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Lisa was strolling arm in arm with her husband, her two young children in tow, when she first ran into her future sex-toy. He was standing there in the mall, before a display of vacuum cleaners, earnestly seeking out customers as people passed by. Lisa took one look at the young man and was ready to stop without any prompting. She did so. She stopped right in front of him, ignoring her husband, extricating herself from his grip and turning her back on her children, so she could address her future sex-toy

She was acutely aware of the young man's presence and his beauty -- he was tall and freckled, long limbed and brawny with a boyish face. He was blond haired, all grin and his eyes were a startling blue. And he was aware of Lisa -- not just as a potential customer, but as something more. They stared at each other, speechless for a moment while Lisa's husband stared blankly and the children began furtively looking around and wandering off.

"Can you watch the kids Simon," Lisa asked her husband, hoping he would just disappear for a while.

"Right sure," Simon replied, aware that his wife was trying to get rid of him.

Lisa turned back to the young man, as Simon chased after their runaway children. She hoped she looked okay and was then pleased to see that the young man was ogling her -- she looked fine. Lisa batted her long eye lashes at the young man, played with her soft blonde hair and then smiled invitingly at him. The young man was barely concentrating on selling vacuum cleaners and Lisa was glad. They did, however, manage to begin a conversation about vacuum cleaners.

The young man named Mark delivered his pre-packaged speech about the vacuum cleaners, but then the conversation meandered off course when Lisa leant innocently forward while inspecting a cleaner and Mark's eyes drifted down her top as if by magic and rested on her breasts. She held that position, shamelessly showing the young man what he wanted to see, while listening happily to the young man stutter and stumble, red faced, through his sales pitch.

Soon enough the sales pitch ended and Lisa began to question Mark more closely, prying into his personal life. How old was he? Answer: 22. Had he been selling vacuum cleaners for long? Answer: no, only 4 weeks part-time. Was he studying? Answer: yes, he was in college studying engineering. Did he live with his parents still? Answer: no, he had recently moved out and was sharing a place with a friend, and most importantly did he have a girlfriend? Answer: no, he had broken up with a girl a few weeks ago.

Finally, Simon returned with his children in tow and Lisa felt her husband pressuring her to move on. Lisa suddenly grew annoyed with Simon -- why was he there bothering her? She felt compelled to return to talking about the vacuum cleaners, which she really had no interest in. Finally, Lisa left Mark standing there, looking lost and confused and stalked off resentfully, her family trailing behind her. Lisa hadn't even had a chance to get the kid's phone number.

The beautiful married mother marvelled at herself, as she pointedly ignored Simon. She picked at her lunch, complaining constantly about the quality of the mall food and the noise and the people, and wondered if she were crazy. Lisa hadn't given some random kid her phone number in a few years, nor had she jumped into bed with one in a while, but Mark really put the hook in her. She had only chatted with him for five minutes, but that's all it had taken to arouse her feelings for him and make her moist in her underwear.

Lisa was 41 and she was married with two young children. It was like she stepped out of reality for those five minutes she spoke to Mark and indulged in a fantasy game. She laughed at herself -- the young man was nearly half her age and surely off limits now. She was married and supposed to be loyal and faithful now, but still she was angry with Simon and it came out in studied disinterest, snide insinuating comments about him under her breath and well aimed putdowns.

Lisa saw Mark again on the way out and a sudden urge to proposition the 22 year old kid passed through her. She suddenly felt an urge to just approach him and ask him bluntly if he wanted to fuck. Lisa didn't follow through, not having done that sort of thing in a few years, and yet despite her decision, she was even more annoyed with her husband -- why did he have to be there? Why did he have to get in the way? Lisa felt like a fight and she picked one with her husband behind closed doors later that night when the kids were safely asleep. It was a fight she fought viciously and a fight she one.

It was four weeks later when Lisa next ran into Mark at the mall. He was standing there awkwardly in his corner of the mall, with his display of shitty vacuum cleaners behind him, chatting with some silly young women, who just couldn't stop giggling and flirting with him. Lisa grew annoyed and more than a touch jealous. Again Simon and children were in tow, but Lisa took a deep breath and decided she wasn't going to let her husband get in her way this time.

