tagLoving WivesLonesome Harvest Ch. 02

Lonesome Harvest Ch. 02


One day I rolled in around 5:30pm and sat down at the dinner table and read a day old newspaper. Jeanine walked into the kitchen with a t-shirt on and a pair of white cotton panties with no bra. Her large breasts were swaying and jiggling and you could clearly see her large nipples "You look comfortable" I quipped.

"Why yes I am, I've been in this outfit all day" she smiled. "I think you might be right about that 'red blooded American boy stuff'. He was sitting on the couch watching the news in his boxers and I walk in wearing this and guess what happened? He had to get a pillow to cover up when I sat down with him. He's a little shy that Ryan, but you could have a 3 ring circus in the tent he pitched" she giggled. "Say what?" "I believe your boy Ryan is what they call "hung" from where I was sitting. He seemed to get all sweaty and cotton mouthed when I tried to chit chat with him. He's a little nervous or shy or something."

"The man probably hasn't had sex in months, you better be careful. I said"

"You know I didn't think about that. It's kind of unfair to tease him walking around in my panties and no bra around that loaded gun."

Something evil in my brain clicked and I said, "since you're his 'girlfriend', maybe you should 'ease his stress' a little."

"What in the world do you mean by that??" she exclaimed.

"Well, nothing wrong with a little hand job" I muttered, half expecting to get hit by a coffee mug or whatever else she had handy.

"Ah hah! You perv! Do you recall that I am a married woman?? What makes you think he wants a forty one year old woman to give him a hand job??"

"Any man his age would accept a hand job from you! It's not like you're having sex with him, it was just an idea!" I played it off like I was just kidding around and flirting but something in the back of my head was wanting to continue this conversation.

"I did notice he avoided me somewhat at work today as if he'd seen something he shouldn't have.

"Do you think he's changed his mind about leaving" she said with a pouty face.

"No, I don't know, never brought it up."

"Well do you think I should try the hand job approach?" she laughed.

With the same playful tone in my voice I said "Sure, why not?" I felt like we were just kidding again so I didn't follow up on the conversation, but my mind was racing and my cock strained behind my pants. The rest of the night was uneventful but an image began to flash in my brain of Jeanine's dainty hand with her painted fingernails grasping a large cock.

The next day during my shift at work I felt it hard to concentrate because of the previous day's conversation, but later on fell into a rhythm and the thoughts went away. Ryan came in and seemed to be somewhat back to normal, he just went right to work supervising. When I got home Jeanine was sitting in the recliner reading a book in her pajamas. "How was your day" I asked. "Fine, I guess". "Why aren't you in your Fruit of the Looms and your t-shirt like yesterday", I jokingly asked..but she sat silent for a few moments before she spoke up

... "Well, um...I was wearing them earlier but I got 'something' on them".

My mind was swimming and I felt it hard to breath, she actually wore he undies around him again. I remembered yesterday's conversation which I thought just a joke. Had she actually given Ryan the hand-job she had kidded about?? And what was the "something" that she got on her underwear?

She suddenly blurted "I jacked Ryan off. There, I said it. I admit it. I got his semen all over my t-shirt and that's why I'm wearing my p.j.'s. I have to be honest with you. I'm not good at keeping secrets and now I'm terrified what you are going to do to me." She sat and stared into space, a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Honey', I cleared my throat while wondering what to say, thoughts were spinning, images in my brain of my cute little wife in a nearly see thru cotton shirt jacking Ryan off made me hard as granite, should I be mad? I'm NOT mad? What the hell was wrong with my brain?? The jealousy was like a drug and I was hooked. "Well, I guess you gave the boy a little relief" I said lightheartedly.

She looked suddenly toward me with confusion. "You're not going to leave....or divorce me,..or kill me??"

I shrugged, "No..it hadn't occurred to me to do any of those things, I, uh, I guess it's kinda funny! Where, I mean when did this all happen?"

Well he was sitting over on the couch in his boxers and a wife beater just relaxing and trying to wake up for his shift. I started asking him about his old girlfriend, trying to let him know he could talk to me if he ever needed someone just to listen. He just seemed somewhat numb about her, I guess he wasn't hurting so much anymore. Well I just went and sat next to him while he flipped through the channels and I looked over and noticed he had a big hard-on. Calvin, I mean to tell you he had a "HUGE" hard-on. His dick was really straining at the fabric. He looked like he hadn't had any relief in months. I felt sort of bad for teasing the guy so I thought I would just help him out like I said I would. I nervously reached down and unbuttoned his boxers. He just sat there watching me and he lifted his arms out of the way to let me get the buttons undone. Oh my god, that boy was hung like a horse. Must've been 9 inches long! I've seen smaller dicks under a donkey. Anyway, he helped me get the last button undone and then he slipped his underwear off completely. I wasn't as nervous after finding out he had no objections so I just leaned over onto his lap and slowly jacked him off while he watched t.v."

