tagSci-Fi & FantasyMaroon 5 Ch. 01

Maroon 5 Ch. 01


She awoke with a start, almost as if she sensed something was wrong. Aluria looked towards the window of the ship and saw something wonderful. She walked closer to the window, and as she peered through it a broad smile crossed her face. She was staring at her home planet Maroon 5. Aluria hadn't been back to Maroon 5 in 8 years. When she was 13 she joined the Intergalactic Peace Recovery League (PRL), and as a part of that was sent off planet after a brief training on peace recovery missions. Aluria had become a warrior. Her gorgeous body with big full breasts and tight muscular ass made her an especially valuable weapon. Her job with the PRL had been to escort freed captives from hostile planets. She had seen a lot of violence and terror but was now overwhelmed with happiness as she looked down at her beloved Maroon 5. She quickly got dressed, putting on her PRL uniform and boots. The PRL uniform was rather plain, but Aluria filled it out perfectly. The white and silver uniform was a stretchy body suit that hugged all of her curves. As she zipped up the front, she looked in the mirror and quickly brushed her hair. She could tell the ship was just off planet in what was known as the trade zone. She desperately wanted to go see what the hang up was and why the ship had stopped just off planet.

Aluria pounded the button that opened to the door of her room and the door whizzed open without the slightest sound. She stepped through and again the silent door closed behind her. As she approached the main bridge of the ship, she heard voices; loud voices that sounded like they were in an argument. She pressed forward eagerly with hope that she would soon be home. As she walked through the breezeway onto the bridge everybody stopped and looked at her. Aluria looked radiant standing there in the tight PRL uniform with her long red hair falling down over her shoulders. But this is not why the men had stopped. Before Aluria could realize what was going on, or even that the bridge was full of strange men, two men walked up on either side of her and grabbed her arms. The larger of the two men pulled out a pair of SAS handcuffs. (SAS handcuffs were actually not handcuffs at all, but a live snakelike organism that could sense any resistance. The SAS upon sensing resistance would grow and tighten up securing the prisoner had no possible escape.) The man twisted them around Aluria's wrists, and as he connected the two opposite ends, they absorbed into each other making one solid object. Aluria tried to protest but the SAS cuffs tightened and her cries were muted by a firm hand over her mouth.

The Captain of the ship protested. "This is not the way it was supposed to be! I was never told she'd be treated as a fugitive. You can't just come on to MY ship and remove a PRL officer!"

A Man dressed in black and wearing a long black leather cloak stepped closer the Captain. At almost a whisper, but still audible to everyone on the bridge the man hissed, "You were aware when you made the deal Captain Allen that we would take control of the girl. Your service to us is a matter of transporting cargo. We were under no obligation to disclose to you what we will use that cargo once it is returned to us. Regardless, I am on your ship by order of the Supreme Prime Minister of Maroon 5. You have possession of a fugitive. We have orders for her immediate seizure and return to Maroon 5 to begin the preprogramming rites."

"What are you talking about?" The Captain replied. "Aluria is not a fugitive! She bravely left her home when she was only 13 to join the PRL. She has served her planet and the galaxy!"

The Man in black grinned, "Two years after Aluria ran away from her home planet, Maroon 5 went through a revolution. A new and better power overthrow the weak government and Supreme Prime Minister Reginald took his rightful place as ruler of the planet. He ordered that every Maroon 5 female on her eighteenth birthday must undergo preprogramming. As Aluria is now 21, she has been a fugitive for the last three years. There are serious repercussions for this offense. She will be forced to pay for her crime."

The Man in black tossed an Order of Seizure and a roll of what looked to be Maroon 5 Roofs (Roofers are the planetary currency of Maroon 5.) at the Captain, and walked towards Aluria. "Let's go men; we've got a fugitive to get home." The men pushed Aluria towards the ship dock and the hatch opened. The light coming from the man in blacks' ship was dim, and she couldn't see much. Aluria started screaming as she was lead away. Over her screams she heard the Captain yelling that he was sorry. That he didn't know it would be this way.

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