She waited as patiently as she could behind the silly young women, while Mark occasionally glanced at her. Finally, the girls were gone and Lisa stepped forward, her husband and children by her side.

"Hi, is it Lisa?"

"Yes, and you're Mark," she said smiling up at him, her eyes inviting.

"Have you sorted out your vacuum cleaner situation yet because I have a new brand to show you, that I think..."

"Look Mark, thanks for your help, but to be honest I'm not really interested in vacuum cleaners."

The young man looked at Lisa confused, then his face flushed. He sneaked a peak in Simon's direction and Lisa's husband looked back stony faced.

"Look Mark, can I give you my phone number or can I get yours?"

Mark gasped. This beautiful mother wanted his phone number and she was asking for it while her husband and her children looked on. For a moment he was lost -- were they actually going to go on a date? But how was that possible given she was married and her husband was standing right there, listening to every word they were saying.

"Here, give me your number Mark," Lisa said impatiently, laughing, her own face growing flushed.

The young man awkwardly spoke, his eyes glued on Lisa, trying to avoid looking at Simon opposite him or at the two faces peering up at him from below. Lisa punched his phone number into her mobile.

"I'd like to give you a call sometime Mark - maybe we can go out?"

"Um, yeah sure Lisa, that would be great."

"Great Mark, well how about I give you a call later today?"

"Yeah, wow for sure Lisa."

Mark looked at Simon to get some feedback -- Lisa's husband was silent, his face impassive. Simon's reaction confused Mark. The young man suddenly thrust out his hand for Simon to shake it. There was an awkward moment when nothing happened and nobody said anything.

"Are you going to shake Mark's hand Simon," Lisa finally asked.

There was another awkward silent moment. Mark was just about to withdraw his hand when Simon grabbed it and shook it hard.

"Good Simon," Lisa said softly, but firmly. "And Mark, I'll call you later. Now come on kids, let's go and get some ice cream."

Mark felt his heart thumping in his chest, felt light-headed, as he watched the family withdraw from his sight. Lisa had ploughed on ahead with her children and her husband following behind.

The family sat there at a small table in the mall food court eating ice cream. On this occasion Lisa didn't complain or make snide comments -- she was floating on cloud nine, blissfully happy, feeling unreal. She had done it - she had defied her husband and felt great about it. She had seen Mark again and had taken a chance, to hell with the consequences, she only lived once and she had gone for it without any guilt or reluctance and gotten the young man's phone number.

"Go ahead, say something Simon?"

"I don't know what to say Lisa. I thought you were past this sort of thing -- that you didn't do this sort of thing anymore. Are you really going to call that kid?"

"Yes, I said I would call him Simon."

"What, for a date," Simon asked peevishly.

"Yes, Simon - for a date."

"But I thought you were over doing this sort of thing Lisa; I don't know if I could handle it again."

There was a pause in the conversation. Lisa was determined to be firm, not to get caught up in emotions -- she was ready to fight for her right to be with Mark, if that's what she wanted. She was determined to win and she would consider divorcing Simon if that's what it took. The children waited, sensing that something significant was happening, but not really comprehending its meaning.

"I thought you were happy with me Lisa?"

"I am Simon, I am, but I can't help how I feel, can I. Cheer up Simon, it's just a date -- don't you want me to be happy?"

"Just a date with some young guy, half your age - what about me and the kids?"

"Please don't bring the children into this Simon," Lisa said, keeping her patience with her husband's complaints, "I'm sure they will quickly grow to like Mark; he's a lovely young man."

"What about me Lisa; I am your husband."

"Simon, lower your voice, you're embarrassing me. I'm going to call Mark and ask him out, if he doesn't ask me out first. That's just the way it is. You knew what sort of person I was when you married me Simon. I've tried changing like you wanted me to and I'm unhappy."

"Are you going to sleep with him Lisa?"

"Please Simon, do we have to talk about it now," Lisa asked, smiling.


"Oh god Simon - stop whining."

"Please Lisa, will you answer the question?"

"I really don't know Simon; I haven't thought that far ahead - maybe Simon, probably."

There was a pause in the conversation. Lisa sipped her coffee and scanned the crowd absentmindedly while her husband sat across from her in turmoil. The children correctly concluded that their beautiful domineering mother had won a type of victory and that something important had changed. Their father looked as though he had lost something valuable.

