tagInterracial LoveLured Ch. 01

Lured Ch. 01


Chapter 1: George's story

"Come to yoga tonight!" Lisa said.

"I'm gonna just lift weights." I replied.

"You should come to yoga, you'll like it." she said with a musical flourish and a mischievous smile that made me take heed. "You know how much you like to see me in those...flexible positions."

I couldn't argue with that, so I grabbed a towel and followed my wife to the yoga room at our gym. We work out five nights a week - hard. And both our bodies show it. At 28 Lisa has the body of a fitness athlete - trim, muscular, not an ounce of fat, and with a gorgeous face and waves of blond hair to go with it. At 5'-10 she's taller than most women and just an inch shy of my height. When she wears her really high heals, I have to look up at her a bit.

As we grabbed some mats I noticed a beautiful Asian woman walking in. Lisa caught me checking her out and said "She's the instructor".

"I guess I won't have any trouble paying attention in this class." I jested.

Lisa knows that I have an attraction to Asian women. We've often talked about having a threesome, and I let her know that I'd like it to be an Asian woman. Lisa liked the idea, but she also wanted to have another man join us sometime, which I was not into, so we never pursued it.

The instructor introduced herself as Michelle, and as the class progressed, I noticed how well built she was. And flexible too. It had been a while since I'd done yoga, and I'd almost forgotten just how sexy a woman looks in some of those positions. As I watched Michelle lead the class through the Sun Salutation, Downward Dog, and the Scorpion pose, I had to concentrate the keep from getting a hard-on. Once or twice, I'm sure I saw her smile at Lisa and me.

After yoga Lisa and I changed and showered off and were to meet at the pool. When Lisa came out to the pool, she was wearing a small tight bikini, and to my pleasant surprise, Michelle followed her out clad in a similarly revealing suit. She and Lisa were chatting and when they came up to me and Michelle introduced herself again. We shook hands and her grip was tight. Her body was even tighter. In her long sleeved yoga leotards you couldn't tell how muscular and defined her body really is. Her abs absolutely rippled. And her breast, which seemed to be struggling to burst out of her bikini, were the finest I've ever seen on any Asian woman. We all chatted amiably for a few minutes, then I swam a few laps. When I got out, Michelle was gone.

As we lay in bed that night Lisa said "So, you glad you went to yoga?"

"Sure!" I said as a grin came over my face.

"What did you think of Michelle?" she said as she reached over and rubbed my cock.

"She's a babe!" I said "but her tits are just too perfect to be anything but the product of medical science."

"They are," Lisa said "Her husband's a cosmetic surgeon."

"Hmmmm..." I said.

Then after a long pause, Lisa said "she's interested."

"In a threesome?"

"Well, the only way she'd do it is if her husband was part of it too, so it would be a foursome."

"Ahhhh..." I said as Lisa continued to rub my hardening cock.

"Mmmmm, you like that idea don't you. You'd like to fuck that tight Asian hard-body wouldn't you?" she said as she pumped my cock.

"Sure I would," I replied "But how about her husband, how would you feel about fucking him?"

"Well, Michelle says he's a real nice guy and good in the sack, but I think the real question is how would YOU feel about me fucking him." she said as she took my cock into her mouth. And that was the end of that discussion for the evening.

I was out of town on business for the next two days. After the first day when I called Lisa, she told me that she'd gone to the gym and that Michelle had invited us over for dinner Friday evening.

"Just dinner?" I said.

"Well maybe some desert too." she laughed.

She could tell that I was still uncertain about sharing her with another man, and she said "Look, we can go and if you don't want to do anything, then we can just leave after dinner. No harm."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"OK, so I'll tell Michelle 'yes'."

I arrived back into town early Friday afternoon and went to the office, but the thought of what might lay ahead made it difficult for me to concentrate on my work. When I got home Lisa was already wearing a silky black sleeveless dress slit from the bottom up to her bikini tan line. The neckline plunged almost to her navel, and with no sleeves and no fabric at all in the back from her neck to her ass, it really showed off her well defined shoulders, arms, and back. With the stiletto heels she was wearing she looked absolutely stunning. "Are you trying to impress someone?" I inquired.

"You." she answered diplomatically.

Michelle and Dr. Moi lived in an elegant, but modestly sized mid-century modern house in the old inner suburbs on a small hill overlooking town. Michelle greeted us wearing white skin tight slacks and a silver metallic halter top that showed off her amazingly muscular abdomen. Her ass looked like two halves of a honeydew melon. "Hi" she said "I'm sorry, but Patrick got called in to the hospital on an emergency. He said that we should go ahead and eat; he'll be back in an hour or so. Make yourselves comfortable." Their living room had a big overstuffed white leather couch, a huge deep piled flokati rug, and a couple of other modern chrome and leather chairs. Art hung on every wall. "Can I get you something to drink?" Michelle said.

