw hard enough for her to taste blood. She stood frozen, staring his in his eyes.

"I'll be brief since you have some work to do." He said calmly. "My name is Sir. You are now mine. I'll consummate it beating you bloody or with my cum in your holes, but rest assured you are mine. There is no escaping from this place. You will be broken. You will be bred. You will do any any everything required of a woman and a slave and eventually it will be the only thing you know."

There was a certainty in his eyes and in his tone that terrified her. She tried to speak but her throat had run dry and his grip on her face wasn't helping. Drool was leaking from the pinched corners of her mouth and he released her in what she would come to know as a gesture of kindness -- allowing her to speak. "Why me?" she nearly sobbed.

"Your life is proof of why feminism fails." He said, almost amused again. "Back in the barefoot and pregnant days, your life would have been simpler, don't you agree?" He nearly chuckled. "It's just your luck that I've sought you out and intend to return the natural order to things. One arrogant cunt at a time." He pulled her back to the center of the room via the ring on the front of her collar. She dragged her feet back to the center. He placed her under the spotlight and unsheathed a small knife, cutting away the remainder of her clothing. She squirmed as he did so. "Stay still." He said sternly. Her heavy D cup breasts fell from their harness, nipples betraying her lack of arousal, presenting themselves as her arms behind her back pushed them outward. He flicked them. "How do you feel about implants?" He asked. Her legs began to shake. "Nevermind, doesn't matter." He walked around, inspecting her, grabbing her ass as she began to sob. "Bend over." He ordered. She didn't move. A moment of silence and then she heard him take a step back and a flash of pain across her back took her breath away as the whip came down. "I only give orders once. Let's keep trying until you take the hint." He raised the whip again and then brought it down across her back, the pain nearly making her legs give way again. She heard the whip raise again and bent over immediately at a 90 degree angle.

"Good Cunt." He said. She felt his fingers, the only chilled things in the room, probing her waxed pussy from behind, poking and inspecting the folds of her flower, pressing against her asshole. He smelled her. "Nigger cuntmeat has a particularly thrilling scent to it." He said. The calmness in his voice was maddening, she thought. He walked back around to her front and ordered her to her knees. She straightened up. "Please just let me go, I can't do..." He slapped her hard with the back of his ringed hand, immediately leaving a mark. He didn't wait for her to recover before he pulled on a nipple, twisting it and pulling her downward toward the floor until she was on her knees. He wound a hand into her hair again and pulled so that she was looking up at him. "You'll have to earn use of your hands, bitch. Let my cock out."

"How... without my hands..."

"You're a clever bitch I'm sure you'll figure something out. Do it quickly though. I'm not a patient man."

Livi studied Sir's jeans. They were button fly and he wore a leather belt. The difficulty of this and the expectation of punishment was making her nauseous. Her back still stung with a white hot pain. She pressed her face against his fly and used her teeth to drag the belt backward through the loop and undo the buttons, painstakingly. One of them cut her lip and she sucked on it a moment to get it to stop. She felt the bulge of his hard cock against her chin as she brushed against it, dragging the pants down to his knees. It peeked from the hole in his boxers. At least he smelled clean.

He grabbed her by her hair again and told her to open her mouth. She'd given blowjobs before and could stomach the deed, but she worried something would be wrong with her methods and that she'd be beaten again. Her knees ached on the hardwood floor. She looked up at him and opened her mouth. He guided it in. "If you bite, I will remove your teeth one-by-one." He said matter-of-factly. She tried to close her mouth over it and begin, but he yanked up on her head. "No. Until I show you how to suck me off, you'll do nothing. You're a hole to me, and I will fuck you like one." He gripped her by the chin and the back of her head and guided what was easily a stunning 9" white cock to the back of her throat, letting her gag. As she gasped for air, he seized the opportunity to force his cock down her throat and held it there as she flailed around it. "Breathe through your nose. Get it together or you will pass out and I'll still cum down your throat."

She struggled but calmed herself and began to breathe through her nose. He popped the fat head of his cock out of her throat a moment with a grunt and then forced it back in, this time jackhammering it in and out but never leaving her mouth. Her eyes welled with tears and the mucous from the back of her throat began to gather itself in her mouth and drip down her ample tits as he fucked her face. "Niggers have the best face cunts don't they bitch? I'm going to LOVE having you around." He said, not really caring if she heard him. He held his cock as far down her throat as he could for a while before he felt her begin to fade, then pulled out and let her breathe. Whether her pussy was wet or not, there was enough moisture on his cock now that he wouldn't need it.

He circled around the back of her again and pushed her face toward the ground. This was the extent of the length of chain that tethered her to the wall. It choked her slightly as her face was pushed into the floor. He stroked his cock a couple of times and positioned it at the opening to her pussy, pushing in slowly, but to the hilt. She gasped as he took her by the wrist cuffs and drew back again, then buried himself once more in his new black pussy. His strokes were long and slow, but he felt himself bottom out inside her, nudging her cervix and that just made him harder. He asked her how she felt about having kids and then laughed, knowing the answer. He felt his balls tightened as he pistoned inside of her and pushed himself as far as was possible before he began coating her cervix with his semen, moaning about how fucking amazing it was going to be to have a dedicated whore in the house. He stayed inside her a moment or two, letting it all soak in, before pulling out and wiping the remainder on her ass.

He ordered her to stay in that position as he left the room and returned quickly with 3 plugs and a small hand pump. A very round orange ball was inserted into her pussy, stretching her walls as he attached the pump and began to inflate its size to something that would not come out even if she pushed for it. A thick heavy metal plug with a fairly stiff dog-like tail end was lubed and forced into her ass as she cried and begged for him to stop. The tail part was left out, made to look like she was a bitch, wagging her tail if she moved. The final plug resembled a black dog's snout with a harness that fastened around her head. The interior of the muzzle held a shorter plug with breathing holes in it. As this was fastened to her head, the plug reached the very back of her mouth toward the entrance to her throat. It was uncomfortable enough to make her feel like she would gag at any moment, but not far enough to choke her.

She was ordered to remain on her knees as he snapped pictures of her tear-streaked face, hair matted with sweat and humiliation. "This is your new uniform." He said. "When your holes are not in use, you will wear these. Tomorrow you will meet the good Doctor to discuss some other... modifications, and the other dogs of the house. They all love a good bitch." Other dogs?, she wondered. Did he have more girls like her? Or were they real dogs? Why would she need to meet them? Livi's eyes being the only thing she could communicate with, she tried to use them to plead with this monster but it did nothing. "I'd recommend you get some sleep, pet. You're going to need it."

With that, he turned out the light and closed what appeared to be a cage door and locked it. He could always see her, but she could not get out. Once he left, she got up and tried to see out of the high window again. The plugs in her pussy and ass made the holes ache and gave her an awkward, wide walk. She tried to pull out the plug tail with her hands behind her back, but it was more painful coming out than it was going in. Looking out of the window, the two men from earlier had gone and dogs were barking in the distance.

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