"Maybe we should break up, just get a divorce."

"No, of course not Simon," Lisa said gently, reaching for his hand. "There's no need to be so dramatic -- I do love you Simon and so do the kids. I just need him Simon, I just need him -- can't you understand? I need him Simon, I need him."

"But, I can do that for you; make you happy like all these young guys do"

"Simon, just stop," Lisa said softly, "you can't do that for me; you've never really been able to do that for me. You're just no good at it."

Lisa could see that she had crushed Simon with her cold comment. She sipped at her coffee and thought of Mark again. Was she going to sleep with him? Ha, she wouldn't let him out of bed.

"Look, I'm just trying to be honest Simon."

"Well, can I take someone out on a date then?"

Oh Simon, I think we need to discuss that first, don't you think."

Lisa called Mark just as she promised she would. She poured herself a glass of wine and found a quiet place outside on the patio and called him after dinner. Simon had seen his wife go outside with her phone in her hand and realised she was going to make good on her promise to call Mark. Simon just reached for another glass of scotch and tried to wash away the image of his wife making passionate love to another young man in their marriage bed. It didn't work, it never did.

Lisa was pacing back and forth on the patio when Mark picked up. Lisa invited him over for dinner with a feeling of exhilaration. Mark accepted. She would cook for him on their very first date -- she would make sure they weren't interrupted by a whining self loathing husband or any nosy children. The date was set for Saturday night, just four days away.

Mark felt his already thick penis stir even more in his pants when Lisa opened the front door four days later and invited him in from the freezing cold night. Her appearance had its effect on him. She was dressed in a tight short black dress as if she were ready to go out to a club for the night. She wasn't wearing any bra or panties, though she was wearing her sheer stockings and her heels. Lisa had pinned her blonde hair up and she wore her best diamonds -- a present from Simon.

"Come in Mark," Lisa said, happy that he was running his eyes over her body. "Simon has taken the kids to his parents place for the night, so we have the place to ourselves."

"He doesn't mind me being here?"

"He's used to this sort of thing Mark and I'm sure he'll come around real quick, I promise."

The fire crackled and sighed, the flames danced and the embers glowed in the soot covered fireplace. A white fur rug lay unfurled before the blaze, glowing creamily as the warm light caressed it. Outside the house a blizzard was now blowing, softly rattling the windows and causing the sleet and snow to gather in the gutters and pile up on the ledges, but inside the house time had slowed and a dreamy atmosphere reigned.

The naked twenty two year old male was befuddled. The bedroom was designed to heighten and cater to the senses at the expense of the intellect and the young man felt intoxicated by his surroundings. He drank more of the dark red wine, listened to the soft music and sat cross legged on the rug and gazed at the flames. The fire was the only source of light in the whole room -- a glow which touched the paintings on the walls, the ornate furniture and the large white bed, but which drifted away, leaving the edges of the room glowing red.

He was irresistibly drawn back to Lisa, who was sitting opposite him on the white rug. She was naked like he was; an exquisitely beautiful older woman with gleaming blonde hair, unearthly light eyes and fire caressed skin. He looked at her body, bewitched by the shape of her shoulders, the curve of her breasts and the swell of her hips and her folded legs. Mark wanted Lisa badly, but she was too preoccupied with stimulating his desire to give into his short-sighted wish for a crude and quick fuck.

The older woman was still a specialist in slowly arousing men over the course of hours, learning their bodies and bringing them into such a state of need that in many cases she would have to wrestle a man for control or tie him down. Often Lisa would fight for control, but her strength would slowly ebb away and she was then at the man's mercy and he would put Lisa on her back and quickly penetrate her while she groaned with pleasure.

"I love making love to men, there's nothing better in life," Lisa said softly, looking at Mark before lifting the glass of wine to her lips, giving him yet another chance to look at the sparkling rings on her finger. Then she continued: "And I'm good at it as well, very good at it."

Lisa wriggled closer to Mark, causing him to desire her even more. She looked down between his folded legs and stared at his thick erection. She looked back up at him delighted to see the expression of desire in his bright eyes and on his soft mouth -- she loved young men best. She was so glad she had put her foot down with Simon.

"Do you want me to suck it; do you want me to suck your cock Mark?"