I sat down, stunned but trying not to show it. I just couldn't hold myself up all of a sudden. Pangs of jealousy and pleasure were coursing through my body at the same time like a drug. "So you gave the boy a hand-job...did he say thank you?" "Well, sort of, he moaned really loud and came all over the place!" she giggled. "It was on my shirt, on the couch, in my hair, took a while to get it all cleaned up. I'm guessing that was his version of a thank you. He didn't say much afterwords, it got time for him to get ready and he stepped in the shower, got dressed and left. I had a shower too because I reeked of his semen. I don't think that boy has had an orgasm in a long time!" she added casually.

I was trying to wrap my mind around what was happening but what I really wanted to do was wrap my hand around my aching cock and jack off myself. "Honey, excuse me for a minute." I stepped into the bedroom to put on some shorts, she came into the room "Are you mad at all? I mean I know we kidded about it, I'm sorry, I just..I don't know what I was thinking!"

"Don't be sorry" I said .. "I don't know how to explain how I'm feeling, but for some reason I just don't mind that you touched him, or jacked him off. I don't know why, I guess I should be mad but I think it's kinda cool...I mean you didn't have sex with him or anything. I guess I'm o.k. with this as long as you tell me what happens, and don't let it go too far."

"You're ok with it?" she said astounded. "Well, if you feel that way I would like to add that it was fun, I felt like a teenager with him, kinda scared what would happen but after it started I just got into it. I couldn't believe the size of his dick!"

Later that night as we were lying after making love she noticed that I was hard again almost instantly. "I'm beginning to think you like what I did today, you cock is leaking all over this bed, I can't remember you being this horny in a while!"

I had to clear my throat "I have read that some guys like to hear about their wife fooling around or teasing other men. I guess I like the recognition that you are an attractive woman, you are 'my' woman too."

"I'll always be your woman, I love you Calvin", then she rolled over and drifted off to sleep while I rubbed my aching cock thinking about the days events. I would love to have secretly watched my wife attend to Ryan's cock, but I knew that I had to be at work during those hours and there was no way around that obstacle. I guess I would just have to be content with whatever she wanted to admit to me.

The next day I fumbled around at work, unfocused and unorganized and barely getting through my busy schedule. I wondered what was was going on at home, secretly hoping that Jeanine would do it again.

"Hey Jeanine, did Ryan get any action today?" I kidded her as I walked in the door.

"Well yeah! he surely did mister." She smiled as she sat reading a paper not looking up. "Want to hear about it?"

"Heck yeah" I said playfully.

"Well it started out like yesterday, pretty much a repeat of yesterday save one thing" she said all coy.

"What!?" I inquired.

"He didn't work on his resume' today. He left it sitting on his desk. I didn't bring up the subject with him, he just chatted about this and that, nothing at all about his ex girlfriend. We sat around in our undies most of the morning after he got up and watched t.v. so I gave him another of my famous hand-jobs."

"Did he like it?" I asked stupidly.

"Duhh, yeah" she said like a smart-ass schoolgirl. "I gave a man a hand-job, he came all over my shirt....again, and the hair (she pointed to the towel on her head), and the couch, I'd say that he liked it...I can't give this guy any more hand-jobs, I'm sorry."

"What? Why not??" I inquired.

"Because he cums too darn much and I don't really want to spend all that time cleaning up..I'll need to buy a tarp to lay out or just switch to blowjobs" she said rather comically. "Man I hope semen doesn't have a lot of calories cause I would get fat fat fat!" she joked. "After he came I finally just gave up cleaning up with paper towels and took off my shirt and used it as a rag to get it off his chest."

Oh my god. My imagination was about to blow a fuse. My delicate wife was topless next to a naked man with a huge cock. Her beautiful tits exposed to this young man staying in our home. I excused myself to the bathroom. "I know what you're doing in there!" She hollered as she banged on the door. "Why don't you just come out and I'll do it for you!" I came out with my pants on my ankles and a sly grin on my face. "You read my mind" I said and then threw her on the bed and fucked hell out of my hot little wife.

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