tagIncest/TabooMandy and Me Ch. 25

Mandy and Me Ch. 25


Writer's Note: If you are new to this series, I strongly suggest you begin at Chapter 1, since each chapter builds on the previous, and there might be difficulties understanding the story without the full background. This chapter picks up immediately following the end of chapter 24 and covers further adventures of the Davidson clan. As always, a big tip of the Stetson to you loyal readers, whose comments and suggestions do much to keep me working on this story. Thank you so very much. Enjoy and please vote.

Literary critics are advised -- I am a retired wood butcher, still learning the art of weaving a story. As usual, a special thanks goes to my good friend, Ciguardian, for the lessons he's taught, and for his always insightful comments and suggestions. I could never do this without him.

The Standard Boilerplate Declarations Always Apply - Legal -- All persons engaging in described sexual activity are 18 or older, Advisory -- This is NOT a one-page stroke story. If that's what you want, look elsewhere, and Caution -- There is tobacco use (smoking) in this story. The setting is 1967, and I am writing to reflect those times. If this bothers you, go elsewhere.


Chapter 25 -- The Storm Continues

13 May


My step-sisters arrived about a half hour after Grandma had ended her 'donkey barbecue' of Dad and me. We'd separated, Dad and Mom sitting together in the living room, while Mandy and I were on the back porch, and Grandma was in her normal seat at the kitchen table. I was sure Dad was like me, trying to make amends with his bride.

When Laura and the girls drove up, and she'd parked her Jeep, I stood and walked down off the porch to meet them.

"Y'all please come and have a seat on the porch, with Mandy and me, for a few minutes. I need t' apologize t' y'all, an' have a talk with you."

"Okay, Mike," Laura replied, noncommittally.

I let them go ahead to where Mandy was waiting at one of the tables. She greeted each of the girls with a hug and kiss, asking them to be seated.

"Here they are, Honey," she said, turning to me. "You know what you need t' do."

I slid into a chair and paused to light a cigarette, before I began, and the girls all followed suit -- my three younger sisters, somewhat nervously, I noted.

"I know y'all are all put out with me an', after talkin' with Grandma an' Mandy, this mornin', I completely understand why. I owe each an' every one o' you an apology for the way I've been actin', these past few weeks. I've been completely in the wrong, an' I want to ask each o' you t' forgive me for not bein' around, for you.

"Your dad an' I've both been doin' wrong, an' we don't have a real good reason for doin' it. We'd let ourselves get too busy tryin' t' do a bunch o' stuff that could've either waited, or been farmed out t' someone else, for the right money. About the only reason I can think of is because we wanted t' get those things done before the new babies, that Mandy an' your new Mom are havin', get here.

"I know what we were doin' wasn't right, an' I need y'all t' help me find a way to make it up t' you. Take some time t' think about it, an' come t' me, when you decide.

"I want y'all t' understand that I was wrong, behavin' the way I did. I know that, now, an' I also want you t' know that I'll never do it again. Can y'all find it in your hearts t' forgive me, an' let us start over?"

"Sure, Mike. Does this mean you'll take us skatin', or t' the movies, again?" Jen asked.

"It sure does, Jen. Fact o' the matter, we might try doin' it tomorrow, if y'all don't have anythin' else planned," I answered. "Would you rather skate with me, or with your friends?"

"How about some o' both?" Liz asked. "Our friends, at school, have been askin' why you an' Mandy weren't with us, the last few times Laura took us, an' we didn't know what t' tell 'em."

"Well, if y'all want to, we'll surprise 'em, tomorrow. What time do most of 'em show up, at the skatin' rink?"

"They're usually there on Sunday afternoons, from 2:00 'til around 4:30," Liz answered, flashing a bright smile.

"Would it be okay for me t' take my sisters out t' the skatin' rink, tomorrow afternoon, Sugar?"

"As long as I can go too, Honey. I think I should be there, t' make sure one o' their classmates don't go tryin' t' steal my husband. I'll let 'em skate with you, but that's as far as I'll go," she giggled.

"What about you, Laura? What do I need t' do, t' make things right with you?" I asked, turning to her.

"I just need t' sit down an' have a long talk with you, Mike. There's some things goin' on with Josh, an' I need t' talk 'em over with you. I've talked to Mandy, an' I know how she feels, but I need t' know what you think, too. D'you think we could do that, tomorrow mornin'? There'll be too many other things goin' on, today."

"I don't see why we can't, Laura. Why don't y'all all come over here, for breakfast, tomorrow mornin', an' you an' I'll get together before I take Liz and Jen skatin'."

