tagIncest/TabooMandy and Me Ch. 24

Mandy and Me Ch. 24


Writer's Note: If you are new to this series, I strongly suggest you begin at Chapter 1, since each chapter builds on the previous, and there might be difficulties understanding the story without the full background. This chapter picks up immediately following the end of chapter 23 and covers the development of a crisis that threatens to disrupt the families. As always, a big tip of the Stetson to you loyal readers, whose comments and suggestions do much to keep me working on this story. Thank you so very much. Enjoy and please vote.

Literary critics are advised – I am a retired wood butcher, still learning the art of weaving a story. As always, a special thanks goes to my good friend, Ciguardian, for the lessons he's taught, and for his always insightful comments and suggestions. I could never do this without him.

The Standard Boilerplate Declarations Always Apply - Legal – All persons engaging in described sexual activity are 18 or older, Advisory – This is NOT a one-page stroke story. If that's what you want, look elsewhere, and Caution – There is tobacco use (smoking) in this story. The setting is 1967, and I am writing to reflect those times. If this bothers you, go elsewhere.


Chapter 24 – A Storm Brews

16 Apr


Mama Patsy and I were sitting at the kitchen table, after we'd cleaned up from breakfast. Dad Charles had come over, just after 8:00, and he and our husbands had gone down to the barn, to complete some repairs, leaving Mama and me alone.

"It's a good thing they're down there, since Mindy's comin' out, this mornin'," she said. "I imagine she's comin' out to tell me about her weekend o' takin' Bud to bed."

"Do I need to leave y'all alone?" I asked, hoping she'd tell me not to, since I enjoyed hearing salacious gossip and stories just as much as the next girl.

"I see no reason why you should, Baby. After all, you were there when I suggested it to her, an' told her about me doin' the same, with Mike. Don't be too surprised if she gets to askin' about our time in Hawaii, either. I imagine she'll want to know what we did, while we were over there."

"What time are you expecting her? Should I go ahead an' make another pot o' coffee, so it'll be fresh?"

"Why don't you go ahead? While you're doin' that, I'll get out some pastries. She said she'd be here by 9:00, an' it's already twenty 'til."

Both of us flew into action, making our preparations. We finished, and the coffee had just finished brewing, when our guests arrived. Mama and I were both surprised when Missy got out of the car, along with my Aunt Mindy. They came up onto the porch, where we greeted them with hugs and cheek kisses as we welcomed them into the house.

"We are alone, aren't we?" Aunt Mindy asked, once we were all settled around the kitchen table, with our coffee. Mama Patsy, Aunt Mindy, and I all got out our cigarettes and lit up. I was a bit surprised when Missy pulled a pack out of her purse and lit up, too, but I didn't say anything to her, as she seemed just a bit nervous about smoking in front of us.

"Sure are," Mama assured her. "Mike an' Junior are workin' down at the barn, an', as long as we stay here, in the kitchen, we can see 'em comin', a long ways off. I don't look for 'em to be back at the house, much 'fore noon, an' Junior's girls are all over with Maggie, doin' some bakin', this mornin'. Don't worry about Mandy. She knows why y'all're here, so go ahead an' tell me – did you an' Fred do what y'all were plannin' on doin'?"

"Most of it, girlfriend," Aunt Mindy chuckled. "It took us both a couple o' weekends, 'cause o' our schedules, but we got it worked in. I've had two different weekends with Bud, an' Missy's had a weekend an' yesterday, o' bein' with Fred. I'll let her speak for herself, if she's of a mind to, but I can tell you that my time with Bud was just about as much fun – an' pleasure-filled – a time as I've ever had, in my life. An' – deep down under the rest of it – there was a real special lovin' feelin', too, that came from it bein' my son that I was takin' into manhood. I'll tell you, seein' that boy come out o' his shell an' blossom into bein' a full-blown man the way he did, that first weekend he an' I were together, damn near brought tears to my eyes on more'n one occasion!"

'I hear you, Mindy," Mama chuckled, "an' I know just what you mean, 'cause I felt the same thing, those first couple o' days with Mike. But, don't just leave me an' Mandy sittin' here, hangin'! Get to tellin'! How'd you start things off, with him?"

"We started things off, the Friday night o' Bud's birthday, an' I used your idea. I was puttin' on nail polish, when he got in from school, an' had him light a cigarette for me, 'cause my nails were wet an' I didn't want t' mar the finish."

"You scamp!" Patsy laughed. "If your nails were wet, you could easily have fixed any marks!"

