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Love For Mom & Sis


"This is the best love drug you can get around," the man said to Jamie, shoving it in front of him. "Long lasting effect, tasteless, odorless and mixes well with coke. It pushes any women over the edge and you can fuck her without any problems as at that time a persons mind sleeps, while her body is yours." In spite of the exorbitant prices, Jamie took enough to get both his mom and sister in his bed. Jamie lusted both his petite sister and mother. Now he could not control his urges anymore and had decided to take his chances, as he was already 19 and felt grown up enough to take on the world. Both, his eighteen-year-old sister and his mother, who could easily pass as any one of those babes on TV, were very beautiful. His mother had hardly changed since marriage as he had seen in photographs of her when she was still young. Angelina though 40 had maintained herself well and her daughter Shannon was a reincarnation of her own beautiful self, though sometimes Jamie felt she was even more stunning than her daughter.

Jamie entered his house and saw his mom sitting on the couch with Shannon, watching television. "Hi son! How was your day; come sit here with us?" Jamie noticed both were wearing similar short skirts with a simple top, which emphasized their curvaceous bodies and enhanced their beauty. Not able to control his excitement he went near them and asked, "how about a drink?" both smiled an affirmative as Jamie headed for the refrigerator. He filled two tall glasses with coke and then added a generous amount of that white powder. Amazingly it simply disappeared in seconds, even before he had lifted the two glasses. Taking the glasses, he gave it to them and then sat down next to his sister.

Then taking the remote, he started surfing the channels, looking for something sexy so as to turn his mother and sister on. He put on a steamy movie on and luckily within a minute a hardcore sex scene came with two girls going for it on the screen. That seemed to work as almost immediately he felt her sister's hand going under her skirt and then within another minute or so he could hear them moaning out aloud. He turned towards Shannon and was amazed to see her sharing a passionate kiss with her mother, whose hand had been working under her skirt. His mother's skirt had rode up her legs and now he was enjoying the view of her bare thighs and yellow panties. Then Shannon started playing with her mother's boobs, fondling with them first over from over the top and them sliding her hands inside the shirt. Again their lips met in a deep, sensuous kiss their tongues meeting each other. Suddenly they both turned towards him, a mischievous twinkle in their eyes, making him for a moment self-conscious.

"Hey son, would you please take some photographs of us, as we want to see how good we are at modeling?"

"Sure mom, I will just get the camera and by that time you get ready" he answered before speeding of to his room to get his camera.

When he got back he was amazed to see both of them had stripped down to their lingerie and were now hugging each other, feeling each other all over. Jamie started taking snaps as his mother and sister's kissed each other, while their hands fondled with each other's breasts. Angelina them opened Shannon's bra letting it fall on the floor and Shannon as if of cue let her mother's boobs free. Their breasts compared well, as Shannon's boobs were still teenage though they were beautiful and on the other hand his mother had big hooters, just like any porn star.

Shannon took her mother's erect nipples in her mouth licking them as Angelina played with her daughter's panties, her hands moving all over her soft body. His mother's breasts were now fully swollen as Shannon hungrily licked them, while once in a while rising to kiss her mother. Mesmerized by their beauty and passion, Jamie saw his mother gets down to her knees, pulling Shannon's panties along with, baring her shaven pussy. Jamie took photographs one after the other, as his mom spread Shannon's pussy lips, inserting her tongue in it. Shannon removed her mother's panties now and they got into a 69 position now, both sucking each other's juices from their honey pot. Soon they had reached a climax, and were now sitting on the couch, embracing each other. Shannon got up and started coming towards him, as his mother giggled childishly on the couch.

"Well brother, I am sure you would like some close ups of this," she said, as she spread her legs completely, revealing her beautiful, tight pussy, "or maybe this" inserting her fingers in it. "No dear, what he wants is your pussy itself and not its photographs, go help your brother and let his cock free." Shannon lunged at him and tore his shirt of, before getting down on her knees to remove his denims and underwear. She took his already hard dick in her hands, massaging it, as he called out to his mother still sitting on the couch, "hey mom, come and join us, show us how womanly you are."

Coming forward, their lips met, as his tongue parted her mouth and groped her mouth, pulling her closer. He felt his sister take his hot cock in her mouth as she licked it with liveliness and deftness as if she was a born cocksucker. Soon he felt himself coming and shouted to her sister to open her mouth. He shot cum into her waiting mouth, which she gulped down, before taking it in her mouth to lick it clean. He then bent down and took his sisters small tits in her mouth, while playing with his mother's nipples, pinching them. His mouth locked with his sister as his mother started kissing him all over, before pleading him to fuck her.

Jamie opened his mother's legs, mesmerized by her wet and almost virgin like tight cunt, which se spread with her hands. He took his hot and hard tool and pushed it inside her pussy with full force, making her shriek. His mother cried and moaned with pleasure simultaneously as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Shannon started playing with her breasts, shouting at Jamie to pump harder and harder. Jamie kept on pumping his dick harder and harder though he heard his mother say, "stop Jamie…oh my god…god…you are hurting me…ohm god…."

Jamie excitedly fucked her harder still and them just as he was about to cum he took his dick to his mother's mouth, washing it with his cum. Angelina at once gulped down the cum, before licking his cock clean. He felt Shannon's hand moving over his again erect dick. "Fuck this slut hard, fuck the shit out of this bitch, fill her in every hole, son" he heard, shocked, his mother saying this to him. His sluttish sister made him lie down and then worked her pussy onto his waiting dick. Both moaned, and then Jamie managed to get his tongue inside his mother's hot, wet pussy. Both the women now rode on top of him, with his tongue inside his mother's pussy and his dick inside his sister's. Shannon pushed herself up and down, her movements fastening up as she neared her orgasm. All of a sudden Jamie climaxed shooting his cum inside his sisters pussy making her moan with pleasure. Angelina also came, washing his face with her juices making him drink right out of her honey pot.

Jamie suddenly panicked, knowing that he had fucked his sister outright, fearing that he might make her pregnant. But then he was even the more shocked because his sister was not a virgin. This now came to his mind, as he had not felt any obstruction when he inserted his penis, and also no blood had cum. He now looked at her as a whore, a eighteen-year-old slut. She deserves to be fucked, he thought before hurrying up to clean both the women who were now acting like a pair of kindergarten kids. Soon Shannon passed of, followed by Angelina. Dressing them, as they were earlier he shoved them back on the couch in front of the television. He smiled as he went to his rooms, feeling sure he would fuck both of them again.

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