"What about me? I want t' go skatin' with you, too, Mike. I'm like my sisters, an' I've missed havin' you with us," she replied.

"Will that work for you, Mandy?" I turned and asked my wife. "We might even go to the Dairy Queen for an early supper."

"Why don't we plan on doin' it, Honey? It's been almost a month since we've been out together, as a group.

"Girls, y'all need t' go see your Dad and Mama. Your Dad wants t' talk with all o' y'all, too, an' I think they're waitin' for you in the livin' room."

The girls all stood and lined up, Jennifer first. Each of them wanted a hug, which I gladly returned. Laura surprised me with a kiss to my cheek, along with a much tighter than normal hug.

"We all love you, Mike, an' we need you t' be around for us," she murmured into my ear.

"I know, Laura, an' I'm goin' t' be here for you, from now on. There's nothin' I won't do, for any o' you," I replied, as she released me. "Y'all need t' go see Mom an' Dad."

Laura placed her arms across her sisters' shoulders, guiding them to the back door. As they all filed into the house, I turned to Mandy as I took my seat, again.

"Did I do alright?" I asked.

"I think so, Honey. I think the main thing they needed t' know was that you'd be here, for 'em. Laura, especially, relies on you a lot more'n you know. She'll come t' you or me, with a problem, quicker than she'll go t' Mama or Dad, 'cause we're all are so close in age. I know she's missed that, a lot, the last month or so."

"What's goin' on with her an Josh? Seems to me, I'm missin' somethin', there."

"There's a lot goin' on, an' it ain't good. She asked me t' not tell anyone else, Honey, an' I haven't, yet. I'll tell you, 'cause I know she wants t' talk with you about it, before she says anythin' t' Dad. She tells me Josh started pressurin' her t' let him get some feels, a couple o' weeks ago. I don't know that he's tried anythin', yet, but, from what she's told me, he keeps after her about it.

"That little shit! He'll be damned lucky if I don't wring his neck, the next time I see 'im. You know what Karen told us about him. She told us her sister said he was the most spoiled, self centered guy she'd ever gone out with. Why did Laura ever get mixed up with him, in the first place?"

"Calm down, Honey. Like I just told you, I don't think he's gotten that far out o' line, yet. As I understand it, he gave Laura the story o' how he'd made some mistakes, in the past, an' had changed. From what she's told me, this 'pushin' for sex' business has only started in the last couple o' weeks."

"Well, she sure needs to dump his ass an' find somebody else. Ain't he goin' to school down at A&M? With Laura goin' t' Kilgore, they'll be separated, anyway, but I don't know that that's goin' t' be soon enough t' suit me. She can do so much better'n him."

"T' be honest, I think she will, Honey. Right now I believe the only reason she's still with him is because the prom was so close, an' she didn't want t' have t' go by herself.

"Think about this, Mike, you never went t' any o' the school dances, or other social events, 'cause o' the way you were workin'. I did, an' I can tell you; it can be embarrassin' t' show up at somethin' like that without a date. If you have a date, most o' the idiots'll pretty well leave you alone, an' if you're alone, they're always comin' up wantin' you t' dance with 'em, or sit with 'em, givin' 'em a chance t' try somethin'."

"I can see your point, Sugar. Mom always told me I'd missed out on so much, by workin', the way I did. Back then, though, as shy as I was, I'd've been one o' those showin' up by myself, an' would've just sat around, watchin' everybody else havin' fun.

"Changin' the subject, Babe, what do I need t' do for Laura, today? From the way Grandma, an' you an' Mom, were talkin', this mornin', it's goin' t' take most o' the day for her t' get everythin' done. How can I help?"

"Well, since Josh is pickin' Laura up here, instead o' over at Mama's, tonight, you should mow the yard, first, so the house looks better. I've been doin' it, the past few weeks, but that should be your job. You get that done an', by the time you're finished, I may have somethin' else," I told him.


Things were going much better than I'd expected. Grandma Elizabeth was hell on wheels, when she got started, and I'd learned a valuable lesson from her, both Friday night, and again, that morning. Time would tell, but it looked as though things were shaping up nicely.

Mama Patsy related her conversation with Dad, and their girls, and I include parts of it here.

"How'm I goin' t' make this up t' you, Doll?" Dad asked.

"Just follow your mama's orders, Junior. You need to be spendin' time with me, an' with our daughters. D'you realize how long it's been since you've taken the time t' do anythin', with us? Those girls need you, as much or more'n I do. We need to be doin' things as a family.