"Vodka tonic for me." I said. "Same here." said Lisa.

Dinner was healthy, lean, and tasty - just like Lisa and Michelle.

Afterwards, I inquired about Michelle's husband's work as a cosmetic surgeon. "Would you like to see some of his work?" she asked.

"Yes," I said "I'd like that very much." I replied, and at that Michelle proudly pulled off her top. Her breast were absolutely symmetrical with the nipples perfectly centered and none of the scars that so often mar a boob job.

"Beautiful!" I said "They look so natural."

"They feel natural too." she said as she started kneading and squeezing them. She walked over to the couch where we were sitting. "You should feel them." Lisa and I both reached out and started fondling the breast closest to us. They were soft yet firm. As we caressed Michelle's breast, she reached out and put a hand on each of our heads and drew our faces to her breast. We both started kissing and tonguing her perfectly formed tits while Michelle gently moaned and combed her fingers through our hair. I reached out and started to rub her firm washboard belly, while Lisa reached out and rubbed my rock-hard cock through my pants.

"So, George and Lisa, are we going to go through with this?" she asked.

"Oh yes, definitely." I replied. As we continued, we heard the sound of the garage door opening.

"Patrick's home!" Michelle exclaimed. And she quickly put her halter back on and ran out to meet him. I heard them speaking in hushed tones in the hallway, and when they walked into the room, I was in for a surprise. Far from the bespectacled Asian Dr. Moi that I had expected, the real Dr. Moi was a tall, athletic, and very black man.

"Hi, I'm Patrick Moi." he said as he held out his large hand.

"George Sucar," I said as we shook "and this is my wife Lisa."

"Hi Lisa." he said and flashed a smile. "Michelle, could you get me a scotch, please." She jumped to his command. "I'm sorry that I missed dinner, but Michelle tells me that I'm just in time for dessert." He said as he smiled and looked at Lisa. Michelle returned with his drink. "Thank you, dear." He said and took a sip, then put his hand on the side of Michelle's neck. "Before we start," he said "I want you to know what you're in for, Lisa." as he pushed Michelle down to a kneeling position on the floor. Michelle started unfastening his belt like she'd done it a thousand times before. "Michelle's going to show you how I like it." he said staring straight at Lisa. As Michelle pulled out Patrick's cock, Lisa reached for mine and started squeezing it through my pants. Patrick's cock was long, thick, jet black, and still not fully erect as it slid into Michelle's mouth. She put her arms behind her, adjusted her position, and glanced over at me as she slowly swallowed it right down to the big black scrotum. When she slowly withdrew it, it was fully erect, thick, veiny, and slick with Michelle's spit. I could hear Lisa's breath quicken and she really started squeezing my cock as Patrick gathered Michelle's silky black hair up, held it tight in one hand like a handle, and started pumping her mouth over his dick with his big balls slapping against her chin.

"Are you sure you can handle that?" I whispered to Lisa, a bit concerned.

"I don't know," she said "but I damn sure want to try." I reached through the slit of Lisa's dress. She was wearing no panties, and her pussy was absolutely gushing. After just a few pumps, Patrick withdrew his now huge cock, released Michelle's hair, and strode over to the couch where Lisa and I were sitting.

"You ready for your dessert, Lisa?" he said with his shinny black pulsing cock pointing right at my wife's face.

"Yes." she replied shakily and leaned forward to take his cock between her cherry red lips.

Michelle had crawled over to me and was now loosening my slacks. My cock was much too long and hard and to be withdrawn through the fly, so I pulled my slacks down to free it, and Michelle immediately started sucking it. But even as Michelle was sucking my cock, I couldn't take my eyes off of the scene right next to me on the couch: My beautiful blonde wife taking a huge black cock into her mouth. Michelle noticed my preoccupation and stopped sucking, sat up on the couch, took my cock in her hand and started kissing and licking my neck and ear. As she did so, she started saying things into my ear: "Look at Lisa sucking that big black cock......Patrick's going to fuck her mouth....." She was talking loud enough for Lisa to hear her "You like sucking that black cock, don't you Lisa?"

"Uhhhhhhh huhhhhhhh." was all Lisa could say.

"Patrick's gonna to fuck your mouth good!" Michelle continued "He's going to shove his cock right down your throat.....George likes watchin' you suck that big black cock, don't you George?.....Don't you?"

"Yeah." was all I could say.

"George, you want to see Patrick fuck Lisa's mouth?.....you want to see that big black dick get shoved all the way down your wife's throat?"

Patrick started chuckling "Is that right, George? Do you want me to fuck Lisa's throat?"

"Yeah, fuck her throat!" I said "Fuck her throat hard!" but it was almost as if I had heard myself saying it, I was in such a trance.

