tagIncest/TabooMandy and Me Ch. 26

Mandy and Me Ch. 26


Writer's Note: If you are new to this series, I strongly suggest you begin at Chapter 1, since each chapter builds on the previous, and there might be difficulties understanding the story without the full background. This chapter picks up shortly after the end of chapter 25 and covers further adventures of the Davidson clan. As always, a big tip of the Stetson to all the loyal readers, for following along. Enjoy and please vote.

Literary critics are advised – I am a retired wood butcher, still learning the art of weaving a story. A special thanks goes to my good friend, Ciguardian, for the lessons he's taught, and for his always insightful comments and suggestions. I could never do this without him.

The Standard Boilerplate Declarations Always Apply - Legal – All persons engaging in described sexual activity are 18 or older, Advisory – This is NOT a one-page stroke story. If that's what you want, look elsewhere, and Caution – There is tobacco use (smoking) in this story. The setting is 1967, and I am writing to reflect those times. If this bothers you, go elsewhere.


Chapter 26 – Prayers Answered and a Future Determined

31 May – 2 June


Things had settled down, the past few days. Laura had gotten used to driving the Mustang, instead of her Jeep, and our family times were much more peaceful. There was still some excitement, though, as Mom, Dad, and the girls prepared for their family vacation to Galveston.

Mandy and I were busy at the cabinet shop, with me supervising and training our new hands, and her working with Jane, in the office. Dad had given Mom a free hand in selecting new furniture for their house, and she was taking full advantage of the opportunity, browsing furniture stores in the area – accompanied by Laura, whenever possible.

It turned out, she'd already been thinking of this, ever since they'd begun construction, and she and Laura had spent many hours looking through magazines, trying to find room interiors she liked. Laura had carried it a step further, making drawings of the various rooms of the house, including the furniture Mom liked.

She'd built up an impressive portfolio of drawings, some of which she'd colored with pencil or watercolor, experimenting with various color combinations, to show how the finished rooms would look. Little did we know, at the time, how much this would affect her future.

I'd seen some of the drawings, since she occasionally came to the shop office, to use the drawing table I had, and I'd been very impressed with her work. Knowing that Harrison Richards' wife, Regina, was an interior designer, I put in a brief phone call to Harrison and received permission to bring Laura with us, when we attended his Fourth of July party. Laura had decided she wanted to major in Interior Design, when she began her college courses in the fall, and her attending the party would hopefully allow her chance to chat with someone working in the field.

The evening of June second was Laura's night. The entire family, plus Charles and Maggie were on hand to see her receive her high school diploma. Since there were only fifty four students in her graduating class, the school had arranged risers on the stage, in the auditorium, and had the graduates seated there, for the ceremony.

The highlight of the evening was her being presented the art award. I felt it was well deserved, based on her work that I'd seen. Laura had a gift, one that would serve her well, in the future, as we would soon discover.

3 June


I had an interesting chat with Grandma, that morning, one I had to handle on my own. Mama Patsy and Dad had headed out early, taking the girls for a week at Galveston, and I'd given Mike a grocery list, sending him to town to get the shopping done. When I'd finished handling some minor housekeeping, I took a break, joining Grandma at the kitchen table. I'd poured myself another cup of coffee, and had just lit a cigarette, when she asked a question.

"Is that grandson o' mine still treatin' you right?"

"Oh yeah, Grandma!" I giggled. "He couldn't be any better. Things are goin' great, now, an' I love you so much for gettin' his attention, the way you did. I'll never forget what you did t' him an' Dad, an' how well it worked."

"Well, I was just wonderin', 'cause I haven't seen you doin' him the way you did, the night he had t' go get Laura."

"He's been payin' better attention t' me, an' has been doin' me the way I want, every night since, Grandma. Besides, I didn't think it'd be a good idea for me t' do that when the girls were here, an' they've been over here, almost every night," I giggled. "I was sittin' with him, that night, without a bra or panties on, an' had my blouse half unbuttoned, flashin' my tits at him. I'd also managed t' get his hand up under my skirt, an' that wouldn't have been a good example for them t' see – leastwise, not at their ages. Mike an' I feel we should be examples for them, examples o' how they should behave, an' that's what we always try an' do, when they're over here."

"What about all that sittin' on his lap, that you do, girl?" she asked me.