"How long has it been since you've even gone over an' looked at our new house? D'you even realize where they are on it? You asked Charles about doin' the wirin', an' you've had him so busy, workin' with you an' Mike, he hasn't even had a chance to look at it."

"I guess I better make time t' get with Charles, an' get over there, then," Dad sighed, looking down at the floor.

"Don't bother," Mama told him. "About a week back, Harrison Richards called, wantin' t' know when the wirin' was goin' t' be finished, 'cause his people can't hang the drywall 'til that's done.

"I gave y'all an excuse, sayin' you'd gotten tied up with some other things, around here, an' asked him if he had an electrician who could handle it. He said that he did, an' that you an' he had marked the locations for all o' the outlets, lights, an' switches on the blueprints, when you met with him a few weeks earlier. I told him t' just have his electrical people go ahead an' do the wirin' an', if it added t' the cost, we'd pay up when it's done. I figure most o' the wirin' is complete, as is the plumbin', an' they'll be hangin' the drywall, soon enough."

"Thanks, Doll," he told her "As usual, it took a smart woman t' save my bacon. I really don't know why I just didn't have Harrison get his crew t' do the wirin', in the first place. It ain't like we can't afford it, after all. Just more o' me, tryin' to save a dime an' windin' up spendin' a dollar t' do it. Can you forgive me for all o' this, Patsy?"

"I can forgive you, this time, 'cause I love you so, but I'll have a harder time forgivin' you if you ever hurt our family, like this, again.

"You an' Mike told us your main priority was t' protect your family. Ask yourself what you've done, over the past few weeks, t' do that very thing. We all depend on you, Junior, an' we need you t' be there for us.

"Mandy an' I can understand you wantin' t' get things done, an' we'll help you do it. The whole thing is, we want an' need t' be involved in doin' everythin' as a family. I've done lost one husband, 'cause o' him drivin' when he was tired, from workin' long hours t' help a friend, an' I sure as hell don't intend t' lose another, for anythin' like the same reason."

Their discussion was interrupted as their daughters walked into the room.

"Good mornin', Mama," they chorused, as they came through the door.

"Good mornin', Babies," she greeted them. "Y'all come an' give me some o' those nice daughter hugs."

She stood, and was immediately surrounded by the girls, exchanging hugs and kisses with them.

"Who's the stranger you were talkin' to, Mama?" Liz asked. "We haven't seen him, in a while."

Junior sat there, crestfallen, hearing that from one of his daughters.

"I'm your father," he replied, hanging his head. "I need t' apologize t' all three o' you for not bein' around. I've been busy, doin' other things, an' let myself forget what should be the most important things, t' me. I'm so sorry for doin' that t' you, an' I promise you it'll never happen again.

"I don't know how t' make this up t' you, but I'll try, if y'all can forgive me for bein' so stupid. All I can tell you is I've been busy doin' things that could've waited. Between your grandmother, an' your mama, they've made me see that what I was doin' was wrong, and it ain't goin' t' happen again.

"I need you girls, as much or more'n you need me, an' I'm goin' t' be here for you, from now on. I'm goin' t' make some changes, an' we'll be doin' things together."

"I'm sorry for smartin' off, Dad," Liz told him. "I shouldn't've said what I did."

"C'm'ere an' give me a hug, an' it'll be alright, Baby. All o' you give me a hug. I'm like your grandmother; she always says she needs your hugs, an' I do, too."

He gathered Liz and Jen into his arms, hugging both of them, shedding a few tears, in the process.

"Why're you cryin', Daddy?" Jen asked.

" 'Cause I've been wrong. Baby, an' I'm hurtin' inside, because of it. I never thought about how the work Mike an' I were doin' was takin' so much o' our time away from you girls.

"I'm goin' t' be with all o' y'all today, an' we'll be doin' things together. Then, this evenin', after Laura leaves for her prom, your mama an' I'll take you an' Liz over to Longview, where we'll eat an' go to a movie, if y'all want.

"Do you mean it, Daddy?" Jen asked, excitedly. "You mean you'll take us out t' a restaurant, with you an' Mama?"

"I sure do, Baby. In fact, why don't you an' Liz go t' town with us, this mornin'. We can let all o' you girls get your hair done, an' then, when we get back, we'll drop you off with Maggie, so you can get into some nice dresses, while Mama's helpin' Laura get dressed. Then, once y'all get all pretty, she can bring you over here, so y'all can see Laura's dress, 'fore she leaves."

"That'd be great!" the girls exclaimed.

