tagLoving WivesLonesome Harvest Ch. 01

Lonesome Harvest Ch. 01


Before you read this story I would like to warn you that it is a hot-wife/wife sharing type story. If you're not into it that's cool and you don't have to read it. Fantasies like this are rarely acted on and would more realistically end in separation and divorce. If you post nasty comments I'm going to assume you are a closet cuckold and are just unleashing your hatred upon the people who like to read this type of story. If you love anal there's none here. I'm no fan of that topic but I'm not bashing the anal stories.

I run a grain storage company in rural Montana, not much of Montana isn't rural. During the harvest season things get pretty busy, massive farms are bringing their grain in selling and storing their harvest. We have to run the operation almost 24hrs a day for five months. I usually hire someone to supervise the other shifts. I like to hire guys with a degree in agriculture business because this is a perfect leap into their career. They usually come in and work a season and then their off to open their own business or work in another area of agriculture. You have to know how to grade a harvest, schedule truck unloading, supervise maintenance and repair of equipment, and many other tasks. The job is relatively brief but very lucrative and I usually offer room and board in my own house because there is very little around for rent.

This year I decided to hire a Nebraska graduate named Ryan. When I first phone interviewed Ryan I could tell he was pretty bright and very focused. He was also very friendly. He arrived ready to work and spent a couple of days in the early harvest season learning the ropes of the grain elevators and learning the computer systems. He seemed very at ease and was running the show in no time at all.

My wife Jeanine always has the spare bedroom cleaned and ready for my employees. It has a full bath and a king size bet and it's actually a very nice place to call home for a few months.

Ryan would work the evening shift, 4pm - midnight while I worked 7am to 4. The evening shift was hardly any different from the morning because we always had a line of grain trucks waiting to weigh, grade and unload. I would see him in passing, usually he would come in about 3:30 and sit around drinking a coke until he took the reins for the rest of the day so there was a little time for chit chat. I really was pleased at how efficiently he ran things and how he interacted with the farmers and truck drivers. My wife was also very fond of him because he hung around the house in the mornings and would offer to help with cleaning and chores, feeling that he actually owed us something for the room and board. Jeanine commented about how polite he was and it took a while for him to stop calling her "Mrs." all the time. This guy didn't realize how much money he was making for my company. The cost of room and board was a non-issue.

Anyway things began to turn grey for Ryan about the third week into the season. I eventually got him to tell me why he acted so glum all of a sudden. As is turns out, his girlfriend of two years had dumped him over the phone and there seemed no hope of reconciliation. He said he was actually considering going home to Nebraska to see if he could patch things up. I got a lump in my throat, I was scared to death that my best employee ever was going to leave just when things were heating up at work. I didn't want to seem insensitive but I tried to reason with him and listen to his problems with a caring ear.

It seems he had his mind made up and gave me a two week notice. I was talking to Jeanine that night while we were lying in bed to see if she had any ideas. "Why don't we find him a new girlfriend?" she said.

"Brilliant!....but wait a big problem with your idea. There's no girls within 70 miles of here. Nothing but open expanses of wheat and corn fields. Unless there's a girl hiding out in a cornfield nearby I don't see any chance of him getting a new girlfriend."

"Well, maybe I could be his girlfriend." she said in a playful tone of voice.

"What do you mean by that?" I inquired.

"Well, he just needs someone to pay some attention to him. He hangs around the house all morning acting bored while you're working your shift. I could cook him some meals, watch some movies with him, go walking with him, things like that! I'll just try to get his mind off things"

"Well if you tell him you're going to be his girlfriend he might get naughty little ideas in his head"

"Like what? He's almost twenty years younger than me, he's not going to...no way he'll want anything from me."

"Honey, you have no idea what effect you have on men. You are a very sexy woman."

Jeanine was a forty one year old vixen. She wasn't modeling material but she has nice broad hips that sway when she walks and very beautiful large breasts that get noticed by every many that walks by her. She has a luxurious head of brunette hear and dark brown eyes. Her skin is one of her best features, she is soft and somewhat pale because she's not interested in getting a tan. You can tell she has taken good care of herself. One thing I really like about her is that she hasn't shaved her vulva like all those trashy porn actresses. She keeps the hedges trimmed and this really turns me on in bed. She also has a bubbly flirty personality that can win anyone over.

Our sex life was routine, about 3 positions and not a lot of foreplay, but it's kept me satisfied at the ripe age of forty five.

"You just need to understand, if you act like his girlfriend, he's eventually going to expect a little more. He's a red blooded American twenty two year old man, he has needs" I smiled at her.

"Well, I'll try to keep it light, he is a handsome young man, might have trouble keeping my hands off him myself" she slyly remarked with a giggle.

Jeanine made it a point to make him breakfast every morning after I left and sat with him and watched soap operas and lent an ear when he wanted to pine about his previous relationship. I think Ryan was enjoying the attention because he seemed to be in a much better mood when he came to work to relieve my shift.

Jeanine kept busy and also seemed to be happy with the arrangement. "I think he likes his new girlfriend!" She spoke up one afternoon.

I was a little startled "You actually told him you were his girlfriend? I thought you were just going to be nice to him."

"Well yeah I told him, he knows I'm just trying to cheer him up. He asked me today when he could have his first kiss!" she laughed.

"I'm warning you, he's gonna want more than a kiss if you keep it up. You could give a dead man an erection!" I think Jeanine was a little naive about the effect she has on men.

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