"Why, Grandma!" I laughed. "That's a prime example o' how things should be, 'tween a lovin' husband an' wife! I thought that's what we're supposed t' be demonstratin', for them girls – especially Laura."

"I'm proud t' hear you say that, Mandy. That's just the way I'd expect y'all t' be for those sisters o' yours. That's not t' say I didn't get a good bit o' fun out o' watchin' y'all, that night. Now, changin' the subject – why were y'all talkin' t' Charles an' Maggie, askin' their permission t' tell your aunt about Junior bein' your real father? I can see y'all wantin' t' tell Laura, when she turns eighteen, but I don't really understand about your aunt. The way you told it to 'em, you said she was curious about you sayin' somethin' about Mike an' your dad bein' down at the barn, on a day when your aunt an' cousin were out here.

"There has t' be more to it, than that, Mandy. From what I already know, there were a lot o' holes in the way you told that story, an' I'm a bit surprised your mama didn't see 'em, too. If I had t' guess, I'd have t' say the day your aunt was out here, with your cousin, all four o' you women were sittin' around tellin' sex stories, an' either you or Patsy got carried away, an' said somethin' you shouldn't have. I figure it was you, since y'all were askin' permission t' tell your aunt the whole story o' how your mama an' daddy ended up havin' you."

I had been afraid something like this would happen, afraid more of the "family togetherness" we'd engaged in, a couple months back, would have to be revealed. How far should I go?

" 'Fore I go any further, I need t' ask you never t' tell anyone what I'm goin' t' say, Grandma. I know I can trust you, the way I did when I talked t' you after findin' out about Mike an' Mama Patsy, not long 'fore he an' I married. Some o' what I need t' tell concerns my aunt's family, as well as ours, an' I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want it gettin' around."

"If that's what you want, Mandy, I'll do it for you. This must be somethin' really secret about your aunt's family, instead o' ours, an' I'll keep quiet about it. Now, what happened t' bring this up?"

"It's a long, involved story," I began, pausing to take a drag from my cigarette and a sip from my coffee mug as I gathered my thoughts. "It goes back t' the night my aunt had a party for Mama Patsy, right 'fore her weddin'.

"You're right about the sex stories, an' Mama Patsy an' Aunt Mindy were tellin' some humdingers, that night, after they'd been drinkin' for a while. It was gettin' late in the evenin', when my aunt got t' talkin' about her son, Bud, sayin' he'd always follow her around the house, an' was always watchin' her.

"She commented she couldn't figure out what had got into the boy, an' Mama came right back, sayin' it seemed t' be more a matter o' who he was wantin' t' get into, namely Aunt Mindy. One thing led t' another, an' Mama told my aunt what she'd done for Mike, takin' him into her bed an' teachin' him how t' pleasure a woman."

"I'd've not figured she'd tell somethin' like that," Grandma mused. "I'd sworn t' never tell about me teachin' Bill an' Junior, 'till you found out about Mike an' Patsy doin' it. I guess it just goes t' show how little you actually can know about folks."

"There's more to it, Grandma. My aunt's folks did the same thing for her, that Mama Patsy did for Mike, teachin' her how t' pleasure a man, an' then makin' her a full-fledged woman. Mama Patsy already knew about that, 'cause Aunt Mindy'd told her about it, a long time ago. I think that's why Mama felt free enough t' tell that tale. Please, don't say anythin' about that, 'cause I'm positive my aunt don't want that gettin' around.

"Back t' what I was sayin'; it ended up, a couple o' days later, with my aunt an' uncle decidin' t' do the same thing for their twins, Bud an' Missy. Aunt Mindy taught Bud, an' Uncle Fred taught Missy. They were doin' it, while we were over in Hawaii, an' my aunt an' cousin came out t' tell Mama what had happened, an' to ask about our honeymoons."

"Let me guess. There was more went on, between the four o' y'all, on those honeymoons, than I know about, an' y'all got carried away, with your tellin'," Grandma laughed. "Girl, I keep tellin' you that ain't the first time somethin' like that has happened. You youngsters always think you're the first ones t' do somethin', when all you're doin' is copyin' us older folks. I'm not goin' t' pry into what all happened 'tween y'all, when you were over there, so don't concern yourself about that. You do need t' tell me what brought all this up, though."

"That's what happened. My aunt an' cousin had already been tellin' what they'd done, an' were plannin' t' do. Part was my aunt tellin' about her an' her son, an' then my cousin was tellin' about bein' with her dad. On top o' all that, my aunt told us she an' my uncle were goin' t' have their kids in the bed with 'em, both of 'em at the same time, showin' an' tellin'."

