tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 05

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 05


Hank woke with a start. What time was it? Where was he? For a few seconds he lay in the bed confused. Then his mind cleared and things became clear. What had happened last night came into focus. Last night was the most fantastic night of his life. As he began to remember each moment his cock began to stir. He rolled over and reached for Amy but she was gone. Her side was still warm and he could smell her scent but she wasn't there.

He got up and got dressed. He went down stairs and headed for the kitchen. He could smell the bacon and eggs. As he entered the kitchen, Mrs. Morris was standing by the stove, cooking breakfast.

"About time you got up," she said. "Did you sleep well?" The question had a tone as if she knew something. Hank was sure she heard them last night. "Coffee?"

Hank sat down at the table and Elsie served his breakfast. As he ate, Amy came in behind him. As she walked by, she lightly ran her finger across his neck. It sent shivers down his spine.

"Good morning, everyone," Amy said cheerfully. Her smile was beaming,

"You're certainly a ray of sunshine this morning. Have a good sleep?" her mom asked.

Hank was now positive that her mom knew about them. Amy ignored the comment and turned to Hank.

"Great, Mom!" she replied as she stretched. She was wearing a short pair of gym shorts and a thin shirt. Raising her arms above her head, she bared her midriff and Hank could see she wasn't wearing a bra. "How did you sleep, Hank?" She then leaned over and kissed him lightly on his lips. She looked into his eyes and flashed that smile that caused him to melt.

Elsie was watching the two of them and she smiled to herself. She had a good idea what happened last night. The storm never really developed but there were a couple of loud claps of thunder which woke her up. She got up to check and see if everyone was OK especially Hank in the attic. As she approached the attic, she could see a light underneath the door. She could hear some noise and it didn't take much to figure out what was going up there. When she returned to bed, her husband asked what that noise was. She told him to go back to sleep as it was only the wind.

She also noticed a difference this morning. Amy was happy and full of energy while Hank seemed nervous. He acted like he didn't want to be in the same room as her. He acted like he knew she knew and wasn't sure of her reaction.

"Hank, I'm not sure when you're leaving but when you do, remember you are welcomed to come again. Perhaps you can stay longer." Elsie looked over her shoulder and could see him smile.

"Yes, I would like that," replied Hank.

Amy then said, "Before you go, I want to show you around the property. You haven't seen the barn yet. So hurry up."

Hank finished up his breakfast, washed up and met Amy on the front porch. She took him by the hand and they headed off towards the barn. For Amy the walk was taking too long.

24 hours ago she was virgin and had never seen an erect cock. Now it was all she could think about. It was like last night turn a switch on and she couldn't shut it off. She didn't want too either. She wanted to spend the rest of the day...heck the rest of her life making love with Hank.

They walked a few yards into the barn. She turned and kissed Hank deeply. Her hands went to his pants and quickly pulled them down.

"There he is!" she said as she sunk to her knees and his cock began to stiffen. She stroked its length. She opened her mouth and swallowed it halfway. She began to bob up and down, licking, sucking, and nibbling on it. She would stop at the head and lick the underside. Hank's cock grew harder. To Amy it felt amazing. It was hard yet velvety. She began to move quicker, taking more into mouth. Her pussy became wetter and wetter the more she sucked. She could feel little spasms in it.

Hank was speechless. The feelings he was experience were none he had ever felt. It wasn't the blow job. It was who was giving it. He knew he wouldn't last long.

Amy seemed to sense that Hank was going to cum. His breath was coming faster and his hips were beginning to buck in rhythm with her. She abruptly stopped. Hank looked at her pleadingly.

She stood up, turned around, and bent over a hay bale. As she did this, she lowered her shorts. She wasn't wearing any underwear. "Fuck me."

What Hank saw in front of him was beautiful. A perfect ass and a pussy so wet it glistened. He moved closer and placed his cock at her opening. He eased in. It was like a warm velvet glove that surrounded his cock. He began to thrust slowly in and out. Amy matched his strokes.

Amy could feel her orgasm approaching. It was going to different than last night. She softly cried, "Yes, yes, yes" with each stroke as the feeling increased. Her orgasm began with "O God, O God", and waves of pleasure started at her toes and deep within her, washing over her body ending in her pussy.

Her orgasm clenched at Hank's cock, drawing his climax from him. "Oh, Lord," he moaned. "I'm going to shoot."

"Yes, baby," Amy groaned. "Fill me up!"

He thrust once, twice, then came, hard. Almost without movement, their orgasms continued for long seconds.

He collapsed onto her back. His face nuzzled into her sweet smelling hair and her pussy slick, swollen, and twitchy pressed against his crotch. When it ended, they had wrung every drop of pleasure from each other.

After they recovered, Amy kissed him so hard it bruised his lips.

They walked out of the barn over to his truck.

As he started the engine, Amy leaned into cab.

"This is just the beginning," she whispered. "I love you."

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