As I awoke that morning, I lay there not wanting to get up. My life was at a stage that I wish it would end soon. Not that I was suicidal or anything like that, but there wasn't a heck of a lot to look forward to every day since my wife had passed away two years ago. She was the world to me, and when she died there just wasn't much left.

I was fifty seven years and I wasn't prepared to go to single dances for seniors. Most women my age didn't really appeal to me that much and the ones that did had some kind of personality quirk that turned me off. I knew I was lucky when I had met my dear departed wife, Mary, for she had everything that a man could desire. She was very cute, took care of herself and had a very sexy shape and most of all she could put up with me. She was always a joy to be with and didn't have anything bad to say about anyone.

"Better get at it,' I thought as I rose and got into the shower. Mary's death had hit me so hard that I had opted for early retirement. I couldn't concentrate on my work and I knew it was just a matter of time before I was fired, so I took the cowards way out and retired. My retirement income and interest on our savings gave me enough to get by on and our condo was paid for long ago. I wasn't rich by any means, but I wasn't in need of anything either: that is except for Mary.

I decided to go to the little cafe just down the street from the condo for breakfast. It was a cool autumn day, but the sun was shining brightly as it greeted me as I opened the front doors of the building. It was a glorious morning and I could feel my spirits pick up as I started up the street.

As I approached the cafe, I notice a young girl sitting on a bench at the bus stand. She was twentyish, long dirty blond hair that looked like it needed to be brushed. She wore no make up, not that she needed any at her age, and her attire looked as if it came from the Goodwill store. Her jeans were a few sizes too large and the sweater she had on was most unflattering. I thought it was strange as the bus came she didn't get on, but then figured she was probably waiting for someone.

As I got closer to her I saw how pretty she really was. Her big blue eyes seem to smile at me as I past by. I couldn't help myself and with a smile I said, "Good Morning."

Her face broke into the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen in all my life. She winked at me in a most peculiar way and said, "Good Morning, Handsome." I noticed that she was shivering in the cool wind and offered to buy her a coffee to warm her up. 'She should be wearing a jacket,' I thought as I held the door open for her as we entered the cafe.

The waitress offered us a window seat but the young lady wished to sit near the rear of the cafe where no one was seated. The waitress brought our coffee and asked if we would like to see a menu. I saw her eyes light up so I asked if she wished anything to eat. She ordered the breakfast special, two eggs, bacon, sausage and home fries. I declined as I was not a breakfast person and usually ate once or twice a day. As we were waiting I asked the young lady her name.

"Mary," she said. "But not the virgin Mary, believe me," she added with a snicker.

"Mary! How nice. My name is David. Dave actually. My dear departed wife was the only one who would call me David and that was usually just before she proved me wrong, or really wanted something." I knew I was rambling, but for some reason this young girl seemed to awaken something that I had thought had died a few years ago.

"Well then, David it is," she said and then smiled that angelic smile of hers.

The waitress brought Mary's meal she devoured it quickly. 'She must be starved,' I thought to myself.

"David," Mary started and stopped.

"Yes, what is it Mary? I asked.

"No, just forget it. Sorry," she said with a shake of her head.

"Mary!!? Come on now. What is it?" I inquired.

"Well, I was wondering." I could see her stammering and was soon to find out why. "Well, would you like a blow-job for twenty bucks. I really could use the money and you look like a real nice fellow." I was taken aback. This was certainly not on my mind and I guess the look on my face told Mary this as she said, "Sorry. Just forget what I just said. David I'm truly sorry."

"Mary," I said when I caught my breath. "If you need twenty bucks that bad I would be willing to give it to you."

"David, I am a street person. I have no home or family. My boyfriend dumped me two months ago. He just left and when the end of the month rolled around I didn't have the rent cheque so I was evicted." She continued her sad story. "When I get real desperate I ask men if they would like a blow job, for cash. Oh, I know it sounds terrible, but what can I do?"

"Come, Mary. Let's go to my place and get you cleaned up." I felt pity for this young woman as I ushered her out the door and headed her towards the condo.

"Nice pad," she said as I showed her around.