"You're talkin' about Fred, Maggie's brother, here," Grandma commented, with a raised eyebrow. "You mean t' say he's that much different from her? I'd never've thought it, knowin' how those two were raised."

"That's him, Grandma. Apparently, he's changed, quite a bit. It sort o' makes me wonder just how much o' that is my aunt's influence, now that I've found out that she was pretty wild, in her younger days. Now, back t' what I was sayin'. When my aunt got t' askin' about our honeymoon trip, she was wantin' t' know all o' the racy parts, instead of about the scenery, since she an' Uncle Fred had already been over there. I ended up tellin' about how Mama Patsy an' Dad walked out on our balcony, one mornin', catchin' Mike an' me goin' at it, which they did.

"The way I told it was t' say that Mike an' I were both buck naked, with him sittin' in a chair an' me... mounted on him an' goin' t' town, when Mama Patsy an' Dad walked out onto the balcony, catchin' us – an' I invited 'em to come on out an' join us. It wound up with Dad bendin' Mama Patsy over the balcony rail, while Mike did me, the same way, right beside 'em.

"Aunt Mindy caught onto me callin' Junior my dad, an' she wants the whole story. She's always suspected somethin', 'cause it took Mama so long to get pregnant, after she an' Daddy married. She knew how bad they'd wanted a baby an', with it takin' nearly five years for 'em t' have me, she's always suspected somethin' went on, somethin' she don't know about.

"Mike an' I talked about it, with Mama Patsy an' Dad, the other weekend, when you sent us down t' the lake, an' we figured we'd best talk t' Mama an' Daddy, t' get their permission t' talk t' Aunt Mindy, just t' keep it from runnin' her crazy an' havin' her start buggin' Mama about it."

"I wondered what brought that up, Mandy, an' now I have a better idea o' what happened. I can understand why you told it a different way, knowin' how Maggie is. She grew up always bein' a real private person, never even hintin' t' anybody about somethin' she didn't want 'em t' know.

"You remember me tellin' you about her folks – your grandma Susannah an' grandpa John – about how wild they were, an' then how they changed, when their kids came along?"

"I remember you sayin' that, Grandma. D'you think my grandmother taught Mama t' be the way she is, as a part o' her hidin' what she'd done?"

"I'm positive she did, Mandy. Back in the day, when she got pregnant with your Uncle Fred, she an' your granddad changed, almost overnight. Up 'til then they were both about as wild an' crazy as Thomas an' I were. They'd come over here an' go down t' the lake with us, an' spend a day or two, with all four of us goin' naked, the entire time we were down there. The four o' us never did anythin' like switch off partners, but we sure enough did what you say you four did, that mornin' in Hawaii, often enough – each couple makin' love in front o' the other. But, as soon as Susannah turned up pregnant, an' it got t' showin', all o' that stopped. It always made me think she was ashamed o' the changes her body was goin' through, an' wanted t' hide it.

"Thomas an' I were completely different. Both times I was pregnant, he couldn't seem t' get enough o' lookin' at me, an' was always runnin' his hands over my body. At the same time, I couldn't seem t' ever get enough o' him doin' it, either. Even when I was seven or eight months pregnant, we'd go down t' the lake, an' spend the day naked. It seemed like the bigger I got, the more he liked it, an' the more I craved his lovin'."

"Mike's the same way, Grandma! He really loves our showerin', together, an' he can't seem t' keep his hands off my belly, when he's bathin' me. It's like he's wantin' t' be as close t' our babies as possible, an' now that he can, he's always wantin' t' feel 'em movin', inside o' me, there. He acts like he can't wait for 'em t' get here, so he can hold 'em in his arms, the way he always does me."

"I'm glad t' hear that, Mandy. The older Mike gets, the more like Thomas he becomes, at least t' me. Let me get back t' your grandparents, though. We stayed good friends with 'em, an' would visit back an' forth, but when somethin' was said about goin' fishin' or campin', they'd always refuse. After three or four times, we finally gave up askin' 'em t' go with us.

"That brings up somethin' else I've wondered about, Mandy. You remember me tellin' you I knew you were the perfect one for Mike. I was watchin' the two o' y'all, from the very minute y'all met, an' me seein' how y'all got on together, confirmed what I knew. I knew y'all would end up makin' love, an' would end up married, but I thought it might take a little longer t' happen, that it actually did.

