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Lust for My Wife's Sister


My wife and I have been married for over 10 years now. During that time, we've had our ups and downs, as most couples do. Whenever problems have arisen, we've been able to work through them, strengthening our relationship along the way. However, last week something happened that I thought would destroy all of our hard work.

Our sex life, like everything else, has gone in cycles. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it cools. We were going through one of our cooler periods lately. As a result, I was spending more and more time on-line reading erotic stories and looking at various web sites. The sites I like the most feature amateur and voyeur photos. There's just something about "the girl next door" that really gets me going. I'd much rather look a real woman than some air-brushed, so-called "ideal." The idea that regular women are being generous enough to take their clothes off so I can look at their beautiful bodies is an incredible turn-on for me. Unfortunately, Linda, my wife, doesn't always share my enthusiasm for surfing the web for porn. Consequently, I need to sneak my viewing.

Last week, while my wife was up in our bedroom, I was down in the den surreptitiously looking at beautiful, real women and slowly stroking my cock. I opened a contribution from a woman who's story stated she had never posted any erotic photos before, and she hoped that someone out there would find her sexy. When I looked at the photos, I got the shock of my life. I recognized the woman. At first I couldn't place her face. Admittedly, I was looking more at her incredible body. She had lovely, full breasts that that hung heavy. Her legs were long and she had nice, full hips. But I knew I recognized her face, her bright green eyes, her luxurious and wavy chestnut hair.

Because the pictures were out of context, it took several seconds before I realized these were photos of Kira, my wife's younger sister. As I scrolled through the photos, I couldn't believe that I was seeing my sister-in-law in ways I had only fantasized about. At family gatherings, I often retreated to the bathroom to stroke myself off because Kira would get me so frustrated. She had a knack for wearing simple clothes and elevating them to the height of sexiness. She looked absolutely stunning in a pair of faded jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt. But as I sat in front of my glowing monitor, Kira smiled out at me wearing little then nothing. First she lounged in a silky robe. Then there were a few pictures of her in a black, lacy push-up bra and matching panties. Finally, and much to the delight of my cock, she wore only her smile.

I lightly touched the tip of my cock and was surprised by how much pre-cum leaked from the head. I was so hard it hurt. All of my fantasies about my wife's little sis flooded over me. There she was, naked and willing in front of me. I rubbed the pre-cum all over my cock and ran a finger up and down my shaft. I stared at the pictures of Kira and before I knew it I felt the gush of cum stretch my cock and explode all over my hand and thigh and spill onto the floor. I couldn't remember a time when I came so much just from masturbating. Then, to my surprise, I didn't get soft. The vision of Kira naked was intoxicating. Her body was even more spectacular than it was in my fantasies. Her breasts hung soft and heavy with brown, puckery areolas and thick nipples. Her hips curved seductively. Her pussy was trimmed. The more I looked at her pussy the more I realized how much it resembled my wife's. Both Linda and Kira have fleshy, full pussy lips. In the last picture, Kira was lightly fingering herself and it was obvious how wet she was: those lips glistened in the light. I needed to taste her, to feel her, to experience that soft, wet pussy. I thought about jacking off again (I still couldn't believe I stayed hard and horny!), but instead I decided to see if Linda was "in the mood."

After a stop in the bathroom to clean up my mess, I headed upstairs. Even though my hard-on subsided a bit, it was still obvious I was aroused. I figured that wouldn't look too good, so I tried to think about anything but my sexy sister-in-law. Linda was propped up in bed reading a book. For a moment, a flash of guilt swept over me. I was about to have sex with my wife because I was lusting after her sister. Linda looked at me over her glasses. She always looks sultry when she does this, and the fact that she was wearing a thin, cotton nightgown didn't hurt at all. "What are you up to? You're acting kind of strangely."

"Nothing dear. I just, well..." and I climbed into bed next to her and began nuzzling her neck.

"Mmm, that's nice," Linda cooed.

I nibbled her ear and caressed her arm. She kissed my neck as she dropped her book on the floor. We mashed our mouths together, our tongues darting against each other. I reached up and kneaded her breast. Linda's breasts were bigger than her sisters, but not by much. I loved the sexy freckles on my wife's chest. Kira has the same splatter of freckles on her chest, too. I took one of Linda's nipples in my mouth and sucked. Like Kira, Linda has puckery brown areolas and thick nipples. They are heaven to suckle. Bus as I sucked on my wife, in my mind I was sucking on Kira.

