tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLong Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally


She knelt topless in front of the full length wardrobe mirror, slowly brushing through her long damp golden hair. Her breasts stood firm, her pink nipples erect in the cool air. She raised her arms, stretching and arching her back as she stroked languorously.

She was young, her body lithe from athletics and covered in freckles. It wasn't repulsive but attractive. She was catlike in her movements and the freckles made her appear more like a leopard. Which was apt as she ran over short distances. With each movement her magnificent breasts and pert pink nipples were exposed.

Her face was freckled though she had masked these with make-up. She wore green eye shadow above her black mascara. I knew her face well, with its high cheekbones, small ears and slightly large mouth.

I watched from my vantage point at the top of the stairs. I had just climbed them to call her and was stopped in my tracks, when I looked toward the bedroom door, standing slightly ajar, obtaining a view of Sally and her naked breasts.

She rose to her full height which was above average for a woman, effortlessly.

Leaving her breasts I looked down over her flat stomach and hips to her high-sided bikini briefs. I could clearly make out the darkened pubic hair nestled beneath the white lace material. My eyes travelled down her long, muscular legs, to her slightly large feet. Her high insteps arched as she briefly lifted herself up on tiptoe. She turned her body, still staring into the mirror, her back toward me revealing a tattoo across the base of her back. The briefs stretched taught over her firm wide buttocks. She had a slight gap at the top of her thighs. She turned her head to look over her shoulder and strained to peer down at something, almost out of sight.

Once again she turned her body. I could see each of her round breasts pointing at me as she craned her neck, to look sideways her blue-green eyes not moving from the mirror. She placed her thumbs into the side of her panties and tugged them up tighter. I looked from her toes and thin ankles, up her shapely legs once again to where her thighs met her hips. A cleft had appeared between her plump vaginal labia.

I continued watching, captivated as she pulled on a pair of dark brown tights. She rolled up each leg inserting her feet smoothing and stretching the nylon material as she drew them up her body. She stood and turning looked over her shoulder as she smoothed the material over her arse with the palm of her hand and straightened the tights. The tights were darker at the seat with a sort of zig-zag panty shaped pattern that she ensured sat evenly above her white panties.

Sitting again she reached down and slid her foot into a dark brown leather, knee length boot. She reached down as her golden hair fell forward onto her legs, to pull the side zip up. She repeated the process with the other. The heels were thin and pointed. Again she stood, this time about four to six inches taller.

She ran her hand through her hair, shaking it slightly then stretched to the dresser and picked up the brush and some hair clips. She brushed her hair back into a bunch and held it with a brown bow clip. She sat back down.

She ran the palm of her hand over the flat of her freckled stomach, that puckered slightly near her belly button. Already stimulated by the sight, my breath caught as she moved her hands up to her breasts. It looked like she was weighing them until she pinched each nipple gently and they extended to her tender touch.

She slid a hand away from her breast and unfurled it down the front of the tights and under her panties. I could see the shape of her knuckle beneath the dark nylon and white panties. Her booted legs spread wide to accommodate no doubt her hand, as it dipped into her loving cup.

She proceeded to rub with her hand making circular motions, interspersed with vertical ones. She sat up straight on the bed her legs spread wide, kneading her sex, looking into the mirror. I began to become aroused and felt myself stiffen uncontrollably; painfully restricted in my underpants. I had to adjust the position of my manhood. I couldn't believe that she had not looked once toward the bedroom door and me. She seemed totally unafraid of being discovered.

She continued stimulating herself a pained expression spread over her face. She began making discreet sounds, almost purring. She looked into the mirror less. She licked her lips. I put my hand in my pocket and began to fondle the end of my cock, between my finger and thumb. It was by now rock hard and leaking. Her hand moved to her left breast and she hardened a pink nipple by tweaking it, all the while her other hand worked away occasionally stopping to collect juice from her opening.

She used the flat of her hand to perform circular motions on her nipples. Her stomach muscles flexed, occasionally revealing the piercing in her belly button as the nylon covered knuckles in her tights became more agitated. As the arm which disappeared into the brown tights moved, her breasts jiggled. The knuckles flattened as she inserting fingers into herself but then returned to fist shape, the dark seam of the tights running over them.

Her mouth was open. Half strangled infant cries issued from it. Her head moved back and forward, slowly as if she were caught in the act of chanting at a temple. Her face contorted, still beautiful but expressing desire and anticipation. The fist was frantic until a heavy sigh of release and a pause. Her head bowed forward as the knuckles slowed to a less frenetic rhythm. She raised her head revealing a broad smile.

I flushed and at the sound of movement downstairs, after first checking there were no stains on my trousers, slowly and carefully backed away.


A taxi arrived and I stood as my daughter came to give me a kiss before she left for the evening. I told her to have a good time but to be careful. The usual parental stuff. Then Sally approached, towering over me. I spoke similarly to her, keeping it light and innocent.

"Have a good time." I said placing my hands on her arms affectionately as I leaned in to kiss her cheek.

She replied but indistinctly.

She had either said.

"And you."

Or "Did you?"

It was the tone which made me query my hearing.

She had questioned me.

"And you." Would have been the more likely response but as a throwaway statement, an automatic response like a shop worker saying "Have a nice day.", you reply "And you.". She might have said "And you?" interested in what I may be doing later that evening but this was unlikely because she didn't pursue it.

It was much more likely she said "Did you?" which made me flush with embarrassment, knowing she knew I had been watching.

The look she gave me as she withdrew, holding my stare a fraction too long, added to that belief.

Thankfully they left immediately as I could hardly speak.

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