tagInterracial LoveLynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 71

Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 71


Dear Readers,

Thank you all for sticking with this story. To the reader who said that this story is like War and Peace on Literotica :D I didn't set out to tell such a long story, I only wanted to tell the best story about these two that I possibly could and fill it with all the passion and joy that they feel for one another and their bond.

Enjoy this latest installment! Headed toward a conclusion but I want to show the growth between these two.


He was awakened by the harsh light shining in the window. Beside him his bride slept with her head tucked into his armpit. She slept the slumber of the truly satisfied, her snore buzzing adorably into his pit. Lynne slept so soundly he wasn't afraid to move because he knew even the movement wouldn't disturb her.

He gently untangled himself from her, letting her rest on his pillow. She was only covered from the waist down, those lovely, small perky breasts peaking out from the curve of her side as she slept on her stomach. He kissed one of the globes from the side.

Lynne would be hungry. She'd only ate three pieces of delivery pizza yesterday. He was determined to make her a good breakfast. She needed the nourishment after a long, pleasurable day of being teased, and titillated, and coming continually. He prayed that the orgasms that he gave her satisfied her to the depths of her soul, the way his orgasms with her satisfied him. He loved the feel of her body on his, and the special smell of her scents and juices upon him. He didn't even want to shower, and clean up. Not yet. When he did he would wash her intoxicating scent off of him.

He loved imagining his cock still covered in her creamy juices. If his dick still smelled like her a little bit, he could prolong the feeling of ecstasy. He went into the kitchen, starting to whistle but then remembering he didn't want to awaken her, despite how happy he was.

He chopped some potatoes that Lynne had gotten the other day when she made him those omelets. Leif began making one of the only dishes that he knew how to make for breakfast, home fries with as much care and attention to detail he could muster. He was not the cook in this relationship at all, so the idea of cooking for his talented wife made him shy. Still he thought she would appreciate a nice breakfast.

He'd packed some of her favorite strawberry jam from his Mom's herbal farm in his suitcase, and he got that out, and he toasted a few English muffins. He saw they had a teakettle too, so, remembering how much Lynne loved a hot cup of tea, he made some tea for his bride.

Somewhere in all the sounds he was making in the kitchen, he heard Lynne stirring in their bedroom.

He went back down the hallway and stood in the doorframe of the bedroom, where Lynne was just getting up.

"You can relax back here if you want. I'm fixing you breakfast. I can either bring it to you, or we can eat it on the porch," offered Leif.

"You fixing breakfast? You need help baby!" insisted Lynne.

She yawned and stood on her tippy toes, and walked towards his long, lean body in the doorframe.

"I don't need any help Lynney, I can manage. If you want your breakfast on the patio, go ahead and sit out there," said Leif, swatting her ass with his bed pillow.

Lynne chuckled and beamed at him. She threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him solidly on the check. She reached into her suitcase and put on one of the bridal shower gifts she'd been given, a skimpy, flimsy little robe, which as far as he was concerned, may as well have been no clothes at all, not that he was complaining.

He loved the perkiness of her tits, and the duskiness of her nipples through the sheer white fabric, and that perfect tone of her honey caramel flesh hinted at beneath the lighter fabric.

"Something for you to read. Need to study how the pop starts give those interviews for when it's your turn on the cover," he added, pushing a copy of the latest rolling stone into her hands.

"Damn Leify, I love to read this on the weekend," said Lynne.

A gratefulness was in her voice that made the air thick between them. The details. She knew that he knew, and she knew that he cared.

"Duh! I know. I'm only your husband remember. And it's my job to learn those type of things to make you smile. Now get on out to the patio before the breakfast I'm trying to fix is cold," he added with a tweak to her nose and a swat to her ass.

Lynne's eyes were watery.

She leaned in and nuzzled him.

It was all he could do to pull himself from her, and he dotingly patted her rear and led her out to the patio.

A beautiful morning for his baby, and she could relax and take in the view. He hated to think about so many harsh mornings before he came into her life, maybe being forced out there early and bleary eyed to preach. Maybe feeling worried about what the day could bring when she couldn't really be herself.