"But what about you, Daddy? What're you goin' t' do, while we're all in the beauty shop?" Liz asked.

"Well, there's a little bit o' shoppin' I need t' do, an' I can take care o' that, while we're in town."

When the excited chatter finally died down, the entire group loaded into the station wagon for the drive to town. After dropping the ladies at the beauty shop, he headed for the part of town around the courthouse square, to do his shopping.

When he returned to the beauty shop, he had to wait for about an hour for his ladies to all be ready. After another exchange of hugs, and after he'd spent time complimenting them all on their new hair styles, they returned home.


While Mom and Dad were gone, with the girls, I got the mower out and ran it over the lawn while Mandy was in the kitchen with Grandma, preparing a soup for the noon meal. When I was satisfied with the appearance of things, I headed for the shower, to get cleaned up.

Mandy followed me into our bathroom, to inform me of the schedule for the afternoon.

"You're goin' t' need to stay out o' here, this afternoon, Honey. Mama an' I are goin' t' use our bedroom an' bathroom, gettin' Laura ready for tonight. You an' Dad'll need t' be in the other parts o' the house, or on the front porch, 'cause we don't want anybody seein' her, 'til we get her ready. Y'all need t' be here, though, in case we need t' send one o' you after somethin'. Besides, you need the time with Grandma an' your sisters."

"Okay, Baby. I can see that. I do need t' spend some time talkin' with Grandma, tryin' t' get out o' Dutch, with her, too. I've sure got a lot o' makin' up t' do, haven't I?"

"I'm glad t' see you've figured it out, Mike. You've really been actin' like an ass toward us, these past few weeks. You just need t' keep this in mind, William Michael Davidson; your actions will prove more than your talkin'!"

When Mandy said that, calling me by my full name, I knew how deeply in trouble I was. It was going to take me a long time to dig my way out of this, a fact that was made abundantly clear as she'd turned on her heel and stalked from the bathroom, without giving me a chance to respond.


Perhaps I shouldn't have taken that last dig at Mike, but I wanted to be sure he'd learned his lesson. I decided I'd leave him to stew over the situation until after Laura was gone, that evening, and then I'd have him sit with me, in the living room, with Grandma. I loved sitting in his lap, exchanging kisses with him, along with other things, and this would be too good an opportunity to pass up. He'd be doubly eager to please me, as he attempted to make up for his mistakes.

Returning to the kitchen, I sat at the table, with Grandma Elizabeth, to chat for a moment while my soup was simmering on the stove, and Mike was occupied, where he couldn't overhear what was said.

"Grandma, you made a comment, the other evenin', an' I want t' make sure it'll be alright for me t' do it while Mama an' Dad have Liz an' Jen out, tonight."

"What was that, Baby?" she asked, with a big grin and chuckle. "What are you plannin' t' do, t' that grandson o' mine?"

"You said you wouldn't mind me or Mama havin' our husbands fool around with us, in front o' you. It sounded like you were completely serious, an' I wanted t' be sure it was alright."

"I meant exactly what I said, Mandy. If you an' Mike were t' sit in the livin' room, tonight, an' you had him touchin' your tits, or someplace else, in front o' me, or doin' somethin' else, I won't have a problem with it. What are you plannin' t' do?" she chuckled.

"I was thinkin' o' puttin' on a skirt an' blouse, an' sittin' in his lap, tonight, there in the livin' room. If I can get him kissin' me, like I think he will, I might be able t' take things a bit further, an' get a really good night o' lovin' from him, later on. I need it! Mama Patsy taught me a lot, about my body an' sex, an' all, but the one thing she must've forgot t' tell me was just how damned horny bein' pregnant would make me!"

"Well, it surely can, granddaughter," she laughed. "I recall bein' pregnant with both Bill an' Junior, an' I'll tell you, I must've worn their poor daddy to a shadow o' his former self, durin' those months, with all the lovin' I craved from him!

"As far as your teasin' Mike goes, I'll tell you, Baby, I did the same thing t' Thomas, Mike's granddad, a few times, t' keep his mind right where it belonged. I'll let you in on a little secret, too, Baby -- there was a time or two when I surprised him by leavin' my step-ins off, an' managed t' get his hand up under my dress. You should o' seen the look on his face, when he'd reach up under there an' feel o' me, 'stead o' them. If you're wantin' t' do somethin' like that, go right ahead. I might even pretend t' be nappin', while I'm sittin' in my recliner, so feel free t' do what you have t' do. Like I told you an' Patsy, we're goin' t' do what ever it takes t' get their heads straight."

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