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Maid Wife


"Apart from that she wouldn't wear stockings and suspenders." Jim complained to Angus, a colleague in the office. It was one of a list of criticisms he voiced in complaint since she had phoned telling him she was leaving. The trip to the sub office was going well and Jim would soon be returning home, only to an empty apartment, which he wasn't looking forward to.

Angus had patiently half listened to the moaning while they worked. With a smile on his face he told Jim. "My wife wears what ever I want her to. Last year she went to a hypnotist to help give up smoking. To save him hypnotising her from scratch each session he used a phrase to put her into a hypnotic state. He calls it a password. I found it out and have been using it to add my own instructions." Feeling he had revealed too much of a personal, perhaps even sordid, tale he shut up to concentrate on preparing the report for Jim.

Jim felt the embarrassment creep upon them both. He didn't now the man well only arriving from head office a few days ago, yet they seemed to be getting on, but it occurred to him this might be a set-up. "Well it must be a disappointment that she wears them only under hypnosis, isn't it?" Jim asked, trying to sound casual. He might as well see where this was going and with a little encouragement Angus continued.

"It was, but I worked out something. I suggested she was itchy wearing tights and shouldn't wear them. After that worked I suggested she felt uncomfortable not wearing anything on her legs, so obviously, she started to wear stockings - those stay up ones, you know with elasticised tops. I suggested they might fall down leaving her embarrassed in a supermarket. To avoid the embarrassment she should hold them up with suspenders. After sometime repeating it all, she's now taken to wearing stockings and suspenders all the time." He boasted.

"That sounds very convenient, having a wife who panders to your whims. Well worth the trouble I'd say. Do you have more plans for her?" Looking a little sheepish Angus changed the direction of the conversation back to the company accounts.

"What you were telling me this morning sounds intriguing. Perhaps you could give me some hints for my next girlfriend. So I could get her to give in to some little whim or other." With a little encouragement Angus was soon sharing his experience and explained the mistake made in directing her too directly toward what he wanted to achieve.

"It's not so easy. You can't just tell her to do something she wouldn't normally do. You would have to build up to it with lots of little commands. It's tricky." They fell into silence for a while thinking their own private thoughts.

"What's the first step? How do I get her hypnotised to start it all off?" Jim asked. Angus was enthusiastic with the chance to share this new found game with someone so wrote down the number of the hypnotist.

"What if the next girlfriend doesn't smoke? How could I get her to go?"

Angus thought about this seriously although Jim was still sceptical about the whole idea so it didn't matter that much - he just played along. He merely wanted to find out what Angus had been up to since he was so enthusiastic about it.

"You could tell her someone at work had lost weight through hypnosis, pretend to get the number from one of the girls in the office. After all women always want to improve their figure. That's something I'm working on with Melody."

It was true Jane had always been on some diet; it was something he disliked about her, all those fad diets spoiling an evening out at a restaurant. He had to join her eating only carbohydrates or not eating them, avoiding fat as though it were a demon or subsisting on vegetables. "You could be on to something there Angus." He said.

Seeing Jim was taking it seriously he decided to make him an offer. "You could come round on Friday evening if you like and I'll show you how it's done." Angus offered.

Before Angus could take back the suggestion Jim agreed. "That would be great. Perhaps you could help with me out with the next girlfriend." He laughed, although this was an empty statement as there was no way he could possibly let Angus near a girlfriend of his. Not wishing to return home this seemed like an amusing diversion to what would have been a lonely weekend.

Next day was Friday and the end of the day had arrived after many conversations, which intrigued Jim to distraction. He was looking forward to this demonstration that Angus was just as eagerly planning.


Walking in to the house the first impression was of an ordinary, neat and tidy home, with nothing out of place. When Melody walked into the lounge it was she that looked out of place, significantly. In the conservatively fashioned home there stood a dream of womanhood that any man would lust over. Angus was around forty yet this woman looked a young thirty something. Long dark hair flowed over bare shoulders and under the fringe were long eyelashes, a pretty little nose and wide full lips.