Linda reached down and caressed my cock. "My, my, someone's hard and leaking lots of pre-cum tonight," she said in a voice throaty and sultry. This snapped me out of my fantasy—a fantasy that resulted in the hard, slick cock my wife was fondling.

"That's what you do to me," I said as I kissed down my wife's chest, past her stomach, and down to her pussy. I could smell her arousal. When I finally got to her full bush of pubic hair, Linda spread her legs wide for me. When I looked at her pussy a small shock like a jolt of electricity ran through my body. It was like I was looking at Kira's pussy! I kissed her lips and licked her juices. I tongued her clit and soon Linda was writing and moaning. I continued to eat her and before long Linda was pounding the bed in the throes of orgasm. My face was drenched with her pussy juice, and I lapped it up from her thighs and her bush. I wondered if Kira tasted as good as my wife.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to fuck Kira...er, Linda. I climbed up and mounted my wife. She looked up at me through glazed eyes and said, "damn, you're horny tonight."

"I know," was all I said as I sank my cock into her sloppy pussy. I looked down and watched my cock move in and out and thought that's how it would look if I was fucking Kira. Even though I came once already that evening, I was on the verge of blowing again very quickly. My wife spread her legs even farther for me and I leaned over to take a jiggling tit in my mouth. About five thrusts later, I felt my balls tighten and I sent a rush of semen into Linda. I moaned with the release and almost called out her sister's name.

Afterward, we lounged in the glow of sex. We kissed softly, and I fingered her messy pussy. "No more, please John, I'm spent," she whispered. Even though I could easy have fucked again, I let her fall asleep in my arms. As we laid together, the guilt pangs returned. My wife was so trusting and loving, and for all intents and purposes, I just fucked her sister. Sure, it was my wife's body but in my head it belonged to Kira. How could I have been so callous as to make love with my wife while all along comparing her to her younger sister? My wife is beautiful, always has been. But there is just something about Kira. Linda has always been a bit jealous of her, and on more than one occasion she'd asked me if I thought Kira was beautiful. I'd always replied by saying something non-committal like, "of course she's beautiful, she looks like you." Linda never really bought it, but thanked me anyway.

The next night Linda had to work late. I was home alone and of course I found myself in front of the computer. I logged into the site I visited the night before and went straight for Kira's pictures. There she was, smiling out at me as if I was the only one looking at her photos. I stroked myself languidly, my cock already slick with pre-cum. I was ready to blow but wanted to extend the feeling a while longer so I decided to look at some other pictures and then finish with my lovely sister-in-law. As I browsed I was astonished and delighted to find another post from Kira. This time, she was dressed in a tight, clingy t-shirt that I recognized. She sometimes wore it when we got together and it drove me absolutely crazy with lust. In these photos, she wore the shirt but was braless. She had on her tight low-rise jeans and struck a series of seductive poses. In the first picture she jutted her chest way out and tilted her head like a sex-kitten. In the next, she had unzipped her jeans just enough to see that she wasn't wearing any panties. This was followed by a picture of her wearing just the short, tight t-shirt. She was laughing as if she was well aware of the sexual power she wielded. By the last photo, she feigned modesty by attempting to cover her ample breasts and trimmed pussy with her delicate hands. Of course, she really didn't really cover much. That did it. I had been slowly stroking and I felt the cum rush through my cock. Like the previous night, I made a huge mess of myself.

After cleaning up, I downloaded the photos from both posts and stored them in my Palm Pilot (and, yes, I understood the irony in that) so I could look at them whenever I wanted to.

Over the course of the next week or so I didn't have an opportunity to surf for porn, but my downloaded pictures of Kira definitely kept me going. Many times when Linda and I would have sex, I couldn't help but think about her sister. I saw Kira's pussy as I ate Linda's. I saw Kira's perfect breasts as I sucked Linda's. I fucked Kira as I fucked Linda.