Patrick grabbed Lisa roughly by the hair and started pumping his cock deep into her mouth. I grabbed Michelle by the hair and pushed her head down over my own cock and started humping her mouth as well, all the while watching my lovely wife gagging on that big black cock. But while Michelle had trained on Patrick's monster cock, Lisa hadn't and started sputtering and choking and pushed away.

"I can do it." she said "Your hitting the back of my throat, I can't do it."

"I've got just what you need." Patrick said and returned in a moment with a small stainless steel cylinder. "This is a mild local anesthetic:" he said "it will help you relax your throat muscles and lessen the gag reflex." Lisa opened her mouth and he sprayed a bit into the back of her throat.

"It tingles." she said.

"Now it would also help if we change positions so that your throat is in a straight line with my dick." He said "Lie down here with your head hanging over the armrest of the couch." he said "but first take that dress off, I've got to see that fine body of yours." We all finished stripping and Lisa laid down on the couch with her head tilted backwards across the padded arm rest and Patrick stood behind her with his cock right in front of her face. It occurred to me that Patrick and Michelle had probably purchased this couch just to be used in this position. As Lisa lay down, Michelle got down on her hands and knees on the other side of the long couch and started licking Lisa's pussy. In this position, her ass was just over the other arm rest and I positioned myself behind her and slid my cock into her pussy. She moaned as I entered her and Lisa moaned from Michelle's licking. "Lick my balls, Lisa." Patrick commanded. I couldn't see Lisa's face from where I was standing it was tilted back so far, but Patrick's swollen dick lay across her neck and spanned from the bottom of her chin to her collar bone - almost a foot. I knew that that monstrous black cock would soon be that deep in my wife's throat. Patrick pinched Lisa's nipples as she licked his balls. I was pumping in and out of Michelle's pussy and squeezing her firm round ass, and Lisa was writhing rubbing Michelle's raven hair with one hand and the huge cock atop her throat with the other. "Now I want you to relax, Lisa." Patrick said as he gently caressed the sides of her throat and placed the swollen black head of his dick to her lips. "And I'm going to insert my penis into your epiglottis." Then, as he looked at me he said "Or, in layman's terms, I'm going to fuck your throat." He slowly pushed his cock in as he continued to gently caress her throat. Lisa moaned loudly and reached up, placed her hands behind his ass, and started pulling his cock deeper into her throat. His pubic hair was pressed hard against her chin, but I could tell from her fully flexed biceps and lats that she was really pulling at his ass with all her might trying to get every last centimeter of that huge black cock into her throat. Patrick wrapped the long strong fingers of both his hands around Lisa's throat and started steadily pistoning his cock in and out. "George, you gotta feel this." Patrick said gesturing at Lisa's swollen throat. I reached up and wrapped my hands around her throat and with each of Patrick's long thrusts, I could feel the huge head of his cock sliding within my wife's throat and stretching it out from the inside. Lisa moaned loudly knowing that I could feel another man's cock fucking her throat.

"Now I'm ready for some of this pussy." Patrick announced "Let's move onto the rug." Lisa lay down on the soft flokati and spread her legs for Patrick. She was totally wet from Michelle's licking and her own lust. As Patrick entered her pussy, Michelle crawled over to Lisa and started to caress her body. Then she got into a 69 position on top of her and placed her snatch on her mouth while watching at close range while Patrick fucked her. I moved back behind Michelle and put my cock at the opening to her ass. She started moaning loudly and pushed back onto my cock. I slapped her ass a few times and she moaned louder, so I slapped her ass harder. Then I grabbed her around her waist and shoved my cock deep into her ass in one swift thrust. She cried out in pain and pleasure as I pumped my cock into her tight ass, then she started licking Lisa's clit and Patrick's dick where they were joined. Lisa had a close up view of my cock fucking Michelle's tight round ass as she sucked her clit and pussy. Within minutes, the girls were cumming like crazy and Patrick and I weren't far off.

We both pulled out and the girls repositioned themselves with their heads next to each other leaning on one another's shoulders. Patrick was jacking his cock over Lisa's face and I was jacking over Michelle's. All at once, Patrick let out a roar and streams of his cum came jetting out of his cock and splashing onto Lisa's and Michelle's faces. The sight of these two beauties being sprayed by Patrick's huge black cock sent me over the edge as well and I started cumming like never before, unloading pulse after pulse of jiz onto Michelle's and Lisa's faces which were by now totally drenched with our combined loads. The girls started frenching and licking the cum off of one another's faces as Patrick and I continued to milk the last drops from our cocks.

Since then, Lisa and I have often gotten together with Patrick and Michelle, even vacationing with them in Hawaii. And I eventually found out that Lisa had already met Patrick and had planned the whole thing out: knowing of my weakness for Asian women she used Michelle as a lure so that she could get a taste of Patrick's big black cock - something that she knew I would have never gone for otherwise.

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