tagIncest/TabooLove Thy Neighbors Wife & Daughter

Love Thy Neighbors Wife & Daughter


Bob Upton lived alone. He had been married, but his wife, Cindy, was killed by a drunk driver. Bob became withdrawn and did not socialize much. He had no family and he never really got along with his wife's family. They had no children. The three million dollar settlement he got from the insurance company did little to ease the pain of missing his wife of 22 years. Then on a whim, he played the lottery and won 5 million dollars. He had no desire or need to work, so he spent most of his time around the home doing yard work or fixing whatever needed done.

Bob Upton is 45 years old, still in good shape, black hair, brown eyes, dark complexion that seemed to get darker every time he was in the sun. He lived in a quiet neighborhood and the only people he really had any contact with were his neighbors, Tom and Debbie Fair and their 18 year old daughter, Andrea. Bob had a secret crush on Andrea, but who wouldn't? She had long, dark hair, big brown eyes that sparkled, better than average tits, and long legs that met at the cutest ass he had ever seen. A lot of nights he masturbated, thinking of her.

About a year after Bob's wife died, Tom Fair learned he had cancer. It was at an advanced stage and he only lived for three months. Debbie and Andrea were understandably saddened. Debbie was not sure what they would do as Tom had little life insurance and his pension plan from where he worked was enough to pay the house payment for a year. They struggled to make ends meet for nearly two years after Tom's death. Debbie worked as a cashier at the local grocery store, but it was not enough to make ends meet. Andrea, who was now 20, was going to be starting her junior year in college and Debbie was not sure how she would pay her tuition. She put their house up for sale.

Bob Upton was devastated. These were the only people he really wanted to be around. Debbie had been a great comfort to him when he lost his wife, and vice versa when Tom died. Bob knew what had to be done. He told Debbie to take down the for sale sign, that he wanted to pay off the house and take care of Andrea's college tuition. He had the money, was not spending much of it anyway and he wanted to help. In return, he only wanted a good home cooked meal once a week. She was reluctant at first, but really had no choice. Besides, she loved living where they were, and she liked Bob Upton as a neighbor. Her personal guardian angel. Debbie Fair took Bob up on his offer. She knew she would never be able to pay him back, at least with money.

Everything got back to normal as much as possible. One weekend Andrea went away to be with friends. Debbie Fair invited Bob Upton over for dinner on Saturday evening. Neither one of them had been with another person since their spouses had died.

When Bob arrived at the Fair house, Debbie opened the door still wearing her housecoat. She had taken a shower and had not yet gotten dressed. She came down stairs to get dinner started. Debbie Fair was 41 years old. She had curly dark hair, sparkling dark eyes like her daughter, and larger than average titties. She was slightly overweight, but still a good looking woman. Bob closed the door behind him and walked over to Debbie, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her hard on the lips. Debbie tried to step back, but her instincts took over and she kissed Bob back on the lips. Their tongues did a tango as Debbie felt Bob's quickly rising cock press against her stomach.

For a moment they back away from each other, not sure if they should be doing this or not. But it felt so right for both of them. Debbie approached Bob and kissed him again. She got on her knees in front of him and unzipped his pants. She pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles. His cock smacked Debbie on the face. She took his seven inch cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

"Debbie, it has been so long since I have been with anyone," Bob said.

"Me too," answered Debbie. She continued to suck his cock.

"You don't understand," Bob said,

He barely got the words out as he blew his load into Debbie waiting mouth. There was so much cum it gagged her, running out her mouth and down her chin. She took her fingers and pushed the wayward cum back in her mouth. She then took Bob's cock and licked it clean. She got up, Bob pulled his pants up, and she took his hand and lead him upstairs to the guest room. She would later explain that it was too hard to fuck Bob in the bed that she had shared with her husband. Bob understood.

When they went in the room, Debbie turned to Bob and slipped her housecoat off, revealing her body to Bob for the first time. She had nothing on under the housecoat and Bob just stood and gazed at her as he began taking his own clothes off. He felt his cock starting to get hard again. He took Debbie and they laid down beside each other on the bed. Bob probed her mouth with his tongue, as his hand was playing with Debbie's more than adequate tits. He gently kneaded her boobs, then pinch her nipples between his fingers. She moaned and Bob saw her spread her legs, inviting his hands to the promised land. He slowly lowered his hand, barely touching Debbie's skin, creating a tingling feeling that caused her to jump a little. Bob ran his hand over her pubic hair. She was rather hairy and Bob guessed no one ever saw her, so there was little use in shaving her cunt. He used his fingers to pull apart her pussy lips, and he could hear the squishing sound a pussy makes when it is wet. He teased her with his finger as he ran it up and down her pussy, barely touching the soft, wet, pink meat. Bob could not wait much longer to dive face first into her cunt.