"You know that, an' I know it, but Bud sure as hell didn't, an' that was the important part," Aunt Mindy replied with a knee-slapping laugh.

"Go on, Aunt Mindy!" I urged her.

"Well, Bud looked at me like I'd grown another head, or somethin', 'cause all the other times smokin' has come up 'tween him an' me, have been when he asked for a taste an' I told him he'd have to wait until he was older. I actually had to remind him that – as o' that day – he was as 'older' as he needed to be, in my mind, for me to be okay with him tryin' it! Then, I told him that he'd seen me light up, often enough, so all he had to do was what he's seen me do."

"An'?" Mama Patsy prompted my aunt to continue.

"Well, he went ahead an' did as I told him, an' he inhaled that first puff, just the way he's always seen me do. An' then he started coughin', just the way you predicted he would.

"After he'd gotten over the coughin' spell, he asked why he'd coughed, but I never did. I told him, just the way you told Mike, that his lungs weren't used to the smoke, yet – but that, if he really wanted to try smokin' – I had an idea o' how we might get him past all that coughin' business.

"He admitted that he'd really like to try it, an' so I started givin' him those smoke filled kisses you told me about, an' they worked like a charm. That boy popped a hard-on about as quick as Fred did, the night he came home from runnin' an errand an' found me lyin' naked on our bed, smokin' one o' his big cigars! That's when I knew that I had him just where I wanted him."

"Or just where he wanted you, Mindy," Mama Patsy suggested, chuckling.

"Maybe I should say that – deep down – we had each other just where we both wanted to be," Mindy admitted. "He was hard as a rock, an' I was leakin' pussy juice so much I was afraid o' havin' a wet spot on the back o' my dress!"

As I listened to my aunt relate how she'd used 'smoky kisses' to lead into the gentle seduction of her son, I remembered Mike's reaction to the first of those kisses he and I had shared, on the back porch, the night we'd stayed up so late. My college girlfriend, Jenny, had clued me in on how to use those to cast my spell over a man, and they'd worked like a charm when I'd used them on Mike. Of course, what I hadn't realized at the time was that his mother had already used that very type of kisses to such great effect, when she'd seduced him a few months earlier – and that I was only playing to an 'addiction' that she'd already given him!

"So, what happened, next, Aunt Mindy?" I asked, leaning forward on the table and feeling just a bit surprised at how eager I was to hear her describe her first night with my cousin in all its tawdry detail.

"Well, we had to wait for my nails to finish dryin', an' so we sat an' talked a bit. Then we went an' got cleaned up an' changed into nice clothes, an' I had him take me out to Cace's, for dinner. They had a live band, there, that night, so I even got him out on the dance floor. Them slow dances were mighty nice, with that bulge in his trousers rubbin' up against me the way it was."

As I listened, I couldn't help but wonder if she'd used some of the common signals on Bud, and how he'd reacted. And I about doubled over with laughter, when she told us about her kissing lessons had gotten so intense that they'd missed the start of the movie. Mike and I had done the same thing, in the back seat of his truck at the drive in, on a couple of occasions.

"Well, Mindy, I'm sure Missy knows what's goin' on, so spill the details," Mama finally demanded.

"He's a natural, Patsy, an' such a gentleman, just like Fred. He even asked me if I was sure, after I'd told him to play with my tits. He was nervous, at first, but I soon had him over that, an' he was doin' my tits just the way I love, squeezin' 'em just right, an' his tuggin' on my nipples was gettin' me so wet I couldn't stand it."

When Aunt Mindy's story got to the point where they were in Bud's bedroom, undressing each other, I was taken back to that wonderful October afternoon, when Mike and I were camping, and had undressed each other. Mama Patsy had told me of her first night with Mike, and how they'd undressed each other, and I had a strong suspicion she was reliving that evening, herself.

As she related Bud's first experience, I completely understood how he must have felt, as he made the transition from virgin boy to man. Although my first time was with my future husband, instead of with my father, Mike had made my first time an incredibly loving experience, one that I'd always remember.

"That's the way Mike was," Mama admitted, when Aunt Mindy'd finished. "He came around pretty fast, an' was doin' really good, by the time he met Mandy."

"When did y'all meet?" Missy asked me. "I remember Aunt Maggie sayin' you'd pretty well quit datin', 'cause o' how the guys behaved, an' then, the next thing I know, we were invited t' y'all's weddin'."