I thought I was handling things fairly well. I figured it was all just fantasy and that I would eventually get over my fascination with Kira. A few stroke sessions (granted, INCREDIBLE stroke sessions), and then a pleasant but secret memory. Then there was the next family get together: Kira's birthday party. I realized this would be the first time I saw Kira in person since I found her photos. On top of it all, she was to be the guest of honor and the constant center of attention all night.

For the most part, the party was fun, even if I was on edge the entire evening. Kira looked radiant. She wore a gauzy peasant blouse with her tight jeans (the same ones, I assumed, from the second photo shoot). The blouse was low cut and showed off her cleavage to the best advantage. I felt my palms sweat. My balls tingled. When Nick, her boyfriend, came over to take our coats it hit me like a ton of bricks that he must have taken the photos of Kira. Until that point I had been so engrossed in seeing her naked that I didn't even think about the fact that someone had to have taken the pictures. It was as if she made them magically appear just for me. I felt a momentary pang of jealousy toward Nick. He got to see her, to touch her, to fuck her on a regular basis. Lucky bastard. I also realized that there were countless people out there who also saw my Kira, lusted after her, masturbated to her sexy body. (And, yes, I did start to think of her as "my" Kira, as wrong at that was.)

I drank a bit more than I normally would simply because I tried to keep my mind off of my sister-in-law. Of course, the alcohol only fueled my desires. I found myself trying to get close and talk to Kira while also trying to avoid her because I wasn't sure if I could trust myself around her. I know Nick caught me leering at her cleavage once or twice. I could deal with that. He knew she was sexy and he had to understand that men would look at her. Unfortunately, Linda caught me leering once, too. She gave me a shame-on-you look but I didn't get in any more trouble. I figured I should quench my desire, so I slipped into the bathroom. I stroked myself thinking about Kira and how she'd look slipping out of her blouse at the end of the night. I pulled out my Palm Pilot and called up my favorite picture, the one where she was trying to be modest but instead was sexy as hell. I shot my load within just a few strokes. I came so hard that the force of my cum made a splashing sound in the toilet. After I cleaned up I was able to rejoin the party and pay less attention to Kira. About an hour later, Linda found me and asked if I was ready to go. I figured it was a good idea so we found Kira to say our goodbyes.

Just before we were about to leave, Kira asked Linda for the phone number of our realtor since she was in the market for a condo. "John has it, he'll give it to you," she said.

I pulled out my Palm Pilot and told her it was listed under R for realtor. She took it from me and went to the kitchen to write down the number. When she got back, she had a very strange look on her face. When she hugged me to say goodbye she whispered to me, "glad you enjoyed them." I figured she meant her friends at the party we hadn't met before, but when she gave me the Palm Pilot back, I saw her picture on the screen. I fumbled to turn it off before anyone else saw. Kira just gave me a wicked smile and kissed Linda goodnight. She gave me a quick peck on my fully blushed cheek and I swear I felt her tongue for a split second.

The ride home was icy. Linda was pissed off at me and kind of drunk—a potentially lethal combination. I just wasn't sure what she knew or how much trouble I was in. She sat in the passenger's seat, stony faced and arms crossed. Eventually she said, "It was pretty obvious what you did tonight, you know."

I cleared my throat and tried to see just what it was I did that was pretty obvious. "I'm sorry, hon, I just...."

"You just embarrassed yourself tonight is what you just did. I can't believe how you were ogling Kira's chest."

But did she mean how I was ogling it in picture form? I tried to play it cool. "I wasn't that bad."

"Weren't that bad? Everytime I turned around you were staring at her cleavage."

So it was just what had happened at the party that got me in trouble.

"And then," she continued, "you had to blush like a schoolboy when she hugged you goodnight."

So she saw that. "Linda, it...I mean...well your sister has a knack for getting people to look at her. I don't know how anyone COULDN'T have looked at her cleavage the way she had it on display with that blouse."

"She's always done that," Linda said. I could feel her anger shifting from me to Kira. "That's how she stole not one but two of my boyfriends." I knew she must be particularly drunk if she brought up the stolen boyfriends story. When Linda drinks, she gets either wild and uninhibited or sullen and insecure. I was hoping she wasn't sliding toward the latter.

"Is that what this is all about? Linda, I'm married to you. I love you. I think you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. And right now I'm going home with you." I wasn't sure how far I should push this, but I figured I had to go for the big score. "Yes, I admit I was looking at Kira's cleavage tonight. Frankly, she had it right out there for everyone. I know I wasn't the only one who looked. But I..."