It gave him a little bit of anger which was good as it helped him scramble the eggs for the potatoes really well. He didn't like to think about her parents trying to call her continually and ruin their honeymoon. A number change for Lynney might not be a bad thing. He'd think about bringing it up without worrying her about the phone calls. The woman deserved her peace. And she had so much integrity and wanted to be such a good daughter that if she knew they were calling, she would pick up that shit, or at least listen for a voicemail.

They couldn't want anything but bad news. Since he'd met them they'd been anything but supportive, and had downright abused Lynne, especially her father. And Lynne was like a pretty little rose, badly trampled underfoot, but still sprouting. She would continue to grow and her broken pedals would fall off and much stronger ones would grow in their place, but as her husband it was his sworn duty to keep her from being crushed underfoot.

If he walked to the edge of the kitchen, near the breakfast bar, he could see her out there in her tiny robe, looking over at the waves of the pacific ocean occasionally and engrossed her rolling stone. She looked peaceful, and safe. His baby. His sweet baby.

He'd never let anymore harm come to her.

Finally he finished the eggs, folded in the potatoes. He sat the Jelly and the toasted English muffins on a serving platter along with his generous helping of fried potatoes.

He started to open the patio but he needed help and banged on the glass and Lynne opened the door for him, smiling and he sat the bounty down before her.

"You bought the jam! And my favorite too! Strawberry!" she squealed.

"Yes I did. You'll get all your favorites from now on sweetness, and you can lick the jam off my fingers and suck them as much as you want," he added.

His voice was so gruff with emotion. He knew that was his baby's first foray into true emotional tenderness now, and now that he knew the pain she'd been raised with and the abject denial of affection and that fucking religious abuse, and how soothing it must have been to be someone's special sweetheart and licking all the wonderfulness from his fingers, and to know that he wanted to feed her body and her soul and fill her up with love.

His throat was lumpy because he knew something she didn't know. That they would still torture her! He would give her his last name and they were still trying to punish her! He wouldn't let anyone punish her anymore! She was sweet and full of happiness when she was with him.

And she knew she was cherished. He didn't even have to motion for her, as soon as he was seated, she climbed in his arms, right in his lap, where she knew she was adored.

"I'll always protect you," he added, patting her knee adoringly and kissing her forehead.

And she looked at him like he was the silly one, as though, yes, she knew he would protect her and so let's get on with breakfast.

He chuckled with warmth.

He wanted to throw her damn phone into the ocean.

He wanted to know if there was a plausible way he could break the damn thing and not have Lynne be the wiser that it was purposeful and buy her a new one, with a brand new number. She didn't need that kind of stress and drama in her life and he remembered the pallor that their phone call had cast on the wonderful trip to Cali before they were married. He didn't want that happening again.

She looked at his fingers, and at the jelly and at his fingers again.

"It's our jar of jam sweetheart, you enjoy it however you want okay," he added sweetly.

He knew it was the best part for her, and she couldn't wait to lick jam off her loving husband's fingers. He wanted her to know it was okay to lick his fingers, and she didn't need permission.

She grabbed his finger and grabbed the jar, opening it with the sleeve of her silk top to give herself traction.

She was in a hurry.

"You can enjoy it from my fingers just like this, for the rest of our lives, as often as you want. No need to rush at all,' he murmured kissing the crown of her head.

Lynne just nodded. Her cheeks were wet, but she was grinning at him.

"First time anyone was ever really kind to me. Well you were kind to me lots before. But sucking your fingers. Damn it was the nicest anyone had ever been to me," murmured Lynne.

She swirled his fingers in the jam, licking off and sucking first his index and then his middle finger.

"Well that was the most joy I ever felt. Making my baby happy like that. Being there for her, and giving care when she needed it. Filled my heart up so full," murmured Leif.

His voice got gruff and his eyes were watery.

Lynne smeared jelly on her own fingers, and traced his mouth, then made sensual work and sucking and licking the jelly off of his mouth before engaging in a probing kiss with him. So fucking sexy. He grunted and grabbed her juicy heart shaped ass in his palm, but she was on to smearing her jelly covered fingers around his peach nipples, and he groaned so loudly when Lynne leaned down and suckled them, then nibbled at them slightly.

With kisses trailing down her navel, he knew where she was headed, and he grunted huskily.

"I love you so much lovely, I should be smearing the jelly on your lovely bits first, let me!"

