tagGay MaleMaintenance Man Ch. 01

Maintenance Man Ch. 01


It was time to have maintenance work done on the AC unit. I should have done it last year but I didn't. It worked through last summer though I don't believe it will last another without problems. I could feel the weather had steadily warming over the last month with summer setting in. I called an HVAC technician that was a friend of a friend. We set up a day for him to check it out.

On the day I got up, showered and ate breakfast like I usually do and waited for him to arrive. Hours later bored by daytime TV and streaming I used my tablet to look through men's profiles online. Even though most of the guys eventually flake out I had fun looking and imagining an experience. I sent a couple of flirtatious and slutty messages. I contemplated each cock they displayed imagining servicing it to completion several times. Well maybe not every cock but most of them. When John arrived I was careful to turn the screen off and plug the tablet back into the charger before going to the door. I left my hard on to subside on its own.

He introduced himself and retrieved a ladder and tools from his van. I led him to the attic access. He went up and started working. I went back to watch another game show, yay... ugh.

Ten minutes passed and John comes to talk with me. I was more than a bit surprised at the list of things cracked or worn or otherwise in need of replacing and repair. He said he would need to write up an estimate. I went to the study to check my account balance on the desktop. It wasn't going to cover the number I expected to hear. He listed a lot of problems. When I came back I asked if it could be trimmed back some since I was a bit short on money.

"I think we can work something out." he said with a smile. I thought it was unusual how he said it. Then I saw the tablet screen had turned on when it finished charging. It was showing a cock pic on the profile I had up. Yeah, it was a big one.

"Great" I replied. I started freaking out a bit though since he and I had a friend in common. I wasn't out to my friend that referred him. I felt faint and leaned against the wall in case I started falling. Then it clicked. He was still smiling. He wasn't acting offended or turned off. My mind came back to me. Maybe he's into it. Or maybe he likes a guy to help him out occasionally. I know I wanted him.

"I can comp the labor and just charge parts, if you can help me out."

"Yeah sure, I would be happy to. Anything to get it fixed." Summer in the desert can be brutal.

Standing just a few feet in front of me, he pulled his shoes, pants and boxers completely off leaving his shirt tails hanging. He turned before I had a good view of his cock. I watched his muscular hairy butt as he walked to the couch. All I could think of is having my hands wrapped around those cheeks. I wanted to use them to pull his cock deep in my mouth. I wanted to slip my fingers between them to find his spot, to tease it open and slip a fingertip in. Just thinking about it gripping my finger made me forget about paying anything. Immediately I became obsessed with it and with his cock and with him. I pictured those muscular cheeks and legs powering his cock working my ass. Coming to my senses I followed him around the couch to kneel in front of him.

Leaving no question in my mind as to his desire I moved my mouth to his soft cock and started a little suction on the head. I felt him start to harden. I hadn't ever had an opportunity to take a soft cock in my mouth and feel it grow to a full hard on. I sucked gently and slurped his cock in. With one hand I cradled his balls. I felt his cock expanding faster in my mouth. I started massaging it more with my tongue and elicited a moan. A little warm happiness flowed through me.

"Oh that's good" he groaned.

When he was completely hard I pulled my head back and let his cock fall out. I licked down the front and gently sucked a ball into my mouth. I rolled it around with my tongue before letting it slip out. I repeated this with his other ball eliciting another moan. I let it out too but swirled my tongue around it. His scent was strong under his sac and I wanted to be immersed in it for longer. Selfish I know but it was so good. I went back to the head of his beautiful cock taking in the view as I went.

It was gorgeous. It had grown to a thick seven inch long manly cock. The bulbous head stared back at me. Slightly flared it was thicker than the shaft. I swirled my tongue around it and sucked it into my mouth again. I slid my mouth down him until my lips were at the base. It was thick. Thick from top to bottom. His cock pressed into my throat. He started making precum that I could taste as I slid him in and out. Tasting it gave me more motivation to give him a worthy blowjob. I couldn't believe how submissive it felt serving his cock.

I sucked his cock in again and stopped when my lips hit the base. My nose was in his trimmed pubes. His balls were pushing on my beard. His musk was driving my desire wild. My hands could feel his masculine hair on his legs. My arms were resting on his thighs. I moved my tongue around on his cock as I took in the most erotic feeling I had ever had. It was the most overwhelmingly sexy experience I could imagine. I pulled back and sucked his cock in again. And again. And again.