"We met last Labor Day weekend," I explained. "His grandmother'd been tellin' us about each other for a few years, but it took her 'til then to get us together. You can't imagine how much I love her, for finally makin' it work. When I met Mike, it was like meetin' the missin' piece o' me, an' he says the same thing. It was like it was preordained for us to be together."

"Y'all had a whirlwind romance, then, didn't you?" Missy asked. "I mean, the two o' you meetin' on Labor Day, an' then gettin' married just after last Thanksgivin'! That's only about three months, there!"

"It sure was," I laughed. "Like I said, we met on Labor Day weekend, an' it took me all of a month to decide he was the one I wanted to have my first time with. We had to wait for the county fair, in late October, for it to happen. We went campin', out here, down at Mike's lake, an' that was where he got my cherry. He was so gentle, an' romantic, that night. Gives me goose pimples, just thinkin' about it!"

"Tell me about it!" Missy chuckled. "Daddy did me the exact same way, bein' romantic an' gentle, an' all."

"You haven't heard the half of it," I laughed. "Mama Patsy an' my mama, came an' rousted us out o' the campsite, late on Saturday afternoon, 'cause there was a nasty set o' storms movin' in that we hadn't heard about, on the weather report. It was already gettin' a mite chilly, an' we'd just put some clothes on, 'cause of it, or they'd have caught the both of us – naked as jaybirds an' scramblin' to get dressed – when they showed up at the campsite!

"When we got back to the house, we found that his folks an' mine had brought my things over from their house and moved me in with him! Seems they figured that, since we were already talkin' about gettin' married, an' it was obvious that we'd gone campin' so's we could have some privacy to make love, they might as well let us be together all the time."

"Wow!" Missy whistled. "You've got a really cool mom an' dad, to go along with that kind o' thing without a fuss!"

"Don't I know it!" I laughed. "An' a really cool mom an' grandma from Mike's side o' the family, too! But, what about you, Missy? To get me up to speed for this visit, this mornin', Mama Patsy told me that Uncle Fred was goin' t' teach you, the same way your mama's teachin' Bud."

As Missy related the story of her weekend with her dad, I took a few glances at Mama Patsy's face. From her expression, I knew she was remembering her first night with Mike, as she nodded her head during various parts of the story.

"You were talkin' about havin' 'em in the bed with you an' Fred, last I knew. Have y'all done that, yet?" Mama asked, when Missy finished.

"Not yet. We're plannin' on doin' that, next weekend, an' to make things interestin', we're goin' t' have both of 'em with us, at the same time.

"I forgot to tell you, Patsy. Both Bud an Missy have been accepted at UT Arlington, for the fall semester. We're goin' up there, sometime over the summer, to look for an apartment, or maybe find a small house, close to the campus, that we can buy. We think it'll be better for them studyin', an' it'll cost less, havin' 'em sharin' a place to live."

"That sounds like a good idea, Mindy, 'cause you always hear about how noisy those college dorms can be, plus it bein' the luck o' the draw on roommates. The thing is, y'all're not concerned about 'em foolin' around with each other?" Mama asked. "Especially since you're goin' t' have both of 'em with you an' Fred, at the same time? That's goin' t' be like an open invitation, to 'em."

"Fred an' I've talked about that very thing, an' we've decided that if it happens, it happens. We actually think it might be better, since they'd have each other to help keep their urges under control, so they don't get in trouble, with someone else. Both Bud an' Missy are very responsible, an' have been well behaved, so we think we can trust 'em, an' not have to worry about 'em. An' Missy's on the pill, so we won't be worryin' about any unplanned pregnancies, either."

"I sure hope you're right, Mindy. I can understand what you're sayin'. After all, Maggie an' I moved Mandy in, with Mike, a month before they married an' – other'n things bein' a little noisy, at night – nothin' really changed, with 'em."

"You won't ever let us live that down, will you?" I asked, with a blush. "All 'cause we stayed up late, one night."

"Yeah, mainly 'cause I had the room next to yours, an' y'all were still goin' strong at three in the mornin'," she laughed.

"You have to tell me, Patsy, how was your honeymoon in Hawaii?" Aunt Mindy asked.

"We sure had a blast, Mindy. Mike an' Mandy even got Junior an' me out on surfboards, while we were there. That whole trip was tons o' fun, an' I'd sure like to go back, again, after my baby's born."

"You're pregnant?" she asked, with a shocked look on her face. "When an' how did this happen?"