"I had a pretty good idea your mama raised you much the same way she was raised, since you were so much like her, keepin' some things t' yourself. Your bein' that way had me thinkin' you'd be slower about startin' t' fool around with a boy. I also had a pretty good idea that was why you didn't date much."

"You say that about Mama, Grandma, but she's really only that way about what she considers her private life with Daddy. She'll talk about most anythin' else, an' will sometimes let her mouth get out o' control, 'til it gets into her personal relationship with Daddy.

"I've always noticed that when ever she would be in a group o' ladies, an' they'd go t' talkin' about their husbands, that way, she'd always get tight as a clam, never sayin' anythin'. When she had "the talk" with me, all she'd say was that she enjoyed her times with him. She didn't loosen up an' start sayin' much about it, 'til after Mama Patsy invited us t' her house, a couple o' weeks after Mike an' I met. Even then, she waited 'til the night before Mike an' I went campin', t' really get detailed in tellin' me anythin' about what lovemakin'd be like.

"The night she talked t' Mama an' me, Mama Patsy used one o' her books, from nursin' school, an' explained everythin' about sex t' both of us us, in a way that was easy for me t' understand. I learned way more from her, in that one night, than I ever had from Mama, or anyone else, although Mama did get easier t' talk to, afterward, explainin' some things t' me, an' answerin' some questions I had.

"You're also right about why I didn't date much, Grandma. Mama raised me t' believe I should save myself for the man I wanted t' marry, an' the guys I'd dated were pushin' me t' do things I felt I wasn't ready t' be doin'. I didn't have any real strong feelin's for any of 'em, an' didn't really want what they were after. Well, that's not quite true. I wanted it, alright, but I didn't love 'em, an' not a one of 'em was willin' t' make the kind o' real commitment I wanted.

"All o' that changed, the day I met Mike. You'd already been tellin' me about him, an' I had a good idea he was the kind o' guy I was lookin' for. After we'd been introduced, that mornin', an' then spent some time together durin' the day, I knew, for sure, he was what I wanted. That night, after I was in bed, I kept thinkin' about him, an' my heart was tellin' me he was the one. You can't know how thrilled I was, the next day, when he called, wantin' t' talk t' me, again.

"Then, when I came over that day, an' he took me down t' what's now the shop, he was such a gentleman, just the way he'd been, the day before. He paid attention t' me, askin' what I thought, an' his manners an' politeness were like nothin' I'd ever seen in a man, outside o' my Daddy. That was the day I made my mind up I was goin' t' do whatever it took t' get him.

"I wanted him, more'n I'd ever wanted anythin', an' I was the one that started pushin' him t' make love, instead o' the other way round. You'd already told me so much about him, I felt I knew him, really well. I was almost ready t' give myself to him, right after the day we met, an' after our first month o' datin', I knew I wanted it – an' wanted him – for sure. He wouldn't give in, though, 'til I finally convinced him it was what I really wanted.

"He'd told me, from the very first, that kind o' decision was somethin' I'd have t' make, that he'd never ask me t' do somethin' I wasn't ready for. I kept after him, beggin' him t' make love t' me, 'til he finally gave in. Even then, he insisted we wait 'til we had a time an' a place where we could be as comfortable as possible, an' could take our time, instead o' bein' rushed, when we finally did do it.

"Both of us had enough sense t' not try an' find a cheap motel, an' only be able t' spend a couple o' hours tryin' t' do it, an' it turned out that was a good thing. When he an' I went campin', it took him all o' that afternoon an' evenin', an' half o' the night, t' make love t' me, the first time. He was takin' his time, bein' slow an' gentle with me, talkin' with me, kissin' an' caressin' me, an' I was takin' it all in, learnin' pleasures I never knew existed, 'til that night. I'd never realized it could take so long, makin' love, an' just how wonderful it'd be, 'til afterward, when we were lyin' together an' havin' a smoke, right before we went t' sleep, that night.

"You had us completely figured out, knowin' what we were up to, the weekend we went campin'. It really surprised the both of us, when we got back here t' the house, that afternoon, an' discovered I'd been moved in with him, an' I can't thank you enough for talkin' our folks into doin' it for us. Us decidin' t' have these babies is a part o' us tryin' t' pay you back, for what you've done for us."

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