I could tell he was close. His breathing raced and his cock felt even harder. He had started rocking his hips to meet my motions. I had to be smarter. I backed off. I ran my tongue down to his balls and took each one in my mouth separately. I played with them for a moment as an excuse to push my nose further toward his strong musk. Taking it in with a deep breath, I ran my tongue back to the head and swirled it around before licking back down. I lifted his balls again to rub my nose on the skin below. The sweat smeared on my nose so I could keep the scent with me. I licked his cock again and he moaned louder this time. When I licked back to the head I tasted a big slippery drop of his precum.

Even though he was sitting I wanted my hands on that furry ass. His hairy legs weren't satisfying the desire. Rather feeling his thighs made it stronger as if to taunt me. I pushed myself between his knees a bit, testing the waters. If he opened I would know I could get to my goal. He gave slightly providing a chance to try again. I pulled off his cock to tease the tip. I slowly slid my mouth back down coordinating with pushing between his legs again. Success! He spread his legs fully. I had the best access possible as long as he was sitting. I brought one hand in to take advantage of my new freedom. I cradled his balls finding my spit had run down them. I used it to lubricate a finger and slipped it between his sexy cheeks. I found his hole and massaged it. He pushed down. Promising. I pulled it out to gather more spit and find his hole again. He pushed lightly and I slipped it in. My finger entered to the knuckle. He moaned and I slid my tongue down his cock and back up.

I was enjoying the cock filling my mouth, one hand on his thigh and the other holding a cheek and one finger in his asshole. I pulled my finger back so I could push it in again. This time it went in all the way. I did what I could to massage his prostate before pulling my finger back. I repeated this several times bringing him to the edge. I slowly pulled back to prolong it as much as I could. His cock felt so firm and the skin so smooth I didn't want it to end.

I knew he needed to pop and I was ready for it. I took him in again and started a rhythm bobbing my head on his cock, matching the movement with my finger I had in his ass. I pulled off until I just had the head within my lips. I took him back in to the base feeling his hair tickling my nose.

"Oh shit yeah. Ohhh" and he moaned again. I bobbed my head again knowing he was enjoying my mouth.

"Oh, oh, oh hey man you have me close." I continued my rhythm. I wanted him to cum. I wanted his seed in my mouth. I needed to feel his asshole pulsing on my finger while he shoots over my tongue. I was craving tasting his cum for the first time.

"Oh I'm cumming" he said it almost quietly. I didn't stop. He was ready. I was ready. I sucked him into my mouth all the way and moved my tongue around before pulling back. And again. I did it several more times.

"Ohhhh, Uhhhh, Ohhhh shiiiitttya!"

I felt his cock grow bigger in my mouth. I pulled back so I just had the head and he started squirting his cum. It coated my entire mouth back to front. I could feel the shots hitting the back and running down. Oh, the wonderful taste of cum. For an instant it made me feel I should be paying him. Ha, that's something I should definitely not let him know yet.

He finished coating my mouth. I felt his body relax so I pulled my mouth off his cock. I finished swallowing his cum and licked down to his balls again. I milked the last of his come out and licked back up to the head to clean it off.

He sat silently for a few minutes and then thanked me. He said his wife had stopped doing that for him several years ago and never did it that well anyway. My pride was beaming.

"My pleasure." I responded before I realized I might be letting on my enjoyment too much.

He said it would take a couple hours to fix the furnace so he wants a enough attention in return. He would have to return tomorrow with the parts needed.

I hesitated intentionally so he wouldn't think I was overly excited about it, then agreed to his offer. Right then I made it my goal to get him to fuck me. As awesome as his cock was in my mouth the feeling of how it would be in my ass had my head spinning. I wanted to convert him to be a long term fuck buddy. I don't have any expectation that he would ever take my cock in his mouth or ass, or even work it with his hand.

That was yesterday. Today I called in sick and am waiting for him.

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Great story! Years ago I would suck the maintenance man at my apartment community. He would always seem to be the one that would show up to fix the little things that I would call the office about. Aftermore...

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