"As far as the how, you should well know how it happens, Mindy!" Mama laughed. "As to the when, it would o' been around the twenty-ninth o' March to the first o' April."

"But – if I recall correctly – you had some problems with havin' Mike, an' so you had surgery to keep you from gettin' pregnant, again!"

"The problem I had, with Mike, was that Rhesus factor thing," Mama Patsy explained. "They've got a treatment for that, now, so it ain't the kind o' problem it once was. An' the surgery that I had was just shavin' a hair's breadth off o' the ends o' my fallopian tubes, so's they'd scab over an' keep my eggs from makin' it all the way to my womb. There's a fairly simple way o' reversin' that, now. Lots o' women who have that RH problem had that surgery done – an' now that their gettin' pregnant again ain't any big problem, some smart doctor figured out a way to reverse it, an' that's what I had done. I had Mike, by my first husband, an' Junior had a daughter by his ex-wife, but I wanted a baby that was Junior's an' mine.

Mama Patsy launched into a narrative of the non-erotic high points of our honeymoons, and how we'd enjoyed the trip. I happened to be looking at Missy, when Mama ended the travelogue and asked my aunt a question. From the shocked look on her face, she must not have been aware of the story my aunt had told us, during the party she'd hosted for us, not long before Mama and Dad's wedding – the story of how my aunt, back in her late teenage years, had taken on two brothers at one time.

"You have to tell me, Mindy – are you goin' t' try for another double teamin', when you an' Fred have Bud in the bed with you? The last I knew you'd said you'd like to do it, again."

"I'm pretty sure I will, Patsy. Fred actually surprised me, when I suggested it to him. He was actually a lot more agreeable, than I thought he'd be.

"I haven't seen her in action, yet, Patsy, but from what Fred's told me about his time with Missy, she takes after me, bein' sort o' wild. She had him do her, one last time, right before they came home, last Saturday, an' soon as he'd finished, she pulled her panties an' shorts up. She was ridin' all the way home, with his cum drainin' out o' her, makin' a big wet spot in the crotch o' her shorts, which she bent over an' showed me, as soon as they got home. I think she'll go along with it, once she sees it, an' more'n likely she'll want it, too."

"You'll never let me live that down, will you, Mama?" Missy broke in. "An' – in my defense – Daddy told me you'd instructed him to bring me home with a freshly-fucked smile plastered on my face. So I was just helpin' to make sure that he wouldn't wind up in the doghouse for failin' to carry out your instructions!"

"True enough, Baby; true enough!" Aunt Mindy laughed.

"Pardon my ignorance, but what the heck is double teamin', an' why do you think I'd want to do it?" Missy asked her.

"It's when either two women take on one guy, or two guys take on one woman, Missy. I was plannin' to tell you about it, later this week, but Patsy let the cat out o' the bag."

"It sure can be fun," I commented, without thinking.

"How would you know, Mandy?" Aunt Mindy immediately asked.

"Me an' my big mouth," I mumbled, glancing over at Mama Patsy. "I'm sorry for not thinkin', Mama."

"Hell, Mandy, we're not goin' t' have any secrets," she shrugged, with a big smile, as she reached across the table and caressed my face. "Your Aunt Mindy's the closest thing to a sister, that I ever had!

"We did what you told us about, Mindy," she began, by way of explanation. "That story you told – the one about you bein' double teamed by that pair o' brothers – almost drove Mandy an' me crazy, with wantin' to try it. We kept talkin' about it an', between us, we cooked up a way to get Junior an' Mike to do it to us, while we were on our honeymoons."

"How on earth did the two o' you manage that?" she asked, stunned to hear such an admission. "That sounds like a tale I've simply got to hear!"

"We spent most of a day teasin' the hell out of 'em, gettin' 'em all worked up. That evenin', we got 'em to take us to the tiki bar, there at the hotel, so's we could have a few drinks an' do a little dancin' with 'em. We spent the first part o' the dancin' time with our husbands, makin' all sorts o' risqué comments that you could take either naughty or nice, an' some more that couldn't be taken for anythin' but naughty.

"After a few dances – once we could feel their hard cocks rubbin' up against us – Mandy an' I swapped partners, lettin' me have Mike, while she danced with Junior. We were still makin' those naughty comments, rubbin' our bodies all over 'em, an' just generally gettin' the two of 'em really worked up. Those two boys were gettin' so hard an' horny I thought they might be tempted to try doin' us on the dance floor! The way Junior put it, later on, we had him so horny he was ready to fuck a knothole, just to get some relief!

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