"No you are a gentleman and I always go first, you can go first this time. I'm not going to stop you if you wanna return the favor," she crooned sexily.

Lynne smeared a thin line of Jelly near his belly button with a gentle finger, and then she made short work of tracing around his bikini line and over his belly button.

Suddenly his cock strained painfully in the air, in his white terry cloth robe.

Lynne grinned at him wickedly.

"Looks like he wants to be free," moaned Lynne, kissing the erect tip of his cock through the pajama tops and then unknotting his robe.

"My turn too," she moaned, unknotting her silk, sheer, see-through white robe.

"I always wanted to have a naked breakfast, and now we can," murmured Lynne huskily.

"We can have whatever you want from now on. You could have just asked for a naked breakfast with your man on the patio. You'll never be denied anything, anymore," he added.

He kissed the crown of her head. She never had to worry about confessing her intimate longings.

They would not be denied.

"Good," murmured Lynne, filling her fingers with jelly and tracing his mouth with it.

He moaned at the sensation of Lynne mauling his lips erotically. He pulled her head back slightly roughly by her wild curly hair, roughly kissing her. It made Lynne grunt, and he could smell her sex lubricating in the air. He gripped her waist and he was ready to turn her around in his arms, and enjoy the feeling of her in his lap from reverse, but Lynne started kissing down his neck again, and he sensed that she wanted to fool around more.

And he put Lynne's satisfaction first, in all things. Lynne desired tenderness and romance at this point a bit more than wild fucking. He stroked her hair and looked tenderly into her eyes, as her kissing got wilder, and more forceful. She had more jelly on her finger tips and she playfully flung the jelly wherever it would land, on the center of his stomach, devouring it of his body with nibbles, licks, and kisses.

When a dollop of jelly landed on his cock, she looked at him like she'd hit the jackpot.

She moaned literally, then got on her knees.

Leif looked down at her dotingly.

"You sweet little angel. You love sucking my cock don't you gorgeous. I'm a lucky man," he grunted.

But he saw her prostrate on her knees like that, and he tenderly placed a cushion from one of the table chairs down at her feet.

"The floor is hard there sweetheart, and I don't want your knees sore," he added with husk in his voice.

His baby, and her comfort always first, even when things got very nasty between the two of them.

Lynne's eyes lit up with love for him. Her eyes were watery and she took the cushion and knelt on it.

There was symbolism there. He didn't mind her serving him, but only in so far as it would be comfortable and enjoyable to her. He knew serving him gave her pleasure and he was so lucky. But her care and comfort first.

More jelly found its way accidentally onto his cockhead, and then Lynne looking up at him with innocent doe eyes.

"I love to clean off your cock, from the messes I make. I'm such a naughty girl," murmured Lynne huskily.

"Well you can't help it. And let me tell you something. Leify loves his naughty little wifey very much," he added tenderly.

When she closed her lips firmly over his head, they lost the words. His words became passionate pants and groans, and her words became the sweet, love sick eyes she was looking at him with.

The tricks that she'd learned to please him, and the deep eagerness with which she deep throated him made his heart swell up along with his eyes.

He felt like a pansy sometimes for how very much her devotion touched his heart and made his eyes watery. With all the pleasure in his groin the only way he could express his devotion was by tenderly raking his fingers in her hair.

He was rocking on his haunches and Lynne gripped his hips taking her deeper into his mouth. Apparently she liked the visual of him rocking his hips. But he loved the visual of her beautiful face and worshipful eyes more.

And he wanted to please her.

He grabbed her mouth gently dislodging it from his cock.

"My turn," he grunted stroking her cheek with a gentle back of his hand.

She sat in his lap to straddle him.

"No you sit. You get the full treatment and then you'll get back in my lap," he husked slapping her ass.

She sat on the edge of the patio chair and spread her legs shamelessly for him.

He loved that she had no shame and knew that he would go down and satisfy her. He never wanted her to feel that she had to be bashful about the joy they could share.

He kissed her forehead and he got the jar of jam, placing a generous dollop on his finger.

After he did that, he traced gently around her breasts and stomach. He approximated a heart though that was difficult with the wonderful curves and feminine lines of her physique.