What struck him most were the clothes. It was a French maids outfit, low cut with a very short hem. "Take his coat then bring us drinks." Angus ordered, without a please or thank you which would have earned any husband a rebuke before a guest or not. So perhaps Angus had achieved all that he had boasted about.

With his coat neatly folded over her arm Melody asked, "What would you like to drink, sir."

Still in a state of shock he moved his attention from the deep cleavage, struggling for an answer. "A beer please." He stammered. He was sure she gave a slight curtsey before disappearing with the coat.

"So what do you think? It's worth a little trouble setting things up to achieve such a co-operative wife. Don't you think?" Angus asked.

Jim noticed the gleam in his eye as though he were showing off a new sports car. "It's a great idea Angus." He said, while his mind spun around full of ideas of his own. "That's amazing. She doesn't behave as though she were in a trance yet I can see what you have achieved and I'm impressed." For the first time since their conversations he seriously thought of trying it out on a girlfriend.

When she walked back into the lounge with drinks their conversation stopped with Jim in mid sentence too embarrassed to continue.

"Here are your drinks gentlemen. For you, Sir, a beer. For you, Sir, a martini."

With a closer look he noticed the waist of the dress was pinched in tight giving her a devastating figure, exaggerating the breasts as well as exaggerating a pair of long legs. "There must be a damn tight corset under there." He thought. When she bent over him it looked as though the huge breasts were about to swing forward right out of the dress into his face. He was excited, intrigued and embarrassed all at the same time. His wife was in the room while Angus continued to discuss her though Jim felt unable to join in the conversation being too self-conscious.

"Let me see those suspenders. That's right lift the dress up. Higher." Angus ordered. Without the slightest hesitation at all she lifted the hem with both hands, showing them both a pair of tight black suspenders over pale white thighs, holding up a pair of sheer stockings.

Her legs were long and shapely he thought, but it was the glimpse of black panties that really caught his eye, which he tried to ignore out of a sense of decorum before Angus. At twenty-six Jim was the youngest area account manager, confident in the job, yet here he knew he was out of his depth feeling unsure of how to behave in this unusual situation.


As she served another round of drinks the phone rang. Jim was concentrating his attention on her movements around the room so missed the beginning of the conversation.

"I'll have to go. My mother is ill. I'm sorry about this. Damn. It's going to take too long to bring her round and I wanted to keep her like this for the whole weekend. It's an experiment, as I usually keep her under for only a couple of hours at a time. Look I won't be long, could you look after her for me until I get back." Angus asked.

Jim was a little overawed by the prospect of being left with the woman. She was no longer this man's wife but an overpowering image of a sexy maid, not a real person at all. He nodded absently.

While hurriedly donning his coat Angus added instructions as he thought of them. "If someone comes round send her upstairs out of the way and tell them I'll be back soon. Best not let them in if you can help it."

Jim nodded at each of the instructions feeling he should say something yet unable to make his mouth work, even when he managed to think of something to say. The circumstances were so overwhelming it left him tongue-tied. The door finally closed on his newfound friend and confidant. He felt strangely alone as though he were there with a mannequin.

Melody was busy refreshing the snacks emptying peanuts into a bowl and checking the glasses. Hearing her husband say he had to leave pitched her stomach into turmoil. She felt like shouting at him to stop, yet carried on as ordered acting as the maid. With an outward appearance of disinterest over what her master did she sashayed back to the kitchen for another beer. Inside hot fury welled up where she wanted to shout at him, "What the hell do you think you are doing leaving me with this young man." Yet she couldn't say a word of protest.

It was bad enough he had introduced a stranger into their home, leaving him here was an outrage. Melody had tolerated Angus' little games knowing it would please him and relieve her of making an effort. This was just too much to tolerate.

After another drink had been politely delivered and only five minutes had passed he asked her rather timidly, "Would you do anything I ordered?"

To the hesitant question came an immediate and brief answer. "No." The answer was impassive not what should have been an imperious rebuff.

From somewhere inside his head came the question. "Why?"

A moment's hesitation brought forth an explanation. "You have not given me the password." She said, again in a matter of fact way as though discussing the weather. It was only a slight relief to say this for she still felt humiliated to be serving this young man in her own home dressed like a tart.