As if on cue, Debbie took Bob's head and pushed it down towards her pussy. She was grinding her hips on the bed and Bob knew she would cum almost as soon as he started licking her. He wondered if his wife had ever told Debbie about their sex life, about how he would eat her pussy for an hour at a time, making her cum and cum again, until she begged him to stop, usually falling asleep from the licking she had taken. He reached her pubic hair and started to kiss Debbie there. Not only was she hairy, but it was a thick hair, probably a pain to keep trimmed. He continued his journey with mouth and tongue and found her clit already sticking out. He watched as it would twitch when he kissed it. He sucked on it and Debbie had her first orgasm, pushing Bob's head into her cum soaked cunt. Bob licked it all up and continued to eat Debbie. Licking all around her pussy, sucking her clit, pulling on her pussy lips with his mouth, she came twice more, before pulling Bob up beside her.

"Thank you," she said.

"No, thank you," Bob said. "You tasted fantastic and I could eat you all night long in you wanted me too."

"Some night I will take you up on that offer, Bob. But right now I want to feel your cock in my pussy," Debbie said, half begging.

Bob climbed between Debbie's legs, she wrapped her hands around the back of her knees, pulling her pelvic region up off the bed. Bob slid his cock into Debbie's pussy. He was surprised how tight she was. Probably no cock since Tom died. He started pumping her pussy slowly, but she bucked her hips, indicating that she wanted ridden hard. Bob started pounding her cunt furiously, making the bed shake. Debbie looked at him with a wild hunger in her eyes. He felt her cum while he was fucking her, and he knew he was soon going to cum.

"Cum deep inside me, Bob!" Debbie screamed. "I want to feel your hot cum inside my cunt."

"I love it when a woman says cunt," Bob replied. "You want my cum, baby, you are going to get it."

With one final thrust, Bob buried his cock into Debbie's pussy as far as it would go and held it there. He came as Debbie did too. Bob rolled off Debbie and laid down beside her. She put her arm around him and kissed him on the lips.

"Thank you, Bob. You have no idea how much I have needed that. I have not been with another man since Tom. And Cindy was right. You are a great lover and I hope this is not the last time we get together. It is the least I can do for you, considering everything you have done for me."

"No problem, Debbie. I enjoyed myself, too. I needed this as much as you did and I will always be available for your pleasure, whenever you want."

Bob got dressed, Debbie just threw her housecoat on, and they went downstairs. Bob fell asleep on the recliner as Debbie made dinner for the two of them. They ate dinner, talked for awhile, then Bob went home. Before he did he gave Debbie a big hug and thanked her again. She hugged him back and told him not to be a stranger.

Andrea went to the local college and was able to stay at home. She would go over to Bob Upton's and see him whenever she had the chance. She would always thank him for taking care of her college tuition, saying she would not have been able to afford it if it were not for him. Andrea said she owed him big time. She came home one evening and decided to go see Bob. Her mother had just left for work and would not be home for hours. Bob smiled when he answered the door.

"Hey, Andrea. How are you? You look fantastic, as always," Bob said.

She was wearing cutoff blue jean shorts and an orange tank top. Bob was not lying when he said she looked fantastic. There was not a man, straight man anyway, that would not love to be alone with this vision of loveliness for a few hours. Bob felt his cock starting to stir. Shit, he thought. Andrea saw it too.

"Why, Mr. Upton, I do believe there is something poking at your trousers, sir," she teased, half laughing.

Bob Upton could say nothing. He was speechless. The more he fought the urge, the worse it got. His cock was soon at full attention. He was embarrassed but it did not seem to bother Andrea. They went into the kitchen and sat down. After catching up on things since her last visit, she asked for a drink of water. Actually, she just wanted to look to see if Bob still had his hardon. He did. She kind of smirked when she saw it trying to bust out of his pants.

She took the cold water, took a sip, and licked her lips in the sexiest way Bob had ever seen. She took the water and poured it down over her tank top, soaking the front of her shirt. Bob Upton was dumbfounded. The cold water had made Andrea's nipples erect, and Bob stared in disbelief as she took her tank top off, exposing her titties to him. She climbed up on the table and crawled over to where he was sitting.

"I have been wanting to do this for a long time, Mr. Upton," Andrea said. "I have wanted to show you my naked body, have you run your hands over it, feel your tongue in my mouth and pussy, your big hard cock in my sweet, little pussy. Do you mind?"

To say that Bob was shocked would be an understatement.

"Cat got your tongue, Mr. Upton?" asked Andrea.

"Ah, yes, I mean no. What are you doing Andrea?"

She had moved in front of Bob, sitting on the table's edge. She scooted out of her cutoff jeans. She was not wearing underwear.