Lynne tucked her chin in to look at his handy work and she chuckled, then snorted.

He guffawed with laughter.

He sucked both of her nipples very hard, removing the jelly while Lynne howled with pleasure, her sensitive nipples got so hard in his mouth.

Lynne leered at him vulgarly and spread her thighs, and pussy lips with her fingers.

"You are so fucking sexy!" he grunted.

He followed the sticky trail of the jelly down to her sandy bush grunting and nuzzling it, while gently peeling back her pussy lips so he could suck on her clit.

Lynne rolled her head back.

"Shit! Yes!" she panted.

He moaned on her pussy as he sucked and kissed her sweet spots. He loved the flavor of her in his mouth, and the feel of her on his tongue.

"Oh god! I'm gonna come!" she peeled.

That seemed so fast to him and he quickly moved his head from between her legs, panting himself, his cock spewing frothy pre-cum.

"No not yet, I want you to come on my dick baby, that's my favorite way. Now you sit in my lap like a good wifey is supposed to," he grunted.

He switched places with her, sat down, and pulled her into his lap, from reverse, her back in the curve of his chest.

"Your lap is my favorite," she purred softly.

"My favorite too, sweetheart," he crooned.

He tucked his chin into the crown of her hair at first, inhaling the scent of her into his nostrils, and gripped her tightly around her waist.

"You're never getting away from me, I swear it," he grunted, kissing and biting her ear.

Lynne squirmed as though his bites were too firm and made her slightly uncomfortable but she also squirmed with delight and giggled.

He looked down at her in his arms.

She glowed.

"I don't want to get away from you," she panted.

He grinned down at her. That was how he wanted her to feel. Possessed by her husband. Wanted and cherished more than life itself.

"Good, cause' you aren't going anywhere little wifey, you'll always be my sweet," he murmured.

He gently pushed her forward by her hips.

He wanted a good view of her cute, plump little ass as they coupled.

He butted his erection up to the soft, silky skin of her back, groaning with delight and watching his pre-come drizzle her perfect caramel skin.

His perfect caramel skin.

And nothing, nothing could hurt his baby anymore.

She belonged to him!

He gently rubbed her hips with his fingertips.

Lynne took it as the signal to lift her hips in a primal fashion and sit on his cock.

When she sat on his organ, they both howled out a cry of pleasure in the same gasp of air.

Leif opened his eyes wide with pleasure.

Shit, her pussy was so steamy and tight and it always felt great.

He grunted with primal pleasure and curled his toes on the deck.

It was just too beautiful right now, the breathtaking view of the pacific ocean and the sun just beginning to rise over the waves.

It was the same way the pleasure was cresting throughout his body.

He felt the sheer joy warm his belly up so much on the inside and the joy flooded down into his cock so much that the perfect view was no longer looking out at the ocean.

He had to squeeze his eyes shut with sheer joy as he buried his head in the crown of her hair.

She splayed her legs so sexily in his lap and she began bucking wildly.

Wildly like a primal mating dance, she'd learned to ride it so good, he loved her so much.

She grunted and panted with ecstasy but he knew his baby and the frothing of her hips was also designed to give him exquisite pleasure.

He loved her for caring so much about his joy.

And giving him permission to be primal with her, and he tangled his fingers deeply into her hair and found the sweet spot between the curve of her neck and shoulder, and it tasted and smelled so good as the joy began to surge through his cock, that he clamped down, even as he began to thrust joyfully in the air, his every thrust sending Lynne's shapely knees bouncing high in the air.

And when he opened his eyes, he could see the force with which his pink cock was parting and searing her folds. It was so sexy and beautiful to him it was almost like an out of body experience.

Lynne contorted her hips and belly higher and higher as her pleasure increased.

His hands reached between their two bodies and he cupped, rubbed and masturbated Lynne's pussy with an enthusiasm that would have put a dirty movie to shame, moaning with pleasure as her wetness coated his palm.

"Ugh, God damn it you fuck me so good Leify!" she cried.

As he knew she was coming he bounced her harder, and higher on his lap, taking her own a delightful ride as she giggled, and moaned with her sweet joy.

"Fuck, Leify, Fuck! Fuck me good! Touch my pussy good!" her shrill screams into the morning air indicating her coming for him.

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