After asking some innocuous questions, something occurred to him, so he asked, "You have brought me drinks and are talking to me, though I haven't given you a password. How so?"

She told him, "My master has ordered me to bring you food and drinks as you want. I have been ordered to speak normally in the house in case someone visits unexpectedly. It is a general command to talk to anyone normally just in case our game is interrupted." She said then abruptly turned on a high heel making her way back to the kitchen.

"Well at least you haven't been ordered not to answer questions." He thought. He held his breath in anticipation of the next answer. Careful not to make it an order he asked, "What is the password." Jim watched intently expecting there had been a command to block the answer to this vital question. Seeing the hesitation confirmed this was so.

Melody wavered in fear seeking a way to avoid the answer, and then replied, "No smoking in the gallery." On hearing herself betrayed by her own lips the anger melted leaving fear. A moment ago she had been protected from direct orders only to be left so very vulnerable to embarrassment, or worse. She was sure there were limits to how far he could push her but small little naughty things could be so dreadfully humiliating.

Hesitantly he repeated the password.

The reply was involuntary yet immediate after so long practising the game, "I am awaiting your order, Master."

Nothing had changed in the room as she stood as before quit still, serenely patient. Only his whole perspective of the lounge and everything in it, including her, had changed dramatically. It seemed he was now her master with all that she had to offer placed at his disposal. He wondered what he had time for and what he should have her do first.

"Show me your suspenders. Lift the dress higher. Up around your waist." He directed. He could feel himself licking his lips on having such a better view of those delectable black panties from when Angus had been there. "Turn around to face the television. Bend over." He ordered.

"I knew it." She thought. Bending over was such a small thing to do yet dressed in the silly short dress made it so demeaning and even worse knowing she couldn't resist the instruction. Feeling the silk panties pull tight around her bottom, between her cheeks, was perfectly all right before Angus yet here it was so very terrible. It wasn't just having her head down that brought the blood pounding to her face.

His breathing had become ragged as he watched the silk panties fold tightly between her cheeks. Drawn toward her he dropped to his knees. "Can I touch your bottom?" He asked in a whisper.

With eyes tight shut she tried to block out what was happening hoping it would soon be over. It was a shock to hear him speak so close behind her. Without a thought she responded automatically. "You may do anything you want with me, master." She said.

A shiver went through her body hoping this wasn't true, surely not, it couldn't be. How long would it before Angus returned? What would the young pest do with her? If only she had listened more to that conversation on the phone she might have realised Angus was leaving the house, leaving her helpless. She might have managed some protest or tried something to prevent this awful situation. She had been too long playing his games until now the subservient role was so very strong it was difficult to resist.

His hands had already begun to pull the panties away from a pair of soft cheeks he found hiding there. Her crotch was inches from his face, which was demanding a lot more attention than he was giving it. He found her swaying a little, backwards and forwards. She had been taught to be an attentive servant to a master, obviously without specific direction that it should be Angus and only him. It was more than likely she had been continuously and repetitiously commanded to obey a master and now he was that master. For how long though, when would her husband get back to the rescue?

With small movements she was swaying toward him as though tempting him with her sex. Swaying before his nose was her crotch, shaved clean to perfection, which was another of the services performed for her master. It didn't make it any easier that this young tormentor was so handsome.

He held back telling himself this was a colleagues wife he had just pulled the panties from. More concerned with what would happen if he were caught, in the throws of passion on their lounge carpet, he pulled himself back to the armchair. He had to calm down and think.

The telephone rang. He jumped in surprise. Turning in the chair he picked up the phone and murmured, "Jim, hello." Still in a dream state he listened to Angus.

"I'm sorry Jim, can you stay on a little longer. I'm at the hospital. I might be here some time."

He looked at Angus' wife, bent double, with a pair of black panties around her ankles. Her luscious cheeks were framed perfectly by stockings and suspenders. A pair of tumescent lips protruding between the thighs glistened with wetness. He cleared his throat. "Sure, no problem. How long do you think you'll be?"

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