"God yes," he said.

"Do you want me to suck your cock?" she repeated, as if his answer hadn't registered.

"Please," he begged.

"Why don't you kiss me again kid and then we'll see?"

The young man leant forward and took the beautiful woman in his arms. He kissed Lisa's lips, tasting the Shiraz on her breath as their mouths opened and their tongues touched. She broke the kiss and ran her fingers through the young man's hair. She carefully rose and then sat down in his lap and took his face in her hands and kissed him again, only this time more deeply and firmly, making the young man's head spin. Then her head dropped and she kissed his neck and his shoulders.

Before the firelight they caressed each other. The pace was excruciatingly slow, he thought. Lisa was driving him crazy, merely teasing him with her warm hands and her kisses. He ran his hands over the tips of her breasts and down her sides and along her thighs. He tried to place his hand between her legs and grab hold of her pussy, but she denied him entrance. Then he had an urgent need to thrust his penis inside Lisa and he was almost in a position to do just that -- his hard dick was so close to Lisa's pussy. Mark tried to wrestle Lisa into place, but she merely broke the kiss and laughed softly.

"You're so crude, here lay back and I'll suck your dick, like you want."

Mark lay back and stretched out his limbs on the rug like a cat. Lisa drained her wine and then told him to open his legs wider. She lay on top of him and he took hold of her, gasping at the sensation of having her weight bearing down on him, her skin on his skin.

No woman had ever made love to him like she did. The fire spat and warmed his skin and she slowly woke his whole body, gently arousing every inch of him with her soft kisses and her sudden bites. He looked down at her golden hair and watched her kiss his chest, sucking softly on his nipples, causing him to cradle her head and twist from side to side from the intensity of her touch. She kissed his hard belly and ran her hands up and down his thighs and ribs in long continuous strokes.

She made him turn over, his face buried in the rug. Then he felt her lips on his spine and then on his behind. Then she was kissing the back of his neck. She ended up lying on top of him, whispering into his ear while running her hands under him and grabbing his cock.

"What about this Mark, do you like this now?"

"Yes, I love it."

"That's good darling," she said, laughing softly.

Later his tingling penis lay snugly between her breasts as she kissed him with loud smacks. She giggled happily and picked up the last of his wine and poured it on his abdomen. She licked at his wet red skin as a trail of Shiraz ran down his belly and soaked his lightly coloured pubic hair.

"Mmmm kid, you taste good."

"It's so good," he said. "Please suck my cock, please suck it."

No, first the oil, where's the oil Mark?"

Lisa looked about and found the bottle of vanilla flavoured oil lying at the edge of the rug and grabbed it. She un-popped the top and squeezed a pool of the oil into the palm of her hand and then carefully applied her oily hand to his dick.

She must be a witch, Mark thought. Lisa was stroking his dick swiftly and perfectly with her soft slippery fist, her hand curling with a flourish at the end of each stroke. She was looking down at him, her face just inches away and she was laughing happily at him and mocking him by repeating his every groan of pleasure while keeping up a soft stream of words in between.

"Please suck it, please."

"Okay Mark," she said, removing her hand and lying down between the young man's trembling legs.

He watched the beautiful older woman cup his balls and then watched her head drop. She treated his sensitive cock like a delicately made sweet, a piece of candy, carefully licking the tip of his slowly dripping prick again and again. He raised his hips almost unconsciously, trying to get more from her, but she held him down and began to kiss the side of his knob and shaft.

"I've almost driven men mad doing this," Lisa murmured.

"I need more."

"Soon Mark, soon."

The young man began to lose control. He placed his hands on Lisa's shoulders and pushed her off his penis. He held her arms tight and tried to push her onto her back, causing the woman to laugh.

"What are you doing Mark?" Lisa asked, feigning surprise.

"I need to fuck you; I need to fuck you so badly."

"But I haven't said you could kid, have I?"


The young man and the older woman wrestled. He was pushing hard, trying to put the woman on her back and she was trying to force him down, trying to keep him from mounting her. The two of them struggled, their breath coming in quick fast gasps, their bodies taut. They were laughing and fighting for control. He managed to get the woman down on the rug and he could see the golden spot between her legs -- he was so close. He opened her legs and pressed in between her thighs.

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