"Mary, here's the bathroom. You can shower or bath. What ever you prefer. I will get you some clean towels and then you can see if you can find something to fit you from my wife's wardrobe." I could hear the bath running as I made a pot of coffee.

Mary finished bathing and joined me in the kitchen. She had a bath blanket wrapped around her. Her hair was still wet and she smelt much nicer than before. Her large breasts were much more apparent and I noticed that she had very large nipples. She had a bit of a tummy on her, but didn't appear to be fat.

"Coffee?" I asked.

"Please David," she said with a smile and sat down beside me. I poured the coffee and looked into her big blue eyes. "David," she said as she reached for her cup. "You've got a lot of space up here just for one person. I mean".... She was starting to stammer. "Do you think that maybe you would like a house guest until I can get back on my feet?"

"A house guest?" I answered. How could I refuse this young vixen.

"I promise not to be any trouble to you. I'll make it up to you any way I can," she said.

"Any way?" I said. "How would you propose?" Her tone had me interest. I'm not an old leech, but the thoughts of having a woman, well girl, more than half my age staying here just seemed to set something off in me and I felt I had to pursue it.

"Your nice, David. I know that men like sex with younger women and I am willing to offer you anything you wish." She reached forward and placed her hand on my growing manhood and gave it a gentle squeeze. As she did this the towel she had wrapped around herself fell from her and I was staring at the most beautiful set of tits that I have ever seen. I leaned over and began to suckle one of her breast as she cradled the back of my head and ran her fingers through my hair.

As I sucked I tasted a creamy substance oozing from her breast. It tasted vaguely familiar. I continued to suckled her and with each suck I was rewarded with a mouthful of her breast milk. 'She must be pregnant,' I thought. I didn't realize it right at that moment, but Mary was becoming aroused with the attention I was giving her breast. I heard her moan as I attacked the other breast with vigor. She slowly opened her legs allowing my first glimpse of her pussy. It was shaven except for a small patch just above her clit. I slowly let my right hand explore her inner thighs, working its way toward her pussy. I didn't know if she would allow me full access, but I was game to try at this point.

As my hand approached her hot spot she opened her legs still wider and I slowly started to caress the outside of her pussy. I was quite excited myself by this time and all of a sudden I came in my pants. I moaned as I dumped my load in my underwear. At that same moment I thrust my middle finger into her sodden crack. Her juices erupted from her pussy as her scent filled the room. She thrust her hips forward to meet my finger. I then inserted a second and then a third. She began to hump them hard. I knew she was on the verge as I pulled my fingers out.

"Don't stop!" she shouted.

"Not yet, my pretty," I said as I carried her to the bed. She looked quite breath taking laying there, naked and horny. I quickly placed my mouth over her pussy and began to drink her juice. I lapped at her like a dog and she was going wild. She had both hand on the back of my head holding my face tight against her crotch. Then she screamed and came. Her juices covered my face. I asked sheepishly if I could fuck her and she responded, "anything that you want. I am yours to do with as you wish for as long as you wish."

I wiped some of the juice from my face and gave her a wet kiss. Our first and then I pulled out my manhood and buried into her. She squealed with delight and we both came in a matter of minutes. We lay there in one another arms for a while when she said. "I guess that you know that I'm pregnant."

"Well, yes I guessed that," I said.

"That's why my boyfriend left. He didn't want any part of it and when I refused to get an abortion he left," she said.

"Bastard," I said with a scowl. "Mary, you're welcome to stay here for as long as you wish and you really don't have to put out if you really don't want to. It wasn't really my intentions to anyway. It just sort of got the better of me and it has been a long, long time."

"I really enjoyed what just happened," she said with a big smile as she hugged me. "Roy, my ex-boyfriend never made me cum like that, of course he wasn't hung like you, but you make me feel kind of special and I want to please you any way I can."

Needless to say, I allowed Mary to move in and so far we have spent two years together. Her son, whom she called David, will know me to be his father and Mary and I plan to wed next spring.

I have become quite used to the taste of Mary's breast milk and continue to suckle her long after her son in hopes of continuing it for as long as it lasts.

Well it happened just like that as fast as that. I would have never guessed that I would have met a young woman who was so totally dedicated to me as my first wife was. My life had meaning again and I had my Mary.

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