"Mom told me all about your visit the other night. How she sucked your cock. How she enjoyed you eating her pussy, making her cum a couple of times. I want the same. I want to feel your lips and tongue on my wet pussy, Mr. Upton," explained Andrea.

"Your mother told you?" asked a surprised Mr. Upton.

"Yes, we tell each other everything. She told me how good you made her feel when you ate her pussy. I want to experience that, also. I want you to fuck me too, like you did mom."

All the time Bob is looking at Andrea's pussy, which unlike her mother, was shaved. His head was swimming. Could this really be happening? Andrea started to finger her pussy. She offered them to Bob. He opened his mouth and slowly licked the pussy juice from Andrea's fingers. She dipped her fingers back into her snatch, and this time licked them herself.

"One more question before we do anything," said Bob.

"Yes, what is it?" asked Andrea.

"Does your mother know you are here?"

"Yes, she does and she told me to enjoy myself. She told me to tell you that maybe the three of us could get together sometime and have a lot of fun," said Andrea.

"Okay, great then. Let the games begin, Andrea," said Bob, thinking of the possibilities of that last statement.

Andrea spread her legs and watched as Bob lowered his face towards her pussy. He marveled at how different her pussy was from her mothers. Her lips were very small, like rose petals. Bob stopped for a few seconds to admire the beauty of it all.

"Is there something wrong, Mr. Upton?" asked Andrea.

"No, nothing at all. I was just admiring how beautiful your pussy is Andrea. Truly an amazing thing."

With that he dove face first into her cunt. She was wet and Bob licked her every which way he could. He flicked at her clit a few times and her body tensed as she had an orgasm.

"Oh my God, Mr. Upton. Please keep licking my pussy. Please don't stop, that feels way too good," exclaimed Andrea.

As Bob kept eating her pussy, he could see the effect he was having on Andrea. When he would switch tempo with his tongue, lick a different place, nibble her clit, Andrea's face would contort in a different way. But it was all a good thing. She came twice more while he was eating her. He finally had her turn around and lay face down on the kitchen table. He was admiring the finest ass he had ever seen in his life. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing her virgin asshole to him. He started licking the crack of Andrea's ass, stopped when he got to her asshole, and started licking it. Bob probed her asshole with his tongue as he squeezed her ass cheeks hard. Andrea moaned loudly and came again.

"Oh my, that feels so good. Don't ever stop," she pleaded. "Will you fuck me now, Mr. Upton?"

"Of course, but first my darling I want you to lick my cock."

Bob stood up, quickly undressed, and walked around to the other side of the table where Andrea's head was. He told her to lie on her back. He then positioned himself in front of her head, pulled her head off the table far enough that her shoulders were on the edge of the table. From here he could drop his cock into her mouth. Her mouth was warm, soft, inviting. He let her experience his cock for herself, trying not to force it down her throat and make her gag. He was facing the back door. He looked up. There at the door was Debbie, Andrea's mother standing and watching. She had a big smile on her face. Bob jerked his head, indicating for her to come into the kitchen. She came in as Bob took his cock from Andrea's mouth.

"Hi, Mom," yelled Andrea. "You are right, he does enjoy eating pussy. And it feels so very good."

"Why don't you join us, Debbie," said Bob.

"No, not tonight. There will be plenty of time for that," said Debbie. "You two enjoy yourselves, I am just going to sit here and watch."

She pulled a chair out, but before she sat down, she stripped off her clothes, exposing Bob to her freshly shaved pussy. Like daughter, like mother, Bob thought. She began to play with her pussy as Bob began to fuck Andrea. Andrea's pussy was tighter than her mothers. It was like fitting your hand into the perfect size glove. Perfect fit. Bob began to slowly pump Andrea' pussy. She started to buck her hips, indicating to Bob, that she wanted fucked harder. Bob began taking long, hard strokes and Andrea would gasp everytime Bob rammed his cock in hard. He felt her pussy muscles clamp down hard on his cock and he knew she was cumming.

"Debbie, come over here and get on the floor on your knees," Bob yelled.

Debbie quit fingering her pussy and dropped to the floor beside Bob. He rammed his cock into Andrea a few more times, then pulled his cock out of her, turned around and gave Debbie a facial mixture of his cum and her daughters cunt juices. Andrea got up from the table, Debbie stood up and Andrea began licking Bob's cum from her mother's face and lips. They kissed and licked each other until the cum was gone.

The following day the for sale sign was back in Debbie's yard. But they were not moving far. Debbie and Andrea were moving in with Bob. The three of them slept together every night, Bob loved to watch the girls eat each other. Occasionally, Andrea would bring home a girlfriend or two from college to join in on the fun. But those are all stories for another time...

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