"You think she's sexier than me, don't you," Linda interrupted. It was a statement, not a question.

"No I don't. Like I've told you before, she's attractive because she looks so much like you. But it's you I want." I paused, considering whether or not to go on. I decided to just blurt it out, "To be honest, when I was looking at her cleavage, I was thinking about yours."

She looked at me incredulously and I thought I had gone too far. "That sweet of you to say that, but you don't have to lie."

"I'm not lying!" And I wasn't, really. When I was looking at Kira's chest, I was thinking about the ways it compared to my wife's: their freckles, the ways their breasts swell and hang similarly, the size and shape of their areolas, the fullness of their nipples.

"Do you really like my breasts as much as Kira's?"

"I love your breasts, Linda."

"Oh really," her voice changed. Instead of angry, she sounded...sultry. "Are you sure?"

"I'm positive."

"Perhaps you'd better take another look." And with that, she turned in her seat and unbuttoned her blouse. She caressed her bra-covered breasts, all the while giving me seductive looks. My cock sprang to life. Even though it was dark out, I'm sure other drivers would be able to see her. She then pulled one breast out over the cup of her bra and fingered her nipple. She took the other one out and cupped them for me. I had to make sure I didn't run the car off the highway. I knew she must have been drunker than I thought since this is not something Linda would do. Not that I was complaining! As a matter of fact, I realized that I was more turned on by my wife at that moment than I had been in quite sometime. I looked up at her face and saw she was smiling devilishly at me. She leaned over to caress my cock through my pants. As she leaned, her breasts swayed lewdly over the top of her bra.

"Well, it would certainly appear that you do indeed like what you see," she said as she felt my hard cock.

We turned onto our street, Linda's hand on my cock, her breasts swaying free. When we pulled into the garage, she didn't even bother to button up. She stripped off her blouse and bra before I could close the garage door. I couldn't believe what she was doing. She slung her blouse and bra over her shoulder, jiggled her chest at me and said, "let's go play."

How could I argue?

We left a trail of clothes up the stairs and into the bedroom. By the time we got there, we were naked and incredibly horny. She flopped on the bed with a girlish giggle. I pounced on her and kissed her deeply. I nibbled down her neck to her chest. I licked the underside of her breasts, through her cleaved and back around. I purposely avoided her nipples until she was writhing with anticipation. Then I sucked her nipple deep into my mouth. She screamed with a sudden orgasm that surprised both of us. As I sucked more, she ran her fingers through my hair. "Mmm, that feels so fucking good," she said.

My mouth stayed on her nipples while my hand made it's way to her pussy. I felt her soft stomach. I felt her bushy pubic hair. Then I felt the moist velvet of her lips. She was soaked and I loved it. When I caressed her pussy lips she moaned. When I slid a finger in, she howled. I sucked her nipples and finger fucked her for some time. Then, out of the blue, she said, "Would you like to be doing this to Kira?"

I looked up at her, and her eyes lids were heavy with lust. Instead of trying to get me in trouble, I think Linda was getting off on the idea that I found her sister attractive. But I wasn't quite sure. "I told you, I love your body."

"That's not what I asked," she growled, "I asked if you'd like to be doing this to my sister."

I sucked a bit more and ran my finger over her clit before I said in a quiet voice, "yes."

As soon as she heard me, she exploded in another orgasm—one of the most intense she's had in years. "Yes, fuck yes, John! I want to see you suck my sister's titties!"

I couldn't believe what she was saying. I was so fucking horny. I dry humped her leg...actually, dry humping was a bit of a misnomer. I left a huge slick of pre-cum on her leg. I decided to play along. I grabbed both of Linda's breasts and mashed them together. This way I could suck both nipples at the same time. "I bet you'd love me to do this to Kira." She just moaned her approval and scissored me with her legs. As I kneaded her soft breasts I rubbed my cock on her swollen clit. My pre-cum and Linda's wetness made for a messy combination.

"Fuck me, John!" Linda shouted. In one deep stroke, I buried my cock in her pussy. She was so wet, so ready that I met little resistance. I just felt her moist, hot pussy slurping up my cock.

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